Signed, Sealed, Delivered


I think I may have just signed my name 500 times today. My hand is sore. The Alabama heat is atrocious. I thought I knew heat, from living in Manitoba. But this was nothing compared to our hottest days.

The book store I was in was a quaint little establishment. The people who came in to get me to sign the book they bought, which I wrote, were absolutely amazing. This was my first novel. I’ve tried to write many books over the years, but they have always been short and not what I wanted. And the majority were about sexual fantasies or true moments in regards to my own sexual experiences. I have sent a few to Playboy and Playgirl, which were published. One time they actually did a bio on their short story authors. So I can say I have had my picture in these magazines.

With the heat, my body soon warmed up, past the point of comfortable. I loosened as much clothing as I could, and removed what was appropriate. It was almost closing time and I really needed out of what I had on. The owner of the book store said I could use his office to change.

I unbuttoned the top I was wearing. The heels, kicked off of my feet. I released the snap on my jeans, unzipping them. Letting them fall to the floor with a small thud. Standing there in a black lace bra and panties. As I reached in my bag which I had brought along with me, to find my halter top and blue jean cut offs, I heard the door handle turn and the door open.

Startled, I turned and looked in that direction. The door came wide open. My eyes, as the door did, widened.

There standing at the door was a man in a UPS uniform. He was a bit taller than me. Brown hair, with a beard that was graying.

He stood there for a what seemed like two minutes. He couldn’t seem to spit a word out. I finally gave a smile and asked him if he needed something.

He replied that he had a delivery and that he was sorry he didn’t realize anyone was in there.

Laughing now, I said it was ok. Would he like me to take the delivery and leave it on Mike’s (the owner’s) desk.

Well, he needed a paper signed saying he delivered it. Passing the pen to me with the clipboard, I signed my name, accepting the envelope, walking back to the desk.

His eyes seemed to be glued to me, which he wasn’t even aware of. I turned. Clearing my throat. Leaning on the desk, still in my bra and panties. He then realized he was staring and walked over to retrieve the clipboard. Thank you he said. And walked out, shutting the door behind him.

I giggled to myself. I think I had embarrassed him slightly. Closing the door, I continued to get changed. Deciding the heat was too much even for a bra, I unclasped it and tossed it with the other things I had on.

Grabbing my halter top, I put it on. Along with my shorts. Not quite Daisy Dukes, but short none the less. I felt much cooler already. Nothing beat the feel and look of extra soft lambskin leather, which the halter top was made of. This sexy little halter had 3 snaps on the front and a snap collar. The back was pretty much open except for the elastic back straps. It was form fitting and one of my favorite and comfy things to wear. It revealed about 3 inches of my stomach, as the shorts were low riders.

Slipping into my flip flop shoes, I opened the door. I came around the corner to find Mike and the UPS guy chatting.

They both looked at me. I was like, what’s wrong. Did I forget my pants? The reply from both was NO!!!

They both seemed to like what they seen. In my own way, I guess I used my body language to show them a bit more. With a wiggle here, and a wiggle there.

I leaned over the desk I had my books on, maybe a bit more than one would in a normal circumstance. But I thought arap porno what the heck, they are looking, and if they didn’t like what they were looking at, they wouldn’t look at all.

Then Mike asked me if I would sign one more book today. I said sure. Grabbing one of the books, and a pen, I walked over to the UPS guy and Mike. Who do I make it out to I asked?

“To my biggest fan ever, Scott”.

Passing it to Mike, after I was done writing it, he passed it to the UPS delivery guy. Who happened to be Scott.

A smile came over my face, and my eyes (which I’ve been told they do when I smile that way) had a shine in them. Maybe more a devilish shine then an angelic one. As Scott had just seen me in my bra and panties, I thought my biggest fan must have now seen more than any other fan I have came upon.

“So what does one do in Alabama to get cooled off” I asked the two.

Scott seemed very shy and didn’t say much. Mike seemed to know him well enough to answer for Scott. “Scott has a pool. Would that help you out any Tam?”

I looked at Scott with a DO YOU kind of look. And could I please come home with you pitiful look also. The hotel I was staying at was doing repairs on the pool. So I had no chance of cooling off there. Scott seemed more than eager to let me come home. I didn’t have a car, so Scott offered to drive me to his home.

Now most of us may have been a bit worried about this situation. I mean a complete stranger taking you home. But Scott seemed very trusting and innocent. And really, all I was going to do was take a bit of a dip in his pool. So no harm, Right?

On the way to his home. I realized I didn’t have a bathing suit with me. I had it at the hotel. Scott asked me if I would like to stop by and pick it up. It was way across town though. He had already seen me in my bra and panties, so I didn’t see a problem. Bra and panties are the same as any bikini anyways.

We arrived at his home. Getting out of the truck, we walked up to his front door. Unlocking it, Scott let me go in first. Asking me if I wanted a drink. Now would a girl in her right mind turn one down. I just wanted a drink with lots and lots of ice.

He told me to make myself comfortable and he would be right back. He had the air conditioner on. I was still feeling sticky. The air conditioner was blowing out from just above the back of the couch. I leaned on the cushions facing it, my back to the doorway where Scott would be coming back in. Thinking I had lots of time, or at least more than a minute, I unsnapped the 3 buttons on my halter. Letting my breasts out to get air from the air conditioner. Slightly leaning back. Oh this felt good. The book store didn’t seem to be at all cool.

Scott appeared quicker than I thought he might. I know he realized my top was undone, maybe I meant it that way. I turned my head as he sat the drink on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“A little hot are we”?

“Very” was my reply.

I turned around, snapping the bottom snap, leaving the two top open. I knew full well he could have as much view as he needed. Taking the glass in my hand, the coldness the drink and ice brought, helping along with what the air conditioner just did, I sat back savoring the moment. Sipping slowly on the drink. Licking my lips every so often.

During our conversation I found out Scott was not married, no kids, was going to school as a history grad student, and working for UPS which I knew already. He had a dog. Has been engaged three times, but it never has worked out.

My drink disappeared. All I had left was ice. Taking one of the ice cubes in my fingers, I placed it on my chin. Following the nape of my neck bedava porno and down, I allowed the ice cube to melt. A small stream of water made its way down my neck to the space between my breasts. I could feel my nipples hardening, but the coolness of this felt so good. I glanced over at Scott.

“You are making me hot with those clothes on you know”.

The shyness seemed to disappear slightly. He removed his shirt. As I continued to let the ice melt on my body. Getting comfortable on the couch, I lay back, spreading my legs slightly.

He pulled his shirt over his head. That was when I noticed Scott had two tattoos. One on each arm. One a styled Celtic knot and on the other arm was an armadillo. He has two earrings on his left ear also.

He stood to undo his jeans. I noticed a bulge was making its way out from under the zipper. I gave him a cute smile and spread my legs more. Propping them up on the coffee table. Undoing my shorts, first the snap button, then the zipper. Letting them just tease him as I didn’t reveal anything else yet.

Scott let his jeans fall down. He was commando. I lifted my eyebrows as in to say, I like, I definitely like.

His penis was standing erect now. His hand running over it slowly. As in to tease me for the way I have teased him. His pubic hair was trimmed behind his penis but around his testicles it was shaved. I like it that way. Less flossing for when my mouth gets around it.

His hand wrapped around his cock. I bit my bottom lip. Unsnapping the bottom snap of the halter top. Opening both sides to show him my breasts. He licked his lips.

I asked Scott to come closer. His tantalizing meat dangling in front of my face. I take another ice cube, this time in my mouth. Holding it there. Without swallowing or chewing it. Sitting up, I take hold of his cock with my hand. As the ice cube is already melting I don’t have much time. I took his cock in my mouth, my hand holding the base of it. The cold temperature of the ice cube, combined with the warmness and softness of my lips, started giving him a pleasurable feeling.

I flicked out my tongue just above his tender head, and watched as his cock lurched forward, like a bass to a lure. Wetting my lips, I did this again and again, watching his cock grow even harder.

I really never experienced it with anyone else. I could actually come giving him head, that’s how intense it was. Just the way he said my name, moaned my name. The way he ran his fingers through my hair.

Sucking on the head, letting my tongue slide around all over it while I sucked it up and down. I continued further down on Scott and he started to moan again. Sucking, licking, and kissing it. Proceeding to a faster pace, sucking harder as I went along, applying suction onto the head and releasing. Rubbing my tongue all over it. Every time I felt his balls tense up, I immediately stopped, and started licking on them again. Cheating him out of his orgasm every time. Wanting this to last.

I let his cock out of my mouth’s prison. Looking up at him, my eyes full of eagerness. Biting my lower lip. My hand going over my breasts, down my stomach, to my shorts. Lifting my ass off of the couch, I slide my shorts off. My panties wet with my own cum. A scent was in the air.

Scott doesn’t take long to kneel in front of me. With his right hand over his cock, stroking slowly, his left hand starts rubbing my pussy, from the outside of my panties. Sopping up the juices I already expelled.

Sliding my panties to the side, his finger splits my lips apart. Finding its way to my hole. I love getting finger fucked. Not as much as fucking itself, but it gets me going almost as fast.

His cüce porno finger soon gets accompanied by another. Two fingers fucking my pussy, my body is about to hit a new dimension. Scott keeps pounding me, his fingers getting covered in my warm cum.

My body meetings his fingers. His hand would move upward, I moved my body downward. Getting every value from this experience.

As I experienced several orgasms from Scott so far, the need for more was rising fast. His cock was so big now. But it wasn’t time to fuck yet.

I sat up, releasing his hand from my lips. Removing my panties, as I watched him suck his fingers thoroughly. Not a smidgen was wasted.

I lay back on the couch. The invitation open for his mouth to envelope my pussy. One that didn’t take long for a response.

My body was fully inflamed. His tongue traveled between my thighs, to my swollen clit. My pussy is trembling, anxiously awaiting release. Scott’s tongue thrust into my wet hole exploring the walls of my womb. I try to turn over, but he keeps my down. His tongue now sucking and licking my clit, driving into my hole deeper. I start to tense, knowing what is next. I explode with such an orgasm like never before. My body is writhing and trembling.

He laps up my cum. A finger remains on my clit. He pushed me more onto my back.

Grabbing my heels, he places my legs on his shoulders. Lifting my ass off of the couch, he takes hold of his cock. Teasing me with its head. Rubbing it. Getting the cum all over the tip.

As I couldn’t take it anymore, I took the opportune moment and let his cock enter my pussy. My eyes rolled, my breath heightened. All I could think of was to have my pussy filled with his cum.

His cock fucked me like no man has ever fucked me. The scent of a musk like smell was in the air, the smell of sex upon us.

His balls going deep up against my ass, as my legs are still resting on his shoulders. His cock completely submerged inside me, reaching places I haven’t felt before.

Gripping his arms with my hands, my neck kinked slightly on the back of the couch. His hands upon my hips as he grabs me and plunges in and out of my pussy. He slows down and releases my legs. Holding them so they slowly fall. My feet touching the floor. His cock still inside of me.

With slow strokes, he keeps his cock going. With his right hand he lowers it to my clit. First with small circular movements, he uses two fingers to manipulate my clit. Seeing I am getting off more by this, he slowly tugs at it, between his fingers. I let out moans. Then with his continued fucking and tugging, I feel an orgasm hit. Passion cried out of me with this one.

Scott pumped his cock feverishly until he shots a load of hot cum into my desiring pussy.

His body losing all willingness to stay up, falling softly on top of me. His fingers start caressing my cheek as he looks deep into my eyes. Licking my lips, I take a deep breath. Our lips meeting as we share a passionate kiss. The taste of my juices still on his.

His cock slowly sneaks its way out of my pussy.

I am not sure if it was the look of uncomfortable I had on me as I was still kinked on the couch, but Scott stood up. Taking my hand, he helped me up.

It was then that I realized there was a large window facing the pool deck. My eyes catching a few spectators, who had stopped in for an eyeful.

I looked at Scott, he just smiled. Carried on his way and got us each another drink.

This was a good way to cool off from the Alabama heat. We continued sitting. The crowd slowly went away. It was like they were wanting an encore.

Maybe it wasn’t them that wanted an encore. Maybe it was me. Maybe if I sit here long enough, more could happen. Maybe a shared shower. Maybe a dip in the pool like I originally came here for. Maybe, maybe.

The options were open to a lot of things. And I still had another 3 days here. Maybe Scott will be making another DELIVERY soon. Maybe, maybe.

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