Original Angels Ch. 05

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A most incredible thing has happened. I’ve been contacted by some dedicated fans who have preserved my previous stories. So, in response to many requests, I can now edit and republish the works. There were 55 chapters in all. 9 of the first 13 were removed by Literotica for policy issues. It will take some time, but I intend to republish them all, the titles will all begin with the words ‘Original Angels’ followed by a (new) chapter number. The series includes erotic encounters, voyeurism, exhibitionism, incest, lesbian sex and other taboos. All characters are over the age of eighteen.


A Weekend With Three Angels by Rob in AZ ©

Trish and I showered together. We took turns washing each other. I couldn’t resist playing with her clit ring and that turned her on enough that she sat on the ledge in the shower stall and spread her legs open for me. I kissed my way down her hard body and pulled on the ring with my teeth before I started to lick and suck on her pussy. She grabbed my head and pulled me tight. The water was running over my head and washing the taste of her juices from my outstretched tongue. I pushed it deeper inside of her to preserve the flavor and to heighten her pleasure. It worked, and in seconds she was rocking her hips and grinding my face against her pubis.

I knew she was coming and I worked my mouth and tongue as best I knew how, to maximize her enjoyment. It worked. Trish collapsed on the floor of the shower, breathing heavily with a dazed look on her face. I sat down with her and we kissed as the water ran over our bodies.

Finally I reached up and turned off the shower. We helped each other to stand up and then dried ourselves off. When we walked out of the bedroom Tracy and Teri were waiting in the living room. They had the TV on, but I don’t think they were paying attention to it.

‘Shall we get some breakfast before we go to the stables?’ I asked. I love to have breakfast when I’m away from my home. It’s my favorite meal to eat out. The girls got up and were next to the door in a second. Tracy turned off the TV. Teri volunteered that she had phoned the stable and booked four horses for us. We headed out the door and walked over to the recreation area.

There were lots of people gathering at the restaurant for breakfast, but apparently Tracy or Teri had called for reservations there too, because when we arrived at the desk, we were immediately escorted to a table.

I looked around the dining room at all of the naked people. There were just a few folks who were dressed very casually in shorts and tee shirts or tank tops. Trish explained to me that newcomers and guests were allowed to ease into the nudist lifestyle when they first arrived at fixbet the resort, but were encouraged to join in the nudity by lunchtime, or leave the park. I realized that the people who were clothed, actually stood out more than the rest of us who were nude. Looking around my table and seeing Tracy Teri and Trish and their gorgeous smiles and firm young breasts and nipples also made me realize that I was in the presence of probably the most attractive family in the dining room. I was proud to be with them, even if nobody else noticed.

We finished our breakfast and stopped back by the apartment for a bathroom break before heading out to the stable. I was a little worried about sitting naked in a saddle for the next few hours, but I figured I wasn’t the first person to do it, so it couldn’t be too bad.

When we got to our horses I found that the towel on the saddle was very comforting and I actually felt better than I had the last time I went riding in denim jeans. We rode out into the desert at a leisurely pace, enjoying the outdoors, observing the animals and plant life.

The girls were asking me a lot of questions about myself. I was candid and open with them. They wanted to know everything from my age to my family background, where I came from, what I like to do…everything. When I mentioned that I do massage therapy, Tracy asked if I make a lot of money. She implied that I probably didn’t buy my Lincoln with massage tips. I told her in a discreet way that I had some other savings that kept me financially comfortable. Then she wanted to know about my house and where I live. I told her the general neighborhood and invited them all to come to my house next week for a cook out. They all appreciated the invitation and said they would look forward to it. When I mentioned that I have a pool and a spa, Teri asked if they had to wear swimsuits. I told them that if they didn’t, no one would know, and that my yard offered plenty of privacy.

‘Good.’ Teri said. ‘I wish I could live without clothes all the time.’

We all laughed and agreed that life would be nice if it were that way. I assured her that she was free to take off her clothes at my house whenever she was there.

‘That will make it seem just like home.’ She offered.

‘Imagine that,’ I thought to myself ‘I’m going to host a nude barbeque at my house.’ I had never discussed anything like that with the architect when we designed it.

We rode for almost four hours before we got back to the ranch house. When we finally arrived back, we were all rather tired and dusty. I suggested that a swim would feel good. There were showers right at the stable so we all stood together under the water and washed ourselves fixbet giriş off. I thought I caught the girls expressing some curiosity about my male anatomy. Teri kept staring at my penis and Tracy actually put her hands on it when she was washing me. And likewise they were asking me to wash their backsides and legs. I knew that the resort had very strict rules about touching bodies, but this shower area was relatively private and I was really there in more of a parenting role anyway. Trish didn’t seem to mind so I was happy to oblige the girls. It was all a part of the bonding that was taking place between us.

We went to the pool and ordered some lunch and found a table. Then we all jumped into the pool and swam for a few minutes. It was refreshing and felt good to be off the horse. I was a bit sore from the ride and wished that there was someone who could massage my legs.

When lunch was served, we got out of the water and ate together. Tracy’s friend Carol wandered over and sat with us. She said that her parents had OK’d her staying with us tonight and Trish said that would be fine. Carol pointed to her parents sitting across the pool and Trish said that she would introduce me after we ate. Trish and I both caught each other yawning after we finished lunch. We laughed at each other and suggested that maybe we should go take a nap. I think the combination of the fresh air and the sun had tired us out. Teri giggled and said that she thought we just wanted to go have sex. Trish told her that we really were going to take a nap…and then joked that maybe we would have sex later. It was fun to be able to laugh about it with the young girls.

We excused ourselves and walked over to say hello to Carol’s parents.

‘Hi Bill, hi Sue, this is my friend Rob. Carol tells us that you approved her sleepover at our place tonight. Is that right?’

Sue nodded and said, ‘As long as you don’t mind. Bill and I thought we’d run into town tonight and catch a movie and it will be nice to come back to some privacy, if you know what I mean…’

‘I sure do.’ Trish answered. ‘We’ve been making do despite the lack of it. In fact we’re going to go take a little nap right now.’

They waved and winked as we walked off hand in hand.

Once we were back inside Trish turned and kissed me. ‘Oh Rob,’ she said, ‘I’m so glad that the girls like you so much. I had such a good time this morning and I’ve never seen them so enthused about any of my friends. You make us all feel so comfortable together.’ Her hands were stroking my body and she reached down and held my cock. She started to pull on it and it became stiff. ‘Make love to me.’ She begged as she dragged me to the bed.

We tumbled onto the bed, our hands all over each other and our mouths wide open in a passionate kiss. I held her pussy in my hand and stroked its full length as I felt it moisten with my touch. Trish opened her legs wider and I inserted a finger. She broke our kiss and moved around so that she could but my cock in her mouth as she straddled my face. I dove into her pussy like a sex starved animal. Trish was devouring my rock hard dick and we were slurping and sucking with total abandon. I felt her fingers move down from my scrotum and into the crack of my ass. I love to be stimulated there and took it as a signal that she enjoyed it too. I licked up and probed my tongue into her butt hole and she pushed back against me and spread her legs wider. I slid my butt down a little and Trish took my cock out of her mouth and licked down over by balls and into my crack. I felt the tip of her tongue probing my asshole and then her finger pressing inside. I responded by pushing one of my fingers into her ass as I resumed sucking on her pussy. We both moaned with pleasure and then rolled onto our sides to allow greater access to each others sex.

Trish began to cum. Her juices were pouring into my mouth and she was grinding her pubic bone against my teeth. I felt a warm rush of fluid in her ass and my finger slid in all the way. She was bucking and I was pulling her hip down with my free hand to keep her steady. As her orgasm began to subside I felt mine growing. Trish sensed it and squeezed my cock to delay it. Then she let go of my dick from her mouth and withdrew her finger from my ass. Quickly she turned around and straddled my dick as she leaned down and drove her tongue into my mouth.

My cock slid into her hot puss and she began to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. It felt so smooth and warm inside of her and her slick hairless cunt was gliding over my groin. I grabbed her butt cheeks and pumped her up and down as I neared my own explosion.

‘Oh Rob! I want to feel you cum in me! Come on baby. You feel so good inside. Mmmm…’

I reached up and pinched her nipple and she pushed it up to my mouth.

‘Oh kiss it. Bite it!’

I felt it turn hard as a pebble in my mouth and I held it tightly between my teeth. I was afraid I might draw blood. But Trish begged for more.

‘Oh yes baby! Oh that feels so good!’

I felt my cock jerk inside of her as I shot my first spurt.

‘Oh yes Rob! Cum inside me baby! Oh yes!’

I shot gob after gob inside her hot cunt. I didn’t know I had so much in me. Trish ground herself down on me and I felt her flexing the walls of her vagina all around me, milking my cum, pumping out every last drop.

She collapsed on my chest and I held her there. I was still stiff inside of her and it felt so good and warm and damp. I felt a drop of my cum oozing out and down my balls.

We kissed some more and then drifted off to sleep.

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