One Long Hotel Stay

Big Tits

Jim helped Janet as they deplaned, she was still fairly drunk. As they made their way to baggage claim Janet began to realize what had just taken place and she can’t seem to decide if it was a good thing or a bad thing. They had just violated the company policy on fraternization, but it felt oh so good. Her crotch was still tingling from the well needed attention that Jim had just paid to her nether regions.

“Our bags should be at turnstile 3” Janet told Jim as she was still struggling to walk in a straight line, little lone find turnstile 3. Jim knew all of this already but let her take the lead so as not to upset the professional relationship. He couldn’t help but think about the tryst in the bathroom on the plane 25 minutes ago.

“I’ll grab our bags while you get the paperwork for the rental car” Jim replied as he headed over to where the bags were dropping down from the conveyor belt.

“Mine is the blue one over there and the matching one over there” Janet said as she began digging in her bag for the paperwork.

“Got them” Jim said as he tried to drag three suitcases and a garment bag behind him. He wasn’t sure how he was going to get the luggage and Janet to the rental counter until he found a luggage handler who was more than happy to help. He was wondering if Janet could ride on the luggage cart too!

Once at the rental counter Jim presented their paperwork to the agent behind the counter, and after playing 50 questions and presenting three forms of identification, they were on their way in one of the smallest cars Jim had ever driven. The company was always cheap when it came to travel.

It was early in the evening and neither one of them had had anything more than that small bag of pretzels on the plane, so Jim recommended they stop at a restaurant on the way to the Hotel. Janet was just starting to sober up and thought that getting some food in her stomach was a good idea.

“So, what are you in the mood for” Jim asked hoping it would be some place reasonable considering he wasn’t dressed up for anything fancy.

“We do have the company credit card, but I think a burger and fries would just hit the spot” she replied noticing that he was giving her that nothing fancy look.

“Drive thru or dine in”

“How about drive thru and we can eat while we drive to the hotel” She didn’t want to struggle getting out of the small car just to struggle to get back in. They grabbed their food and headed off to the Hotel eating while listening to the voice on Jim’s phone giving directions.

“SHIT! I just dripped grease on my shirt’ Janet yelled as she was trying to blot the stain with a napkin.

“Murphy’s law.” Jim replied.

” What do you mean, Murphy’s Law?”

“Well anytime you dress nice you are destined to get a stain from something. It’s got to be one of Murphy’s laws”. Janet thought hard about that and said “You know that happens almost every time I dress up. I guess I’m just lucky it wasn’t semen”.

“Do you get semen stains often?” Jim quipped back not missing the opportunity.

“NO!” Janet replied quickly, then made an almost sexual sound as she shoved her burger in her mouth. She finished her meal just as they were pulling into the parking lot. They both looked at the hotel with disappointment.

“Another shithole!” they both said together.

“Jinx” Janet said remembering her childhood.

“So, I’m not supposed to talk until someone says my name now?” asked Jim as he then held his lips tight together.

“Those are the rules” She replied sticking her tongue out at him. They started to get out of the car and Janet told him to get the bags while she gets them checked in. As Jim made his way into the lobby, struggling to handle all 4 bags, Janet walked up and handed him his room key.

Jim walked behind Janet admiring the view as they made their way to their rooms. Janet’s ass swayed from side to side as she pulled one of her bags behind her. Her hair was still up in the bun, but a few strands of hair had fallen down. She was obviously sobered up because she was walking straight now.

“I’m in 112 and you are in 114. They are adjoining rooms so, if we need to work together, we will be able to. I’ll take my bags from here. I just have to get these clothes off and relax” Janet instructed as she put her key in the door and drug her bags inside.

Jim got his bags in the room and had a look around. “Yup still a shit hole” he thought as he realized this was going to be home for a week. He started to unpack his things and get his clothes ready for tomorrow. He then noticed the noise coming from Janet’s room. Janet had turned on her TV, but it didn’t seem too loud, however he could hear it perfectly clear. The walls were thin! He was going to have to be careful what he says while Janet was in her room. gaziantep travesti He always liked to listen to the conversations of others while he was in hotel rooms, especially when they were having sex. People seem to get louder and dirtier when they were having sex in a hotel room, as if they knew they were being listened to.

Jim brushed his teeth and got ready for bed, then climbed in with a book and started to unwind. It had been a long eventful day and he was wondering what tomorrow would bring. He started to think about Janet and the flight. Her ass as he followed her to the bathroom. Her tits when she put them in his face. Her pussy, what he could see, and the smell from under her skirt…. He grabbed his now growing cock. He started to stroke up and down remembering her mouth on his cock. Up slow then down hard and fast, up slow and down hard and fast… “MMMMmmmm” he groaned then… he remembered the walls were thin. He listened to see if she had possibly heard him. Her TV was off. and he could see the lights were out under the adjoining room doors. Maybe she was asleep. He continued to stroke his cock.

“MMMMMmmm” he heard coming from Janet’s room.

“Oh yes Jim… bury that cock in my pussy”.

“Your cock is soooo biggggg”.

“You feel so good…. MMMMMmmmm”. Then he heard a humming noise start up. Janet was masturbating to him. It only helped to turn him on more as he increased the pressure and speed of his strokes. The humming would get louder then more muffled, and he started to stroke at the same pace she was keeping.

“Ummmm Jim grab my ass…. play with my asshole… Oh that gets me soooo wet” she was getting louder as her rhythm was getting faster. Then…

“SHIT! FUCK! DAMN IT!” He could hear her get up out of bed and rummage through her bags. He slowed down on stroking his cock just enough to keep it hard waiting for her to start again.

“Damn it I knew I forgot something”. He continued to listen as she walked over to the adjoining door. He heard her unlock her side then… knock, knock, knock.

“I’m allowed to talk now, I heard you say my name” Jim said as he opened the door. Janet laughed for a second, then started to blush as she realized what he had just said.

“Shit! You can hear me?” she questioned realizing everything she had said.

“I think the whole hotel could hear you. The walls are very thin”.

“You wouldn’t happen to have spare batteries, would you? Double A?”

“Sorry, I didn’t bring any. Most of my electronics are rechargeable or they plug in”.

“Oh, sorry for waking you”.

“Yeah, waking me” he said using air quotes. Just then Janet glanced down at Jim’s bulge.

“Um…. Can I ask you for a favor?”.

“Depends on the favor”.

“Can I borrow your dick for a few minutes?” Janet asked with a little chuckle.

“Only if you give it back when you’re done” he responded with a large grin on his face.

“No promises!” she said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him into her room. She led him to her bed, then wrapped her arms around him and kissed him feverishly while dragging him down onto her bed. The room was mostly dark but there was a light streaming in through the crack in curtains. Jim wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to finally see Janet naked. He got up and walked to the hall by the bathroom and turned on the light. On his way back he looked over at Janet who was quickly removing her top. Jim paused there looking at her beautiful tits. He thought back to when she had pushed them in his face on the airplane and it took all of his will power to not stick his mouth on them. She was a firm C cup. They were outlined by a tan so Jim could see she had worn a bikini recently. Her nipples were erect, a dark pink color with silver dollar sized areolas. Her tummy was not fat but not a washboard either. She had a couple of small rolls but mostly because of the way she was lying in bed. Her hair was now out of that bun she had been wearing all day and laid to the side of her on the pillow. She was staring at him with those soft hazel eyes waiting for him to get naked.

“Are you going to join me?” she asked to speed him up.

“I was just trying to take you all in” he replied as he knew he was filing this sight away in his spank bank for later. Jim began to pull his T shirt up over his head.

“Da dun dun dun, da dun da dun, dun dun dun, Da dun dun dun. DA DUN, DA DUN” Janet teased as if it was a strip show. This made Jim begin to dance around as he started to slowly lower his bottoms. He turned his ass to face her as they hit his ankles. He stepped out of them then walked over in front of her an began to move his hips in an oval. He tucked his fingers in the waist band of his briefs and dropped them until they fell to the floor. Janet was trying hard not to laugh because Jim was no dancer. His cock on the other hand was semi-erect and was bouncing up and down as he moved his hips. She reached out her hand to grab it, but he kept bouncing it to make it difficult for her.

Janet finally got a hold of that cock and she guided it to her mouth immediately. Jim let out a moan. He couldn’t help it. Her lips were soft around the tip of his cock, and he became harder and harder, as she began to move her mouth forward onto his shaft, without using her hands. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she worked his cock with the same rhythm as before. She would pull back slowly then, wham! She would take him all the way inside her mouth fast. Slowly out then, wham! again. Her lips were firm both ways and her cheeks were pulled in as she was drawing a vacuum on his hard cock. When she was certain he was fully erect and ready she took him out of her with a POP!

“MMMMmmm” she said as she licked her lips.

“Lay back” Jim said as he leaned down to remove her bottoms. He slipped his fingers into her waistband at her hips, and began to slide them down, as she raised her crotch up close to his face. Jim once again could smell that wonderful aroma of her juices as her pussy slowly came into view. Her bush appeared, well-trimmed in a triangle pointing down to her clit. He thought “is this supposed to be a hint”. Her clit was at full attention a top of her glistening lips. She had been using a vibrator just ten minutes ago, so this was no surprise. He lowered them down over her thighs which were firm but a little thick. Then he got them down to her feet, pulling them out one at a time. He took a few seconds to firmly rub her toes and instep, before rubbing along her heals. “MMMMMmmmmm that feels so good after those damn shoes I had on all day” she said as she moved her other foot over for the same treatment. Jim massaged the other foot, paying extra attention to her heal, until he felt her other foot sliding up and down his hard cock. This reminded him he had more important things to do at the moment. Jim lowered his mouth down to her waiting cunt and licked from her taint to her clit. Pausing at her opening to quickly dart his tongue inside her.

“Oh damn! That’s what I need” Janet whispered. “MMmm more PLEASE!” Jim once again licked from her taint up to her clit pausing to plunge his tongue inside her fiery wet cunt. He stopped at her clit and began to tease it with his tongue. He would circle it then just go hard over the top. Circle it again then go hard over it. He pinched it with his lips and pulled on it, then once again lick hard over the top. Janet started to get verbal “Yes, Oh Yes…. Lick that pussy. Oh Yeah! suck on that clit” Jim began to grab her ass, hard as he drove his tongue down as deep as it would go into her wet hole.

“Oh, damn Jim… keep that up and I’m gonna cummmm… MMmmmm” she said louder forgetting that the walls were thin. Jim continued jamming his tongue in and out of her hot hole as her juices began to flow out all over his chin. His fingers pulled her ass cheeks apart and probed around for her asshole. Janet began to pant harder as her hips began to move up and down trying to keep his tongue inside of her. Jim moved one hand to her clit and began to circle her asshole with the other. This made her panting louder. He knew she was close.

“I’m so close Jim… I’m so fucking close…. OH, DAMN JIM!!!…. I’m….I’mmm…. I’MMMMMM CUMMING!!!!!!” Jim pushed his finger in her asshole, as her juices flowed out heavy onto his tongue and into his mouth, and all over his face… Her hips were bucking up and down then they started to shudder… “AAAARRRRGGGGGGG…MMMMMmmmmm….Ummmmm…. DAMN!” Janet screamed as she started to pull Jim’s face tighter against her spasming cunt. Trying to pull his tongue even deeper inside her. Jim just wiggled his tongue waiting for her to release her death grip on his head. She started to let go, then just began to giggle uncontrollably.

“You are better than my vibrator has ever been. I should call you my Energizer Bunny!”

“And what should I call you?” he asked back. Janet thought for a second then quipped “Definitely not Miss Marshal”. Jim raised himself up from between her legs and moved up next to her. He leaned in for a kiss. Janet put her hands on both sides of his face and guided him down to her lips as she sank lower onto the bed. She drove her tongue into his mouth and tasted her juices on his tongue. She let go of his face and grabbed his hand guiding it to her breast. Jim massaged the bottom and worked his way up to her nipple. Pinching lightly then rubbing around it. Janet moaned in his mouth but continued kissing him. Jim lowered his hand to her tummy and rubbed as if massaging her then lowered his hand to her mound to rub her clit to make sure she wasn’t sensitive anymore. She moaned as his hand grazed over her clit, but she didn’t flinch, so Jim knew she was ready.

Jim grabbed Janet by the shoulder and pulled her over on top oh, him. He wanted to watch her grind on his cock. His 7 inches was pressing up onto her stomach just begging for attention. Janet reached down and stroked him between their bodies then, in one fluid motion she got up on one knee and guided him into her waiting cunt. She lowered herself down on top of him and started to smile.

“What’s that smile for?” Jim asked

“What smile? Am I smiling?” She said knowing that it was because she had 6 more nights of this, and she was going to milk it and his cock for all it is worth. She began to rock back and forth on his cock to get her insides use to her foreign intruder. He was bigger than her vibrator and felt so much better. His cock was rubbing against her cervix, and she could feel the fullness as she rocked back. As she rocked forward, he would slightly pull out, just to return again deep inside her on the forward motion. This was the grinding that Jim was hoping for. Janet began to pick up the pace and the distance her ass would come up on the forward motion, slamming down harder on the back stroke. Soon she was keeping just the head in and then putting her whole weight down. Jim watched as she closed her eyes and just went to it. Her tits began to bounce up and down with the rhythm. This was such a turn on, that it went straight to his dick. He wanted to feel her tits but the sight of those large areolas and hard nipples moving up and down were too beautiful to disturb. Janet’s pussy began to get really wet. They could both hear Jim’s cock going in and out of Janet’s wet hole. Their skin slapping against each other.

“MMMmMmmm.. ohhhhh” Janet began to moan.

“Oh yeah Janet fuck that cock”Jim said in a low voice.

“Oh, fuck yeah… I love this cock. It’s so hard!”.

“Take it all baby! Feel it fill up that wet cunt of yours”.

“Oh, yes, it is filling me up soooo much”.

“Harder baby! Make that pussy purrrr”.

“Oh, its purring for you. It’s so wet. It loves that long hard cock!”

“Cum on my cock baby. Let me feel you cum on my cock”

“Oh, I’m gonna cum on this cock… I’m gonna squirt my juices all over this cock”

“GRAB MY ASS! Let me feel your finger in my ASS!” Janet ordered.

Jim reached around trying to match her pace as she was really pounding down on his cock hard and fast now. He grabbed a hold of her fleshy ass and started to rub his finger on her asshole.

“That’s it, Jim….Yes…. Finger my ASS!” with that Jim drove one finger deep into her ass.

“Oh yes! MMMMmmmm. More Jim…. MORE!” Jim pressed two fingers in her ass and began to move them in and out,

“YES! Finger fuck my ASS JIM! Fuck my ASS, Fuck my CUNT! OH IF YOU COULD JUST FUCK MY MOUTH TOO!”Jim took his spare hand and stuck two fingers by her mouth.

“MMMmmmmmm THANK YOU!” she said as she started to suck on his fingers. Bobbing her head up and down on them as if she was sucking on his cock. This was all Jim could take. His balls began to tighten. He was seconds away from….

“I’M GONNA CUMMM JANET!” Jim shouted so she could hear him over her moans.

“ME TOO JIM!” She replied


“I…. I’MMMMM CUMMMMMMMING JIM! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” Jim could feel her juices flood over his cock. Her pussy grabbed hard on his cock pulsing in waves. His cock let go rope after rope of cum spurting inside of her spasming cunt. He could feel his balls draining with each spurt.

“Oh, Jim that’s it. Give it all to me. Yes!” she said softly as she slowed down her rocking till she stopped and fell forward onto Jim’s chest. Kissing him hard on his lips. Jim slowly pulled his fingers out of her ass, then gave her ass cheek a squeeze. He drove his tongue in her mouth and swirled it around with hers, listening to her breathing as it began to slow down. He stopped and pulled away.

“My god that was amazing “Janet said as she rubbed her hand up and down his hairless chest.

“For me too!”

“I can’t believe I cam twice tonight. If my vibrator was working I would have stopped after one”.

“If your vibrator was working I would have came 3 times listening to you”.

“Oh my god. I wonder if anybody heard us?” Just then they heard that familiar squeaking of box springs coming from the room upstairs. They could hear a woman’s voice tell her lover “You better make me cum like she did”. They both laughed and laid down snuggling up next to each other.

“You want to sleep in my bed tonight? It’s a lot dryer” Jim asked.

“Good idea” Janet replied getting up to head into Jim’s room. Jim followed her just starring at that wiggling ass, wondering as she walked, if he would get to tap that.

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