Leslie checked her watch; it read 8:05, just when the crowd at her favorite bar would be at it’s fullest. As she strutted up the steps to the Victorian home-turned lesbian bar, she could feel the cool night air making it’s way up her one-piece red mini-dress, carressing her bare thighs. She stopped and lit a cigarette, and swung open the front door, entering the house. The lower level was the women’s area, the upper level the men’s. Tasha, the door-woman, greeted her warmly, and Leslie made her way directly to the bar, winding her way through the various females drinking and talking. The jukebox rang out with a new Madonna song, and most of the girls swayed to and fro to it’s beat. She knew many of the women, and greeted them all with a hug. Leslie was a regular here, and it was her usual hangout on Friday evening. Several of her friends complimented her on her new short haircut, and Leslie loved the attention.

She finally settled in at a vacant barstool, and eyed the crowd. Brandy, the barmaid, brought her the usual drink: vodka and cranberry. Crossing her legs seductively, right over left, brought the attention of the usual women who were there every night, always trying to secure her attentions for the evening. Leslie could feel her body warming, her nipples hardening under the soft cotton fabric. Being around so many females always had this effect on her and she relished the feeling. Her first smoke finished, she mashed out the butt in the nearest ashtray, and surveyed the other women sitting at the bar in the reflection of the full mirror, which exposed the entire room.

She recognized only one of the three pairs of couples, but at the far end was another woman sitting alone. She was sipping on a glass of wine, and the woman’s close-cropped hair resembled her own. Leslie found her very attractive, and began to keep her eyes riveted on the stranger. Her face was a thing of beauty, and Leslie could only tell she was wearing a white blouse of some sort. She seemed to be in her middle forties, which made her all the more attractive to her. Leslie was about to walk over and introduce herself, but suddenly eye contact was made through the mirror. The woman smiled at her, and, of course, Leslie replied with a seductive grin. Leslie and her new friend kept exchanging glances, and by now her nipples were like pebbles, aching to be touched, and showing proudly through her dress. The time for decisive action was at hand.

Leslie grabbed her drink, and quickly wound her way to the opposite end of the bar. Before she knew it, she was upon her prey, went in for the kill.

“Hi, I’m Leslie,” she said, extending her hand.

“Hi Leslie, I’m Gwen. Nice to meet you,” was the reply.

“I haven’t seen you in here before, and I come here pretty regularly. First time?” Leslie asked. She noticed what Gwen was wearing, which consisted of a black mini-skirt, the white blouse, her bra clearly visible through the fabric, and black pumps. Her legs were crossed as her own had been minutes before, and the total picture was enticing. She moved in next to Gwen at the bar, their legs touching, and she pushed her bare thigh up against Gwen’s leg.

“Yes, it’s my first time here,” Gwen answered, although nervously.

“Well, Gwen, it’s a really nice place, and it’s easy to get to know the girls here. Can I buy you another glass of wine?”

“Sure Leslie, I would love it.”

Leslie got Brandy’s attention, and soon the wine was placed on the bar.

“A toast to you, Gwen, for coming here tonight.”

Each sipped their drinks, and as Leslie set her glass back down on the bar, she could feel Gwen’s eyes on her hard nipples. This only served to fan Leslie’s fire, and she soon felt that familiar tingle between her legs. She moved in closer to Gwen, and tipped her chin up.

“I can tell you like what you see, Gwen.”

Startled, Gwen groped for words, but all that came out was a slow “uh-huh”. Leslie rested her hand on Gwens exposed knee. She looked around the room, taking in the sight of all of the different women around them.

“Gwen, can I ask you something personal?”

“Of course, and I must say, I feel quite comfortable with you.”

“Have you ever made love to another woman?”

“Only once, several years ago, but I could never put it out of my mind.”

“And you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“And now, due to some unforseen circumstances in your life, you are at a lesbian bar.”

“Yes. I just had to come here, as if something inside of me was calling me.”

Gwen was quickly drinking the glass of wine, as if to sooth the erotic effects that Leslie was having over her. Her breath was quickening, and her nipples were becoming hard under her sheer bra. Leslie turned and faced the bar, and Gwen could not help but notice the curves of Leslie’s butt and legs. It was a heavenly sight to behold, and her arousal increased in leaps and bounds. This woman is seducing me, Gwen thought. She did not feel that Ankara bayan escort she had the power to resist, nor did she want to. Butterflies roamed her stomach, and her face felt flush.

“Do you feel like going to my place?” Leslie asked.

“I would love to,” Gwen replied.

Without saying a word, they left the bar, and Leslie took Gwen’s hand as they walked through the small parking lot toward their cars.

“Follow me, I live close,” Leslie instructed.

Gwen only nodded in reply. She was captured, and she knew it. Shortly thereafter, Leslie was pulling into her driveway, followed by Gwen. Once inside, they exchanged small talk, telling each other where they worked and other unimportant information. Leslie made drinks, and the two women settled in on the couch in the living room. More conversation followed, and Leslie took Gwen by the hand again, and looked deep into her eyes.

“Gwen, I want to show you something,” said Leslie.

Gwen watched as Leslie stood, and moved to the other side of the coffee table, facing her. In one incredibly quick motion, Leslie slid her dress down her body and stepped out of it, nude except for her heels. She placed her hands on her hips, and moved her legs apart slightly. Leslie bent her left knee forward, and turned her hips slightly.

“Gwen, do you like my body?” Leslie asked.

Gwen’s eyes were wide, her mouth slightly open, and her nipples were about to rip through the fabric of her bra. Leslie’s body was stunning. Her perfect titties were capped with rock-hard nipples, her round hips framing her light patch of pubic hair perfectly, and shapely legs ran for what seemed like forever to her high heels. Gwen gulped, and then moved to the edge of the couch.

“Yes, Leslie, I love your body.”

“Come to me then, Gwen.”

Gwen stood, and moved slowly over to Leslie. The contrast was incredible between the two women; Leslie nude, except for her heels; Gwen still fully clothed. Fingers intertwined, and Leslie pulled Gwen close to her.

“Kiss me, Gwen,” Leslie said.

Mouths parted, and a slow, deep kiss entranced them. Tongues met, and swirled in pleasure. Gwen could only think of how lucky she was, and how there was no other place on earth that she wanted to be. A slight moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

Leslie broke off the kiss, and her hands found the buttons on Gwen’s blouse. Slowly she unbuttoned them, she daintily removed the blouse, dropping it at Gwen’s feet. She paused to survey her work, and then quickly unzipped Gwen’s mini-skirt. That too, fell to the floor around Gwen’s ankles, upon which she stepped out of the skirt. Leslie was pleased to see that Gwen was wearing a black lace g-string. “A good sign,” she thought. She was also happy to see that Gwen was wearing a front-close bra. Gwen’s hands rested on Leslie’s shoulders as her bra was un-clasped, and Leslie watched in delight as Gwen’s ample bosom appeared before her. The bra fell to the floor, and Gwen crooned at the pleasure she felt. Each wrapped her arms around the other, they sighed together as breast touched breast, nipple feeling nipple. Another long French kiss ensued, lasting only a minute, but seeming like hours. Their thighs slid along each other’s, and their hand found backsides. As the loving kiss ended, Leslie looked deep into Gwen’s eyes.

“Feed me your breasts, Gwen, please,” Leslie pleaded.

Gwen held Leslie by her neck, and guided her lips to her awaiting nipples. Leslie licked and sucked each one in turn, and then began to lick Gwen’s incredible tits all over, soaking them with her saliva, rubbing them all over her face.

“Oh yes, baby, that’s it, lick them all over. Feel my titties on your face. Lick them, worship them,” Gwen murmered.

Legs intertwined as they stood, the two lovers began a slow, grinding dance. Gwen’s right thigh met Leslie’s wet pussy, and Leslie’s right thigh mashed repeatedly into Gwen’s soaked g-string. In one motion Gwen pulled Leslie’s face back to meet her own, and another deep kiss ensued. Both women were whimpering in the glow of their lust, and as they broke off the kiss, Leslie took Gwen by the hand, leading her down the hallway to her bedroom. They sat on the bed, and another long frenchkiss started. Hands met breasts, and four sets of fingers began to pinch four nipples. Tighter and tighter they squeezed, until slight pain mixed with the pleasure. Lipstick was smearing on their faces, and their uncontrollable lust was overwhelming them.

“Take me,” Leslie gasped.

Those words were explosive to Gwen. She stood, and faced Leslie.

“Get on your knees, my pretty girl, and lick my high-heels,” Gwen hissed.

Leslie fell to the floor, and began to lick Gwen’s pumps, which were so close together that they touched. She was on all fours, her legs spread wide, and her breasts were jiggling as she lapped at Gwen’s shoes.

“You seduced me in the bar because you need me in the worst way, didn’t you?”

“Oh yes Escort bayan Ankara Maam, I need you in the worst way,” Leslie replied.

“Then kiss your way up to my panties,” Gwen ordered.

Leslie began to lick her way up Gwen’s legs, over and over, until she could smell the aroma eminating from Gwen’s wet panties. It was an intoxicating smell, one that Leslie could never resist.

Suddenly Gwen moved to the bed, and bent over at the waist, telling Leslie to remove her g-string. Leslie quickly ran them down Gwen’s legs, reveling in the sight of the wetness before her eyes.

“Kiss my ass, Leslie, all over, and don’t stop untill I tell you to.”

Leslie began to wildly lick Gwen’s twin cheeks, moving up and down, soaking them, and finally running her tongue slowly down the length of the cleft in the middle. Gwen’s groans increased ten-fold, and Leslie knew she was pleasing her. Her nipples played on Gwen’s thighs, and Leslie paused at Gwen’s puckering hole, her tongue moving in circles around it, and then lapping at it like a cat drinks milk. Gwen mounted the bed, on all fours, with her ass high in the air, providing easy access for Leslie’s slithering tongue.

Leslie stopped to survey the incredible sight before her; Gwen on all fours, offering up her ass and pussy to her. Her labia were full and extended, with her clit in full view. She ran her fingernails up and down Gwen’s legs, creating a shudder within both of them. Leslie bent her neck slightly, and layed her wet tongue against Gwen’s clit, moving it ever so slowly.

“Oh god yes, a woman’s tongue, oh yes, don’t stop Leslie,” Gwen said.

Slowly Leslie worked Gwen’s clit, breathing in through her nose, which was ever so close to being against Gwen’s wetness. She held Gwen’s ass firmly in her hands, feeling that if she let go she would lose it forever. She could think of nothing but worshipping this woman. Whatever Gwen wanted, she would provide.

Leslie worked her long tongue inside Gwen’s wetness, and after swirling it twice, she slowly licked up the entire length of Gwen’s behind. Over and over she did this, starting at Gwen’s clit, and stopping at the bottom of her back. Gwen began a series of high-pitched squeals, and Leslie sensed that Gwen was nearing a climax. Her head was moving up and down; her eyes held tightly closed. Leslie, kneeling now, locked her lips around Gwen’s clit, moving an index finger to her tight ass, while circling her tongue around Gwen’s clit.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, don’t stop, oh god, don’t stop, ” Gwen begged.

Leslie continued to swirl her tongue, and waited for the right moment.

“OOOOOOOHhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss, ” Gwen screamed.

At this moment Leslie’s finger pushed into Gwen. Gwen reacted violently, her ass moving up and down in quick strokes, uncontrolled by her pleasure. Her loud screams filled the house, and trailed off as her orgasm subsided. Leslie slowly retracted her finger, and her face was coated in Gwen’s juices. Gwen fell to the side, exhausted, gasping for air, basking.

“Leslie, I have never, ever, had an orgasm like that,” Gwen said.

“Well, you have never been with me before,” replied Leslie.

Leslie opened the nightstand drawer, and produced four sets of Velcro handcuffs. She attatched them to the four posts of her bed, and removed her high-heels. Gwen could only look on in awe. She then fell back on the bed, spreading her arms and legs in the classic eagle position.

“Please, cuff me,” she asked.

Gwen was only too ready to comply. She took a deep breath, and stood next to the bed, gazing at Leslie’s nude body. “So submissive to me,” she thought, as she moved to the foot of the bed. Gwen cuffed Leslie’s right foot, and then the left, into the velro, and she moved to the headboard, quickly cuffing Leslie’s wrists. Gwen’s lover was effectively immobile, except for the movements she could make with her waist. As Gwen stood next to the bed, and her bound lover, she began to massage her own breasts, pinching her nipples, and moving her hips in circles. Leslie watched. The cool air caressed her naked, bound body. Her hips moved upward in a desire to feel something, anything. A wet spot was forming on the sheets of the bed. Her sexual excitement had taken control of her mind and body.

“Do you like these titties, Leslie?” Gwen asked.

“Yes, yes, yes Gwen. I want them so bad,” Leslie hissed.

Gwen mounted the bed, and straddled Leslie’s waist. Her breasts hung inched from Leslie’s mouth, and she shook them back and forth.

“Please baby, I need to taste them,” Leslie begged.

Gwen took her by the head, and eased her breasts to Leslie’s mouth. Leslie worshipped them, licking, sucking, and twirling her tongue around Gwen’s nipples. Her face was flushed, her eyes glazed over. Gwen could not resist Leslie any longer; she slid back down her body, and she positioned herself between Leslie’s legs.

“Lick me, Gwen. Please, lick me,” Leslie Bayan escort Ankara crooned.

She watched as Gwen’s long tongue began to lap at her clit. The feeling was incredible as the stimulation of her clit caused Leslie to grind all over the bed. Gwen ran her tongue up and down the lips of Leslie’s pussy, and she stopped to penetrate her, drinking in the wetness. She found it intoxicating, and she began to rub her cheeks all over the moist pussy before her.

“Oh Gwen…….don’t stop……it feels so good……..ahhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhunggggghhhhhhh,” Leslie moaned.

Gwen got into a rhythm now, licking up her pussy, and then twirling her tongue around Leslie’s clit. “Gwen… Gwen… oooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhh ggggggg aaaaaaaaa wwwwwwwwww ddddddddddddddddddddddddddd !!!!!!”

Leslie, her legs tight and extended, her arms pulling at the sturdy Velcro, climaxed violently. It was as if she was trying to buck Gwen’s face off of her pussy, but Gwen held fast. Her first orgasm was subsiding, and she expected Gwen to move to other places, but she felt her tongue push deep into her again, arousing her with a passion. Over and over Gwen made her climax, and finally she moved up onto Leslie, their pussies meeting in a soaking-wet kiss. Gwen began to rotate her hips, and she kissed Leslie deeply. Leslie met her kiss, their tongues twirling again and pushing deep into each other’s mouths. Gwen began to move down her body, kissing her neck and armpits, and then moving to Leslie’s breasts. She held her breasts together with both hands, roughly biting the nipples, sucking her titties into her mouth. The feeling of Leslie’s nearly shaven pussy against her own was driving Gwen crazy, and she reached under her to cup her ass in both of her hands. She drove her pussy into Leslie’s, and soon both women were peaking again. Gwen was beginning to lose control; she wanted nothing less then to devour this insanely erotic woman. They had just met only two hours ago, and now it seemed as if they were lovers for life. Her body tensed against Leslie’s, and she was burying her face against Leslie’s breasts. She clenched Leslie’s ass with all of her might, and with one last push, released the orgasm that had been building within her.

Leslie was in heaven as Gwen fucked her. She had definitly picked the perfect woman at the bar. She had had a feeling that Gwen was of the dominant type, and it just took a little persuasion to bring it out of her. Gwen was ravishing her, taking her, raping her, fucking her, and she knew that Gwen would go on and on until they collasped. Gwen was devouring her breasts, and she felt her reach under her and clench her ass with both hands. A crushing orgasm was building within Leslie. Their clits stimulating each other’s, Leslie tightened her entire body, yearning for that special feeling. Gwen was taking her breasts completely into her mouth, alternating from left to right. Leslie looked downward; the sight of Gwen’s lovely round ass moving up and down made her drunk with lust. In a split second, she went over the edge of passion.

Gwen’s head shot up; her mouth parted, her eyes wide, staring into Leslie’s. She screamed as her climax erupted within her, and she began to wildly drive her pussy into her lover’s. Her head moved up and down as she rode her orgasm.

Leslie’s head reared back as she succombed to her orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed though their bodies. Gwen fell back down onto Leslie, still gripping her ass tight, nearly passing out at the unbelieveable pleasure. Leslie kept moving her hips up and down, matching Gwen stroke for stroke, and feeling her body burn. Eventually, they slowed, their sweating bodies moving slowly, tingling, and glowing in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Minutes passed, and they simply enjoyed each other. Gwen looked up, and kissed Leslie’s lips before releasing her wrists from their bonds. She managed to move down to Leslie’s ankles, releasing them also. They moved under the covers of the bed, and held each other tightly.

“Leslie, I have never experienced anything like this,” Gwen confessed.

“I’m glad, baby. You know I needed you, and I love how you make love to me. I love aggressive, dominant women. I will teach you so much,” Leslie replied.

After a while Leslie got up and retrieved her cigarettes, sitting cross-legged on the bed. They shared a smoke, and Gwen couldn’t take her eyes off of Leslie’s wet pussy. Leslie leaned over and kissed her, and whispered to her.

“You can’t resist me, can you Gwen?”

“No, I can’t. I want you again already,” she replied.

“Gwen, baby, you just tell me what you want.”

Their lust for each other continued, nearly till dawn. They awoke wrapped in each other’s arms and legs. One last session took place in the shower, around noon. As Gwen was ready to leave, Leslie kissed her one last time.

“Be at the bar, tonight. OK?”

“I will be there at eight, sharp,” Gwen replied.

Leslie watched her new lover drive off, and her hands wandered down to her still-wet pussy. She couldn’t wait till tonight, and in a daze, she wandered back to her bed. She lay nude, spread eagle, and began to think of Gwen. She looked at the clock; “I can’t wait eight hours,” she thought.

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