‘Research’ Project Ch. 04


He was the first to move. Lying between two women in bed was one position he did not want to disrupt. Fortunately they did not have to start the day for a while. As he shifted positions to take Alexis’ arm off his chest, Emily began to stir and wonder were they were. They had all worked themselves up so hard during their shared moments as a threesome that they didn’t even realize they slept through the night.

Emily forgot it was her idea and forgot it was Alexis on the other side of her man. Her mood reflected the initial confusion and jealousy. Alexis woke up as he tried to move her arm off him. Emily reached to touch him under the covers. He intervened grabbing Emily’s hand across the knuckles. She looked at him in disbelief that he’d be stopping her from touching him as she did all other days. Her mind raced to all the reasons he’d prevent her from that morning stroke. Time stood still as her temper flared instantaneously.

When he saw the look in her eye, he realized he’d better get to his motive sooner. He merely wanted to guide her hand across his bare chest to land on Alexis’ chest instead. She allowed his motions to lead her to the morning festivities. As Emily reached across his chest, he slid his arm beneath her and pushed to get her to roll on top of him.

She was balancing on his body while her arm was draped gently and unstartlingly over Alexis as she continued to sleep. Emily and her man began their morning ritual.

Face to face appreciation of one another, no rush for any stimulation, their kiss took place of any necessary words. The passion through his masculine tongue and all its ability was transferred to Alexis as Emily’s grip squeezed on a breast. Just as his cock was starting to meander upwards and between Emily’s slightly parted thighs, their bedmate woke up. Emily kept her hand in place and he gaziantep bayan escort extended his hand in her direction as well. Lightly brushing along her thigh to her pussy, she stayed in place. His cock continued to grow, but at a hastened rate now that he had two hands filled with two women.

Alexis felt Emily’s womanly touch go from her now hardened nipple to her collarbone and across her chest and neck, and back across to the far side of her face. After a few seconds at her earlobe, she hooked her hand around her neck and motioned for Alexis to begin to join in. The first move was to join their kiss as it was still going. Alexis’ hair tickling his shoulder was startling. When he looked her way, Emily looked as well and gave her a wink. They connected at the mouth for the morning hello.

The morning routine for Alexis was a hot steamy shower. Breaking away from the couple, she went off to the bathroom and began her day. They resumed their own routine in bed.

With the added help from Alexis, he was standing at the ready, waiting for her to take charge. Not once did her hand touch him, before he realized the hot wet sensation was not a sensation. She was sitting upright on him. She waited days to feel this again. His excitement was pushed to overload. He had his woman on top of him while another equally sensual woman stood in the next room under a spray of hot water. He could visualize the steams of bubbles as they trickled down from her voluptuous breasts to her slight belly and over her pussy until they flowed between her painted toes. But at the same time, he was feeling true female flesh without being in the shower to do it.

He released the moan equal to that of a man in pursuit. Emily knew to ready herself for the amazing pressure of his cock deep inside. She turned around, cock in place and leaned toward the foot of the bed. She wrapped her hands around his feet and sucked on his ankles. It made him sit up and take notice. With a few reddening slaps on the ass, he grabbed her around the hips to keep his cock deeply beyond her hot lips.

They knew the hot shower in the other room was not going to last forever and they wanted to join in the bubbly fun. He sped up the pace while Emily stroked what she could of him from between her legs as he pounded into her from behind. One hand stayed between her legs switching from his balls to the tight head-swelling grip on the base to her clit. That engorged gem got all her attention until she came. He was turned on further by the feel of her body through that orgasm and he couldn’t hold it back any more.

When they got into the shower, Alexis was almost ready to get out. They convinced her otherwise. She was in there long enough already that the glass walls were even warmed by the water. It was a nice touch making it more pleasant to be pinned against a wall. Alexis knew what they were up to, it was no mystery. Her first reaction when they stepped in the shower together was to grab the shampoo and help Emily. He took care of lathering up a thick bubbly set of lingerie for them both. Hand painting it on each of them, only the tips of their breasts poked through.

Grabbing a shoulder of each, he spun them to face one another. Rather than the usual push to get them connected, he quietly asked them to embrace. Those soft bodies pressed to one another, sliding, slipping and gliding over each other. Of course, the full tongue kiss began before he needed to make the request. Alexis peeked first to find him standing before them with a rock solid jerk session of his own going on. Her eye closed and her moan came up from her toes. Emily moaned back and their bodies pressed harder toward one another. There was no room for even a single bubble between them.

Emily reached over to feel his balls shake and glide across her flattened palm. Her fingertips went a bit further than either of them had anticipated. Stepping closer to the ladies made her fingers reach further still. She broke her kiss to tell Alexis to touch her. She found a wetness too slick to be soap. Alexis reached for Emily’s other hand and put it to her own pussy. Emily bent down and sucked all so gently on her as the clear running water streamed over. The licking and sucking continued over to his handful as he slapped her in the face with it. She took him in with one long suck. He felt his fattened head kiss and peck at the throat he knew and loved. As she glided her lips off him, he secretly displayed to her the silver razor Alexis had provided on her tray of provisions last night.

With a lathery bar of soap, she outlined a great design on Alexis. He handed the razor down to her and she began to sculpt a new design into Alexis’ hair. Not much was left of the already trimmed silken threads. Wanting to test out the adjustment, Emily wrapped her hand around that beautiful cock and led it to Alexis. Emily guided him into her so she could watch the fluctuation of Alexis’ lips on entry. At the point of initial contact, Emily flicked at them both with her tongue. Her temptation to be licking and tasting them both was greater than watching him slide into her.

Once he was comfortably consumed and pulsating nicely inside her friend, Emily leaned on a glass wall and watched. Non climactic massages were good at times like this. She stood aside slowly gliding her finger through her slit, pressed it along her sensitive bone and eased it out again. Each glide past her soft fleshy lips felt a bit different. Alternating hard pressure with a soft stroke and a pinching at the bottom of her clit kept her sexually amused while she watched her man and her friend in the act.

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