new neighbours part 3


After putting my ass in their faces,I couldn’t believe it when Darnell,one of Julian’s friends suprised me by grabbing my hips,pulling me to his face and biting my ass.Micheal,another friend reached out and slapped my ass.Adrian the third friend,stood infront of me and pushed me onto Darnell’s lap and then lifted my dress exposing my shaved pussy. Julian said”Ok i think Monique wants to have some fun”!
Julian walked into his bedroom,and then came back out with a black case.
He pulled out a video camera and said”Lets do this”!
“Darnell you get the party started”!Darnell lifted me off of his lap, stood up and began kissing me.He sucked on my bottom lip,slid his tongue into my mouth, and then slowly pushed the dress straps off of my shoulders.His tongue went up and down my neck while his hands finished undressing my body.Julian, Micheal, and Adrian were all stripping out of their clothes.I stepped back from Darnell and began undressing him, starting with his pants. I pulled his loose fitting jogging pants down to his ankles,his hard black dick looked delicious.I needed to taste it,so i wrapped my hand around the shaft and started licking the thick mushroom shaped head.
While Darnell pulled his shirt off,Julian had moved in for a close up, and when i noticed his georgous rock hard cock near my face,i grabbed it and began stroking and sucking.I lifted both sexy chocolate dicks and began massaging their well groomed balls softly with my tongue, and then went back to sucking and bayan escort gaziantep stroking their dicks.I heard both men moaning,Julian grabbed my hair and said”Suck this big black dick Monique”!”Mmmmmm yes baby take it all!
Within seconds Micheal and Adrian had joined in, and i was now taking turns sucking four stiff black dicks.
Micheal stood infront of me and sat me down on a chair he had brought in from the dinningroom.He slid my body to the edge of the chair,knelt down and started to kiss my inner thighs.I could feel my pussy getting wetter with every kiss.Julian pulled his cock from my mouth and moved in to get a closer look at my hot cunt.Adrian and Darnell were taking turns fucking my mouth,while Micheal began to devour my sweet pussy.
Julian reached over and spread my cunt lips apart,allowing Micheal’s tongue to slide deep into my wet hole.I could feel Julian massaging my clit. Juices were building inside of me.The pleasure was intense,i lifted my ass and smashed my pussy against Micheal’s face as i released my sweet cum into his mouth.When Micheal grabbed my ass and licked my pussy clean,Darnell and Adrian shot two loads of hot jiz all over my face and body.
Julian spoke up and said”Ok boys lets get her cleaned up”!Julian and Darnell went into the bathroom and started the shower.Micheal and Adrian helped me stand and guided me into the bathroom.Julian sat on the counter and continued to record the event,while Adrian and Micheal joined me in the shower.One in the front and the other in the back of me washing every inch of my body with bare hands.I felt Micheal grab my leg and lift it to rest on the side of the shower so he could reach between my thighs and wash my pussy.He slowly moved his fingers around and between my slit,paying close attention to my sensitive clit.Adrian finished washing my back, and then moved lower to my ass.He leaned in tward my ear and said “I want to fuck this tight ass”!He began rubbing his finger across my asshole and then slid the tip inside the opening.i moaned louder,as one man worked on my hot pussy and the other finger fucked my ass.

Darnell was sitting on the toilet stroking his fat dick, and Julian was sitting on the counter still recording and stroking his luscious cock.Micheal put his hand under my thigh and then inserted his 8 inch monster into my warm pussy.”Yes baby i want you to fuck this sweet pussy real good”!A few seconds later Adrian lubed my asshole and slid the head of his dick in.I screammed”Oh shit”! Adrian grabbed my other thigh.These guys were so strong they lifted me completely off of my feet and was now fucking both of my tight holes making me scream with pleasure.
I heard Micheal anounce that he was about to cum,i felt his thick cock throbbing inside of my cunt as he shot his hot jiz.I tightend my pussy muscles around him and came so hard i could feel my body shake.
Adrian started to pump my tight ass harder and faster,making me scream only took a few minutes before he started shaking and blew his sweet load into my ass.
Micheal wrapped his arms around me and held me close to his body, helping me stand.
Adrian grabbed a cloth and began cleaning my limp body gently.

After a nice soothing,hot shower,the guys carried me to Julian’s bedroom and layed me on the bed.I was so relaxed i started to fall asleep until i felt some strong hands massaging my legs and feet.I lifted my head to see that it was Julian massaging his way up my worn body.He smiled at me and said”Just relax baby, i got you”.
He looked and smelled amazing,and he was very good with his hands. I have been attracted to Julian since the first time we met.
When i opened my eyes he was directly above me.I felt his smooth stiff cock rubbing against my thigh as he leaned in for a passionate kiss.I wanted him inside of me now.I reached between our bodies and held his amazing dick in my hand and began rubbing the head against my pussy lips gently.Julian moved my hand to the side and started caressing my swollen mound with his fingers,paying close attention to my pearl.
I could feel myself getting wetter as he inserted a finger into my wet pussy.”MMMM baby your so wet”!”Im gonna make you cum in my mouth Monique”!”Keep that pussy open for daddy”!
I lifted both of my leggs,reached around and held my pussy open for Julian to devour.My body shook as he sucked my clit and fingered my hot hole to orgasm.he pulled his finger out and replaced it with his tongue,licking the juices from my cunt.
He then stood on the bed positioned himself above me and jammed his hard dick into my soaked pussy.After he filled my hole with his sticky cum,he slid his sexy cock into my mouth”OH SHIT!”yes baby suck it good”!I sucked the cum out of the head of his sexy chocolate dick.
We layed there holding eachother until we both fell a sleep.

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