Sorry, Neighbor, All Tied Up

Group Sex

I inherited this house from my Aunt. I remember visiting her here as a kid, but it never occurred to me that one day it would be mine.

She always kept a lovely garden, and the house was always filled with fragrant fresh flowers. She was a friendly woman and company was always buzzing in and out. Today the garden was overgrown, the house was dusty, dirty, and still. No one has been here in over a year.

I brought groceries in, expecting to stay for awhile. I haven’t decided whether to move in or just clean it up and sell it. I have plenty of time to decide, so in the meantime, I’ll spend half of each day working on the interior, and the other half trying to restore the yard. I like hard work. It makes me feel useful. I’ll start tomorrow.

I dusted the four-post bed and put on fresh, new sheets. I had a great first night sleeping in the old house. In the morning I dressed, made myself a cup of coffee, found the keys to the garden shed and headed out back. When I unlocked and opened the shed door, the suction created a huge plume of dust which prompted a coughing fit causing me to slop half of my coffee out of the cup. Clearly, I was not prepared.

After a quick trip to the local hardware store to buy face masks, steel wool, buckets, garbage bags, gloves, and general cleaning supplies I stopped at the gas station to fill the five gallon gas can. Ready to hit the garden shed again. I’m not known to be squeamish so spiders üvey kız kardeş porno and rodents don’t phase me. Rust does. I spent the entire day sweeping and dusting the shed and cleaning the lawn mower and all the other garden tools.

I ended up using a sharpened sickle and a weed whacking tool first. I raked everything up, bagged it the next day’s trash, then pulled out the lawnmower the following day. I had already filled it with gas and now, just prayed that the old mower would work. I pulled the start handle and behold! I mowed the back yard, then moved the mower down the side strip to the front yard.

In the front yard, I caught a glimpse of movement to my left. I stood up and saw a guy was walking toward me from two doors down. He waved and smiled as he walked. I waved back. When he reached me, he simply introduced himself and welcomed me to the neighborhood. We chit-chatted for a bit about the neighborhood, and he left.

That evening, I had just freshly showered and threw on a shear, white, comfortable nighty and a soft, fuzzy, pink robe. I hear a knock on the door. I only know one person here, and indeed, it was my neighbor with a bottle of wine in his hand. I apologized for my robe, but invited him in anyways.

He had already popped the cork and re-corked the bottle, taking into consideration that I might not have a corkscrew available. I washed the dust out a couple xnxx porno of glasses, and he poured.

The wine helped me relax and flushed my face. A wave of horny washed over me and I could feel I was starting to moisten between my legs. We finished the bottle and were feeling pretty good. “C’mon,” I said, “Let me take you on a tour of the place.”

We were laughing and snickering as we moved from room to room, then we moved up the stairs to the bedrooms. I showed him the two bedrooms I had not cleaned yet, and closed the doors. Then we stumbled into the bedroom where I slept the night before. He fell down on the edge of the bed in a sitting position, still laughing, kicked off his shoes then slid himself back to put his head on a pillow. He patted the bed beside him cuing me to join him. Hmmmm…not yet.

I stripped off his clothes slowly, dropping the pieces to the floor. I dropped my robe there, too. He is lying on his back. I straddled his chest wearing nothing but a shear lingerie top. He could probably feel the wetness of my pussy between his erect nipples. I reached for a pile of long silk scarves that were sitting on the nightstand from an earlier attempt at sorting. I first tied a scarf around his right wrist – not too tight, but loosely knotted – then tied it around the bed post closest to that hand; then the left hand.

Still straddling him, I slid down his chest, but only a little bit to zenci porno allow me to kiss his face, lips and neck then down his torso…he was still laughing (perhaps he was also a little ticklish). Then, I dismounted for a moment to secure his left foot to the left-bottom bedpost, and then his right foot. It is so delightful to watch my partner squirm with anticipation and pleasure.

He could probably see my nipples beginning to harden as the shear fabric caught between my breasts. I moved back into straddling his torso on my knees, but this time positioning my clit on his hardened shaft, now erect and lying against his stomach. I began moving up and down slowly. I slid my open pussy up and over his cock and tightened when I could feel the ridge of the head, then moved back out to slide up and down along his shaft a little longer. He wasn’t laughing anymore – but moaning with pleasure. I was about to cum…and then, a warm, anticipated orgasm washed over me.

I used my juices to lubricate him further, rubbing up and down on his shaft. Next, I dismounted and moved to the end of the bed, positioning my head between legs. He was still squirming when I wrapped my hand around his cock and started to slip and slide up and down, and massaged his balls with the other hand. I added a little spittle to the top of his dick and continued to stroke him, nice and lubricated. Finally, I covered his entire hardened dick with my mouth, tightened my lips around him, sliding up and down. He came. He moaned out loud and I heard the bed posts creaking.

I untied his scarves. “Would you like a glass of ice water?” I asked.

He nodded yes.

I left to retrieve water for both of us. “I think I’m going to like it here,” I thought.

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