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Edwin has been in his space pod for about a month and finally, he’s reaching his destination. It was going to be his first time supposedly on an alien planet. He didn’t know what to expect or if the aliens were friendly or not. He couldn’t believe he was actually going to meet some aliens. And not the type of aliens that you hear about in science fiction no real life aliens. The reason he was there was that the government sends him to study the alien species. Find out what makes them tick and what is their personality like. From what scientist discovered there are millions of alien species. Meaning not all of them look alike and are very distinct from each other. These aliens from what we heard are capable of reproduction with humans but it’s not proven yet. Edwin gets out of his space pod and he forgets to put on his suit. Luckily he realizes he doesn’t need it. “hey this planet contains oxygen. So basically this planet is like Earth. Since I’m here to study these aliens I might as well go to the bar. Who knows maybe I’ll find some ladies. Hehe, hot alien babes are waiting for me.” Edwin begins walking through the planet searching for the bar. He was letting his fantasies get the best of him. He doesn’t even know how these aliens look yet and already he’s going to try to holler at them. Hopefully, they don’t try to rip his head off and eat him. He doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. Hopefully, he doesn’t piss off the wrong aliens.

After 20 minutes of looking around, he saw a sign that was written in a strange language. Of course, he couldn’t read it. It was nothing but symbols. “Crap I can’t read it. These symbols can mean anything. I’m guessing this is an alien language. Shit! If that’s the case I hope they understand English. If not then I won’t get anywhere sadly. I have no choice. I guess I have to go inside and see. I’ll go talk to someone and ask them what is this place.” Ed went into the unidentified place looking around. He saw alcohol all over the place and people dancing. Which means it was definitely the bar. He saw aliens of all different species. Ranging from different colors to different body types and other stuff. They were definitely distinct from each other and not recognizable. It was hard to detect what species is what. Some of them were sexy and others were not. This planet is known for sex prostitution and reproduction. Compared to Earth this planet is very populated because it’s 20 times as big as Earth. So many places to explore and too many things to do. Edwin went up to the bartender. “hey do you have any alcohol that’s not for aliens?” He speaks to Edwin in his alien language. “umm sorry but I can’t understand you. I am no alien. Strictly human.” The Bartender was some light green-skinned alien with a big belly. He also has four arms and a really big nose. His eyes were red and pupils were yellow. “Crap not gonna get anyway. Fuck! Hey, sir, do you need, any help?” He turns to see a sexy dark blue-skinned alien woman. She has long brown hair with huge tits. Her eyes were yellow and pupils were dark blue.

She’s wearing all black on. He sees her smiling at him with looks of desire. She stands up from her seat and walks up to him. Her big breasts were bouncing as she approached him. She has the body of a Goddess. She’s so freaking gorgeous. If she was seen by a person who favorite color is dark blue then they will make they acquire blue fever fetish. When she was standing right next to him she smiles. Her smile was beautiful. It can either be beautiful or be arousing. He could alright tell she likes human men based off of how she’s looking at him. “Umm yeah, I do. I’m trying communicate with him but I don’t speak the language. Allow me to help. What do you want to tell him? Tell him I want alcohol that’s not for aliens. Okay, will do.” she speaks to the fat alien in their language. He turns around feeling my glass with alcohol. Halkalı Escort The alien before me pays for my drink. “Hey thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you. Hey, no problem. What is your name? My name is Natalie and yes I know its a human name. If the name my parents named me when I was born. Interesting. So how do you know English? My family was pretty big in the English culture. So they got me into the language and I learned. Plus aliens learn languages super fast. Literally, it only takes us a week to be fluent. Holy shit that is amazing. Yep. Oh forgot my apologies. My name is Edwin. A pleasure to meet you, Edwin. You to Natalie.” Natalie’s accent is so sexy. Definitely unlike anything of Earth accents. Her personality was sweet and kind. I still couldn’t believe she willingly helped out a stranger. Someone she doesn’t know anything about.

I was grateful she was here to assist me “So what are you going to do now Ed? Well for starters I need to find a hotel. Would you like to come stay with me for a while? Sure I don’t see why not. Lead the way sweetie.” she smiles and walks while I followed behind her. I wonder if she’s taking me to her house to have sex. That’s probably not the case my mind is just getting perverted. As we were walking some of the aliens were giving me bad vibes. I was following the blue-skinned alien while staring at her ass the whole time. I started thinking about sex with this babe. As we were about to leave the building a man came up me pissed. I had no idea why he was headed. The blue alien stands in front of me talking to the pissed off alien. He was angry because he assumed I was forcing her to take me to her house. The man goes off on me and her and he was starting to get very violent. She tries her best to calm him down but sadly nothing was working. There was only one thing she could do before he puts his hands on her or the human. She takes a glass and hits him on the head knocking him out. She looks at me worried. Her voice was nervous as she spoke nervously. “Yeah, we better go!” I couldn’t disagree with her. Now that she hit someone something bad is going to happen. “I couldn’t agree more.” we ran out the building straight to her car. To my surprise, her car

Looks just like the ones from Earth.

We hopped in and drove off to her place where we would be safe. Hopefully, they don’t send any cops after us. Hitting that asshole at the bar wasn’t such a good idea. Now when he wakes up he might try to look for us. That’s very bad. It’s not our fault besides he was gonna hurt us. We are not the ones to blame.

After 30 minutes or so we arrived at her place. Her house was ginormous. It was a mansion with a two-story bedroom. I could tell by looking at it. She got out the car noticing my surprise. “So do you like it, Ed? Yes, it’s lovely Natalie. How much did it cost you? Oh, only 250. Only 250!!!!” I became very shocked by the amount. “why is something wrong? No, it’s just on Earth this mansion would be roughly $500,000 more. Yeah on my planet things are cheap. Now let’s go inside shall we.”

We went inside of her house and I was amazed. I never saw the inside of a Mansion only in movies. Hmm, I wonder if alien technology surpasses human technology. I better ask her. “Hey, Natalie. How advanced is alien technology? Far more advanced than you human’s technology. For example, we already have flying cars. Do y’all have flying cars? No, not that I know of. Well, that’s one way our technology is better. Now, are you hungry? Yes, but I know aliens don’t serve human food. Wrong. As I stated before my family was brought on human culture. So we have human food don’t worry. You just relax okay. Okay.

Natalie walks into the kitchen while subconsciously shaking her ass. This dark blue baby is so attractive. She came out the kitchen a few minutes later holding a hamburger. She gives Escort Bayan it to me. “Dig in Ed hope you enjoy it.” I began eating my hamburger while smiling. “Omg, this is really good! Really Ed?!! Yes really. Never had a hamburger this good.” her voice sounded excited while staring at me. After five or ten minutes I was done. “Did it fill you up, Ed? Yes, thank you, baby.” Natalie’s face was going Red. She was actually blushing. I couldn’t believe I made an alien girl blush. I must really have the moves. Natalie takes the plate from my hand going into the kitchen. At that moment the thought of sex with aliens came into my mind. I was imagining myself fucking the shit out of Natalie. Fucking that blue pussy. If I don’t stop thinking about this I will get a hard-on. Natalie comes out of the kitchen and sits on the couch with me. I wonder if she was craving me as much as I was craving her. “Edwin, do you mind if I go change into something more comfortable? No, I don’t go ahead and Natalie I’ll be here. Okay cool.” She stands up and walks to her room. When she came back she was wearing some arousing clothes. “Like what you see Ed? Yes, it’s hot!” She sits down next to me looking into my eyes. “Edwin do you think I’m sexy? Yes, Natalie, you are very sexy. Honestly, you’re giving me blue fever.” She blushes a little more. “To be blunt I am attracted to you, Natalie. Really Edwin?!! Yes really. And you don’t mind that I’m an alien? Aliens are hot. You are the perfect example of attractive alien babes.” She smirks and smiles at Edwin. “Ed, would you like to be my mate? Mating season is coming up and I’m in heat.” her body started releasing pheromones to indicate arousal. She kisses me and I kissed her back lovingly. We just sat there making out getting turned on. It was plain to see she picked me as her mate. I pulled back from the kiss lightly. “Natalie I want to see that naked body of yours. Especially your huge beautiful blue tits.” she smiles lustfully taking off her clothes. Once all her clothes were off she begins unzipping my pants while I took my shirt off.

Her blue body was exposed to me and man her body is so arousing. Her big boobs her nice ass. Everything about her was hot. Her pussy starts dripping right in front of me. Man, I was so hard. She takes out my huge cock. “Wow, you’re so big, Ed! You’re much bigger than most alien men on this planet. Hehe. it turns me on to know that you’re hard because of me.” She giggles and starts sucking my cock. Oh god her mouth is so good! She sucks and spits on my cock and sucks again. My penis was about ten inches long and slightly fat. Now she yanks me off and sucks doing both motions. “baby can I ask you something? Sure go ahead, sweetie.” She said as she stopped sucking. “I heard alien women are known for having very tight pussies.” she giggles and smirks then looks at me. “hehe that’s one of the reasons why humans wanna fuck alien pussy. Yeah, that’s true. We are known for body enhancements.” She begins sucking again and stroking Ed’s cock. She was playing with my shit like it was a toy. Something that cannot break no matter how much you stroke it. I could feel myself about to blow any minute. Five minutes passed and I started cumming in her mouth. She manages to drink it all which surprised me. After all, I came so much in her mouth. I can see it going down her throat. Because she had a little bump in her throat to show the semen going down. She smiles and shouted passionately. “delicious!” She sounded like a little kid when she said that for a moment. “hehe good baby. Happy you enjoyed it. But now it’s time for the main course.” He stands up and puts her on the couch spreading her legs. Nothing but last was in those eyes of theirs. “Come on baby I’m ready. Drill me with your powerful cock.” Edwin rams his cock into her pussy barely getting it in. Once it went inside he started to feel the istanbul Escort extreme tightness. It made him feel like orgasming already. Her pussy feels different from human pussy. “Oh fuck! It feels so good and tight!” After about five mins he pulls out climaxing because of the pleasure.

“Wow, it feels so good! It’s like my dick is on fire. A good kind of fire. Baby your vagina feels like a little volcano. Hehe, I know baby. Now come on plunge this pussy baby!” her voice sounded very sexual as I thrust back into her pussy. I could tell how turned on she was becoming. I was starting to get used to it. “Mmm baby do you love this blue pussy? Yes! It’s so good! Hehe, glad you like it.” I just sat there fucking her thick blue body. Mating season was coming up so the next time I can’t pull out I have to climax in her. I’ve always wanted to impregnate an alien girl. Started picking up speed listening to her moaning. God her moaning sounds so erotic. I was pumping faster and faster looking into her eyes. He moves to her and grabs her huge tits sucking on them. It makes her moan a little louder. Her tits are so good. Big and beautiful. It feels so good sucking blue tits. The only thing is her nipples are actually light pink. Soon she squirted all over him moaning loudly. “Wow, good job! You are the first man to actually make me orgasm. You mean I’m seriously the only one. Yes, many other aliens who I had sex with could never satisfy me. That’s good to know.” I immediately stop talking and shot my semen into her pussy. She Moans and looks at me. “Hey let’s continue this in my bedroom. Okay, lead the way.” She got up going to the bedroom and I followed behind her. When we got in the bedroom she pushes me on the bed. She then gets on top of me pushing my cock into her pussy. Once it went inside she started moving her hips humping me. I laid back moaning while she was performing the cowgirl. Oh man, the feeling is so fucking good. She moves faster the more turned on she is. I slowly started closing my eyes because of the pleasure. I could smell her arousing scent. My god, it feels so fucking wonderful. Seconds later I shot more semen in her pussy and still, she continues moving. Most likely I impregnated her because I came in her twice already. Hopefully, she is capable of breeding with humans. I started thinking about how would my half-alien baby look like. She moves faster then kisses me. “Ah fuck yes! Your cock is ripping my insides! Come on baby cum for Me. After she said that I started releasing another load inside her. She falls on top of exhausted and panting heavily. “That was an amazing experience baby! You so good at this.

Well, I used to be a part of the military so I can’t help it. Hopefully, you are pregnant. Oh, I am pregnant. baby, trust me. We aliens know exactly when we are pregnant and right now your sperm is pretty powerful. Baby we just mated!!!” She kisses me out of excitement. She’s super excited because she’s going to have a baby. “I can’t believe it I’m going to be a mommy!!! Hehe yep, you are!!!” About 3 weeks later my wife’s belly was big. That’s right we got married. I was so happy. A few mins later I was in the room stroking myself. It’s been a min since we had sex and I was horny. So I got up and walked downstairs to my baby. “Honey I’m horny.” She looks at me and smiles. “Okay baby but we will have to try anal otherwise we will hurt the baby. Okay then bend over for me.” She pulls down her pants and I went up to her slamming my dick inside of her asshole. She moans lightly and faster than before. I just wanted to fill her up with my sperm. I didn’t plan on fucking her for a long time like last time. I continued going and after 30 mins I came in her asshole. A few weeks later my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We were a happy family and I wasn’t going back to earth. My home is here now. Hehe, I’m a daddy. I was surprised at how my baby girl looked. She has whitest blue skin and she looks a little like me in a little like her mother. I held her in my arms as I smelled I’m so happy! Can’t wait to make more babies!


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