Starry Skies at Sage Creek


It had been on Margot’s bucket list to visit every national park in the United States. So far, she had put a substantial dent in the list. Last year, she had visited Yellowstone and hit several other parks on the trip there and back. This year she left her home in Austin, TX, on a two-week adventure. She would head north through Oklahoma, Colorado, and Nebraska, ending with several nights of rustic camping at both Badlands and Black Hills National Parks in South Dakota.

She took the scenic route, in her restored 1967 Volkswagen Microbus, that her friends lovingly referred to as the Catmobile. Margot, a devoted cat lover, named the van Kitty and decorated it to look feline, complete with whiskers leading from the VW logo on the front, cat ears on the roof, and a tail that dangled from the rear. She painted the body to resemble the tawny fur of her favorite kitten, and the wheel wells and hubcaps to resemble paws.

Margot even went so far as to install a custom horn with a variety of cat sounds. She smiled every time she pressed the horn, and Kitty purred. The interior included spacious cages and climbing trees and towers for her cats. Cats hate riding in cars and traveling long distances, so Margot tried to make it as pleasant as possible.

For this trip, however, she’d removed the cat palace and replaced it with camping gear. It was to be a long trip, and she wouldn’t be able to find campsites every night. When that happened, she would sleep in the van, so she had to be prepared.

Margot was also a vegan, so she had to pack enough food to make it through the trip when most of the places she visited were not overly vegan friendly.

She was keenly aware of the dangers of being an attractive woman, traveling, and camping alone. However, Margot was fiercely independent and a bit of a feminist. While she loved the company of men, especially naked men who did her bidding, she never wanted to feel that she needed a man around to do things she couldn’t do or to protect her.

Her trip started in Austin on a Saturday morning. She headed northwest through Abilene, over to Lubbock, then north to Amarillo. It never ceased to amaze her how she could drive eight hours in one direction and still be in Texas, with another two hours to go, just to reach Oklahoma.

From Amarillo, the road became deserted, as she drove through isolated areas of the panhandle and into the Lake Meredith National park to camp for her first night. As she pulled up to the gate, a young park ranger greeted her, and she felt a twinge in her loins. Margot had a thing for park rangers. She never really understood it. Maybe it was the green and tan uniforms, or the fact that they tended by be either the rugged, outdoorsy type or socially awkward nerds, both of which turned her on. This one was young. She felt like a real cougar as she smiled sexily.

The ranger seemed bored as she pulled up. His first reaction was to grin at seeing the cat-like van approaching. Then, when Margot rolled down her window and leaned out, his jaw dropped open, and he perked up. One look at the green-eyed beauty behind the wheel, with her dark red hair in long, braided pigtails and loosely buttoned chambray shirt, which did little to hide her perfect b-cup breasts, was enough to trigger his asthma.

Margot enjoyed teasing men. Being skilled at it was an essential part of her job. Margot was a stripper and a damn good one. She was beautiful, highly intelligent, with a quick wit and deep understanding of the psychology of men. She had been in the business for almost twenty years and had succeeded without resorting to many of the things that her fellow strippers did.

Margot never altered her body with large tattoos, piercings, or breast implants. She was proud of her 34-B breasts, which remained perky and perfect. Not having children also helped keep her body looking great. Margot also avoided hard drugs, unlike many girls in her industry. She dodged the “stripper lifestyle” and turned off “stripper mode” when she left work. If you didn’t know her profession, you would never guess it if you ran into her away from the club.

Margot never engaged in sex with her customers. She had a well-earned reputation for never doing extras. She also rarely dated her clients. It had happened a few times over the years, but it never worked out. Men had a hard time handling what she did for a living. Even if they claimed they were ok with it, sooner or later, the jealousy, mistrust, and doubt would creep into the relationship.

In her personal life, she enjoyed both men and women. Women were beautiful and sexy but could be aloof, crazy, and volatile—especially strippers. Margot tended to be a loner, living peacefully with her cats. She related to cats and fostered many of them over the years. She even started trapping feral cats to get them spayed or neutered.

To her, women were like cats, and men, for the most part, were dogs. They were easily trained, loved to please, and were so easy to befuddle. 1080 porno They could be charming and cute, but often craved attention and needed constant “petting” and reassuring. In her line of work, Margot had learned how to handle men, of all types.

Many men were assholes, the loud-mouthed, alpha male types, who liked to dominate women and were only looking for sex. Margot avoided those men as if they had the plague. She preferred the strong, silent types who were confident, stable, and gentle, while not being needy or egotistical. She also liked the nerdy, quirky guys who lacked confidence, but had great hearts and always seemed to worship women.

Margot could spot them quickly and knew exactly how to get them to worship her, without even trying. It was not something she did maliciously or to unfairly take advantage of the men. She could, if she wanted to, easily. She had a lot of co-workers who did. But, not Margot. She never asked for anything from her clients. She never needed to. It was amazing how willingly men would give without needing to be asked.

For Margot, it was quid pro quo. Give and take. Tit for tat. She would help the men feel cared for, give them feminine companionship, and stimulate them in ways other women never did. In return, the men respected her, revered her, and some even loved her. Margot considered herself part therapist, part coach, and part entertainer.

“I’m looking for a campsite for the night,” Margot explained to the young ranger, who was already falling under her spell.

“By yourself?” he asked, swallowing hard.

“Yep, just me,” Margot replied. “Do you have any open spots?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied. “You can pretty much have your pick.”

“Awww he called me ma’am,” she thought. “That’s so cute. Was he respectfully speaking because I’m a woman, or did he call me ma’am because I look old?”

She leaned more out the window, letting her blouse fall open a bit. “What kind of sites do you have and how much are they?” she asked him, smiling and tilting her head to the side, glancing at him at that perfect angle that made men melt.

The ranger stammered and gasped as he explained to her about the campsites. When he finished, he grinned, blushing, and handed her a hanger for her rearview mirror with the number 6 on it in a large font.

“You’re all set, ma’am,” he declared, “There’s no charge for you.”

“That’s so sweet of you, Steve,” she replied, getting his name from his name tag. Just out of curiosity, she asked, “How old are you?”

“Eight, uh, eighteen, ma’am,” he replied, looking extremely flustered.

“Oh, so you’re not a park ranger?” she asked, feeling a bit of a letdown. He was suddenly looking less attractive.

“No, ma’am, not yet,” he explained. “I’m still in high school. I’m going to study Conservation and Wildlife Management at Texas Tech in the fall.”

“Well, good luck with that,” Margot said with a smile. “See you around.”

She gave Kitty some gas and drove into the park to find spot


“What were you thinking?” Margot said to herself. “He’s a baby! Too bad he’s not a park ranger.”

Margot was forty-two years old. She’d had a great life so far. Her work was such that she had a lot of freedom to enjoy her life and made enough money to do the things she wanted to do. She wasn’t driven by material needs, like most of her co-workers. As a result, her expenses were pretty minimal. She could save a substantial amount for her future while having enough disposable income to travel and enjoy the natural beauty of the world around her.

The next day, she got up at the “butt crack” of dawn and headed north. She passed through the Rita Blanca National Grasslands, a beautiful expanse of rolling hills, covered in waving grasses, located in the High Plains between Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. She drove on for hours and hours, through the canyons, pueblos, and farmlands of Eastern Colorado.

She finally stopped at the Nebraska National Forest, near Chadron, Nebraska. Camping there was self-service, so she didn’t have a cute ranger to flirt with that night. To call the park a National Forest was a bit generous. There were a few trees, but it was mostly a rocky area of hills and canyons.

Something about the place made her feel uncomfortable, so Margot, who always trusted her gut, slept in her van that night. She had a light dinner of canned Vegan soup and turned in early. Her goal was to make it to the Badlands National Park early the following morning, get settled, and head out for a full day of hiking.

She was up with the sun and on the road a few minutes later. There wasn’t much to clean up, as she’d not used her tent. Two hours later, she pulled into the parking area outside the Badlands National Park welcome center. She parked Kitty in the shade and stretched her legs a bit before going inside.

She was early, so there weren’t too many people there yet. Margot made her way to the information counter. 2 k porno She looked around for a ranger or other employee to help her. The two female employees that she saw were busy talking to other visitors. Just then, a door opened behind the counter and out stepped a handsome man in the distinctive green uniform of a park ranger.

“How can I help you, beautiful?” he said as he stepped up to the counter.

He was tall, easily six foot two or three, and rugged looking. His shirt fit tightly due to his muscular arms and chest. He had short, sandy brown hair, blue eyes, and a deep voice. Margot stared at him, and her park ranger fetish kicked into hyperdrive. She felt her nipples stiffen involuntarily and a tingle in her loins.

“Oh, hi!” Margot began, smiling broadly and pouring on her charm. “I want to do some rustic camping for a few nights, preferably away from the crowded areas.”

“When you say rustic, just how rustic do you mean?” the ranger asked.

“Oh, I can handle just about anything. I want something where I can hike in, set up a tent, and be completely away from anything modern.”

“Do you need electricity, showers, latrines and running water?” he asked. Margot noticed he was checking her out, so she rocked on her heels and turned her torso, giving him a good show.

“I don’t need any of that, but the running water nearby is nice,” she stated truthfully. “I can do without that too if I need to. I have two five-gallon containers of water on my bus.”

“Is that your cat bus out there?” he asked with a big grin. “I saw it pulling up as I got here.”

“That’s me,” Margot replied. “Crazy old cat lady.”

The ranger laughed. “Well, you sure don’t look old,” he said as his eyes undressed Margot. “And you don’t seem that crazy, at least not yet anyway.”

“Compliments will get you everything,” Margot replied seductively. “So, I like it rough. Any ideas where you want me?”

He grinned, started to respond, thought better of it, and pointed to the map under a sheet of plexiglass on the countertop. “The Sage Creek camping area is about as rough as we have. There’s a parking area, but you have to hike in to the campsites, which are all at least a half a mile away. You can pretty much camp anywhere you want.”

“That sounds perfect,” Margot replied.

“There’s no water at all, so you’ll have to haul your own,” he warned her.

“That’s not a problem.”

“How are you with bison?” he asked.

“I’m vegan, so I don’t eat it,” Margot replied.

“Oh, cool,” he said, “So am I. But, I didn’t mean eating bison. Sage Creek is like the song, Home on the Range. You know, where the buffalo roam?”


“Yeah, they might just walk through your camp or stop by for a visit,” he explained.

“Oh, now that is even better!” Margot was beaming. “That works for me. Sign me up.”

He got her all checked in and gave her a pamphlet with a litany of warning signs and cautions. “There are a lot of rattlesnakes out there, too. Be careful moving logs and turning over rocks.”

“I will,” Margot replied.

“So, you and your husband have a great time,” he said.

Margot smiled. “I’m by myself.”

“You’re going to camp out at Sage Creek all by yourself?” he asked, with a look of shock on his face.

“Yes, I am.”

“No offense, but you don’t look like the solo camping type,” he said. “You sure you’ll be ok out there. There won’t be anybody around if you break a nail.”

“Oh, and I liked you a lot until you said that,” Margot responded, raising her eyebrows.

“I said no offense!” he chuckled. “You’re not supposed to be offended when I begin my comment with that.”

“Oh, ok, well, in that case, we’re all good.”

“Seriously?” he asked.

“Not really.”

“Damn, what can I do to make it up to you?” he asked. “I don’t want you to dislike me.”

“How about you use those muscles and carry all my supplies out to my bus when I’m done shopping?”

“Will that work?”

“It won’t hurt.”

“Well, then I’ll do it,” he said, then held out his hand, “I’m Doug, by the way.”

“Ranger Doug?” Margot asked. “I like the sound of that.” She shook his hand. “I’m Margot, but you already know that since you got all my information when I checked in.”

“Right,” he grinned. “Nice to meet you, Margot. I must say, you’re not at all what I expected.”

“I have that effect on men,” she replied, laughing softly. “Ok, well, I have some shopping to do. Can you point me to the heaviest stuff you have?”

She bought a bunch of firewood to avoid having to scrounge for it later, a case of bottled water and a bunch of fresh fruit. Doug was good to his word and carried it all out to her bus and helped her load it.

He pulled out a paper map of the area and drew on it where she should go to reach Sage Creek. “It’s way at the western end of the park. They say it is where the badlands end. We don’t maintain any of the trails you’ll find over there. 3 k porno They’re actually game trails made by the bison.”

“I’ll be careful,” Margot told him as she took the map and cranked up Kitty. She put the old bus in drive and left Ranger Doug with a wave.

She found the Sage Creek parking area and unloaded her stuff. She had planned ahead and brought a kid’s little red wagon to haul her supplies out to the campsite. Even though the terrain was rough, the cart did alright. It was undoubtedly more comfortable to drag it over the bumpy ground than to make multiple trips back and forth to carry all the supplies.

She walked about three-quarters of a mile into the hills and found a perfect spot near a picnic table. She quickly put up her tent and dragged her supplies inside. She made sure all of her food items were carefully sealed and placed inside latched boxes.

Just as she exited the tent, she heard heavy footfalls, followed by a loud snort. She spun around just in time to see a mother and baby buffalo walk past on their way down to the creek. She remained stationary, watching and smiling as they continued on their way and left the proximity of her campsite.

Once she overcame her surprise from the unexpected visitors, Margot rigged up a portable shower with one of the five-gallon cans of water. It would feel fantastic that evening when she was hot and sticky.

Margot took a few bottles of water and some snacks and tucked them into a backpack. She also packed all of the essential survival tools that she would need in case she were to get lost in the wilderness. Once she was sure she was ready, she headed out for her hike.

Badlands National Park was everything she was hoping it would be. The terrain was incredible, as was the abundance of wildlife. She felt so connected to the natural world, free from the insanity of big city living. Here, she could be free, be herself, and be happy. The only thing that could have made it better was if she could have hiked naked.

Later that day, she returned to her camp, worn out and hungry. She got a fire going and put on a pot to boil, tossing in packs of cut-up vegetables that she had prepared back in Austin. They were frozen when she packed them, but they’d thawed by then. She added some vegetable stock and some diced potatoes. While she waited for the stew to cook, she poured herself a glass of red wine and munched on the fresh fruit she had bought earlier at the store.

After she ate dinner, Margot started thinking back to Doug and how hot he looked in his uniform. She started imagining what it would be like to throw him down and jump his bones. The more she thought about it, the hotter she got. Finally, she couldn’t stand it, and pulled her shorts off, then sat with her legs spread, rubbing her clit. She was imagining Doug going down on her and servicing her needs with his mouth and tongue.

She came, but it did little to remove the itch she felt. She needed to get laid, and she needed it badly. “But, here I am in the middle of nowhere, alone, and I didn’t even think to bring a dildo,” she complained.

She decided she needed to cool off, literally and figuratively. She knew there wasn’t a single soul within a couple of miles, so she got up and stripped out of her clothes. There was something primal and sexy about being bare-assed naked outdoors. The water in the portable shower was still warm from basking in the sunlight all day.

She enjoyed the shower, but the water ran out all too quickly. When the water ran out, she dried off as much as possible, then put back on only the blue chambray shirt, leaving it unsnapped. She squeezed out the water from her long, red hair, but it would take forever to dry.

Margot sat in her camp chair, admiring the unbelievably colorful sunset. “This is what it’s all about,” she thought out loud. She felt herself recharging. Life in Austin was so much better than it had been during her Dallas years. Dallas was a dead and lifeless city, compared to the fun-loving, weirdness-embracing culture of the Texas capital. Even so, now and then, Margot needed to get away, breathe fresh air, and be under the open sky.

And what an incredible sky this was.

As the last crimson traces were fading away, she heard a motor in the distance, like that of a motorcycle. She looked around and spotted a couple of headlights for a moment. They disappeared behind a ridge, then reappeared much closer a moment later. She realized it wasn’t a motorcycle. It was an ATV.

She was getting nervous, dug a bottle of mace out of the bottom of her backpack, and then sat back down. A couple of moments later, the ATV came within twenty feet of her campsite. The sun was gone, and darkness had fallen very quickly. The headlights on the ATV were pointed right at her, making it impossible for her to see who it was coming into her campsite.

She stood up, mace in hand, nearly naked in just the loosely gathered chambray shirt.

The headlights turned off, plunging the area into darkness.

“Hello, in the campsite!” called out a familiar voice. “Don’t shoot me! It’s Ranger Doug.”

Margot sighed with relief and sat back down. “You sure know how to make an entrance!” she replied. “Come over by the fire.”

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