Part 4) Eragon – Arya’s Request


****Let me say this now. THIS IS NOT MY STORY THIS BELONGS TO GryphonWings if you want to read more of his stories go here this is a five part series**** *tags include
Human, Oral, Non-anthro, Vaginal, Deep Penetration, Impregnation, Dragoness, Ejaculation, Soulmates, M/F ps. i hope you love this like i did*

This story takes place ten hours after the last entry in the series.

Eragon sat quietly with Saphira on the cool grass outside Arya’s small house in Ellesmera. Neither of them moved, due to the fact that they were awaiting the results of a pregnancy test. Saphira was nervous, something that Eragon knew she didn’t feel often. He put his arm on her neck and she flinched at the touch; her neck was still extremely sore from where the evil dragon, Shurikan, had bitten her.

They had arrived about two hours ago, explaining to Arya what had occurred briefly. She had immediately offered to help, taking a sample from Saphira with her permission and disappearing into her house. Eragon assumed she was looking over some very complex magic or it wouldn’t have taken this long.

Now they waited impatiently for her return. Ten minutes later the door slid open and Arya emerged, heading towards them.
“Well?” Saphira demanded impatiently.
“The test will take about five hours to be sure, it was difficult to set it up,” Arya informed them. Saphira snorted, displeased, she was hoping for a quicker answer. Arya sensed her annoyance and apologized, stepping back a little instinctively. Saphira saw she was making the elf edgy and calmed down a little

“We will know soon enough, Saphira,” Eragon said. The sapphire-colored dragon stopped and looked back at him critically.
“That is not all that troubles me, little one,” she told him solemnly. Eragon was about to ask why, but Arya interrupted him.
“Why don’t you go for a fly and come back? I’m sure you could use some time alone.” The beautiful elf shook her hair and Saphira nodded, allowing Eragon to climb on her back.

She took off into the sky, flying back over to the lake they had found a while before. Saphira landed heavily, missing most of her usual grace. Eragon dismounted, confused. He knew Saphira would be shaken up over her rape but why did she seem to be acting different with him? He tried to access her mind but found she had blocked him from that part of her thoughts.

Hanging her head, Saphira made her way over to the lake, where she touched the still water with her claw, which rippled softly in the low light. Eragon stared, unable to understand her behavior towards him.
“Saphira, what troubles you? Why do you not look at me?” Eragon asked her.

Saphira didn’t look at him, stating, “I have failed you as a dragon, as a friend, and even as a mate. I have shamed you by allowing myself to be… be abused by that horrid black dragon.” Eragon stared at her, realizing she must be beating herself up inside for what had happened.
“Don’t say that,” Eragon responded truthfully. Saphira breathed plume of flame and looked back at him.

“Even if that is so,” Saphira added, “I am sad because I will never be able to feel the pleasure you provide me with again.” At this, Saphira burst into tears. Eragon had never seen her fully cry before, and was shocked by the sound. Bravely, he walked over to her and took her massive head in his hands, looking straight into her eyes.

“Why do you say that?” Eragon demanded. Saphira stopped her crying, big droplets of tears running down from her beautiful sapphire eyes.
“Who would want to be with me now?” she replied sadly, lowering her eyes. Eragon finally understood; she thought that he wouldn’t sleep with her again because she had been taken by Shurikan.

“I would,” Eragon replied softly. Saphira looked up at him, slowly allowing his mind to meld with hers until she saw all of his thought and feelings, realizing he was not just placating her.
“You would do this… for me? Even after he…?” Saphira stood up, standing tall once again.

“I am sorry for the way I have treated you, Eragon. I do not deserve such a wonderful, loving partner as you. Please forgive me.” Saphira looked at him, hoping for a response.
“Saphira, I will always forgive you,” Eragon told her quietly, “you mean everything to me, and more.”

Eragon lent forward and kissed her deeply, a passionate moment between dragon and Rider. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and he welcomed it, enjoying the rough texture as she explored his considerably smaller one. He held her chin tightly, wishing to never let go of his dragon. Saphira felt likewise, so full of gratitude for Eragon.

Saphira dropped to the ground, lying down on her stomach.
“Never leave me, Eragon, I’m not sure my heart could take it.” Eragon rubbed her snout softly, staring into her large eyes.
“I will always be here for you,” he replied honestly. Saphira purred and allowed Eragon to kiss her again, savoring every moment of his touch.

When he was done, Saphira decided she needed to know.
“Eragon,” she said, “Would you mate with me?” Eragon looked at her, a little stunned she wanted to have sex with his so soon after she had been raped by Shurikan.
“Now?” Eragon asked. Saphira nodded, she wanted to feel him inside of her.

Eragon nodded and walked over to Saphira, rubbing his hands over her back and sides. Saphira shivered at the touch; she loved everything he did to her. Eragon worked his fingers along her wings and down to her lower underbelly. Since Saphira was on her stomach he had no access to her lower regions, so he just massaged her scaly body, which she enjoyed thoroughly

He walked back to her front and slowly removed his clothing in front of her, which she watched with growing arousal. She shifted a little as she was getting quite wet just from seeing him strip naked. She eyed his manhood hungrily it emerged from his clothing, flicking out her tongue experimentally and catching a drop of pre which had formed on the tip.

Saphira wanted to try something new today, so she got back up and rested on her hind legs, in a sort of sitting position. Eragon could see her deep snatch quite clearly under her belly, which made him get ever harder.
“Eragon, I want to see you fully this time.” Puzzled, Eragon watched as she brought a long talon down and rubbed her own wet entrance, a long trail of her liquids coming off her claw when she moved it away.

Eragon was extremely aroused by this, his stiff member throbbing painfully for release. Saphira was making him so horny, just teasing him like that. He wrapped his hand around his own length, starting to masturbate to his dragon. Saphira purred in pleasure as she watched Eragon work himself off. She slipped her talon into her deep vagina, rubbing her own walls softly, so as not to hurt herself.

Eragon’s hand quickly became slick with his own pre-cum, he was just so aroused by Saphira. She was feeling quite the same, pushing into herself so that she wouldn’t just bayan escort gaziantep tackle Eragon right there and let him mate her brains out. Eragon wouldn’t last long, Saphira was just too hot.

His hand slipped up and down, Saphira watching intently as he jacked off to her wonderful form. She pulled her claw from her body, much to Eragon’s displeasure. Just when he was about to ask what she was doing, she brought her massive head down and flicked her tongue into her opening, licking herself out.

Eragon fapped harder, throbbing with delight as his dragon orally pleasured herself. Her long tongue slipped nicely into her folds, rubbing her sensitive areas with the nicely rough surface. Saphira groaned as she tasted her depths, wishing Eragon was filling them with his stiff meat. Eragon wanted to take her as well, but he knew there would be more chances later.

Leaning back Eragon groaned as he shot his load. Saphira quickly snaked her head around and swallowed his cock eagerly, drinking all he had to offer. Eragon gasped at the sudden heat surrounding his length, holding her head tightly while he squirted into her maw. She swallowed all of his cum, not wasting a drop.

When he was finished Saphira released him and licked her teeth clean of his seed. She loved the taste, it was almost like a drug to the beautiful dragon. Eragon rubbed her jaw and she purred contentedly. He looked at his flaccid manhood, seeing it was covered in her saliva which made for a good lubricant.

Saphira rolled over onto her back invitingly and Eragon wasted no time jumping up on her stomach. Eragon slid down to his favorite position between her legs and slowly lowered his head towards her wet entrance. Saphira closed her eyes, waiting for his wonderful tongue to start it’s work on her willing body.

He looked up, staring at Saphira.
“Yes?” he asked. Saphira looked at him oddly.
“I never spoke, little one,” she told him flatly. Eragon was confused for a second, and then it dawned on him.

He spun around, spotting Arya waving at them from the trees a distance away. Eragon jumped down from Saphira, blushing profusely as the elf approached. Saphira quickly rolled back onto her legs, embarrassed. Eragon was almost seething, she had better have some news. Arya approached swiftly, almost running.

She stopped in front of the pair, looking at them intently. She did not speak for a few seconds, taking in the scene in front of her. Eragon blushed harder; he knew she had seen them.
“Greetings, Arya, have you news for us?” Eragon asked politely. Arya nodded her head, not entirely sure how to put her information.

Taking a breath, she told them, “Eragon, Saphira, I’ve had some luck with the test, but I’m going to need… another sample.” She blushed a little as well, averting her eyes from the dragon and Rider. Saphira understood instantly, as did Eragon.
“You want us to provide you with more of my reproductive fluids?” asked Saphira.

Arya nodded, but she added another surprising bit of information.
“I’ll need some of Eragon’s as well, to check against yours,” Arya informed them. Eragon was a little surprised, he hadn’t though she would need his. Still, if it was going to help Saphira…

There was an awkward silence as they all summed up the situation. Eragon had a question, but it was embarrassing.
“How do you want me to… uh… give you the sample?” Eragon asked quietly. Arya definitely didn’t meet his eyes this time. Eragon was beginning to have a suspicion, but he didn’t voice it.

“I have collection jars here, but… I’m…” her voice faltered. Eragon didn’t understand, why couldn’t she just give them to him and let them start ‘collecting’?
Arya took a step forward, trying to figure out just how to explain the problem.

“The two samples… cannot be cross contaminated at all by the two of you. That means that Saphira cannot help you to procure a result or vice-versa.” Arya looked down at her palms. Eragon understood, he could not just mate Saphira for a sample. He thought about it for a second, but couldn’t think of an immediate alternative. Unless…

“Arya, it’s only dangerous to the sample if ‘I’ touch it, yes?” Eragon asked. Arya nodded, noting his emphasis on the ‘I’. She suddenly saw what he was getting at, and shook her head slowly.
“I’m sorry, Eragon, but I couldn’t. She’s your dragon, and besides, I’m… well female. Not to mention a princess. What if somebody found out?”

Eragon looked at her sharply, pleading, “Please, Arya, you know how much we need this test completed. Please, you must help us.” Arya thought about it for a while. She had never had sex before, not even with a male elf, let alone a female dragon. Plus, she was not male herself, so she would have to use her mouth or fingers.

An image shot through Arya’s mind of herself standing behind Saphira while pressing her mouth into the dragon’s deep opening. She considered it for a moment, before she realized it was making her rather curious. Just how big was a dragon’s vagina anyway?
“I will help you, Eragon, for you.” Arya then turned to Saphira, adding, “If that’s agreeable with you?”

Saphira nodded slowly, wishing it was Eragon who would be getting her off. Saphira could not share the same kind of pleasure with Arya as she could with Eragon. Arya was not linked to her at the primal level Eragon was. Still, she wondered just how well that graceful elven body would help her to achieve an orgasm.

Arya stood on the spot for a minute, not entirely sure what to do. She was still thinking hard, about whether she was doing the right thing or if she would be seen. Also, she still needed a sample from Eragon, which she wasn’t sure how to obtain. She stepped towards Saphira slowly, not as confident as Eragon had been with the large dragon.

Saphira looked at her and chuckled in her odd way. This made Arya loosen up a little, she knew that Saphira wouldn’t hurt her. Still, she was helping a dragon to get off, something that had never even tipped her mind before. The wise elf wondered whether she would get to enjoy it. Dracophilia had worked for Eragon, so it couldn’t be too bad.

Still, even if she didn’t enjoy it, she had a duty to the Riders and the dragons. Saphira sat back on her hindquarters like she had for Eragon, so it looked as though she was in a sort of sitting position. Arya stopped as the heavy dragon shifted in front of her. When Saphira had stopped, Arya moved forwards.

She detected a presence in her mind, and instantly threw up barriers around her thoughts. She quickly realized it was just Saphira and let the dragon into her mind, letting their thoughts touch like two long tendrils that slowly intertwined. Saphira let her mind wander and Arya could see just what she had to do from her thoughts.

Arya reveled in Saphira’s presence in her mind, but still didn’t allow the dragon access to her memories. Saphira could understand that; Arya had been through a lot in her years. Saphira likewise blocked most of Eragon’s ‘training sessions’ from her elven mind as well, as they were rather private.

Saphira lifted her leg slowly, exposing her wide entrance to Arya. The elf gasped, she had never seen anything like it. Approaching slowly, Arya walked right up to it, examining Saphira’s opening curiously. Saphira allowed her as much access as she wanted, finding herself warming to the idea of the sexy elf pleasuring her.

Arya was surprised by just how large Saphira’s opening was. Eragon must have had some fun in there.
“That he did,” Saphira told her with a low laugh. Arya had forgotten they could hear each others thoughts and blushed a deep red. Before she began her work Arya wanted to know one thing.

Turning to Eragon, she asked, “How do you intend to produce a sample?” The young rider played with his thumbs, stuck for an answer. He could just masturbate, but he wasn’t sure he could do it with Arya looking on, even if he though that seeing Arya and Saphira together was the hottest thing he would ever see.

He was having a good time, seeing the most sexy elf in Ellesmera and the most sexy dragon touching each other. He had a huge erection, which was still flashing in the open due to the fact he hadn’t gotten any clothes on.. Arya noticed that little detail straight away, which made her even more drawn to helping them.

He blushed, highly embarrassed, but very horny. He had never thought Arya, so strong and beautiful, would be a bit of a dragon lover. Saphira noticed his hard rod as well and wished he was filling her with it, but that would have to wait. She knew Eragon would take her later, when all was said and done.

Arya could think of one answer to his problem, but it would be a mistake. She could not allow herself to… no, she could, but… she didn’t know what to do. So much was going on in her head she felt almost felt dizzy. She shook herself free from her clouded mind as best she could and looked at Eragon intently, waiting for some help with an answer.

He thought about it for a while, struggling for a solution. He could just jack off again, but he felt as if that may not be enough with Saphira standing willingly nearby. He would get too tempted to just penetrate his dragon, and he couldn’t allow himself to do that, not if he wanted to get Arya her required sample safely.

Arya. The word played in his mind, wondering what he should do. A few months ago Eragon would have given anything to have sex with the beautiful elf, but now that he had Saphira, he had forgotten his attraction to her. Until now. He knew she would never be as good as Saphira sexually, and he knew he would never be able to love her now that he only had eyes for Saphira.

Still, she may make for an interesting experience. He wondered if she would let him, but he knew she would probably not. He was glad Saphira couldn’t hear his thoughts at that second, she may get jealous of Arya. Still, Saphira would know deep down that Eragon only loved her, and nobody else.

The young rider saw no alternative, it wasn’t like there was just another female dragon handy and he doubted Saphira would appreciate that, either. He turned back to watch Arya reach out tentatively and touch Saphira’s underbelly, running her finger down a little before she pulled back. Saphira looked at her, inviting the elf to continue.

Arya placed her finger right at the top of Saphira’s wet opening, softly beginning to rub her erogenous zone. Saphira growled a little in pleasure and Arya rapidly pulled her finger away. Seeing her surprise, Saphira comforted her.
“Please continue, Princess Arya, I was merely enjoying myself.”

Arya looked at her for a second before she placed her finger back onto Saphira. After a few moments of teasing Saphira’s nub she cautiously moved her finger down the outside of Saphira’s swollen lips. Saphira shivered a little; the elf was just so graceful. Eragon stood watching, extremely needy from what he was witnessing.

Arya seemed to have no complaints about his audience, however. It was almost as if she enjoyed having him there. He realized that Arya may not want to be alone with Saphira, not knowing if she could turn dangerous or not. Eragon knew she was safe, but Arya didn’t He just hoped that Arya could get the sample successfully.

Saphira grunted as Arya’s soft finger worked its way around the edges of her vagina, getting coated in dragon juices as it passed. Arya found that she was enjoying this quite a bit, she loved how Saphira moved in reaction to her. Arya massaged the dragon’s large opening with stunning skill, causing Saphira to grunt contentedly.

After a few moments Arya carefully placed her finger in the middle of Saphira’s soaked hole. With one movement she pushed her finger in, which slid down easily into Saphira’s soft depths. Arya gasped, she hadn’t expected Saphira to be so accommodating and soft inside. She rubbed her finger experimentally across the walls of Saphira’s deep snatch.

She ran her finger in a pattern in Saphira, which made her hand get coated in Saphira’s female juices very quickly indeed. She knew that it was getting too slippery, and that Saphira would need more. Arya slipped another finger inside, using the added thickness to penetrate Saphira harder with them.

The elf then began to push in and out of Saphira with her digits, trying her best to rub all of Saphira’s most sensitive parts in her body. She soon found out, like Eragon, that certain areas inside of Saphira caused the dragon to shiver or breath faster. These were the spots Arya aimed for, trying to stroke them lovingly so as to bring Saphira to orgasm.

Still, the large dragon needed something more. Saphira knew she needed to feel something a little more satisfying inside of her, like a stiff cock or caressing tongue. She communicated this to Arya, who stopped her finger treatment and pulled out of Saphira, a long trail of fluids coming off her finger.

Arya looked at them critically for a second before she tossed aside all her thoughts of restraint. She had come too far now to stop. She brought her hand to her mouth and began to lick her fingers clean. She reeled at Saphira’s strong taste, it was amazingly good, rich and strong in Arya’s mouth.

She lapped up the dragon’s juices eagerly now, clearing her hand completely. Arya was totally hooked now, she could see why Eragon enjoyed it so much. She looked at him and he turned red a little.
“She’s good,” Arya told him. Eragon nodded, surprised that Arya had enjoyed it. Maybe he could use it to his advantage.

Feeling a little bit brave, Arya lent forward and spread Saphira’s lips wide open with her fingers. She moved forward and kissed Saphira’s dripping opening softly, letting Saphira know what she intended to do. Saphira nodded; Arya could do as she pleased. Taking the invitation the elf began to work on Saphira orally.

Arya’s ran her soft tongue slowly over Saphira’s entrance, sucking on her nub just like Eragon did. She then slowly came back down, tasting Saphira’s leaked fluids on her tongue as she licked the large dragon clean. Saphira was enjoying it thoroughly, but Arya came nowhere close to how Eragon could eat her out.

Arya spread Saphira further now, moving off the dragon’s wet lips and running her tongue just around the inside of her entrance. Arya was quite surprised by just how deep Saphira was. The elf sniffed deeply as her nose was assaulted by Saphira’s powerful scent, which drove Arya into a sort of odd state.

Arya placed her hands on Saphira’s lips, pulled them apart carefully and buried her face uncermoniously inside. Saphira looked down at the elf as she strained to lick from Saphira’s deep cavern. Eragon was surpised too, Arya had acted quite out of character. He considered the fact that she had just needed Saphira’s taste, which even he found almost impossible to resist.

Arya was determined now, she had started the task and she would see it through. She used her tongue to lick as much of Saphira’s velvety walls as she could reach. Saphira was panting from the treatment, spreading her legs even wider to allow the elven princess more access. Eragon rubbed his cock vigorously at the sight, he was just so aroused by what he was watching.

Arya could tell Eragon was having a good time, he was making a lot of noise back where he was lying on the grass. Saphira wished he was inside of her as well, but she knew that couldn’t be allowed to happen. She would just have to make do with Arya’s skillful body to help her to climax and get a little sample of her fluids.

Arya’s face was covered in Saphira’s juices but she didn’t stop, her slippery face sliding a little as she worked the dragon’s insides with her mouth. Arya was almost addictd to the taste now, just as Eragon was. She found herself trying to get deeper and deeper into Saphira, making the dragon squirm in delight.

Saphira’s soft walls rippled along Arya’s tongue as it rolled along them, giving her more of the fluids she so desperately needed now. Eragon’s hand moved fast along his length, mastubating furiously to the activities in front of him.
“Arya, I feel like I am getting close,” Saphira informed her.

“Please, Saphira, come for me,” Arya replied, reaching out with one hand for the sample jar. She didn’t stop licking Saphira while her fingers closed around the jar. As soon as she brought it up, Saphira archd her back and let out an earth-splitting roar as she came all over Arya’s perfect features.

Arya closed her eyes as she was coated in Saphira’s fluids, which rushed out of her vagina swiftly. Bringing the jar to her face she caught a fair amount, seailng it and putting it back on the ground. Eragon thought she would move then, but she stayed, drinking as much of the dragons’ sweet nectar as she could.

Saphira looked down at the royal elf, who was not letting a drop go to waste as she tried to keep all of it in her mouth. Saphira grunted in pleasure; Arya had been very good at that. If only it had been Eragon…

Still, she made do with what she had, and had thuroghly enjoyed the elf eating her out. Eragon had enjoyed the show too, wishing he could go and get some of Saphira for himself. Still, he had to wait; Arya still needed one more sample. An idea came to mind, but he wondered if Arya would allow it.

Saphira took almost a minute to finish and Arya didn’t stop for the entire time. When the elf could get no more fluids from the spent dragon she stood up in her usual demeanour, trying to regain her royal composure. Eragon laughd a little when she turned around, her whole face a dripping, sticky mess.

Arya smiled too, realizing she must look a little odd. She walked over to the lake and washed her face clean, still nude. When she bent over Eragon got a rather spledid look at her from behind, and his erection throbbed painfully. The elf gathered up her clothes and was about to put them back on, when she felt Eragon’s arm on her shoulder.

She turned to look at him intently, seeing his stiff length still aching for release.
“Arya,” Eragon began, “Do you…”
She stopped him with a kiss on the lips, brief but firm. He stepped back, shocked.

“Eragon,” Arya said quietly, “I have wanted to do that for so long. Seeing you passion for Saphira has made me realize just how much you care for her. If you would like to use me to help you gain the last sample, you are welcome. You have done so much for us, it is time I repayed you with one thing I can provide.”

She turned to Saphira, asking carefully, “Saphira, would you allow me to lay with Eragon. I only ask this for you because of his love for you. I will not seek to claim him in any way, nor take anything from your relationship. I merely wish to experience intercourse with such a loving, caring partner.”

Saphira knew she spoke truthfully, as Arya could not lie using the ancient language. The great dragon nodded, consenting to the pair. Ayra took Eragon’s hand and asked one more request.
“If I do this, may I… be able to… return to you and Saphira every now and then?” Eragon was surprised, Arya wanted to do this again?

He nodded, thinking about all the fun they could have as a threesome in the future. Arya, truthfully, was think about the exact same thing, already imagining what amazing things Eragon was going to do to her now. Guiding him lightly, Arya spun back toward the forest.
“We’ll go back to my other house, a small dwelling on the edge of Ellesmera where I go sometimes to get away from it all.”

Eragon hadn’t know Arya had another house, but he knew it would lessen their chances of being seen. They set off swiftly, reching the house in under ten minutes. Eragon was surprised by the interior, it was more beautiful than any of the other houses he had seen in the city. He spied a bed in the corner, and guided Arya down onto it. She obliged without complaint.

“How was she?” asked Saphira with a hint of jealousy in her voice. Eragon looked at his dragon, surprised that she had thought that Arya may actually be any competition. Eragon smiled as he realized she was only joking. Their bond was too strong for Saphira not to realize that Eragon would only ever want to love her, his dragon.

“She could never be as good as you, Saphira,” he said. Saphira nuzzled him softly and he scratched behind her neck.
“So, did you get the sample?” asked Saphira quickly. Eragon nodded as Arya emerged behind him, carrying the sealed jar. She had a huge smile plastered on her face, which lit up her features rather spectacularly.

Eragon mounted Saphira and looked down at the elf as they were about to take off.
“It’ll be ready in a couple of hours,” Arya told them, referring to the test. Eragon nodded as smiled at her, as Saphira took off strongly into the air.

Arya waved as they flew off, looking younger that Eragon had ever seen her.
“We’ll do this again,” he heard from her as they flew off towards the city.
Definitely, Eragon told himself, he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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