Sgt Taylor’s Thongs


Sgt Taylor’s Thongs Copyright Alex Carr. 2010

“And specifically what are my orders, Sgt Taylor?”

Officer Richards was absolutely beside himself having called Sgt Taylor to his office on a disciplinary charge, that she was not wearing army issue underwear.

“But these are so much more comfortable” she retorted lifting her skirt to reveal what was beneath.

His eyes popped – “You know you shouldn’t be wearing thongs on duty Sgt! – what say if you were on the battlefield, and you had an accident, slipped to show the male troops what you are showing me now, what effect would you think that would have on them?”

“Oh! I guess I hadn’t thought of that, Sir>”

“Indeed, Taylor – imagine soldiers in mid battle, being taken off what they are doing by gorping at you, they’d probably be all shot by the enemy.”

“Could work the other way too Sir come to think of it – the enemy may be eyeballing and drop their guns – or whatever, so that would give our troops the advantage. I can see them now, all advancing on the enemy with their cocked rifles at the ready”

“I cannot let this go, if I do all the female recruits will want to wear them.”

“But, Sir, you know how army issue make me itch and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see me scratching all the time, and anyway that’s your job.”

“But I told you before, not when you are on duty, comprehend?”

“You are cruel to me, you really are sir.”

“Take them off right way and change into your correct underwear, Sgt”.

Louise Taylor did as she was told, lifted her skirt and dropped her red silk thongs

“I didn’t mean now as in now, Sgt. I meant go back to your quarters and change there.”

“Don’t you like what you see then, Sir? – that’s not what you said the other night when we fucked so compulsively on your well sprung mattress!”

Officer Peter Richards tried to control himself but Freddy (His now throbbing cock) was having none of it, the message had come through the nervous system like a dose of salts hd abla and he was well on the rise to stardom.

“I can tell you are pleased, Sir” teased Louise as she stood there, legs crossed and quite bare beneath her khaki skirt – Peter Richards all of a dither as he was trying hard to do his duty as an officer of the queen but failing miserably, taunted and tantalised by the very sexual and erotic sight of his sergeant standing there before him.

“I really don’t know what I’m going to do about you Sergeant Taylor, Having recently promoted you to sergeant and all.”

“Well if you remember Sir you did say you promoted me because of my splendid active service in bed and also, remember? On the settee, and in the bath, and skinny dipping n the pool when we had it all to ourselves, you said my conduct was exemplary, remember?”

Peter Richards struggling with his emotions and everything else put on his disciplinary look and said that nevertheless he must punish her for not carrying out orders by way of incorrect attire.

“So what is the punishment, Sit, six, seven , ten strokes across my curvatures, because I know that is what you would really like, yes be honest?”

She paused to enjoy the hungry look on her superiors face and then continued; “Oh yes, and a good rough fucking afterwards, that right, Sir?”

She knew just how to handle him now, In more ways than one, she had him wrapped around her thumb although he would never admit it, he still tried the professional army officer bit by telling her the punishment will be carried out immediately, he twisting around on his swivel chair, grabbing a cane from his drawer and ordering her to lean over his knee forthwith and prepare for ten lashes, for her to count out loud as he administered each one.

“Oh sir, you wont bruise my botty too much will you?,” she said play acting, knowing very well he would not be too stringent in coming down on her neat little well formed bottom.

“Just do as you are commanded hentai porno and receive your punishment like a trooper.”

She wasn’t slow to lean over his lap, she simply loved him to take command of her in such a way, knowing it would sting a little but also knowing just how good it would be with all the pampering she would receive afterwards.

All that deep oil massage, the touch and tease of his fingers finding her secret place between those bountiful cheeks, she swaying them to make them more tempting, he stroking each one and making those certain sounds she loved so much to hear, knowing that she alone was giving him so very much pleasure.

She heard the first swish of the cane contact her buttocks and felt the sting run up into her spine, yelling out “One” as he asked. Nine more to go — she clenched her cheeks together in wait for number two and held her muscles taught. Swish! And she shouted “Two” – a little more painfully this time, It got up to five with still five to go and the Sergeant felt her cheeks burning and when he came down again for the seventh, it stung so much she yelled out “Ouch! You are so rough with me today, .Sir.”

Silence followed, Louise expecting the next which never came, Peter Richards was on fire, he asked her to raise herself, that was to be the lot for now, she looked down and saw that he was well aroused, his cock looking like it wanted to burst out of his trousers.

Whatever it was this time the action had really set him off and he wanted her fuck there and then, he pushed her across the desk, taking a cushion from the chair to plant underneath her stomach making her rounded cheeks looking like gorgeous large red peaches, they being flushed after the thrashing, she still feeling the heat but now feeling the thrill and excitement of the moment, he standing there behind, her bent over, knowing what she was about to receive and loving the idea of him inside her once more.

Of course she loved her officer to death really kızıl porno and all this was part of their love games with each other, she felt his warm hands start to massage her with oil, squeezing and kneading her cheeks together then stretching so wide apart to reveal her femininity and more, he was besotted by her love and her sexual passion so very much and when he fucked her with his rich aroused stiffness it was with wondrous joy, the quality of her fuck was beyond words could describe and she felt like she was in heaven again as she helped him work it deep inside her, bending and moving in different directions to get the best out of his deep penetrating fuck. She yelled his name when she reached her waterloo, he giving one final tremendous thrust shooting his seed deep up inside her.

But that wasn’t the end of fit, she was still in receipt of punishment, he has let her off three strokes of the cane but she would have to suck the cock that had just fucked her now very wet pussy, she would have to go down before him on her knees, take him deep inside her mouth having asked him to feed her, and she would then have to make him cum again inside her mouth and lick and suck all until he was well and truly spent.

Of course this was no real punishment but sheer delight, and afterwards so would it be for Peter Richards also, because having enjoyed her fuck and her oral delight, her warm and busy mouth and tongue having delighted him – now it was his turn, and Louise well knew just what that meant,- she naughtily put on those red thongs again, stood over him as he spread himself on the floor, and slowly wriggled down and down until his face was smothered in her now pussy wet thong, he’d suck her up like cherry wine and she would hold her head back and enjoy so much, her bum cheeks still tingling and her pussy numb and well seen to.

Then eventually, having fucked some more, they lay there exhausted on the office floor,

When finally Sgt Taylor got up and departed, Officer Richards said “Now let that be a lesson to you, Taylor, no more disobeying your commanding officer or else!”

“I like the or else bit,” she said looking at him with that certain smile, “And tomorrow sir, I may even just forget to wear my army issue underwear again!”

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