Pam , Ethan Take A Chance Ch. 05


He moved between her legs and forced them further apart. The hair on his legs tickled. He leaned over her and put one hand on the bed by her shoulder. Her breath was rapid and shallow. It wasn’t working. She was too excited to relax.

The tip of his cock touched her pussy and she jumped again. It was burning hot and she was terribly sensitive.

“Oh my God. I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said.

He started to say something. At the same time she felt the head of his dick press into her pussy. She knew it was big and would make her stretch, but she was not prepared for the sudden, searing pain. She flinched and gasped and he let up.

“Did that hurt?” he said.

She bit her lower lip. In the pit of her stomach was an uneasy panic, like part of a meal she could not digest. She watched his face. The burning desire was plain in his eyes, but in them there was also something more, something deeper.

“I’m not gonna do this if it’s gonna make you hurt. It’s not worth the risk. I like you too much,” he said.

He started to get up. She grabbed his arm and hooked one of her heels behind his knee.

“Don’t leave. It doesn’t hurt that much. We might never get a chance to go this far again,” she said.

He didn’t move, just watched her face, like he was unsure what to do next.

“I didn’t want to go anyway,” he said.

He leaned over her again. His broad shoulders blocked the light, leaving her in the shadows. The head of his cock pressed harder at the opening of her cunt. She moaned behind her clenched teeth, straining to make her pussy open to let him in. Where was she going to find room for that huge thing?

Finally the head popped in and it all felt really good. She was panting, trying to catch her breath. Her pussy was stretched, but it was like she was being filled with the one thing that had been missing her whole life.

“Are you ok?” Ethan said.

“I’m fine,” she said with a quick nod. It was too difficult to talk.

Somehow he had managed to fit the entire thing inside her. But when she reached down between their bodies, she was surprised to find how much more he still had out in the cold. Only a couple of inches were in her pussy. Where was it all going to go when she already felt so filled?

“Ethan. Where are you?” Mom shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

He froze.

“Shit,” he said. He turned his head toward the door. “I’m in my room.”

“Are you going to help me set up these tables? My party is already starting.”

“I’ll be right down.”

They were both very still, waiting to hear her footsteps coming up the stairs. He let out a big sigh.

“I gotta go,” he said.

“I know.”

He pushed himself up. The few inches of his cock that he had worked so hard to fit in her pussy came out again with a soft pop. The thick veins pulsated. The end of it glistened with her juices.

She sat up on her elbows to watch him dress. He put on some tight underwear that held his erection flat against his leg. He winced when he put them on like it was painful to make his dick bend to go in. He pulled his shorts up over the underwear, but his cock still showed like a ridiculously distended ridge that hung down the right leg.

“Bye,” he said.

She felt a twinge inside when he turned and walked out of his room. She couldn’t even manage to smile. How hard was it to walk out when his sister was naked on his bed with her legs parted?

She could still feel him between her legs, could feel his weight on top of her, and his warmth. Her fingers touched her tender pussy lips. Most of all, she could still feel how his cock stretched her open. She was sore between her legs but it was a good sore, the kind of pain that made her feel like a woman and not just a girl. Maybe if she waited long enough he would come back and put his cock inside her again. Then he would cum inside her, and that would make her feel-

The doorbell rang. Who could that be? She hoped it wasn’t Iris coming back to take him from her. Or worse, Debbie.

The doorbell rang again and she remembered the party Mom was having in the back yard. She jumped off of Ethan’s bed and grabbed her jeans.

Ethan opened the sliding glass door and stepped out onto the patio. The stiffness of his dick strapped to his leg by the tight shorts made it difficult to walk, especially on the stairs. Mom was talking with an older lady over by the food table. They both looked when he came out. He crossed the yard to the last couple of folding tables that needed to be set up. He just finished setting up the first one when Mom put her hand on his shoulder.

“Ethan, honey, what were you doing in your room?” she said.

“Nothing. Why?” He reached for the second table.

“You must have been doing something. I can clearly see that you are aroused. I think you nearly gave Mrs. Phipps a heart attack.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ethan, you have an erection,” Mom said, and her voice was like the hiss of a snake.

He looked down at the front of his shorts. The long ridge that stood out tuzla eve gelen escort against his leg was much more pronounced than he expected. He glanced across the yard at the older woman. Her face was red and she was trying not to look at him.

“Sorry,” he said.

“You can’t come out here showing like that when I have a bunch of ladies coming over. What are they going to say when they see my son walking around with his penis hanging down in his shorts?”

He glanced past her at Mrs. Phipps again, who was trying not to look at him out of the corner of her eye. He could think of a few things the ladies might say, but he didn’t want to tell Mom.

“Whatever you were doing in your room you need to go back and finish. Do you want me to help you with it?” she said.

An image flashed in his mind of Mom helping to guide his dick between Pam’s spread legs into her warm, wet pussy, and he almost laughed.

“No. I can take care of it.”

He turned toward the house. Mrs. Phipps’ eyes grew wide and she looked away quickly. His hands went to the front of his shorts to cover himself.

He opened the sliding glass door and went into the house just as Pam was leading a group of three ladies to the back yard. He panicked and reached for the nearest thing he could find, one of Mom’s magazines laying on the recliner. They said hello and he smiled and said hi back.

As soon as Pam closed the sliding glass door, she looked at him and said, “What’s wrong?”

“This,” Ethan said and lowered the magazine to show her the bulge.

She covered her mouth with her hand and giggled.

“I know. I saw it when you left your room. It must be very uncomfortable.”

“It hurts like hell. Mom told me I have to make it go away.”

Pam’s hand dropped and her mouth hung open.

“Does she know what we were doing?”

He shook his head. “No. I don’t think so. She asked if I wanted her to help.”

“Oh my God. No way,” she said.

“Yeah. I’m not lying.”

Pam shook her head. “That is so weird. You should get Mom to do it.”

“I don’t think so.”

“So what are you gonna do about that?” she said, pointing to the front of his shorts.

He shrugged. “I guess I’ll just jerk off.”

“Can I help?” Pam said.

“Sure. Let’s go to your room this time.”

She smiled. “Really? I never had a boy in my room before.”

The doorbell rang and they both looked toward the front door.

“Shit. More guests,” she said.

“You let them in. I’ll be in your room.”

He went up the stairs and she opened the front door. Her room was across the hall from his. He stood in the doorway, looking around. She had lived there his whole life and he never saw her room. Her dresser, her night stand and her bed were all trimmed in purple and white. He was standing by her dresser, flipping through a teen magazine on top of a stack of magazines when she came back. Her cheeks were red and she had a big grin.

“Mom says she doesn’t need you anymore. All of her guests are here. That gives us a few minutes,” she said.

“I hope that gives us enough time.”

She dropped to her knees in front of him and started to unbuckle his belt.

“We don’t need that much time,” she said.

She tugged his shorts down. His cock jumped out, nearly striking her cheek. Her eyes stared at it, like she had a yearning hunger for it deep in her stomach. She grabbed it and stuffed it in her mouth, without any of that soft licking and kissing, and tried to jam it down her throat, which only made her gag. His eyes rolled shut and he groaned. How stupid of him not to realize that she wanted it that badly. If he had known she could suck on it like that he never would have kept it from her for so long.

She took it out of her mouth and wiped away the drool with the back of her hand. She was panting, and still staring at it. A string of saliva hung from the head. She licked it up and smothered the head between her lips with a wet slurping noise.

“Ethan, I really like your thingie,” she said in a deep, raspy voice like she had been a smoker for years.

“My what?”

She looked up to his face. “Your thingie? I mean your penis.”

He chuckled. “You can call it my dick, or my cock.”

“Whatever you call it, I really like it. I think you should. I dare you to do it.”

“Dare me to what?”

“I dare you to ask Mom to suck your cock.”

He opened his mouth to speak, but she stuffed the end of his cock into her mouth again. Her head bobbed rapidly over it, leaking drool and saliva that ran down the shaft to her hand, which she was using to pump him at the same time. Her jaw was open so wide her face looked elongated, and the shaft of his cock stretched her lips like she was trying to swallow a tree.

She paused for a minute, panting hard. Her cheeks puffed out. Her eyes looked way up to his face and blinked a few times. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and thrust her head forward. The head of his cock plunged to the back of her mouth. She had one hand around tuzla otele gelen escort the shaft and one hand around the back of his thigh to hold herself down on it. The sides of his shaft scraped against her molars, which was a little painful, but he was certain he could feel her throat open and start to swallow the head of his cock.

He put his hands on either side of her head and his fingers nearly interlaced. She only had about three inches of his cock. It was so tempting to hold her head tight and force his hips forward and drive the rest of it down her tight throat until her nose was pressed flat against his belly. That would probably put his cock right into her stomach. He could pump her full of cum.

But her eyes were already bulging out of her head, her cheeks were puffed out, huffing for air, and the veins on her neck were popping out like they were ready to burst. If he fed the last nine inches of cock down her throat he would certainly strangle her. How would he explain that to Mom?

He groaned and let go of her head. His knees gave out and he fell backward into the chair in front of the dresser. Pam’s head went with him like his cock was stuck in her mouth. She screamed around it, although it muffled her scream, then it came out of her mouth with a pop and a splatter of saliva.

For a moment he was afraid he had ripped her teeth out. She was bent over on her hands and knees, coughing furiously and dripping saliva into the carpet.

“Pam? Are you ok?” he said.

He tried to get up but his knees were wobbly. His cock deflated a little and drooped toward the floor.

“I’m fine,” she said in a weak, choked voice.

She got to her feet. Her eyes were red and running with tears. She wiped them away with the sleeve of her t-shirt and wiped up the spit on her chin. When she was done, she was smiling.

“How do I look?”

Ethan slumped back in the chair.

“You scared me. I thought I hurt you,” he said.

She giggled. “I scared myself. I thought I could get your thingie all the way down. I guess I couldn’t.”

She stripped her jeans off and left them in a pile by her bed. All she had on were her tiny, pink panties.

“What are you gonna do?” he said.

She looked at him with a puzzled face.

“You still need to make that go away, don’t you?” she said, pointing to his lap.

He put his hand around his drooping dick.

“Not any more. It’s starting to go soft.”

Pam pushed her panties to the floor. She stepped forward and put one foot on one side of his legs and the other foot on the other side. She put one hand on his shoulder and took his cock from his hand with her other. When she spoke, her voice was low and soft, with a bit of the huskiness it had before.

“I’ll decide when it’s soft and when it’s hard,” she said.

She rubbed the head of his dick on her warm, moist pussy. Her eyes closed and her eyelids fluttered. The head slipped between the lips of her pussy and the corners of her mouth curled up.

“That feels really good,” she said in a soft whisper.

She pressed herself down on it. The head and a couple of inches slipped inside. Her eyes opened and she winced.

“Did that hurt? Don’t do this if it’s gonna hurt,” he said.

Pam smiled. “It doesn’t hurt,” she said, but she clearly had the look of pain in her eyes.

She put both hands on his shoulders. Her boobs, still covered by her tight shirt, brushed his face. He put his hands around her slender waist. Her legs were trembling. Compared to her tiny body, his cock looked like a telephone pole stuck up between her spread thighs, and she looked like she was attached to him by it.

She was biting her lower lip and moaning softly. Her legs flexed to work herself up and down on him. Her body sunk lower, taking about half of his cock inside her. That was as deep as it would go before she whimpered in pain.

“Oh man. I can’t believe I’m doing it with my brother,” she said. Her eyes were just slits and she smiled at him.

Ethan pushed her shirt up over her boobs and squeezed them in both hands.

“I can’t believe it either. What took you so long?” he said.

“Me? What do you mean me? How come you never did it to me before?”

“Are you kidding? That would be rape,” he said.

Pam gasped like she was shocked.

“It is not,” she said and giggled.

She took her hand off his shoulder to give him a playful smack. He let go of her waist to grab her wrist. Her right foot slipped out. Something seemed to give way inside her and her weight settled onto his lap. His entire cock slid all the way up inside her tiny body. Her mouth fell open, but all that came out was a squeak and a drop of saliva at the corner.

Ethan grabbed her waist, but it was too late.

“Pam? Are you all right?” he said.

She just blinked twice.

“Oh my God. I feel it in here,” she said, rubbing her belly.

“Does it hurt?”

She nodded. “It feels like you tore me open.”

“Are you bleeding?”

He reached down to her tuzla sınırsız escort pussy to see if there was any blood and she flinched.

“Did that hurt?”

She shook her head. “It felt really good.”

“Do you wanna take it out?”

She shook her head again. “I want you to fuck me.”

Her eyes were big and innocent and helpless. She licked her lips. How could he resist her when she looked at him like that? How could any man resist?

He stroked her smooth thighs. Her eyes closed and she was breathing softly through her parted lips. She tilted her head to the side, leaned forward and kissed him. Her hard nipples brushed through the hairs on his chest.

Her lips were soft, as if swollen from the beating they took by his cock. They touched his lips lightly. Were they tender and sore? Had he injured her without even realizing?

The tip of her tongue touched his upper lip. A tingle ran down his spine and his blood roared in his ears. He felt like a virgin again, except this time it was so much better.

Her tongue traced the shape of his lips. He poked his tongue out and touched hers. She moaned softly into his mouth. His pulse jumped. It felt like his dick was swelling even larger inside her, if that was possible. He moved his hands up her thighs to her hips to hold her down and thrust his hips off the chair.

Pam’s head snapped back and she squealed.

“Oh my God that hurt,” she said. She had a tear in the corner of her eye.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean that.”

She wiped the tear from her cheek. “Just be gentle, ok?”

He brushed away a few strands of hair from her face with his fingers.

“Do you want my cum?” he said.

She nodded. Her puffy lips were squeezed shut.

“You wanna cum in me, don’t you?” she said.

He stroked her tight ass and the gentle curve of her waist.

“I wanna cum in you so bad. I don’t even care if I get you pregnant.”

Pam smiled and touched his cheek.

“I bet you got a ton of cum right now, don’t you? Your balls are sore, aren’t they? I’m glad you didn’t waste any of it on that bitch Iris. You deserve better than her. You need a girl who knows how to take care of her brother.”

Her ass started moving up and down. Her pussy was too tight for his cock to slide in and out, so she only had a short bit of movement. Her eyes were locked into his. Her mouth hung open and she moaned each time her weight settled on his lap and his cock poked deep inside her body.

Ethan held her by her slender waist. He never knew his sister could be such a passionate, sexual girl. It was a shame they had wasted so much time when they were perfect for each other.

He tried to push up with his hips but she winced, so he just sat still and let her do the work. She knew how hard she could take it. Her movements were very slow and deliberate, and she had her lower lip between her teeth. He squeezed her boobs and licked her nipples. It was about all he could do, except try not to cum too soon.

Her moans got a little louder. She started saying “Baby … baby,” between moans. The bedroom door was open and the rest of the house was quiet. It was a good thing it wasn’t raining and all those ladies were still out in the back yard. He just hoped none of them had to come in to use the bathroom.

Pam leaned forward and put her head on his shoulder. He slid his hands down her back to her ass, which was rising and falling in short, slow strokes. She was moaning in his ear and panting and saying “Oh baby yeah” and “Do it baby”. Her voice got louder and she started shouting his name. Her ass pumped faster. He held her head against his shoulder to muffle her screams before someone came to find out what he was doing to her.

“Oh God,” Pam shouted.

Her head swung way back and her back arched in. She groaned with her jaws clenched and her entire body jerked, jamming her down on his cock again and again. She had her arms around his head and was squeezing him in a death grip until he couldn’t breathe.

Finally, she arched her back, let out one big groan, and collapsed on top of him with her head on his chest. Her arms hung limp and she was panting.

“Pam? Are you all right?” Ethan said. He stroked her back. She didn’t answer. “Pam?”

“That was the best,” she said in a soft, weak voice.

“Did you cum?”

“That was the best ever.” She raised her head. Her hair hung over her face. Her cheeks were glowing. “Did you do it? I don’t feel your stuff.”

“I didn’t cum yet.”

“You didn’t?”

He shook his head. She whimpered.

“Oh God. You’re not gonna fuck me some more, are you?” she said.

“Don’t you want me to?”

She paused and looked away. She wiggled her hips and his cock moved inside her and she smiled.

“Yes please. Do it some more.”

“Let’s do it on your bed.”

She looked at her bed and nodded, but said, “I can’t stand up.”

“Why not?”

“My legs won’t work.”

He tried to lift her off his lap but his cock was stuck inside her.

“Ok. Hold on to my neck,” he said.

He held her ass and pushed himself to his feet. She groaned in his ear. He carried her to the bed and set her down gently. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked between her spread legs, where his cock was wedged into her pussy.

“Oh my God. I can’t believe that thing is inside me,” she said.

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