Sexploration Ch. 05


Tracy, my roommate and best friend, and I had gone to the bar to have a girl’s night out. We each had tri-tip steak dinners and, being that I wasn’t legal to drink, she had margaritas while I kept to water or tea

As we talked about school, work, and her new found freedom, a tall lanky cowboy came up to us and pulled up a chair. He introduced himself as Cory. I almost choked on my drink. You know how someone can come into your life and depending on how they treat you, you can either love their name for the rest of their life, or you can immediately be put off by that name for the rest of your life? Well, Cory was that name for me that made my back go up and made me instantly dislike him.

Cory turned out to be pretty funny though. He had us laughing pretty hard within minutes, generally making a fool of himself in front of his pals and us on a dare; however he had our attention. I honestly thought he was hitting on Tracy, her being the prettier of the two of us, and the fact that they both bonded over their trucks like old pals. I caught myself repeatedly rolling my eyes as girl’s night turned into “mine’s bigger” night.

When we all went outside to look at the two Dodges side by side, Cory shocked me by putting his arm around me and nuzzling his face into my hair. It didn’t register that he was flirting with me at first. Tracy gave me a slightly dirty look, and then it struck me as odd he was touching me and not her. When I looked up at him, he dipped his head and kissed me very softly. I was a little shocked by this sudden turn of events, but hey I was definitely willing to go with it. We gave the boys our address, and began to head home.

Tracy became a real bitch on the way home. 1080 porno As soon as we got back to our place, she complained of a headache and stomped off to her room. Rolling my eyes again, I located something to drink in the fridge and set out to wait for the boys. I went in to watch a movie in the front room. I was really relaxed, and slightly aroused. While waiting, I changed into comfortable silky pajama shorts and a tight thin strapped tank. I felt my nipples stiffen when I realized what I was setting myself up for. I had gone to a bar and now I was going to have this hot cowboy coming over!

My fingers began to wander down to the heat between my legs. I was lightly trailing my fingers across my bare smooth skin. I hate to have any hair in my nether regions. I was getting damp with anticipation and was about to slip my fingers into my slit when I heard a car door, and then a light knock on the door.

I opened it and let Cory in and made the excuses for Tracy. We settled in on the couch and started watching the movie together, quiet for a minute. Cory got closer to me and was rubbing my arm up and down, brushing the side of my breast, and I was getting hornier by the second. Again, he tilted my head up to his and put his lips on mine. This time it wasn’t a gentle persuasive kiss, but had passion and heat and promise in it. His tongue tangled with mine, and I grabbed the front of his shirt to pull him closer. We heard a small noise from in the back bedroom, and so Cory stood up and took my hand.

We walked into the kitchen and he propped me up on the counter and plundered my mouth again. He fisted his hand in my hair and I groaned deep in my throat. I felt the 2 k porno bulge in his tight Wrangler jeans and thrust my hips against him. He pulled me closer so that I was almost dangling off the edge of the counter. His big sweaty hand went to the front of my pajama bottoms. I imagine he felt the heat radiating off me from the combination of all of my stimulation earlier in the evening.

When his fingers slid inside and over my crease I groaned and humped back at him urgently. I didn’t need too much prompting or seduction. My hands went to his zipper. He helped slide those tight jeans off of his hips and then I felt him press against my swollen wet lower lips. His mouth never left mine as he hiked my legs up over his skinny hips and he pressed the tip of his long hard cock against me. I felt a tight little bit of resistance and then the pressure of him slowly invading me. The sides of him pressed me open wider and I felt myself getting full of him with every inch. I didn’t think he was ever going to come to the end of himself. He bottomed out and still pressed a little more against me. He was right at the entrance of my cervix. I jumped a little at the insistent pressure.

Cory backed off a little and slowly pumped in and out of me until my walls became more lubricated and there wasn’t quite as much friction. He pressed his big hands on my buttocks and started see-sawing his hips so that he was rubbing against my g spot. His pelvis was against my clit and his balls were slapping against the counter. This was pure animalistic sex at its best and I had to free my mouth from his to let out a long horny moan from the back of my throat.

His mouth latched onto my neck and 3 k porno I let out another loud sound unable to hold back from the assault on my senses. I came one, two, three times, was going limp and about to pass out and he was still thrusting into me hard and fast and deep without any sign of subsiding. My legs let go of his hips and slid down until my toes hit the floor. Cory pulled himself from me and spun me around until I limply leaned on the counter. I was still trying to catch my breath when he grabbed the tail end of my hair pulled me up and back and reinserted himself into me from behind.

There was no gentle pulling back and he thrust in hard and deep and right into the beginning of my cervix. I bit my lip hard as he took me. He filled me to bursting and then withdrew until I thought he was done. On and on I felt myself blacking out only to come back with every deep hard thrust into me. I felt the beginnings of a very large orgasm building. When I felt him clench and tighten and push into me with a groan, my flood met his and both of our fluids rushed to greet each other and then out of where we were joined to drip down my thighs and splash onto the floor.

I awoke the next morning sprawled over the edge of the couch with Cory passed out close to my feet. When the fuzz cleared from my head, and Cory stirred to life, I tried to break free to go clean up and start pushing him out the door, but Cory had other ideas.

It was very lovely being able to play with and suck that long lovely cock with a clear head. And when he pressed it against me again, there was a little soreness in my muscles but it was long slow and relaxing – a nice start to the day. Cory left and I knew I would never see him again. Before she left for work, Tracy looked me up and down and gave her usual pithy response to my one night stand. I shrugged and offered to give her a big sloppy kiss. I hadn’t brushed my teeth so I understand very well why she wasn’t interested.

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