Prison Island Ch. 12


Ollie led Francesco to a small clearing where Karl had his hands tied above his head and secured to the thick branch of a large tree. His legs were far apart, and his ankles were secured just the same, tied to other trees. His cock was limp, and it made him feel less menacing than before. He was spitting fire and shouting profanities, while Leon sat on a log and watched him calmly, while asking some questions once in a while.

Francesco recoiled from the sight. Karl had a black eye, indeed, and he had murder written all over his face. He hoped those ties held because there was no way he would survive if that fucker got his hands on him again.

“Francesco,” Leon stood and acknowledged him. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m all right, given the circs,” he replied.

“You’re lucky,” Leon said as he turned toward Karl. “If you had broken one single bone in his body, I would have broken two of yours.”

“Let me go, you fuckers! You’re nothing without me! If you don’t let me go -“

“What? There’ll be nobody coming to get us? So what,” Leon said, crossing his arms. “Being our ticket out of here doesn’t make you a god, Karl. And I’d say Francesco’s accepted plenty of bullshit from you. And now, after claiming that he’s your sweetheart, what do you do? Do you beat him? What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Francesco was rightfully impressed. Leon was the type to anger seldom, and now he looked pretty pissed off.

“Good thing Ty and Anya were already gone to pick up roots and berries this morning. They would be so afraid if they saw you like this. What are you? A wild animal?” Leon continued.

Ah, so that was why they were alone. And Mouse had to be out hunting, like usual.

Karl continued to growl and shout. However, Francesco could tell that his rage was wearing off. It couldn’t be comfortable to be forced to stand with his arms immobilized like that.

“What could be so bad to make you hit him?” Leon continued his questions. “Do I have to ask Francesco?”

“He’s a fucking slut,” Karl spat. “He told me he slept with a thousand men!”

“No shit,” Francesco murmured, not believing his ears.

“And he has the hots for that slut Mouse!”

Leon walked over to Karl and smacked him once across the face, muting him in an instant. “Francesco gave you a black eye, but I really don’t mind giving you the other.”

Karl growled and puffed through his nose, but kept his mouth shut.

“So, Francesco likes Mouse, and he also slept with men. What of it? That’s pretty much why they put us all together,” Leon said calmly. “You,” he poked Karl’s chest, “slept with men, Taksim Escort too.”

“But I’ve never gotten a cock up my ass!”

Leon smacked him again, making his head loll. “Unless you want me to slap you senseless, you’ll stop with the shitty arguments.”

Francesco couldn’t believe how calm Leon’s gestures were, although the deep frown on his forehead said that he was really upset with having to deal with that shit. Karl could mess things up for everyone.

“I’m sorry, guys,” he breathed out. “I should have kept my mouth shut, and this wouldn’t have happened.”

Leon turned toward him. He shook his head slowly. “Karl needs to learn an important lesson. He can’t lay claims on you like this.”

Francesco gulped under Leon’s hot stare. He could tell something was different from before. His mouth went dry. The dark eyes were checking him out, making him feel overly conscious. He was already naked, but it still felt as if Leon was undressing him with his eyes.

Leon moved closer and cupped his cheek gently. “Ollie tells me you must like me.”

Francesco turned crimson and closed his eyes. “That…” he stammered, “that’s not true.”

Ollie kissed him on the cheek. “It’s all right, Francesco. I always know when guys like Leon.”

“But it’s not like -” Francesco protested meekly. Ollie shut him up with a kiss on his lips this time.

“Leon, tell that bi… tell your girlfriend to leave my wife alone!” Karl shouted.

Francesco was in a daze as Ollie and Leon guided him until he was in front of Karl, but at a fair distance.

“If you want Francesco to belong to you, Karl,” Leon said, “you must treat him right.”

Francesco whimpered as Ollie helped him on all fours and began massaging his buttocks, sneaking his hand between them and down the sack. He held his breath, expecting any moment now for Leon to get into a jealousy fit, too.

“What the fuck are you doing with my Cesco?” Karl asked and thrashed against his restraints.

“Nothing he doesn’t like,” Leon replied. “Now watch and learn, Karl.”

Francesco moaned softly as he felt Leon’s weight on top of him without crushing him. Leon touched his chest gently. “If you don’t want this, you can say it,” he said in his ear.

“But Ollie -” he tried to protest.

“He’s fine with it. He’ll take care of your husband for a bit.”

Leon guided his face gently so that he could see Ollie getting close to Karl.

“Isn’t it dangerous?” he whispered.

“If he touches Ollie, he’s dead. And he knows it,” Leon replied.

By how Karl set his jaw hard, Francesco knew it was the Escort Bayan truth. He gasped as Leon began moving his fingers along his crack. He pushed his ass high, wanting more of that touch. His bruises still hurt, but not that much now that the gentle giant was touching him slowly.

“Anything hurts, just tell me,” Leon said in an assuring voice.

“Don’t, Leon, fuck, don’t touch him!” Karl shouted. “Ollie, get away! I mean it!”

Ollie didn’t seem impressed and just grabbed Karl’s cock. He laughed, a small, mischievous laugh, as he pulled the skin down. Francesco’s eyes grew wide as he saw the fucker’s cock getting hard.

“Cesco, tell Leon to get the fuck away from you!” Karl barked. He was struggling against his ties, but his breath was quickening and he was pushing his cock into Ollie’s hand.

Leon pressed against his shoulder blades, making him jut his ass higher while letting the soft grass caress his face. He moved his knees apart and closed his eyes, while he wiggled his ass. All this time, Leon used something to make him slick and was moving his fingers in and out, making him yearn for something bigger and stronger.

“It looks like Karl enjoys it,” Ollie said cheerfully.

“Like fuck I do! No, don’t, Leon, don’t fuck my Cesco!”

“You said he told you he had a thousand men before you. Do one thousand and one men make him less in your eyes?” Leon asked in the same calm voice from before and pressed against Francesco’s asshole.

He gasped as his body stretched to accommodate that big gun. He began moaning. To be stretched like that was enough to make him cream. Karl had a big cock, but Leon’s was thicker and longer. Francesco was drooling and moaning shamelessly.

“Do you like it, Karl?” Ollie taunted. “Look at your Cesco, how much he likes it. My Leon is fucking him good, isn’t he?”

Francesco couldn’t believe he was in that kind of position. His eyes were foggy, but he looked at Ollie, at his hand moving along Karl’s shaft, now red and angry. The knowing that Karl was hard because he saw him fucked made him shoot on the spot.

Leon held him by the waist and pounded into him, but once he sensed he had come, he slowed down.

“More, please,” he whispered.

Ollie was looking at them, smiling. He was so beautiful like that, lean and graceful, while his hand was jerking Karl off, making him shoot long ropes of white. Behind him, Leon increased his pace, hammering his ass. Francesco moaned loudly and pushed back, aroused that it was Leon fucking him, and that Ollie allowed it, and that Karl watched and shot his load.

He istanbul Escort could hear Leon’s breath growing ragged, so he urged him, “Yes, Leon, please, make me your bitch.”

A jolt coursed through him when Leon moved him so that they could kiss. The giant made both of them move so that they were both facing Karl now. Leon raised his legs so Karl could look directly at his ass getting fucked. He risked to look.

Karl was breathing hard, shooting a second time in Ollie’s skilled hand. His eyes were mad, his nostrils were flaring, and his mouth twisted. Something of how that beast was brought to his knees and forced to watch how the guy he considered his got the dicking of a lifetime made him come undone.

He could tell Leon was filling him up, too. He just hanged limp in the giant’s arms, as Leon let his cock slide out of his ass.

“Do you see, Karl?” Leon asked. “Francesco can fuck whoever he wants, and get fucked by whoever he wants. He’s yours only if he chooses. Got it?”

Ollie’s hand was still moving, relentless and bent on drawing another climax out of Karl’s balls.

“Ollie won’t stop until you admit it. And I’ll fuck Francesco again.”

A sudden sob took them all by surprise. Was Karl… crying?

“Leon, please, put me down,” Francesco asked. “Thank you,” he added in a whisper.

He walked over to Karl. “Hey,” he said softly. “You’re an ugly crier, dude.”

He could feel Leon’s cum dripping down the inside of his legs. But, right now, his job was to make peace with the beast. Ollie kissed him on the cheek and squeezed his arm. “Just call us when he’s ready to get untied.”

He waited until Leon and Ollie were out of earshot. Karl was still sobbing and holding his face away from him. “So, I’ve been fucked,” he said. “But not by a thousand men or anything. How could you come with a stupid number like that?”

Hopefully, Karl wasn’t broken. Francesco was a bit worried now. “My stepdad fucked me first. Then the guards at where we were kept before being sent here. Then you.”

Karl still wasn’t looking at him.

“Dude, it’s what it is, right?”

“Did you like it?” Karl mumbled.


“Did you like it? Now, with Leon?”

“Yeah,” Francesco admitted.

Karl finally looked at him. Then his face twisted. “Get the fuck away from me, slut.”

Francesco took a step back, even though the asshole was still tied. He could feel Karl’s anger coming off of him in waves. “Right,” he said. “It means that you should stay like this a little longer, then.”

It would have been nice to get through with Karl, one way or another. But that wasn’t a guy to reason with.

“You and me, Francesco,” Karl shouted after him as he moved away, “we’re fucking done!”

He didn’t even turn as he flipped the bird at the asshole. Karl could stay tied up all day and forever for all he cared.


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