Seven Deeds Ch. 07

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Tonya awoke Tuesday morning, both sad and excited. Today was her last deed, but David promised it would be special, so she couldn’t help but be a bit excited. She climbed out of bed and got dressed in her usual school uniform, her tight blouse and skimpy little plaid skirt, purposely leaving the panties and bra in her top dresser drawer. She giggled wickedly as she took one last look in the mirror and headed off to school.

Lunch time came rather quickly and Tonya couldn’t get down to David’s office fast enough. She did her normal soft knock on his door and waited for him to greet her. Within a minute or so, David opened the door and welcomed Tonya inside.

Once the door was closed and locked, he pushed her up against it, kissing her wildly, pawing at her skirt, instantly bunching it up around her hips.

“MMMM, you little slut,” he whispered, “You’re not wearing panties today.”

Tonya giggled and replied, “Nope, it’s the last day of school and my last deed, I thought it would be a nice surprise.”

“Oh, God, you’re amazing,” he said, still pinning her to the door, “But, if you’re on your period, how can you go without panties?”

“Easy,” she said with a wicked gleam in her eye, “That’s what tampons are for, silly.”

He reached down and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to his knees as he cupped Tonya’s ass, picking her up and kissing her hard. She wrapped her legs around his waist, just as she had done before, and lowered her pussy down to his cock.

David reached up under Tonya’s skirt and pinched 2 fingers into her pussy, gently sliding the bloody tampon from inside her, “This doesn’t need to be in the way,” he whispered, tossing it to the floor and jamming his cock into her forcefully.

Tonya groaned like a whore in heat as David’s body pressed into her, making her feel as though her body would go right thru the door. His grip on her ass seemed to be much tighter today and his kisses much harder. She didn’t mind though, she loved the intensity, she fed off of it.

“Oh, God, I love your pussy, Tonya,” he moaned, ramming his cock so fucking hard into her cunt that her body was sliding up and down the door and her head was banging into it.

“Fuck me, David, fuck me like you own me,” she groaned, as her nails raked along his scalp, and her fingers pulled his thick, brown hair.

“Grrrrrrrrrrrr,” he growled, pounding into her cunt like a machine, “Fuuuuuuck, I can’t get enough of you baby.”

Tonya leaned in and began biting and sucking David’s earlobe as his cock pistoned in and out of her bloody cunt, “I don’t want you to get enough of me, David, she moaned, I wanna be your whore forever.”

“Ohhhh, God, you will be, Tonya, YOU FUCKING WILL BE,” he screamed, throwing his head back and grinding his cock into her bloody fuckhole.

“OOOOOHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DAAAAAAAAAAAVID,” she screamed as her pussy clamped down around his cock.

David watched his young slut’s face as she rode out her climax. He loved the way her eyes rolled into her skull and her mouth fell open. He hd porno also loved the way her small body shook and her pussy sucked his cock, begging for him to explode.

“MMMMM, GOD, OH FUUUUUUUCK, YOU LITTLE SLUT, I’M CUMMINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG,” he screamed as Tonya’s body rocked and convulsed on his shaft.

He leaned in and kissed her hard as they struggled to catch their breath. He lifted her off of his bloody cock and Tonya slowly slid down the door, to her feet. She slid her skirt back down and tried to focus her eyes. Her climaxes were always so hard with David, often leaving her feeling satisfied, yet totally drained.

“Have a seat, baby,” he said, pointing to the chair and pulling his pants up.

“I promised you today would be special,” he said, taking a seat on the edge of his desk in front of her, ” And I am a man of my word.”

Tonya sat down and crossed her legs and looked into David’s eyes intently, “What’s on your mind, David?”

“Well, I don’t really know where to begin, baby, so I’m just gonna say it point blank,” he began, “I’ve asked Rebecca for a divorce.”

“You did???????” said Tonya, taken completely by surprise.

“Yes, baby, I did, last night,” he answered, “And, she’s agreed to it as long as I give her the house.”

“But, what about her telling on you, David? You could lose your job,” said Tonya, sliding up to the edge of the chair and placing her hands on his knees.

“I’m not worried about that, I have a plan in mind,” he said, smiling smugly.

“Oh,” said Tonya, “So, what does all this mean?”

“It means I want you to be my wife, Tonya, I’m in love with you,” he answered.

“Oh, God,” she said, her eyes wide as saucers, “But, I’m only 18, David.”

“Do you love me, Tonya?” he asked, reaching down and taking her hand.

“Yes, yes, more then you know, David,” she answered.

David smiled and slid down off the desk and knelt before Tonya, “Then, Tonya, will you be my wife?” he asked.

“YESSSSSSS YESSSSS, DAVID, YESSSSSSS,” she screamed, jumping up out of the chair.

David stood up and took his fiance in his arms, holding her tightly. This time touching her with love and not just lust anymore.

He looked her in the eye and said, “Now, don’t forget, even though this is the last day of school, you still have one final deed to complete.”

Tonya smiled and nodded her head, she was also good at keeping her word, “What is the deed, David?” she asked.

David smiled back and told her to sit back down in the chair.

Tonya obeyed and looked up at her future husband, unsure of what the final deed would involve.

“Do you remember a few minutes ago when I told you I had a plan in mind to keep Rebecca quiet?” he asked.

“Yes,” Tonya answered, “What is your plan?”

David smiled, “Ok, now do you remember that man from last Friday? The one we saw in the parking lot?”

“Yes, the Superintendent of Schools,” she answered.

“That’s right, baby, anyway, I have a fool proof plan that will guarantee that I keep my japon porno job here no matter what Rebecca tells the School Board,” he said.

“Tell me more,” said Tonya, leaning back in her chair.

“Well, this is where your final deed comes in,” he said, “How much do you love me?”

“With all my heart, David,” she answered.

“Enough to do anything I ask you to do?” he asked.

Tonya nodded her head and whispered, “Yes, David, anything.”

He leaned back and pushed a bright yellow button on his speaker phone, “Connie, please ask Mr. Phillips to come in.”

David walked over to the door and unlocked it, looking back and giving his future bride a wink.

“Mr. Phillips,” said David, opening the door to find the older man standing on the other side, “Please, come in.”

“Mr. Phillips, this is my fiance, Tonya, the one I was telling you about, Tonya, baby, this is Mr. Phillips, the Superintendent of Schools,” said David.

Tonya looked up and smiled, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Phillips.”

“My pleasure, Tonya,” he said, looking down at the gorgeous teen.

“Tonya,” said David, “Here’s the plan, since this is your final deed and you said you’d do anything I asked, I want you to give Mr. Phillips a blow job.”

“What?!?!??” she said, jumping up from her chair again.

“You heard me, baby, he has agreed, in writing to keep our affair a secret, if you suck him off,” said David, smiling.

“You can call me Dan,” said Mr. Phillips, removing his jacket and loosening his tie, “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I don’t wanna fuck you, I just want my cock sucked, my wife hasn’t done that in over 20 years.”

“Okay,” said Tonya, giving David a wicked glare.

“Just unbutton your top and let me see your tits while you suck me off,” said Dan.

Tonya’s eyes shifted from Dan to David, then back to Dan again. By now, he had already removed all of his clothing, except his boxers. She took a deep breath and slowly began unbuttoning her tight blouse. Dan licked his lips as he watched one by one, each button release and reveal Tonya’s delicious tits.

Dan had never seen tits quite so perky and round on an 18 year old in his entire career in the school system.

“Oh my God, your tits are amazing,” whispered Dan, sliding his hand inside his boxers and pulling out his cock, which was only half the size of David’s.

Tonya slipped her blouse off, tossing it over to David’s feet. She gave him one more wicked glare before kneeling down in front of Dan and taking his cock into her lips.

“Mmmm, stroke my balls, baby,” he moaned, gently rubbing Tonya’s head.

Tonya could not believe she was doing this, and what’s worse, David was allowing it. Rebecca was one thing, she was a female, but how could David stand there and watch his fiance giving another man head?

She closed her eyes and began to work her magic on Dan’s cock, slurping and sucking the head into her pouty red lips, letting her tongue flick over the pisshole as she rubbed the old man’s balls. She felt Dan’s grip lezbiyen porno on her hair begin to tighten, she knew he was getting excited, so she began her oral assault on his cock. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking and slurping furiously, massaging the veins that protruded from the fleshy shaft with her tongue.

“Oh, God, baby,” Dan moaned, “Oh shit, it won’t be long now.”

Tonya kept her eyes closed, refusing to make eye contact with Dan, she just wanted this to be over with.

“I can’t just sit here and watch any longer,” said David, crawling up behind his slut.

He placed his hands on her hips and pushed her skirt up around her waist, revealing her sexy, creamy white ass. He looked down and saw Tonya’s sexy asshole winking at him and he was no longer able to hold out. He moved in behind her and slowly began sliding his cock into her dry, tight asshole.

She hummed and moaned around Dan’s cock, trying to express her discomfort.

“OOhh shit, that’s it, baby, that’s it,” moaned Dan, bucking his hips and fucking Tonya’s mouth, “I’m gonna cum, sweetheart,” he moaned, gripping her hair tightly and shoving his cock all the way down her throat.

David watched as his woman sucked this old man’s cock, giving him all the attention she would lavish upon David’s dick. Suddenly, he became jealous and began ramming the fuck out of Tonya’s ass, sending her forward and causing her mouth to suction around Dan’s dick.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, MMMMMMMMMMMMM, I’M CUMMINNNNNNNNG!!” screamed Dan, pumping Tonya’s mouth completely full with his seed.

Tonya gagged, but managed to swallow all the cum still.

David continued with his assault on her pussy, ramming and raping her, wanting her to understand the she was HIS.


“GOOD, MMMMMM FUCKING TAKE IT, BITCH, TAKE MY COCK, MMMMMM, HMMPHHH, HMMPHHHH, OHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK, I’M CUMMING, TONYAAAAAAAAA, FUCKING TAKE IT, BITCH!!” screamed David, jamming his cock all the way up Tonya’s asshole, holding it there as he unloaded, emptying his balls, again.

Both men stood up, pulling up their pants as Tonya remained on the floor, on her knees, full of cum from one end to the other. Her throat was dry and her asshole felt like it was on fire. She closed her eyes tightly, squeezing a tear from the left eye. She quickly hung her head, careful not to let David see her showing weakness.

“Thanks alot, Dave,” said Dan, shaking his hand, “And thank you to you too, Tonya, that was wonderful.”

The men said their goodbye’s and David shut and locked the door again, “Baby?” he said, “You okay?”

“Yes, David, I’m fine,” she answered, trying not to let her voice sound shaky.

“Come here,” he said, extending his hand to help his beautiful fiance up off the floor.

She stood and hugged him tightly as he whispered, “It’s all over now, baby, the deeds have been done, we’re gonna get married and live together happily as man and wife.”

A smile instantly spread across Tonya’s face. She liked the sound of that, living happily as man and wife.

Although Tonya had felt uneasy about sucking off Dan, she couldn’t help but be thrilled also. David had kept his word, aside from the last deed, today HAD been special.

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