Skydiving… And An Extreme Sport


Well, honey you’ve finally done it I think. You didn’t want to, and were maybe a bit afraid but I’ve finally got you in that jumpsuit and parachute and we’re airborne. We’ve been climbing and circling over the jump site for an hour and we’ve finally reached altitude.

The pilot has signaled us with the yellow light that we’re almost there and should get into the doorway. I’m right behind you babe as the green light comes on. You hesitate but I gently shove you closer. Now you’re almost in a panic because it’s your first time. Actually it’s your first time in an airplane. As you start to turn I push you through the door and follow closely. We are airborne together.

You’ve been to preliminary school and know the moves to slow yourself and control your freefall. Instinctively you begin the slow down and stop your tumbling. I’m following every move and I fly in closer. I reach out my hand and there’s a smile on your face as you see me and reach out.

You’re having fun as we circle, embrace, and I ride your hips for awhile. I lower myself and I’m below you facing up. Your arms are out to slow us and you dare not pull them in because we’d spin out of control and increase our descent to a dangerous rate. My hands are busy as one holds your suit and the other caresses first your breasts and then down and to your clit and pussy through the jumpsuit.

I feel you warm and wet and know that your heart is racing. I drop myself lower and place my face between your legs and take a small bite. You almost close your arms but recover quickly and I can taste your scent through the suit. My arms and hands are wrapped around your ass as I hold you and I can feel the strength as you tighten in response to each nibble. I feel you squirm in excitement and know we must be reaching the point to pull the cord.

I hang on tight as I pull one arm around through the buffeting wind of freefall and notice that we have only seconds before we pull the cord. I let go and separate and signal you to pull your cord just as I do. I feel the hd porno instant tightening of the harness as the drogue catches the wind and pulls the rest of my chute out. It blossoms and is as if I’ve come to a grinding halt.

I look around and you’re still falling. I panic as I notice your sloped fall toward a strand of forest at the edge of you jump zone. I scream and scream for you to pull your cord. The wind and distance mask my screams. My heart has almost stopped when I finally see the chute start to blossom and you slow and then rock safely from it.

As I pull back on my shrouds and land running on my feet I note the direction you’ve landed and as quickly as possible I gather in my chute and, bundle it under my arm and set off at a run in your direction. I think I know where you are as I run, but I see and hear nothing. I run from tree to tree because I know how landing in trees can hurt or kill someone. Still I see nothing, not even a hint of your brightly colored chute.

I’m panicking now and want to run back for help when I hear a faint shout. I listen and hear it again. I mark the direction and again take off at a sprint. Your shouts are getting louder and clearer and then I see your chute snagged on a broken limb and you are hanging just off the forest floor. Perhaps a foot separates you from the ground but you are a good ten feet from the tree’s trunk.

I’m out of breath as you rotate slowly and see me. You shout my name and tell me how glad you are to see me and ask me to help you down. I ask if you’re hurt before helping you. I don’t want to hurt you more. You smile and raise your legs and bounce to show me you’re alright.

Relieved at last I run to help and wrap my arms around your body. I lift you and dance around a bit… happy that you are okay. But suddenly I realize that I’m holding you again and my mind is airborne. I look up and smile and you ask what I’m smiling about. Slowly I reach and tickle you and then bring my hands to your waist and your suit.

The japon porno leg straps are securing you in an almost sitting position and again you ask what I’m doing. Never before have I thought of a jumpsuit as erotic but I’m changing my mind. I reach through the harness to the zipper at your neck and slowly work it down under the straps. You’re confused and then you slowly understand. Under the suit you are wearing only an athletic bra and thong and the bra is stretchy as I raise it.

You say that if I let you down we can make love before going back… but I want you helpless for a moment. Because of your height… even the foot above ground leaves you at a perfect height to be ravished and I’m your ravisher. My hands and mouth close on your breasts and I taste the warmth of your nipples. Your body is damp from the perspiration generated by your previous struggles. Your nipples are salty sweet as I nibble.

Your flurry of giggles routs a flock of birds that seem to have gathered to watch your struggle. I tease and tickle you nipples and stand to kiss your lips and hold your warmth against me. A jumpsuit is designed to be very loose-fitting, but the smallest size available has made you seem diminutive inside.

I have no trouble loosening the suit around your hips and then reaching to lower your thong slightly around your waist. The lowering has loosened the thin material at your mound and I easily move it aside. I lower my self and inhale the still wetness I’ve helped create during our jump and I bury my face and inhale deeply.

Sitting in the harness with me between your thighs has caused you to slump backwards and lower your cheeks in the harness. Your thighs are open for me. You have always been sweet and always been willing but somehow this is more than merely erotic. You are almost in my total control and I want to take full advantage of it and make full benefit of you before I let you down. It is only moments before I have my face buried and my tongue busy. I feel your hands lezbiyen porno barely able to reach the back of my head and I feel you jumping in the harness.

The elasticity of the nylon shroud supporting the canopy has me moving up and down to follow your gyrations. Still I prevail and I feel you cum and then taste the richness of you. I’m not satisfied as I continue and soon my hands are busy too. I have at last taken you above that level of control you’ve always maintained and I hear you moaning your desire.

I pause for breath and spot a large branch. I leave momentarily and drag it over to stand on. I lower my own jumpsuit and lower my jock strap. It has held me firmly until now but now I’m freed. I raise each of your legs over my waist and then put my arms around you and pull you close. With one arm I keep you close while I use the other to guide my entry.

Soon we are both moaning and I’m doing everything I’ve ever wanted to do… enjoy you. Your pussy is still wet and my cock quickly lubricates as I tease. Now you have surrounded me and I’m enjoying every soft caress your pussy can provide and every strong urge your body can generate in response to my probing.

It is my best experience ever and I prolong it as far as possible, but soon I feel that inner excitement and warn you of what is about to happen. You pause and then realize that you are back in control and your body pummels mine until… in sad release I must fill you. The experience has been numbing and I’m holding on tightly as I begin to come down.

I’ve just caught my breath and wondering if I should try again when I hear distant voices looking for us. The pilot had radioed the ground crew and they’d set off looking for us. I quickly pull up your thing and down your bra. I zip both of our suits and then reach up and hit the release on your harness. You know how to release yourself, but just couldn’t hit he button hard enough.

We’ve just finished straightening our suits when the crew breaks into the clearing. I smile at you and then point upward to the chute. The lead looks up, smiles and one of the guys goes to work getting it down. They ask if we are okay and we both smile and say yes as we all walk back to the jump area. You’re rubbing under your arms from the strain of hanging there so long.

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