Sweet Sexy Lorraine


Just my second date with lovely Lorraine and she was fervently showing me what she is capable of.

She’d been sexually pent up for ten years she told me, waiting for a gut who lived in Australia, who kept saying he was coming g home to England to be with her, but after years of waiting she has given up and decided to sink or swim and go for it on a dating site. Aiming To look for a guy she could really love and let go with, and maybe commit too.

Well of course that wasn’t mine. The one and only reason I got into the dating site scene was to find good sex without paying for it.

My name is Samuel by the way. I have a top job in Oldham which takes up much of my time and I need relaxation once in a while my wife cannot give me anymore, because she doesn’t know that I know she is cheating on me. So what’s good for the gander…

Already Lorraine is the second woman I have met on the dating site. This is really good. To think I had to pay for it until my buddy Jack told me about dating sites and how easy it is to get a woman who is crying out for it. Saying there are a lot of sad lonely people out there just waiting for action.

Maybe that sounds callous but at the end of the day I feel I am doing as much service to them as they are to me. And, unlike prostitutes they are fresh and ready for it and doing it for the sake of comfort and the possibility of a lasting relationship. So they want to be of their very best and Lorraine certainly achieved that tick in the box. She is truly phenomenal, the poor cow has been waiting so long for a good hard cock to replenish her passion to its full glory, and I am gladly the participant of that.

That’s how it is with most guys surely? The prime aim is to sex a woman who has what it takes. Everything else comes later if that is what you want. Me? I am just in it for a rousing time and, having talked to Lorraine on the dating site, I just knew she was ripe for the taking. All the talk about missing a man in her bed, how she misses the warmth and comfort, the hugs and the kisses. Well she will get all that from me the way I feel about her – and more, just as much as the boundaries will allow. I have boundaries like veering away from the golden rain scene. But that came about because when I was a teenager, my second experience was with a woman twice my age that was just happy to have me pee in her knickers. Whatever turns you one I guess but it did everything but with me.

First date with Lorraine we were already fucking like there was no tomorrow and Lorraine was giving me her all, she loved to take head and suck until she had her fill and she tecavüz porno didn’t mind at all my cumming over her face. I fact she adored it, She said so in so many words, muttering between frequent sucking motions that drove me to a frenzy, until I shot my load like a volcano erupting and she loved that, she really did. Just to see the look on her face afterwards, when she seemed fully satisfied after a real hard deep fucking which followed immediately after the cock feeding when she asked for me to feed her, her tongue pushed out and ready, then she was all gorgeous lovely round female ass for me, spread out on the thick pile carpet – prompting me to take her quick because already she was nearly there. She was amazing, even better than I dared to imagine.

Now on the second date I meet her at her place, no problem, she wants that. She is a long time divorcee with two kids, one grownup and the other aged 11. She arranged our ‘session’ during the day when they are out, She is 42 and I am ten years older, which she says is fine because she likes older guys, who are clean shaven and well groomed.

I am all that and she shows her appreciation. She liked well groomed guys who were a suit without a pot belly. I mainly wear a suit when seeing g her because, being my own boss and holding down responsible executive position in a Oldham Solicitors, I can most time meet her time window and drive the twenty mile trip to her place. It is a bit of a drudge but well worth it for the reward. I park my Mercedes Benz outside her place and get the neighbours guessing.

Lorraine says they are just jealous and that is a compliment. Driving the 20 miles I am thinking of what is in store all the time, and my cock is almost as [prominent as the gear stick. During my second trip to her place I wanted to pull up roadside and see to it pronto, having our first date in mind when she was so natural and open.

She said we were chemically attracted and I guess we were. If she was happy to call it that I would gladly go along with it. Basically for me it was just having my leg over with a woman who still looks good and nice and very fuckable, and Lorraine is certainly that, looking so wonderful in black undies which, she says on my second visit, she bought from Ann summers especially for the occasion, and hoped I liked.

I soon showed my appreciation when after a really long and wonderful oral sharing, head to toe and enjoying her massage smothering into my face, I tasted her lovely warm pliable pussy deep and gorgeous as I felt her take a very long and endearing suck of my cock and balls, üvey anne porno occasionally licking my all down under like she was really enjoying every second of our passion sharing half hour on her black simulated leather bound settee.

“Are you married” she asked later as she suggested we go upstairs, after coffee and biscuits.

“No” I lied. “I was but am divorced like you, it is a long story I would rather forget.”

“I know and appreciate the feeling Sam. Steve, my ex was a real dick head; the best thing about him was he helped me produce a great son and daughter.”

I left the subject alone, not wanting to get too deep into her past life. I was happy to share the present and enjoy all her longings, feeling the passion waft through with each deep French kiss as she snuggled my cock.

“You are beautiful “she praised with that gorgeous open smile. Her sexy voice made me want to fuck the ass off of her. He bum was the best I have seen for so long. She looked so good and cool in nice tight brush jeans, just showing the light between beneath her crotch which looked so sexy, especially as she walked with a very pronounced feminine wiggle in her in high heeled shoes. The first time we went upstairs I wanted for her to delay the stripping. Just in order that I could spoil her in her jeans. I was sniffing her between those lovely tight cheeks. She performed for me like it had all happened before and no doubt it had. She’d been married for 11 years and if her ex was a normal guy he would have enjoyed her the same.

I realised when stroking her ass, she gladly stretched over my lap, how I would really like to have anal sex with her. We talked some, as we had on the dating site. She had a great sense f humour which could be very revealing as to her sexual preferences and I did get the gist that she liked to experiment with different ways of sexing. And there was a hint, that her ex had sexed her that way. Maybe she didn’t like it I thought, maybe that was one of the reasons she fell out with him. But gladly I soon discovered I was wrong, because taking the notion to press my fingers into her between her cheeks she moaned how nice it was, I took the hint that she would want anal sex and before I knew it she was helping me work it into her with the help of a really gorgeous intoxicating lubricant which, again she said she had bought from Ann Summers.

“What else have you bought from there” I asked, feeling her work with me, propping up her right leg high so I could get deeper up inside. It felt warm and tight; it sucked in my offering and seemed to loosen üvey erkek kardeş porno and then tighten again as I slowly started to thrust in gentle spasms

“Now that would be telling” she teased. Maybe you will find out if you are a good boy.”

“A good boy Lorraine, wouldn’t you prefer me to be bad, really bad and fuck the ass off of you?”

Now my inhibitions were gone, She said for me just to be myself, that she was unshakable so I thought I would give it a test.

“I adore your ass, it was made for my prick to fuck” I said and she smiled happily, her cheeks blushing

“That is what I like to hear Sam. You will do. Come on do the business then.”

Now she was showing signs of wanting to act the slut part and I was fine with that. I had lots of dirty fantasies about her and I wanted to experiment and see just what the boundaries were.

“Something else I bought from Ann Summer s, Sam “she whispered showing me some handcuffs and binding gear. I got the message; this was going to be really fun.

We had a slight mishap the first-time I buggered her. Well we were going at it about rough and I was pumping a lot of air into her that’s for sure. Accidents happen but a nice hot shower, together that is, and we were all ready for our next encounter

She apologised prolifically like it was her fault, “That never happened with Steve” she announced.

“Well that was a long time back, you have tightened some I guess, give me time and I will loosen you up, not too much though else it would not be so much fun eh?”

Lorraine smiled and told me it was lovely. She wanted that. It made her feel complete and a real woman again, a woman wanted by a gorgeous hunk like myself.

Lorraine was a great find; I could not understand why she had not been swallowed up before. But she did say she was getting about forty offers a day to meet but she was very particular. Seeing me and the way we exchanged views and the like, she chose me.

“Okay so far?” I asked.

“You will do,” she teased, “although I had better not praise your ego too much until we get more acquainted huh”?

“I want that” I lied. Knowing that I would eventually be off and play the field, I aimed to have at least twenty women before the year was out, and it was just June. I’d read somewhere a guy who has slept with at least twenty women has less chance of getting Prostate cancer, so I have sort of made that my aim. With Lorraine it literally felt like June was busting out all over as the song goes.

After my third visit I realised her ideas were getting too involved when she started talking settling down and would I live with her.

I knew I would miss her terribly. Not just the sex, but she as a woman, She was really something and I do hope she finds a guy who will commit with her.

It was time to move on and remember just how good it was with sweet passionate and very fuckable Lorraine.

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