Stacey the Mistress Ch. 3


It was after 1:30 before they ordered the pizza. Stacey was again in panties and a T-shirt. They had a blast together, they got along so well.

At exactly 3:04 the phone rang. Danny let the voicemail take it, then he checked it right away.

It was Charmaine. She said she was getting off early because it wasn’t busy and she was leaving now. His heart dropped. He was so disappointed. The fastest she could possibly be was 35 minutes. The usual time was 40. So he had until 3:39 to clean up all evidence of Stacey. He turned to her.

“That was Charmaine,” he said, “She got off early and is on her way. She’ll be here in a half hour.”

“When are you breaking up with her?” Stacey looked pissed off.

“I don’t know!” he replied, in that vague way that men like to answer.

“If I end up getting pregnant would you dump her?” she asked.

“Of course!” he said.

“When? A week later? A month later?”

“Right away I would!” he said. Stacey looked at him for a moment, gauging his answer. She nodded, satisfied. After a few more minutes of conversation, she went back to his bedroom to get dressed. She came out wearing her sexy black dress, but no panties.

Unbeknownst to him, she put her wet panties, which bore the scent of their lovemaking, under his pillow. She was determined to break them up!

At 3:25, 14 minutes before the earliest possible time his girlfriend could make it home, they were at the door saying their goodbyes. He was at the door wearing jeans and no shirt. She put her arms around his neck and he kissed her, lips smacking with each peck. She slipped her tongue in his mouth and his hands slipped down to her ass, holding it as they kissed. He was rock hard, he couldn’t help it. She felt this, and the tingle in her pussy grew more intense.

She knew she had control over him. Just how much control she wanted to find out. She backed him up to the couch, and he broke the kiss.

“What are you doing?” he asked. Wordlessly, she pushed him so that he sat abruptly on the couch. He didn’t protest when she fell to her knees before him and undid his button and fly. She pulled both his pants and underwear down his legs, freeing 6 inches of his hard member. He was completely naked for her.

“Um, we don’t have enough time, Stacey.” he said, yet made no move to stop her. Her hand grabbed his cock and shoved it in her mouth eagerly. He moaned as he watched her lips sink down his shaft, taking his entire organ inside.

He looked at the time on the VCR. 3:27. 12 minutes minimum. Sure, he had enough time.

He altyazılı seks leaned back, placing both hands on the back of her head, holding her by the hair as she bobbed up and down on his rod. ‘slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp’ she sucked loudly, eagerly on his cock, lips gliding up and down like a pro. When she felt his dick was at it’s hardest, she pulled him out of her mouth and stood up before him.

She stood up between him and the VCR, blocking his view of the time on purpose. It was 3:32 and he had 7 minutes, 15 tops.

“I’m so horny, Danny.” she breathed. Her hands grabbed the bottom of her dress and slowly raised it until it revealed her gorgeous, bare pussy. A treasure trail of pubic hair ran in a perfectly straight line. He didn’t think to ask where her panties were.

“Feel how wet I am.” she said. He was powerless to resist. He reached out and his fingers ran along her slit. She was right. She was soaked! And so incredibly hot! “Mmmmm…” she purred as his fingers manipulated her sensitive lips.

“Fuck me Danny.” she ordered. “I desperately need you inside me.”

“Charmaine will be home any minute.” he protested, “We can’t.” Heart pounding, she reached behind her and unzipped her dress. It dropped to the floor, and she stood before him wearing only a black bra.

“Stacey…” he said.

“Please?” she said, a sexy, pouting look on her face.

“We can’t.” he said. It was 3:35. As little as 4 minutes! Again she reached behind her, this time unsnapping her bra. She let it drop to the floor, unleashing her perfect breasts.

This beautiful goddess now stood before him, naked, wanting him to fuck her 4 minutes before he was expecting his girlfriend to arrive! His dick twitched with excitement. He had never been able to say no to her before, but this was just too far!

Heart pounding, willpower significantly weakened, he squeeked out another “no”. A naked Stacey straddled his naked body on the couch, knees on either side of him. His breathing deepened, he couldn’t make a move to stop her. She pressed her crotch against his defenseless shaft and he could feel the tremendous heat emenating from her pussy.

“Please, Danny?” she whispered as she rubbed her sopping wet slit along his cock.

“We can’t Stacey.” she knew she almost had him by how breathless his answer was. She began kissing all over his face, still rubbing herself against him.

“Please? Just for a second? We don’t have to have sex, I just want you inside of me one more time! Just put anal porno it in me and I’ll leave!” she begged, breathing heavily.

He looked at the clock. 3:38. If Charmaine left immediately after her phone call and traffic was clear, she would walk through that door in 1 minute.

“Ok.” he whispered. He had no control. This woman was so amazing, so beautiful, so sexy, he could not say no to her, not even when he most assuredly will be caught.

She smiled, reaching beneath her and grabbing his cock. She raised it up in the air and rubbed it up and down her moist slit. Her breath was shaky she was so turned on.

Suddenly, she released his dick and spun around. Now she was on his lap, back to him, facing the front door.

She wanted the first thing that Charmaine saw when she walked through that door was Danny’s cock in her pussy. Before Danny could say anything, Stacey had his cock in the air and pressed it against her entrance. She took him inside easily, and her warm vagina sunk all the way down his cock.

“Ohhhhhhh…” she moaned. He moaned as well. He figured she would take him out of her now. She raised her body up, sliding him most of the way out, and than brought it back down. They moaned again. She began to eagerly bounce up and down on his lap and there was nothing he could do to stop her. He could easily push her off of him, but had no control over his desire for her. Stacey leaned back against him, and his hand slid up and grabbed her breast, kneading it as she bounced up and down on his pole.

She had one foot at the back of the couch sliding down between the cushion and the back, her other foot was on the coffee table. Her legs were spread wide, directly facing the front door. If Charmaine walked through that door right then, she would have a perfect view of her boyfriend’s rock hard penis sliding in and out of the pink lips of another woman’s vagina! She would see her boyfriend’s hand on another woman’s breasts while they bounced up and down to the rhythm.

That was just how Stacey wanted it. The situation turned her on like never before. Her lover’s cock was sliding so deep inside her, he was a perfect fit for her.

“UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!” her moans were louder than they had ever been. She wanted Charmaine to hear her before she even got to the house! She turned her head and Danny’s mouth covered hers, kissing her eagerly. He forgot everything else, even time, as he had sex with the woman of his dreams.

Had he looked, he would have seen 3:44!

“Mmmmph! anime porno Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmmph!” her moans were still loud, even though they were muffled by the kiss. He began to fuck upwards as hard as he could, pushing her over the edge, and creeping towards the edge himself. Faster and harder he thrusted upwards, his member sliding in and out of her lightening quick. She lost it, crying out in ecstasy. Her whole body was shaking, her insides were tied in knots as she came.

That very moment, Charmaine was 2 blocks away, driving home. She had stopped to pick up milk. That 5 minute pit stop still might not be enough to save him.

Danny was fucking upwards as hard as he could, driving himself into Stacey with his every being. He was losing it. Stacey had recovered somewhat from her orgasm and she turned to face him again, pressing her lips on his. With both hands he held her ass down hard on his lap, jamming his cock far into her pussy.

She was kissing at his mouth as his dick jerked inside her. A thick stream of cum fired out of Danny’s penis and into Stacey’s vagina. He came and came and came, holding himself deep inside her. More of his seed shot out and into her fertile womb.

Charmaine pulled into their driveway at precisely 3:48, just as the last of her boyfriend’s cum trickled into another woman’s pussy.

Danny was kissing Stacey softly, tenderly, his softening penis still inside her. His hands caressed up her soft belly, over her breasts and back down again.

“I love you Danny.” She said between kisses.

“I love you, too Stacey.” He replied. Just then, they heard the rattling of keys outside the door.

Stacey jumped up off of him, his dick sliding out of her. She scooped up her dress and bra and ran back into the kitchen naked, Danny right behind her.

“In there!” he hissed, pointing to the spare room. Charmaine entered the apartment and Danny greeted her, still nude. He sometimes spends his day off nude if he has nothing to do and nowhere to go, so this was not too odd to her. She gave him a kiss hello, having no idea that a beautiful woman was in the spare room with his cum inside her pussy.

As luck would have it, Charmaine went directly into the bathroom. Danny opened the spare room door and saw that Stacey had her dress on again. He took her by the hand and rushed her to the front door. Stacey turned to him, smiling.

“Wasn’t that exciting?” she asked. He kissed her, and she snuck her tongue far inside his mouth. They said their goodbyes and she left, thoroughly satisfied.

*Charmaine and Stacey do not get together because this is mostly a true story and Charmaine would kill me if she ever caught us, or found out. As for the pregnancy issue, I promise it will be solved in “Stacey the Sinner” coming Feb, 2002. Thanks for the comments and votes! X *

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