Paula’s Cum Shot


I realize you don’t go to an adult toy store to meet someone. And even if you do, where does that relationship actually go from there? But that’s how it was with Paula and I.

She was in the dildo section. I was one aisle over checking out the porn. Her tight dress revealed every curve and accentuated her breasts nicely. It was terribly distracting.

As she comparison-shopped for dildos, I tried to refocus my attention on the videos I held in my hand. Would it be the hunks in heat flick to fulfill hidden homosexual curiosities, the mothers I’d like to fuck films to quench my need for experienced women or bondage beasts to fill those S & M tendencies?

Nope, I’d never get up the nerve to go to the counter with kinky stuff. I’d probably settle for the lesbian lust trilogy. It was a safe bet and the sales girl wouldn’t think I was a weirdo.

“How about the anal adventure series?” A lustful feminine voice drifted to my ears. I looked up and there she was. Her form fitting white dress looked better up close. She had long blonde hair, shapely figure, soothing voice, a simply gorgeous face and looked like she worked out at the gym regularly, her toned arms and thighs revealing nicely from the edges of her dress.

“I’ve seen the lesbian flick. It’s sexy but I’d rather see a cum shot.” She continued.

It had been a couple of weeks and for the life of me I can’t remember what I said to her that day in the porn shop. But somehow we were dating or at least had been out a few times. I was in heaven.

She and I seemed to hit it off from the start. Even though that start was terribly embarrassing. I didn’t buy a movie that day and she didn’t buy a dildo. We did have coffee afterward and the several times we met for lunch our connection grew.

Paula laughed at my jokes and I was enthralled by the way she lavished attention unselfishly. Most women with her beauty were stuck on themselves; but not Paula. She listened, we laughed and when I kissed her after our first dinner, I knew I had to have her.

I had walked her to her apartment door and we just stared at each other in silence. Slowly our lips met. Her full lips touched mine tenderly as our tongues found each other and swirled. There was passion in that first kiss; a passion I had known from so few women who were self-absorbed.

She moaned as my hand made its way to her lovely ass as we kissed in the hallway. But as I was about to press my body to hers she pulled away and called it a night. At first, I thought I had gone too far on a first date but she continued to go out with me.

But it did open the door to sex talk. Well, opened the door even more than meeting in a porn shop. She was so open, unlike any woman I had been with. We talked about fantasies and what we liked.

I confessed I liked the tightness of anal sex but it was hard to find a woman who liked it as well. She confessed she liked both anal and oral. In fact, she was trying to find a dildo to fulfill just those needs ’cause she had no boyfriend and a simple butt plug just wouldn’t do.

I found it odd a girl of her beauty having trouble finding a mate but she just shrugged and said she had been going through some changes in her life.

We continued to talk sex throughout that fateful date. We both became hotter and hotter as we arrived at her apartment still discussing sexual positions, fantasies and toys. It was unlike any date conversation I had ever had. But we were clearly horny and it seemed natural with her ; especially considering our first meeting.

It had gotten to the point we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We kissed a lot that night. I felt her soft breasts for the first time and she touched my dick, which strained inside my pants. It was clear what we both wanted.

I would have fucked her in the parking lot of the restaurant but she resisted. It was sexy the way she delayed the inevitable.

So when she went to the bathroom to freshen up back at her apartment, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I watched her short dress ride high on her smooth thighs as she leaned over the sink. I couldn’t resist.

Walking in the bathroom I stood behind her and admired her beauty. I told her so. To which she said we should talk. Now, I know by now you already have figured out that Paula wasn’t your typical girl. And looking back, deep down I think I knew as well but ignored it. Or at least ignored it in the beginning.

Yes, I had my suspicions. I’m not completely naïve. And at first I hoped those suspicions were wrong. But you know, sometimes I think I secretly hoped my suspicions were right for some odd reason. Either Kurtköy Anal Escort way, I enjoyed being with Paula and it didn’t matter. But although Paula was probably right, we needed to talk; at that moment I just knew I wanted her.

I simply felt a connection to Paula. I decided that if my suspicions were correct; what difference did it make? Did I want Paula or did I simply want what I thought Paula had when I first lusted for her in that porn shop. That’s what it really comes down to isn’t it. Did I want this person or pussy?

And if it was the latter I wanted rather than the person; was I not being as self absorbed as the women I criticized; who wanted my money or my dick and not me?

I reached around her waist and pulled her to me then kissed her neck as I stood behind her. I saw her tilt her head to the side in our reflection in the mirror. She closed her eyes and enjoyed my kisses. She seemed to lose herself in our embrace.

My dick strained inside my pants and pushed against her ass. I kissed her ear and whispered softly to her. “I want you Paula.”

My hand then started to drift down the front of her dress toward my goal. She placed her hand on top of my and held my hand to her abdomen.

“No. We can’t. Not yet. Not until…” She said.

“Not until you tell me what I’ll find down there?” I asked.

She opened her eyes and a look of concern etched across her face. For a moment I thought I saw a tear form in her eye. “Is it pussy you want? Did you come in here just for some pussy like most men?”

“No. I don’t want your pussy. I want you.” I said.

There was a long silence. She studied my face carefully. And then she released my hand.

For a moment I just held her. I knew but then again I didn’t know. My hand slid further down her torso until it reached its goal and for some reason my heart raced even more.

I reached under the front of her dress and felt it. Her dick was small from the hormones I’m sure she had been taking for some time but still of workable size and her balls dangled beneath it. They were small as well.

“Did you find what you thought you’d find?” she asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” I said.

“It doesn’t? You know what I am.”

“Like I said. I want you. I know who you are.”

“But you’re a man and men want pussy.”

“No. I want you Paula.”

There was silence again. I kissed her neck.

“Does that mean you’re going to do what you came in here to do?” She said.

For the first time my mind reeled. It honestly didn’t matter. I really did want Paula. She was fun to be with. We laughed. We connected. And I did want her even though I kind of knew what I would find after being with her these past few weeks. But suddenly I was faced with the reality that I was in uncharted waters.

I don’t know whether it was my lust or instinct that took over but I heard the word “Yes” slip from my lips as I pressed my dick against her ass and kissed her neck again. I even found myself caressing her balls and running my fingers over her dick with one hand and massaging her breast with the other.

Paula then leaned over that counter in the bathroom and spread her legs more, so that her dress road high on her thighs. I grabbed my belt buckle, unsnapped my pants and quickly kicked them to the floor.

It occurred to me that I was prepared to slip my dick under that dress and fuck whatever was under it when I came in. But now that the time had come was I prepared? Paula seemed to read my mind.

“If you want me. Go ahead and do what you would have done. Regardless of what you found. If it’s me you want, you can have me.”

I suddenly knew what she meant. Did it really matter what was under her dress? My intention was to join myself with this woman and after all; to her, she was giving her pussy to me. The entrance to her body was what she offered. She was giving up herself. She offered whatever she had to offer.

There was some lube on the counter and I quickly squeezed a bit on my dick. I then bent my knees slightly and my dick disappeared under her dress.

She spread her legs even more as the head of my dick probed for an entrance to my lover. It quickly found Paula’s puckered asshole and I rubbed it round and round, encircling the rim as Paula moaned and placed her hands on the mirror before us.

She relaxed quickly and her sphincter soon gave way to my probing; my dick slowly easing into her. I grabbed Paula’s hips and guided myself into her. Warmth surrounded my dick. The cheeks of her ass squeezed tighter to pull me in.

Her waist was narrow Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort and her ass was tight. My gaze followed up the small of her back and settled on her shiny blonde hair. The hair was real, her face was a thing of beauty, and although her outstretched arms were muscular they were quite feminine as well. Her body was hairless and smooth; soft as any woman.

How could this be a man? How could this be a woman? Did it matter?

At least for the moment, it did not matter. I wanted her. I wanted him. I wanted Paula or Paul or whomever this person was that I had grown to love, to want; to desire.

My dick slid deeply within her. She moaned. My hips glided slowly back. She gasped. I tightened my grip on her hips and thrust slowly but purposely within her again. She moaned again and gyrated her hips back in erotic fashion.

I rocked my hips back and thrusted longer this time; then again and again in smooth fluid motions. She lifted her ass to meet each thrust. We were fucking.

I had fucked women anally before. They moaned and kind of liked it. But they mostly tried to be motionless and let me fuck their tight asses while rubbing their pussies where they got the most pleasure. It was as if they were fucking their fingers on their clits and me fucking their ass was just dessert and not the main course.

Paula was clearly different. Maybe it was her prostate, which I knew was still inside her feminine physique that she wanted my dick to touch. Maybe she just liked anal sex. Or maybe she truly considered her ass a temporary pussy.

But whatever it was, Paula didn’t just spread her legs for me to fuck her. Paula was fucking me as much as I was entering her. Her ass gyrated in unison with my dick on which she was impaled. She rocked those curvatious hips up and down getting the most out of every stroke.

My dick seemed to hit the right spot from time to time. She’d close her eyes and shudder then shove her ass back onto my dick even harder. Her ass moved up and down in a wave like motion as she slid on my shaft.

Soon her dress rode higher and higher, until finally it cleared her hips and rode above her ass. I could now clearly see my dick appearing then disappearing within her asshole. I pushed the dress up further so I could watch ourselves fuck.

I grasped her smooth waist and admired her now bare ass. My dick glided out of her ass them back in again. The pink folds of her rectum engulfed my shaft as it glided within her. Pink flesh molded with pink flesh. Occasionally, I could see the lower rim of the head of my purple dick, only for it to dive back into the dark depths of Paula’s ass which sucked every inch of my fleshy shaft behind it.

As we fucked and her dress was fully above her waist I could now see an incredible erotic and kinky sight I had never seen while fucking a woman before. Paula’s dick and balls rested on the tile that surrounded the sink. Her testicles and dick, shrunken by hormones bobbed back and forth with each stroke as we fucked.

Her dick had become slightly larger though unable to achieve a full erection from the same hormones, bobbed up and down and created a bizarre dichotomy with her voluptuous breasts that bobbed as well. Strangely, it was incredibly sexy.

When my dick slid across her prostate a little glisten would appear at the tip of her dick and she’d moan softly. I soon learned where this spot was and tried to milk her prostate with my dick. As I did, Paula tossed her head back as moaned at the ceiling. I focused on trying to make beads of glistening fluid appear on her dick as Paula groaned with each stroke even more.

Soon I felt it. My balls tingled and the sensation spread throughout my body.

“I’m going to cum, Paula.”

Paula moaned louder as soon as the words escaped my lips. Her hips now pushed back to meet each stroke of my dick. She then let out a gasp and I realized her body was trembling. She then began to grunt. On the counter in front of us small streams of pearly fluid oozed from her semi rigid dick. Her body shook. I realized she was cumming as well.

Her ass twitched and thin streams of white fluid replaced the glistening clear fluid tipping the head of her dick. I didn’t know if she still had the ability to ejaculate or whether I was simply milking her prostate effectively. Either way, Paula shuddered on my dick and held the mirror tightly.

The sight was incredible. My senses could not contain themselves. Cum erupted from my own balls and sped through my shaft then erupted from my dick, flooding my lover from within.

Wave after wave swept over Kurtköy Zenci Escort me. I thrusted deeply within my lover. Her sphincter contracted with each wave of her own orgasm and squeezed every drop of cum from my dick, which pulsated with each wave.

It was during those few moments that we were the only ones in the whole universe. It mattered not who we were, what we were or why we were. It only mattered that we were joined for a purpose and that purpose was to make love to each other. And in making love we joined as one with the universe.

My strokes were soon lubricated by my cum. Paula breathed heavily and my legs were growing weak. My dick ceased its pulsations.

Soon we were spent. I leaned forward and kissed the back of Paula’s neck. I wanted to stay inside her and I did for some time. I just wrapped my arms around her and held her close.

Reluctantly, I pulled finally my dick from her ass. Cum followed. Cum oozed from her ass and from her own dick. Cum dripped on the floor.

Drops dotted the floor like small pearls. Drips from my dick. Drips from Paula’s ass and dick. Even drips from the counter where Paula’s dick had been, remnants of her orgasm simply trailed down the counter to the floor. Paula turned around. Our dicks pressed against each other. I kissed her.

“It doesn’t matter what I am?” She said.

“Sure it matters. And I’m glad you are, who you are.” I said.

I touched her face. A tear formed in her eye. I kissed it away.

“But I’m not a woman yet but I’m not a man either.” She looked down.

For some reason she was still unsure. Maybe she was afraid I was just a horny guy who would fuck some gorgeous freak then leave her. But I knew it wasn’t like that.

She was looking at our dicks. She knew I had always been with women and I suddenly knew she feared I’d be repulsed by the remnants of her manhood. My instinct to relieve her fear made me sink to my knees before her.

“What are you doing?” She whispered.

“I told you I wanted you; all of you.” I said.

I then licked the glistening fluid from the tip of her dick. It was sweet with a salty mix. Then I kissed the head of her dick.

“No.” She whispered. She knew from our discussions that I had never sucked a dick before. But my chest still burned with desire for her. And if it was a dick she had, then it was a dick I was going to have. I sucked her into my mouth.

Her dick was smooth, like velvet. I cupped her balls in my hand. Gently I sucked the remainder of fluid from her. She closed her eyes again and enjoyed the sensation.

My hand found her ass. I pulled her closer within my mouth. My finger felt my own cum still dripping from her sphincter. Slowly I sucked. Paula soon rested her hands on my head and I slipped a finger up her cum filled ass while I sucked.

And I sucked for the longest time. It was a new found joy. And although her dick would only engorge a little and her balls were small and tight against her body; my only dick soon began to warm again.

I sucked her dick. I licked her tiny hairless balls. I couldn’t get enough of her. Finally, I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her onto the expansive counter. She leaned against the mirror and spread her legs wide for me; exposing herself in all her glory.

This was an honor because I later learned she was afraid to reveal herself fully to anyone until her transformation to a woman was complete. I leaned between her outstretched thighs and licked her balls. My tongue then found her ass and I began to lick my own cum as well, as it oozed from her ass still.

My dick began to harden. My desire was building again. Then I remembered.

“A cumshot. You like to see a cum shot, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes. I love it.” She smiled.

I stood up. A drop of cum remained on my chin. Paula leaned forward and licked it off then sat back to watch the show.

I steadied myself between her outstretched legs; my now rock hard dick bobbing over her. Just below I could see cum from my previous orgasm slowly trail from her pink asshole to the tiled counter on which she sat leaning against the mirror that reflected our love making.

Grasping my dick, I began to jack off for her. I knew it wouldn’t take long and she made sure of that by slipping her dress over her head and tossing it to the floor. My heart raced even more.

I had tasted the wonderful nectar from her dick and now could view the fullness of her femininity as well. Her breasts were certainly voluptuous and contrasted sharply with the cute dick and balls over which I was now jacking my own dick with abandon.

Then it happened. The trembling, the weak knees, the tingling. White cum streamed from my dick and draped across the abdomen of my lover. Pearly fluid dotted her stomach and spurted on her dick and balls.

It was her cum shot. And with it, we no longer had anything to hide.

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