Not So – New Experiences


Hi again. Part 2 of my fetish/fantasy story! I’m writing this having just submitted Chapter 1 to the editors, so I guess it is going to be written regardless of what people have said about the first one. I have had a re-read of part one and I think it is okay — probably not your quick ‘stroke’ story, but a nice build up and background for the next Chapter. Thus, I hope to get ‘into it’ a little quicker this time.

Anyway, hope someone out there is enjoying a good cum when they read my stories.

Not So — New Experiences.

My crusty chest and stomach was almost comical as I woke from a satisfied slumber. When I bent to get up from the bed, flakes of dry cum littered the floor like snow. The phone rang relentlessly in the background and when the name ‘Matt’ entered my mind, my senses immediately went to my cock. It tingled as I began to recount every last detail about the play time I’d had with him the night before. Would he call so soon?

My cock thickened as, naked, I swung into the lounge area to grab the handset, just as I thought it was about to ring out.

Left hand on the receiver and right hand on my now stiff cock, I cleared my throat and, somewhat huskily asked, ‘Hello, who is it?’

‘Hey there mate, it’s me, Matt. You got a minute?’

Matt! His voice made me remember the taste of his mouth last night. The tip of his cock. His cum. His breath on my shoulder as I lurched when I came.

But then doubt crept in. He wanted a ‘minute’. Had he rung to tell me he regretted it? Had his wife found out? Did he realise he wasn’t Bi? Gay? Was he scared about being gay? Was I gay?…

He very quickly reassured me, ‘Hey, you there mate? Everything’s okay, I just wanted to…’

‘Oh, hey Matt. I’m good. How you going mate?’ I was relieved that everything was okay and instantly my cock hardened in my hand. Matt…

‘Look,’ he continued, ‘If you’re feeling like me you’re on top of the world this morning. Do you? Do you feel like me? Coz, if not…’

‘No, no… I do Matt, I do’ I professed to him, ‘I feel fucking outstanding this morning. Or, to put it bluntly mate, I’m felling hard as a rock right now.’

‘Oh you randy bastard.’ He replied. (Randy… that uniquely British word!) ‘Hey look, I wanted you to know that I’m at work now but I wondered when you’re free next?’ Christ! He was keen to go again. My cock grew as hard as it can get and I slowly began to jack it gently, edging closer to immediate gratification.

‘Um, wow!! Yes, look, I have no plans for the next, oh, month or two…’ I left it hanging there for him to take it. He did.

‘Well, if I play my cards right, I think I can convince the missus to give me another leave pass for the night tonight. That’s if you want? Would that be too soon?’ he enquired. My cock teetered on the edge and I had to let it go at that moment, immediately putting my mind ahead to tonight. Tonight! He was coming over again tonight. I wanted to save it for him and began to wonder whether we might go further tonight?

‘Okay.’ I replied. ‘Shall I dress for you to come straight over to mine, or will we meet at the pub first?’ Had he remembered my comment to dress for him next time?

He offered a sexy laugh and said, ‘I’ll see you at yours at about 6:30 and, yes, you can dress for me to come straight to yours.’ He had remembered.

‘Okay, I’ll see you then.’ And I hung up before he could change his mind.

This ‘thing’ we had seemed to have gathered an enormous amount of momentum in a very short period of time. For me, and I think Matt, it was about a connection in a city where there were so many people who were not connected. It was like the kissing last night… I wasn’t absolutely ‘Gay’ (even today I see myself as continuously and curiously Bi) but it seemed right to kiss — passionately. That, for me, was the connection. To be able to communicate to someone on a deeply personal level was what I really wanted looking back on it now. The ‘play’ was great, sensational, but in retrospect, I desperately wanted the connection with someone — male or female, it didn’t matter. Still doesn’t today!

I can’t for the life of me remember why but I wasn’t working that day — and I’m pretty sure it was a Thursday and that I wasn’t working on Friday either. So, guided by my hard cock, I headed into the shower to freshen up and shave my cock and balls smooth. I had to manoeuvre my shaving around my rock hard dick the entire time and it wouldn’t go down until much later when I was making breakfast.

I soon decided to get some things for our play date that night. I had told Matt I was going to dress for him so I figured I’d go ‘right out there’ for him in that department. I took off later that morning and went to Marks and Spencer in the city. I bought a set of stunning lacy panties and an A-cup bra in black and even braved the throngs of leering women nearby to grab a pair of black crotch less pantyhose. My cock was constantly hard throughout and, yet again, I drew some stares from sales people.

I went to the chemist and gaziantep suriyeli escort bought some more lubricant and, on the way to my flat, I rushed in to a 2nd hand clothing store and very nervously mumbled to the woman I needed a dress for a cocktail party and couldn’t wait. She somewhat nervously pointed out a black, sleek, strappy number that might ‘fit you’ and I took it. With both of us looking at the floor as I offered her the money for it, I awkwardly took my dress in a bag without waiting for the change and exited, red faced yet smiling. Fuck it, I’d never see her again would I?


As the clock neared 6:30, I readied myself for Matt. I showered again and ensured my asshole was clean. ‘You never know’ I thought to myself.

I slid my new black crotch less pantyhose up my thighs and over my erect cock. The open area of them left my cock and balls in plain view as well as my ass. I thought I looked hot in the mirror although my hairy legs bothered me! The bra followed and then the black panties over the top of my pantyhose, which nearly made me cum just putting them on. I wanted to keep the hose on but be able to remove my panties when I wanted to. My dick was so hard that it was almost beginning to hurt — it was pointing upwards all afternoon and I gave up trying to keep my panties dry! As the clock ticked I was resigned to the fact that I would have a huge wet spot on my panties when Matt arrived.

I slipped the dress on just before I heard the front door bell, about 6:25pm. Good… he was early.

I felt so fucking hot as I sashayed myself to my front door, dress hugging my body, bra pushing up my smallish titties and cock tenting the front! I was shaking all over when I finally opened the door for Matt.

Actually, I thank God it was Matt as I immediately thought of how I’d explain this to Mrs Evans if she was on the other side!

‘Hi Matt.’ I greeted him, and he immediately scanned my whole body. He chuckled sexily to himself when his eyes took in my bulge and he had to stop himself from reaching out and fondling it. I allowed him past me as he walked in and I could smell his aftershave as he did. He had gone to some effort for his playmate it seemed. Good.

I led him to my lounge area and he sat down. I asked in my hostess tone if he would like a drink or a joint and he suggested he would like both. I returned from the kitchen with 2 beers and a pre-rolled joint that would lighten things up a bit.

He must have agreed because, after lighting it, he took great a great lung full of smoke in from a long toke and exhaled a big plume, saying, ‘Oh yes, that’ll take the edge off of the day.’

Now, we chatted for a while and learned a little more about each other. He worked in finance and had never, ever touched another cock until last night. His wife had let him go out tonight and, ‘You can fucken go out every night if you like, you lazy pig!’ He said this with a small amount of venom in his voice and I got the impression that him going out tonight had caused some issues at home.

‘I hope everything is okay?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, no problems Jack, she’s always like that.’ He replied.

I sat demurely on the edge of the lounge but it was almost comical that my cock gave away my otherwise feminie appearance. It tented the front of my dress and I realised that dresses weren’t made for an extra ‘bulge’ at the front. When my cock strained, I could feel the panties wedge further between my ass cheeks and the material of my frock pulled against my lower back. God, I was horny!

Finally, another pause came about in our discussion. I had learned last night that this was the signal for things to change, for playtime to begin! My cock, hardened and he noticed.

‘Look, Matt… I was wondering if we might have some playtime? Would you like to play in my bedroom, rather than on the couch, you know…’

‘Yes!’ he cut me off. ‘Yes, I’ve been hard all day thinking about playing with you.’ And as if to reinforce the fact he was hard, he immediately stood up, showing off the stiffening bulge in his jeans front. He even emphasised it by thrusting his hips forward, the firm fabric outlining his gorgeous bulge.

I stood as daintily as I could and took his hand, leading him to my bedroom, noting we were both shaking slightly with nerves.

When we entered I turned to look at him and he quickly embraced me, whispering in my ear that he thought I was the hottest looking girl he’d ever seen. He kept telling me he wanted to play, ‘I have been thinking about playing with you all day. I loved it when we played last night. I came so hard from playing with you.’ He was grinding his hips against me and I could feel his hardness against mine as we dry fucked in my bedroom. He was comfortable with me now.

I gently moved my hands to his face, looked in his eyes and kissed him. I poked my tongue into his mouth and he eagerly sucked on it. We shared a moment of intense kissing and then broke apart, stroking each other’s back and arms. Connection…

I invited him to sit on the end of my bed while I ‘Get ready for playtime Matt.’ I stood before him at the foot of the bed and gently shrugged my shoulders loose from the straps of my dress and it flowed to the floor in a billow of silky smoothness. When it pooled at my feet I stepped out of it and took one step toward him.

I could feel him drink me in. He stared at my bra clad chest and moved his gaze down my body to my panties, my hard cock tenting the front so much it was slightly bent. I ran my hands up my sides, cupped my breasts for him, then moved my thumbs down to the waistband of my straining panties. Looking at him for approval, he nodded gently and I began to slowly pull them out over my cock head, and then down my thighs to reveal my whole, hard, throbbing and dripping package to his eager eyes. I pushed them to my knees, then let them fall to my ankles and I stepped out of them also.

Finally, I removed the bra and stood before him, almost totally naked except for the crotch less pantyhose, and as hard as I have ever been — even harder than the night before. I revelled in the knowledge that I stood before someone, basically naked and they loved it, loved to look at me. The desire in Matt’s eyes was almost overwhelming.

I reached to my side and grabbed the bottle of lube, clicking the top open in the same movement. Matt sat back and rested his weight on his hands, his bulging jeans thrusting forward slowly. Smothering my right hand with lube I applied it to my shaft delicately and sexily, exaggerating my moves like a stripper. I held my cock in my fist and pumped it for his hungry eyes as the purple head throbbed and my balls tightened for release.

Already sensing the need to hold off I stopped my jacking and, with my gooey hand, I applied more of the lube under my ball sack, edging my fingers closer to my asshole. I moved my hips and swayed around on my feet so my back faced Matt and I bent forward at the waist to push my lubed and clean asshole towards him. I reached under my balls and cupped them, sliding a finger ever so slightly toward my asshole and, when it arrived there, I heard an audible gasp and then moan from my wank buddy.

Covering my other hand with lube from the bottle I snaked it around my back to my asshole and inserted two fingers straight into my puckered little ring. With my hand below I grabbed my hard shaft and began to milk myself, yanking my cock towards Matt’s seating position on my bed. A quick glance saw him now eagerly massaging his cock through his pants as he slowly eased his zipper down.

I proceeded to bend my legs ever so slightly as I wanked my pole for him, continuing to finger my own asshole as my dick strained. The head was a deep purple in colour and looked as though it was literally going to burst. My legs began to shake and, again, I had to hold off. I wanted this to last…

My cock and ass dripping with lube, I stood straight up, turned around and very slowly walked towards Matt on my bed, swinging my hips and enjoying the effect my body had on him. I stopped about half a metre from him, my cock almost just in his reach and placed my hands on my hips.

‘Matt, how about you take out that sexy cock of yours for me?’ I boldly asked him. He offered almost a whimper and quickly lowered his jeans zipper all the way down and undid the button, sliding his jeans down his thighs to reveal a straining hard on and completely soaked undies. I desperately wanted to see his gorgeous, uncut cock again.

When his pants fell to his ankles he manipulated his feet from them and promptly pulled down his boxer briefs to join them on the floor. His hard, leaking cock appeared for me and slapped against his stomach to reinforce its turgidity. I groaned out loud but didn’t intend to. The air was thick and my pulse thumped in my temples.

Matt then lay back on one elbow and used his other hand to gently play with his cock. I was jealous of his foreskin and so looked forward to playing with it again. He rolled his foreskin over the tip of his cock head and then pulled it back down again to reveal the purple, swollen mushroom head and the delicate glans beneath. His cock eye was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum and his chest heaved as he stroked himself.

I moved closer to the edge of the bed, just touching it with my knees and positioned myself between his slightly open thighs. When my skin touched his it was almost like the old electric shock trick you would play on your friends when you were a kid — you know? Rub your feet on carpet and give them an electric shock by touching them?

With the lube in my hand I reached out above his cock and balls and squeezed a blob out on his cock head and his working hand immediately rubbed it along his shaft making him groan out loud too. Soon, both of us were jacking ourselves gently, eyeing each other’s cock and matching each other, stroke for stroke.

I wanted to go another level with Matt, given he was seemingly comfortable with me. Without saying a word, I went to kneel on the bed with him, straddling his thighs with my knees and I shimmied upwards so that, when I finished, my cock was right above his. We kept playing with ourselves but we both realised things were heating up now to a new level — our cocks were now so close.

Looking into Matt’s eyes I stopped jacking my dick and slowly lowered my hand so that I touched his twitching pole slightly. He took a big, sharp intake of breath and immediately reached up to grab my cock in his warm, gooey hand.

After the initial shock, we both resumed our stroking, this time on each other. It was so wicked to have a guy’s hand on my cock and to feel his at the same time. Given he was below me, at one point Matt’s wanking of my cock meant that our tips touched, sending another jolt of electricity through us both — right at our core! After the initial accidental touch, we both made sure our slippery cock heads constantly touched each other as we continued our fevered manipulation of each other. I was so hot I was getting light headed!

My hips started to gyrate back and forth and Matt’s pumped up and downwards as we played, our cock’s touching sexily. Being on top I soon gently pushed Matt’s hand away from my cock and after his initial confusion, I grabbed both shafts in my hand and rubbed them together, side to side and up and down, smearing the sticky pre-cum all over us both. Soon I was almost lost in lust and felt the familiar tingle at the base of my cock and in my balls.

Rather than moaning now, we were both making real guttural noises in the heat of our passion. My pace quickened on our deliciously joined dicks and I felt an explosion from my very being. With a huge grunt, I exploded onto Matt’s chest, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven big ropes of sticky white seed all over him.

Just as I pushed out the last drop of my cum, Matt’s ass lurched up and he too came with a vicious ferocity with up to seven spurts of his own, sticky, warm cum. He was almost whimpering as I continued my jacking of our cocks, ensuring I had the last of his load from his balls.

Soon, when we had both softened up a little, I almost collapsed on top of him. Immediately that our stomachs joined together our warm cum pools merged, forming a sticky pool of joint elation! Matt hugged me and I purred into his ear in his tight embrace.

We lay like this, as lovers do, for almost 20 minutes before either of us spoke.

‘God you’re fucking hot Jack.’ Matt professed.

‘Mmm, so are you Matt. I love the way you cum for me.’ I softly offered.

I got off of him, in case I was squashing him, and lay down next to him on my bed, content and happy. I reached over and fondled his slack dick and smeared our collective cum into his skin. He whimpered at my touch but told me not to stop. He told me I could get him harder than any woman he had ever been with — even his wife.

With that revelation, I felt a mixture of emotions. One was a sense of satisfaction that I could please another person like that. Another was that I felt pride that he recognised my sexuality and called me ‘hot’. I was feeling connected to him, attached. I liked it.

His cock hardened in my hand slightly and my gentle manipulation began to turn to overt playing. He told me no-one had ever been able to get him hard after he had cum, but that I could just by touching him. I was sure I was blushing but my hand gripped him more firmly and I began to earnestly pump him again.

He lay his head back down and breathed a satisfied breath. His cock was almost fully hard and his hips pushed gently upwards.

Feeling overwhelmed with emotion and horniness, I sat up and immediately bent my head towards his pole. As I positioned myself, he gave a gasp, looked up and saw me engulf the head of his cock in my mouth. I was sucking him and he immediately swelled up in my mouth.

Using my right hand to hold the base, I slurped on his cock head and licked the little space just under his piss slit. This had always driven me wild when chicks did it and, from his reaction, it was his ‘sweet spot’ too. He groaned out loud as I tongued his sensitive area and I felt him pushing his whole cock into my mouth.

Having never sucked a cock before I was overwhelmed by the initial sensations. The head was hard yet had a softness about it. It pulsed in my mouth and he enjoyed it when my teeth just grazed the sides of his mushroom bulb. The shaft was nice and smooth, save for the odd pubic hair but this added to the sexuality of the situation. I could taste his pre-cum leaking out and it melted in my mouth! I was sucking a man and getting off on it. I felt my own cock rise up out of its sticky hide away and it was rock hard in seconds.

Soon I was mouthing his whole shaft, amazed that I could fit it all in my mouth, up to his balls. I didn’t feel the need to choke, rather I enjoyed the feeling immensely. I was soon bobbing up and down on his beautiful cock and massaging his nut sack while I did it. I can tell I was driving him crazy with this because he constantly gripped my bed spread and ground his hips up and down with wild abandon. I loved the feeling of my hand sliding up and down his cock and I slurped on it like a kid with an ice cream on a summer’s day.

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