Saturday Morning


It’s about mid-morning on a Saturday. We’re both lying in bed asleep, enjoying the chance to sleep in. You gradually wake up and stretch a little as you lay across my chest. I’m still knocked out as you re-adjust and snuggle against me. Your hand rests on my tummy and softly moves over it, brushing me with your finger tips. Falling asleep right after having sex the night before has left you with some residual horniness, and your hand makes it way down my body. You cup my crotch with your palm and start rubbing up and down along the shaft through my boxers. You pause on one of the up strokes to rub your fingers around the curve of the head a little before moving back down. A smile creeps across your lips as you get an idea and pull back the sheet. You crawl down the bed some and turn so you’re perpendicular to my sleeping body with your head near my waist.

You slip your hand in through the front opening and pull out my dick. It’s still pretty limp, but you plan on changing that. Holding it up, you lick up and down along the shaft a few times, from the base until the bottom of the head. Even though I’m still asleep, part of me starts to wake up as you close your mouth over the head and suck softly. Your tongue moves in circles around the head as you feel it swell a little in your mouth. Your saliva coats and warms the head as you move it in and out of your mouth a little. You take it out and give it a few more licks before taking it back in and sliding your head down further. Your head bobs up and down slowly, letting your tongue drag along it as you bob up. I stir a little which makes you look toward my face, but I’m still sleeping. You look back and concentrate more on what you’re doing as you start moving your head faster.

I’m not far from being fully hard as you speed up a little. One of your hands hold my dick in place while the other reaches down to rub and caress my balls. You give them a small squeeze and pause briefly with only the head in your mouth. You twist your mouth around it a little, letting your lips rub along the edge of the head. You descend a few more times and then take your mouth off, stroking my wet dick with your hand. You lick up a small drop of pre-cum from the head each time a new one seeps out. Your mouth opens wide again, and you take my dick back inside. This time your bobbing is shorter, letting your lips pass over the rim of the head instead of taking move of me into your mouth. You feel my hand rest on the back of your head, grabbing a bit of your hair. Your eyes turn to look at me as I look down at you. You look back and bob some more before letting my slip from your mouth. You keep stroking my wet dick as you say with a smile, “About time you woke up.”

You move your body up and straddle my waist. You rub your crotch over me a few times, letting the shaft of my dick rub along your pussy lips. I reach up to hold you at your waist, “Sorry I couldn’t wake up sooner. ; )” You lift up a bit and point me as you slide down. You slowly let the head enter you, but once it’s in, you sink down all the way and let out a groan. You lean back slightly and grind your hips on me, letting yourself feel my dick press and rub against your depths. I hold you in place a little and flex it, so it pushes against ensest porno your g-spot briefly. It causes you to sigh and grind a little harder for a few moments. You lean back forward and rest your hands on my chest. You start to ride me, quickly picking up the pace. You leave most of me inside of you and concentrate on the feeling of my hard dick rubbing against your g-spot over and over again. I keep making myself flex and swell as you get more and more into it. I lift my butt up to pump myself in each time you come down, pounding our bodies together. You’re already breathing heavily as you quicken the pace more and grip my shoulders tightly as you lean over me.

Your breath comes in short gasps and quick breaths as you near orgasm. You grab my hands and hold them against your chest as you keep your lower body moving. I squeeze and knead your breasts as you lean back some. You tilt your head back and look up as you try to take in all that’s happening to you. My fingers keep squeezing as I occasionally rub your hard nipples, sending jolts through your body. Your breathing escalates until you’re clutching my hands against you tightly. I pinch your nipples with my fingers and pump up into you harder, slamming against your pussy. You let out a large groan as your body starts to spasm and shake from the orgasm that hits. I keep your nipples pinched as you ride it all out. You’re furiously grinding yourself onto me, as I feel your cum coat my dick and drip out and run down my leg a little. After you finally start to come down from your high, you slow your grinding until you stop and just rest with my dick completely inside of you. I let go of your nipples and caress your breasts over all of their curves. You finally stop your panting and look down at me. You lean down quickly and kiss me hard once then hop off of me and off the bed.

I was about to wrap my arms around you, but you moved too fast. I look over at you as you walk toward the bathroom. You stop at the door way and turn back to me. “I’m gonna take a shower, and thank you for that.” You start to close the door as I ask “Wait, what about me?” “Ugh, You can take care of yourself.** You make a hand-jerking motion in the air and close the door half way. I can hear the water in the shower start up as I lie in the bed. I’m not sure what to do, but I reach down to rub my aching dick. Either I can take care of it or I just wait for it to go away. After a few moments of contemplation, I get up and out of bed. I walk over to the bathroom and push the door open. I can see you through the frosted glass, soaping up your body. I move to the glass door and slide it open. After I step in, I close it, and I see you facing the water’s spray as it washes off your front. You look over your shoulder at me, but pay no attention and go back to rinsing. I move behind you and slide my hands around you, cupping your breasts and pulling you back against me. I position you so the water’s focusing on your chest as I squeeze my hands and rub my fingers over your nipples. You sigh and lean back against my chest. Your head tilts back against me, and I whisper in your ear, “How about I just it from you instead?” You smile and turn around to face me. My hands move up to escort porno hold the sides of your head as I kiss you deeply, and your arms go around me, dragging your nails over my back.

Our lips mash against each other as my tongue invades your mouth. Your tongue responds, and I capture it with my lips, sucking on it briefly. Your finger tips dig into my back as we continue to kiss. You start to side step us and slowly turn us until my back is being sprayed by the water. You wet the wash cloth and help to wet me down. I tilt my head back to wet my head and face. You lather up the cloth and start soaping me up. I let your hands roam all over me as you wash my arms, chest, and back. As I rinse off, you lather up your hands, and as I turn back to face you, you grab my dick with both of your hands and give it a bit of a squeeze. You start stroking my dick with both hands as you stare into my eyes. I stare back at you, full of lust and ready to take you at a moment’s notice. You lean up to kiss me and bite my lower lip, pulling back and letting it drag from between your teeth as you keep jerking my throbbing dick. I’ve had enough of teasing and slip an arm around you, turning us around again. I turn you around so you’re facing the water and I bend you forward so the water hits and cascades down your back. I slip a hand between your legs and rub over your clit, turning you on even more. You put your hands out to brace against the wall and grab on to one of the bars for support. I bend forward, pressing my chest against your back. “You feel pretty wet down here,” I whisper in your ear. You giggle and respond, “that’s cause I’m in a shower.” “I meant in here,” I shove two fingers into you all the way and hold them there. Your warm pussy is soaked so my fingers slip in easily. You let out a moan and breathe deeply a few times as I hold my fingers in you.

I pull them out and rub your clit some more, keeping you bent forward. I re-adjust my stance and press the head of my cock against your pussy lips. I feel you start to push back, but I move so I don’t slip inside. I keep one hand on your back to keep you in place, and the other stays rubbing your clit. I move forward and back, just enough so you feel the head of my dick come in contact with your pussy lips, giving it a small ram, but not hard enough to push inside. I can hear you panting louder and louder as you try to push back harder each time i collide with you, but I never let myself enter you. Finally, “God! Stop teasing me and just put it in! I need to be fucked SOOOO BAAA…..” You can finish because I thrust deep into you and hold myself within your warm, inviting pussy. All you can say is just a loud groan, and then I move my hands to your hips and thighs and start pushing in and out.

The entire time the hot water is sprayed all over your back and cascades down your body. I keep pounding my hard cock in and out of your dripping pussy. The only sounds coming out of your mouth are moans and pants. Your hand grips the faucet below you tighter and your other hand strains to hold you up and prevent you from tumbling forward. You widen your legs to get a better stance and allow me deeper penetration as I pull you back at me with each thrust. After gizli çekim porno a while, I slow down the pace. It’s not as fast, but I make each push is a full stroke. I pull out so just the head is still inside of you, and then I push so that you take every inch before pulling back. I end each plunge with an extra strong push to give you a small shock each time I bottom out inside of you. I keep up this pace until I feel you starting to squeeze me with your pussy, my little sign that you’re ready.

I pull out of you and help you to turn around and stand up. I keep my arms around you to support you while you put your arms around my neck and kiss me hard. I respond with equal intensity as your tongue is going wild trying to lick every part of my tongue. I slip my arms under your butt and lift you up as you wrap your legs around my waist. I turn around and push your back up against the wall. I lift you up some more and lower you down as I slip back inside of your warm insides. I start thrusting into you, keeping you pinned to the wall. Your finger nails dig into my shoulder and back as you hold onto me. I lean into your neck and bite it a few times, sending you into a frenzy. My dick keeps pounding and pounding and pounding into you. Your breathing becomes even more erratic as you just try to stay focused on it all until it’s over. A few moments later and it’s too much for you as you start cumming. Not a moment later, I start cumming with you. Your hot pussy squeezes and drains my dick completely. I do my best to keep thrusting into you through out your euphoric high, but as our sensations slowly subside, I slowly relax as well. Finally I stop pushing, and just leave myself buried inside of you, keeping you held against the wall. You give me a long, sensual kiss as you grab the sides of my head tightly. I wait a few more moments for you to regain senses, and then I lift you up off me and help you to stand. I keep my arms around your waist, and hug you tightly. You put your arms around me as well and hug back.

The water from the shower is starting to lose its warmth. We let go of each other and you turn off the water as I open the shower door to get us a pair of towels. I drop yours over top of your head, covering your face as I use mine to rub along your back, drying your skin. You take it off your head to reveal your smiling face as you start to dry off my arms. We take turns drying each other and ourselves, and then we step out and wrap the them around us. You’re about to head back into our bed room when I grab your wrist and pull you back to me. I spin you around, keeping the arm behind you, and I use my other hand to gently cup the side of your face as I kiss your lips a few times. I lick along and suck on your lips in different ways with each of the kisses until they calm down to just soft, lip-rubbing kisses. I let go of your wrist as your arms go up and around my neck. We stand there making out for a little while until I bring my hands up and pull your towel open. It falls to the floor as our kissing never stops. I bend down to scoop you up in my arms and walk you to the bed, lying you down on it. I pull off my towel and lean down to resume kissing you even more. I climb on top of you as I feel one of your legs wrap around the back of one of mine. My hands slowly roam over your body as my lips never leave yours. I briefly break the kiss to lean back and away from you. You look up at me and see the look in my eyes and known I’m not letting you go until I make love to you one more time this morning.

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