Romantic Evening Ch. 02


As I lay upon our makeshift bed of bathrobes, I barely hear your words over the roar of the havoc-wreaking sensations, running through me as you continue. Your touch, which is most gentle, has aroused every nerve ending as you continue with the slow circles and strokes as move your hands down each leg, and then up… drawing ever nearer to the apex that lay, slightly open, from the last gentle touch of your fingers to the outer labia.

Still, you restrain from entering within me, your touch ever more light and teasing now. “Love?” you call out to me, and this time I hear you. I raise my heavy head in response to your softly spoken word, and again, you ask me to turn over, thus presenting you with my back.

Languidly, I do as you bid. I feel you gently shift your body from beside me, to straddling my legs… holding them semi-prisoner beneath your six-foot frame. I then feel the warm oil as you drizzle it over my shoulder blades and then just a little ways down the center of my back.

I feel your fingers, softly stroke the back of my neck as they move my hair aside… and a delightful shiver runs through me as I then feel your lips as they kiss and nibble along the now exposed column of my neck… and feel the warmth of your breath on my skin. I feel the sudden rise of gooseflesh as I feel the tip of your tongue leave a trail from the base of the exposed skin and up the side… following the jugular… in a quick flicking movement.

I hear your soft guttural chuckle when you see the gooseflesh, and you lean closer and whisper, “Getting to you, Love? Do you wish me to stop?” And then, before my lips and voice can give you an answer, you place a quick, sharp nip to my earlobe, as you know how sensitive my ears are… and how, at times, just the barest of touches can arouse me.

I feel a sudden chill as I feel your body leave mine… and turn my head to see where you’ve gone. I roll over to face the fire and see you silhouetted against the blaze, as you add fresh logs. I drink in the vision before me, marveling as the fire catches the new wood and the ensuing blaze casts shadows over the contours of your body.

You stand, totally at ease, with one foot on the raised hearth, leaning slightly sex izle inward; a hand hangs gracefully from a lower arm as you feel the fresh heat flow over you. You must have sensed my gaze, for you turn your head toward where I lay, and smile when you catch me watching you, but you don’t move… yet.

Try as I would, to lower my stare, I find I can’t. For you are truly like a Norse god, out of a legend, as I continue to feast my eyes on your nakedness. I continue to roam down your body, watching the ebb and flare as the flicking from the flames dance across your bronze chest… and casting your face, first into dark and then light.

At your waist, I stop. You turn to move toward where I lay, and I drink in your hardness as you do. The raging beauty of your erection has left me speechless and all I can do is raise my arms up to you, in silent invitation.

You bend and just as quickly, pull me into your embrace as your mouth dives for mine, pushing me back against our robes as you kiss me, deeply and thoroughly… letting our tongues dance upon each other. Your mouth slants first one way and then the other as our kiss deepens and becomes more demanding.

I feel your arm move from around me as you stroke down my left side, and finding the inside of my left thigh, you gently nudge me to lay flat beneath you while your hand glides ever closer to my center. Slowly you drag your lips from mine as you begin to kiss down my torso. Your right hand moves to between my thighs… lightly caressing my now soaked outer labia.

There is no need for words… this is a time to relish just the feel of each other; one giving to the other. I arch beneath you as you capture a taut nipple lightly between your teeth and bite gently. You know what this does… and you feel the reaction as your right hand spreads open the outer lips to expose the inner ones.

“Oohh, Laars,” is the barest of whispers, as my breath escapes from between my slightly parted lips, and my head begins to move, slowly, from side to side… as you continue with your onslaught. I feel your mouth as you kiss your way down me, then I also feel your tongue as you leave a wet trail in the middle of your kisses. I feel sikiş izle your hot breath, and know your breathing is ragged, as I feel you breathe against my clit… that you have exposed to your gaze.

You now lay above me, your head between my spread-wide legs. I feel your fingers as they spread the labia open, and I feel the combined heat, from the fire and from your breathing, against the small pink hole that is the opening to my center. You watch yourself as you move a finger inward, to play against that opening. I feel you as you sinuously insert a finger and open that hole, feeling the juices, that were held within, spill forth in a small river.

I feel your breath, hot against the tenderness of that pink hole, as you lower your lips and stab your tongue fully into me. I arch again, this time higher, as you stab at that hole, and drink your fill of the juice within. Slowly you insert a finger again, and move your mouth so it covers that small engorged pearl that has been begging for your attention. Your teeth close over it, and you are rewarded with yet another small river as your finger feels the juice well up within me again.

Unable to stand this sweet torture, without reciprocation, I see your engorged beauty, as it quivers and spasms before me, and I reach to pull him down and into my mouth. I feel you as you slowly lower your hips, just the slightest bit, so as to aid me in reaching you.

Quickly I take you into my mouth, salving the droplets of your pre-cum across your firm cockhead. As I do this, I am rewarded with yet another spasm and quiver… your signal to me that your climax is near. Unable to get my mouth to where it’s totally covering you, I slowly withdraw you from my mouth, running my tongue along your entire length, and making sure to place a gentle kiss upon your tight, cum-filled balls. Your cock jumps and pumps a few more droplets of pre-cum to the surface of its head. Gently patting the cool cheek of your ass, you raise your head at my gentle signal.

“Laars? Come make sweet love with me,” I beckon you in the barest of whispers. “Please.”

That is all the encouragement you need as you shift your position above me and we now lay face türk porno to face, your erection, with its pre-cum coated head, glistening in the light from the flickering fire.

“Lift your legs and spread them wide for me, Love. My entry will be swift and full, as I cannot take the time to go slow. I am too close.” Your whisper is soft against my lips and your breathing ragged, as you shift and place your cockhead so that it is just kissing the lips of my pussy, with the barest of kisses.

Making certain that I am ready for you, you quickly push two fingers of your left hand into me, spreading my lips wide and letting the welled up juices flow freely. Your right hand then brings your cockhead to the opening of my pink hole, and after a few brief swipes, you position it right against the opening and remove your hand.

You quickly hook your arm under and over my left shoulder… and as our gazes lock and hold, you pull me down onto you as you push yourself into me, hard and deep… emitting a low primal groan that ends on a growl as you bury your cock, balls deep within my well.

Our moves quickly become synchronized, as we begin our dance. Feeling you push in and then pull back, we are soon rewarded with the sound that tells you I am close to my own explosion. Your speed and depth increase as you continue to drive ever further.

With one last, hard pull downward… you bury your cock into me and we feel the heat of our joint releases spill over one another. Your groan becomes long and drawn out as you continue to pump your release deep within me.

I have raised my hips, in order to give you aid in reaching the depths of me… and I feel your release fill me in a hot gush… followed by equally hot spurts.

Soon, we are spent and you lower your head to rest next to mine… rolling us, still as one, onto our sides… your hand gliding down to lift my left leg so it drapes over your right hip, as we feel the last drops leave you… and we sigh… complete… for now… knowing that we will repeat this moment at some point during the ensuing night.

Your hand slowly caresses my back as you draw me closer to you, and you lift my chin for your kiss.

Lifting your lips, ever so slightly, you whisper, “Sleep for now, Love. There will be more later.”

With that said, and feeling your arms around me… I snuggle into your slightly damp chest… the combined warmth from both our bodies and the fire eases us into a deep slumber.

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