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I am 6′ 2″ in height with short blonde hair and keep myself fit by doing a lot of gardening and lifting of weights when I am not working. I go by the name of Dave and I had been living at home quite happily for the last 20 years until the day my old man finally kicked me out of the house and told me it was time to make my own way in the world. Of course my mom helped me find somewhere to live which was only a few blocks from home. As it happened it was the best thing my old man ever did for me.

I had been living in my flat for a couple of months which had a great view of the mountains from my bedroom window and also a good view of the lovely ladies who lived in the other flats in my block who topped up their tans by the pool during the summer months in what I can only call a big back yard. The 9 foot fence was high enough so that no one else could look over the top to see what was going on inside which I was very handy.

As luck would have it the flat opposite mine had been empty since before I arrived there until one day I noticed a removal van pull up outside of the block of flats I was living in. In the front seat was raven haired beauty. After she had her stuff moved into her new flat by the removal men I took it upon myself to knock on her door and introduce myself to her. When she opened her door all I could do was stand there and staring at her making myself look like a complete dork in her presence.

“Hello, can I help you with something?” She asked me with a bemused look on her face.

“Oh hello” I finally stammered after a few seconds.

“Is there something I can do for you?” She asked me again.

“Sorry” I stuttered again.

“I couldn’t help notice you pull up in front of the removal van and I wondered if you needed a hand to move some of the heavy things about?” I answered finally without stuttering this time.

“Oh thank you that would be lovely” She replied.

“I am living here on my own and it would be great to have someone move the likes of the sofa and wardrobes around for me if you don’t really mind helping?” she asked.

“Sure no problem, I’m Dave by the way” I said as smiled at her.

“Hi I’m Amy” She replied.

By what I could tell of her so far she stood about 5′ 6″ with shoulder length raven coloured hair and looked fantastic in her tight fitting jeans. She had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen that you could have drowned yourself in them. She had full lips that set off her heart shaped face and when she was not looking in my direction I took it upon myself to check out her rack which I would have thought to have been about a 34b. But it was her ass in those tight fitting jeans that really caught my eye and every chance I couldn’t take my eyes off it. After a couple of hours we had finally gotten everything where she wanted it and Amy made us both a well earned mug of coffee. As we sat there drinking our coffee we told each other about ourselves and it was then that I found out that she was 22 yrs old and had been asked to vacate her bedroom and find somewhere else to live, preferably far away from home as her parents put it.

For the next few days Amy and I got to know each other a lot better and would have lunch together and dinner at either her place or mine. During this time she told me her dad had kicked her out as she had a bad influence on her younger sister by staying out until the small hours partying and doing god knows what and sneaking different guys into her bedroom when she finally did get home. So he had told her to find a place of her own and not to darken his doorstep again. I had also confessed that I had been given the order of the boot by my old man but for a completely different reason, he just wanted me out of the house full stop. My dad was such a complete bastard as far as I was concerned and I was glad to be out the way of his swinging fists.

A year had almost passed and Amy and I had gotten to be very close friends and were always in and out of each other’s flat. Yeah we had finally become lovers and seeing it was now summer again and we had both decided to take the same couple of weeks off from work and go on holiday together. It was a week before we were due to go on our holiday that her younger sister Kate turned up at her door in tears. Kate is 19 and has short dark hair, brown eyes and a killer ass just like her sister. In fact from the back if they had both had the same colour and length of hair you would not have been able to tell them apart.

When Amy told me that her sister had had enough of her father and had come to stay with her for a few weeks till she found a place of her own I thought our holiday plans would be up the shit creek without a paddle. But Amy decided that if it was ok with me Kate could come along with us. After all, the cabin that we had rented for a couple of weeks in the mountains had three bedrooms so what was one more person going to make apart from needing a little more food. So reluctantly I agreed and Kate came with us to the cabin. When we finally got to the cabin a week later xhamster porno we were all in a joyful mood due to the views we had while travelling up to the cabin by train and even more so when we saw how big the cabin was and that it had electricity and a hot tub out back.

A couple of days into our holiday and things were going pretty well even Kate was enjoying herself and forgetting everything that had gone on at home. We had taken a couple of hikes, taken a ride on the cable car which took us almost to the top of the mountain. The view of the valley below was outstanding as we stood there together me with my arms around the two sisters. And that was when it happened, at the time I had thought it had been Amy who had just felt me up but when I looked down and saw that the hand that was cradling my balls was actually her sister Kate’s.

Kate just turned to face me with a smile on her face as if nothing was happening. For some reason I could feel myself growing in my pants and it would only be a matter of seconds before both sisters would be able to see the boner in my pants. I quickly pulled away from Kate and stood on the other side of Amy and hoped that the cold air up there would help my half grown erection go down again before Amy or anyone else up here could see it. And thank the lord that my cock did go soft again and no one was any the wiser. When Amy went into the trading post to find a few knickknacks to take home with her Kate walked right close to me.

“What were you thinking of Dave when you thought it was Amy holding your balls in her hand?” Kate asked me with a big smile on her lips.

Her lips looked luscious as she stood there so close to me that I thought of kissing them and also of feeling her lips wrapped around my cock. This little bitch had been teasing me the last couple of days before we came on holiday by walking about her sisters flat in nothing but her bra and panties or in just a towel and now that we were here she was still doing it to me. I was just dreaming of reaching down and running a finger around the edge of Kate’s tiny panties that she was wearing and working a finger up and down her slit as Kate took the full length of my shaft into her beautiful mouth and down her throat when I suddenly heard a voice calling me.

“Dave, are you ok, what’s wrong?” I heard the voice say.

I looked down again at Kate and realised it was not her lips moving. It was Amy who was standing about three feet away from me.

“That’s just what I was trying to ask him to sis” Kate piped up before moving away from me.

“Oh sorry Amy I was miles away” I said as I thought on my feet.

“I can’t believe we actually up here in such beautiful scenery” I piped up again.

Yeah right like I was really going tell her the truth that I had just been dreaming fucking her little sister after Kate had been playfully fondling my cock almost right under her nose.

The journey back to our cabin was no better for me as all I think of was Kate and her sweet pussy moving back and forth over my hand as I felt her wet cunt tighten its grip around the finger I had just buried deep inside her sopping twat as she moved up and down on my hand. I swear I could smell Kate’s pungent fragrance in my nostrils and feel her teasing tongue swirling around the head of my cock. But just before I got to Kate sucking my throbbing prick down her throat Amy nudged me back to reality with a curious look on her face as she took in the stupid smirk that was on my face and the big bulge in the front of my pants.

As I smiled at Amy she reached out and rubbed her slender hand over my throbbing dick and gave it a gentle squeeze through my pants and boxers as her lips reached up to mine and her tongue snaked into my mouth.

“As soon as we get some time alone back at the cabin I’ll take care of this” Amy said after ending our kiss and again squeezing my throbbing knob.

By the time we got back to the cabin it was already dark. After we all had some supper Kate retired to her room and Amy and I to ours.

As soon as our door shut Amy pushed me up against the door and was wrapping her arms around my neck and slipping her tongue into my mouth.

“So tell me Dave what were you really thinking of today and don’t you dare lie to me” Amy said with a strange look in her eyes as if she really knew what I had been day dreaming about.

“I was dreaming of you and me babe being here without Kate tagging along with us” I lied.

Amy pulled my shorts down and my hard on sprung out almost hitting her in the face. Then I felt her licking the end of my dick with her warm wet tongue as she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and her other hand cupped my balls. I began pumping my hard on into Amy’s mouth fucking her face as I held her hair in my fists. I began to tremble as I got closer and closer to cumming in her mouth as Amy gave me the best blowjob she could. I was now thrusting my cock into the back of her throat making her gag on it.

I pushed Amy off my cock and onto her yaşlı porno back on the floor. I pulled off her jeans and then tore off her panties and threw them across the room and pounced on top of her and rammed my throbbing hard on deep into her soaking wet pussy. Again and again I thrust deep and hard into Amy making her scream in sheer delight. Her back arched and I could feel her pussy muscles tightening around my rock hard dick as I pumped in and out of her drenched cunt. She was close, so close as was I. Then I felt my balls begin to boil and my spunk shoot up my shaft into Amy’s womb. As she felt me cum inside her she to exploded into orgasm, her back arched and her whole body went stiff as she felt my hot cum coat her pussy walls.

Once we both came down from our orgasms and the afterglow we finally managed to crawl into bed naked and fell asleep almost instantly. I awoke the next morning to find a pussy on grinding away on my face and a hot mouth around my throbbing penis. Amy was still on heat and wanting more. It didn’t take long for Amy to cum again, she filled my mouth with her juices again and again and I swallowed it all down as she tugged on my hard on.

“Hope you liked your early morning alarm call” Amy laughed as she got up off me and headed for a shower.

As I lay there still hard and playing with my cock our bedroom door opened and there stood Kate in her nightie staring at me. She then pulled her nightie up over her head and tugged off her panties swinging them on her finger. All I could do was stare at her like a deer caught in the headlights until she picked up her nightie and quietly shut the door as she heard the shower stop. I was now as hard as steel after seeing Kate standing there completely nude with her lovely tits and bald pussy staring back at me. I couldn’t believe she had done that. It was the last straw, I had to come up with a plan to fuck that little hussy once and for all.

When Amy came back into the room she noticed that I was still hard as a rock and she quickly crawled up the bed and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck on it for a couple of minutes before throwing a leg of my hips and mounting me. She wrapped her fingers around my erection and lowered her pussy down on to me. As she felt my cock opening her up again she began to moan and started to rub her clit.

Amy slid all the way down my stiff dick until I was buried to the hilt inside her. Her pussy tingled with delight at feeling my throbbing man meat deep inside it again. I started to thrust my cock up into Amy as she began to hump her pussy up and down my pecker.

“oh shit that feels so good” Amy moaned.

Amy began to move up and down my cock faster as I reached up and cupped her breasts in my hands and began squeezing them. I then pulled on both nipples roughly making her squeal out loud enough for her sister to hear.

“What the hells got into you Dave?” Amy managed to say between moans.

I didn’t answer her all I did was turn her over on to her back without my cock slipping out of her and began to fuck her hard and fast.

“Oh Dave that’s it just like that harder Dave harder” Amy screamed out.

“Suck my nipples you bastard” Amy shouted out.

As I fucked her pussy and sucked on her tits it made Amy go wild with lust. I could feel my impending eruption then as I exploded inside Amy everything went black and the next thing I knew I was laying on top of her my body covered in sweat and feeling a little dizzy.

“I don’t know what’s got into you Dave but that was fucking amazing honey” Was all that Amy could say as she lay there in her afterglow.

All too soon I had nodded off with Amy snuggling into me her legs laying over mine until we were woken up around lunchtime by a hungry Kate banging on our bedroom door. For the next couple of days nothing else happened out of the ordinary and we enjoyed what was left of our holiday. But when we got back home things got a little more boulder on all of our parts.

Amy and I still had our daily sex sessions and the more her sister Kate teased me the more Amy got her pussy fucked good and proper. Our bodies would be wet from sweat as we slipped and slithered over each other. Our hot breaths mingled since our mouths were still pressed tightly together as we would both come down from our orgasms. But through it all I was still thinking about fucking Kate’s pussy, mouth and ass. The little bitch had been teasing me for far too long and there was going to be some payback for it.

The third night back home from our holiday was a very hot day and both sisters had been out back by the pool topping up there tans while I had been at work. That night when I got home around 8pm I noticed when I got in the door that the table had been done up for a romantic dinner. Amy and Kate had cooked the dinner and once I had washed up and changed my clothes Amy and I sat down to a lovely dinner which was served by Kate who was being our waitress for the night. It was almost midnight and we had consumed a lot of wine aldatma porno by then as we sat watching a movie on the television in Amy’s apartment.

Being tired from work and feeling I had almost too much to drink I had gone to bed leaving the two sister’s to chat. A few hours later I woke up and feeling to hot from the heat I had generated off the duvet and I tossed it off to one side. I could hear someone approaching my bedroom door. As the door opened I pretended to be asleep. The light from outside illuminated my room and I lay there naked on the bed. It was Kate and she stood there for what seemed like ages when I heard her sigh and walk out of my room closing the door behind her. A few minutes later the door opened again and in stumbled Amy who got into bed and fell asleep quite quickly it being around 2am.

The same thing happened the following evening after we had eaten Chinese and drank the best part of four bottles of wine between us and I had gone to bed before the two sisters, but this time the thought of Kate seeing me naked gave me a huge erection. I could hear someone approach my bedroom door so I pretended to be asleep. The door opened and I was bathed in the dim light. I heard a sharp intake of breath and an incoherent mutter. It was Kate and she walked up to the bed and stood for a moment when suddenly I barely felt her fingers lightly slide up and down the length of my erect cock. It took all of my control not to shoot my load. My erect cock was throbbing like mad. Kate then pulled the duvet up over me and my throbbing cock sighing heavily as she walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

No sooner had Kate shut the door than I grabbed hold of my hard dick and began to wank furiously but then I stopped. I had a thought that I didn’t want to waste this erection or the spunk that went with it. I could put both to a better use. I lay in my bed thinking of how I could fulfil my desire for both sisters especially the younger Kate. It was then that I devised a plan but I needed her to be asleep to carry it out. The next day dragged on for so long that I didn’t think that I would ever get to carry out my plans for Kate.

That night I spent at Amy’s so it would be a little easier to carry out my plan. Once we were all in our beds I waited until I knew Amy was in a deep sleep before I decided to act. It was about an hour I got out of bed still with a huge hard on from playing with it thinking of what I was going to do to Amy’s younger sister. I snuck out of Amy’s room and went up to Kate’s bedroom door, turned the door knob and entered her darkened room.

I could hear the gentle snoring as she lay there asleep unaware of what was about to take place as I made my way to the side of her bed and gently lifted the duvet. I climbed into the bed beside as gingerly as I possibly could so as not to wake Kate up. I slowly slid in next to her so that my hard on was just touching her thigh. My heart was beating so fast and strong I thought it was going to wake Kate up. I carefully took hold of Kate’s hand and placed it on my hard cock and she just wrapped her fingers around my throbbing man meat. After few moments of her holding my cock in her hand she started to come around and her eyes flew open in shock.

“What the hell are you doing?” Kate blurted out in shock at seeing me there in bed beside her and feeling my hard on in her small hand.

“Sorry Kate” I stuttered back at her.

“I thought that this is what you wanted?” I said trying not to stutter this time.

“Yeah, but not here like this with my sister in the very next room” She finally replied still holding on to my stiff pecker.

“You know we shouldn’t be doing this don’t you?” Kate said again.

“What if Amy were to wake up and wonder where you were and got up to look for you and then found you here beside me naked?”

“Yes I know, but I just had to, you have been driving me nuts with all your teasing” I answered.

“It is such a lovely big cock you have Dave I must admit” Kate replied still holding my hard cock in her hand.

Then all of a sudden Kate rolled over on her back and pulled her nightie over her head and her boobs came into view. Kate pulled my hard on towards her and guided my throbbing cock between her now open legs towards her waiting pussy. I felt the tip of my shaft brush against her bald pussy and felt the warm moistness of her pussy lips as they parted and the head of my dick penetrated her. Kate gasped as she felt the entire length of my cock slide into her now slick juicy cunt. Then it was my turn to gasp as I felt her cunt muscles grab my cock in a vice like grip.

“Oh fuck yes that feels so good in me” She moaned.

I rammed my cock forcefully in to her pussy which took breath away and I began to fuck her as hard as I could.

“Do it slowly please I want this to last for as long as possible” Kate said as she put her hands on my shoulders.

I did as she asked me and we fucked each other for what seemed to be ages. Eventually her actions became more and more urgent. Kate’s arms tightened around my neck as she pulled me tighter to her. Her knees were now raised up to my sides and her feet were now forcing me as deep inside her as possible. Her nails sank into my back clawing at me as she thrust her now sopping cunt against my pounding cock.

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