New Neighborhood


I had recently divorced and decided to find a new place to live. After checking out neighborhoods, I found one with nice older homes, town homes and fun and practical shops.

After being there a couple of weeks I went to the local coffee shop to hang out on Saturday morning, as a break from working on the house. I’ve always been an early riser, so finding out that the shop was open at 6:00 am was great. I brought my computer with and was reading news sites with a great cup of coffee when I saw him walk in. I had seen him in a couple of stores in the area and had chatted with him in the hardware store a time or two. He was a couple of years older than me. He had a nice mix of grey and brown in his hair with a nice trimmed mustache. I guess my glance lingered longer than I thought, because I found myself blushing a bit when he smiled at me. There were several tables filled with people as well as steady traffic going through.

After he grabbed his coffee and a brownie and one local free publications, I waved him over to my table. He walked over and sat across from me. I caught myself checking out his jeans. He filled out the front and back nicely. I felt more than just a twinge in my cock. I closed my laptop down.

“Hi.” He said. “It’s busy this morning. Looks like it will be nice day.”

“Yeah, should be nice and sunny.”

“I’m Jim.” He said offering me his hand.

“Scott.” Shaking his hand. I smiled at him. His eyes were a nice grey. He had firm handshake with a rough but not tough palm.

“Nice to meet you formally. You doing more housework today?”

“No, taking a break. I’ve got a lot done.”

“It’s a nice day for it.” Jim said. “So what do you think of the area?”? “I like the feel of the neighborhood. I feels comfortable for all types of people.” I glanced at a lesbian couple a few tables over.

“Yes.” Jim said with a smile, and a twinkle in his eye. “It’s quite accepting. There is quite a variety around here.” Jim flipped over the publication that he had picked up, it was the local gay newspaper. “This coffee shop advertises in here.”

“That’s cool.” I said. “I’ve been reading that for a while.”

Jim smiled. “And people are good at keeping to themselves as well as being helpful when needed. So why did you move here?”

I told him I was recently divorced and needed a change. In the conversation we found out we only lived a few blocks apart. Jim said that he was in the townhouses just down the street. He liked it for not having a yard. We chatted more about various things for quite a while, it became a bit of a flirty conversation. He managed to brush my hand reaching for his coffee a couple of times. I noticed the touch and caught his glance. He smiled each time.

“I don’t have that much of a busy day planned?” Jim asked. Jim shifted in his chair.

“I need a break from organizing, so might catch a movie or something.”

Jim lowered his voice. “Did you check out the townhouses before buying your house?”

“No, there wasn’t one available.” I said. “However my yard will not be a burden.”

“Want to see how one looks?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said.

“Great.” Jim said with a broad smile. He reached over an grabbed my hand, squeezing it. “Give me about ten minutes to clear things up.”

He gave me his address. I watched him head out the door. I opened up my laptop, checked a few more things, but I was distracted by the fact that since Jim invited me to his townhouse, I had grown an erection. I had liked his touch on my hand. I checked the time, closed out my programs, put my computer into my bag and headed out the door.

Jim’s townhouse was three blocks away. He opened the door as I walked up the steps. I saw he had changed to sweatpants and a t-shirt. I saw a serious bulge in his sweatpants and a nice smile. He closed the door behind me.

“Welcome.” He said. “Here let me set your bag down.” His hand brushed my arm reaching for the shoulder strap. He set it down next to a table in the entry. When he straightened up he smiled at me and moved close. His hand moved to to my shoulder. He looked me in the eyes.

“Scott, I think you are gorgeous and hot.” Jim said. “Is it ok if I kiss you?”

I nodded yes. His lips hit mine with just the right force. I moaned a little and opened my mouth. His tongue found mine fast. I felt his body press against mine. His cock was hard. I moved my arms around his back and pulled him tighter. He groaned a little.

He broke the kiss and looked me in the eye. “Would you be ok if the tour started in the bedroom?”

“No, not at all.” I smiled at him.

“Good.” Jim said. He moved his mouth in for another kiss. We kissed open mouth for several minutes, holding each other close. I felt him move his hip to grind his hard cock against mine.

We stopped the kiss and he took my hand and led me to the steps upstairs to his bedroom.

“So how long after you were married did it take for gaziantep suriyeli escort you to figure out you were gay?” he asked on the way up the stairs.

“A few years.” I said. “I grew up in a small town, anyone gay there was deeply closeted.”

“I can tell you may have kissed a few men in the past.”

“Yes.” I said. “I did need to find out. I’ve played discreetly.” He glanced back at me as we walked into his bedroom. He had cleared back the blankets, leaving the sheets free and clear.

“And found out you liked it?” Jim asked as we stopped by the bed.

“More than anything with her.” I said with a blush.

“And it’s just as natural.” He reached a hand to my chin, then moved it down and cupped it against my hard cock. “This is a better guide than your head. You can’t fool your cock. And you are very hard right now.”

He moved in for another long kiss. Things were getting a little more urgent.

“Are you okay with going to bed with me this soon?” Jim said as he wrapped an arm around me. He used his other hand to move one of mine feel his cock through his sweatpants.

I fondled his cock and looked him in the eye. “Yes. I guess we can’t let hard cocks go to waste. Should we get naked?”

Jim answered by loosing my belt and opening my jeans button and slowly lowering my zipper. He reached into my pants, slid my underwear aside. His hand was warm on my cock. His other hand slide back between my ass cheeks. I moaned as he did that.

“This tells me that you are one very, sensual gay man and that I think we will have a very nice time.”

I reached my hand into his sweatpants, wrapping it around his shaft. “It’ll make a nice break from unpacking boxes.”

Jim took both hands and slide my pants and underwear down. He slid them off with my sock and shoes. I kicked them aside. Jim slid his hand between my legs and back up my balls. He gently fondled my balls and cock. He kissed me again. He grabbed my shirt and pulled it up over my head. I was naked. I reached over and pulled his shirt off. His chest was moderately hairy.

“I thought you’d have a nice hairy chest.” I smiled at him.

I slid his sweatpants off. His cock sprung free. I kneeled down and admired it as he stepped out of his sweatpants.

I looked up at him and smiled. “That is a nice cock.”

I glanced over and saw that there was lube and towel on the night stand. I smiled and decided to take the plunge. I reached over and guided his cock into my mouth. I lightly tightened my lips around his cock shaft as I slid my tongue along the ridge on the bottom of his cock.

Jim groaned. “You are not a rookie at cock sucking, Scott.”

I smiled and murmured on his cock, sliding it back out and moving my tongue tip to press into his piss slit. I then licked around his cock head. Jim’s cock was about 7 inches hard and moderately thick. It was a good size for my mouth. I slid my mouth back down the shaft.

Jim moaned again. I pushed him back and helped him sit on the bed, still keeping his cock in my mouth. I spread his legs and moved in closer. I felt his thighs on my shoulders.

I slid my mouth off his cock and looked up at Jim. “So do you have anything else to do today?”

Jim’s eyes were closed and his mouth was open. He shifted his gaze to me. “Nothing. We can take as long as we want.”

I smiled. “Great. Do you want to lay back on on the bed?”

“Yes.” Jim shifted and got himself in the middle of the bed, head on the pillows, legs spread and his cock straight up, wet from my mouth.

I climbed on the bed, got between his legs, took another suck on his cock. I then looked back up at him. “Just lay back and enjoy. When your ready to cum, let me know, I’m going to suck as much as I can. I need to improve my skills in not losing a drop.”

“I’m so glad I went out for coffee this am.” Jim sighed.

I slid my lips down the underside of Jim’s cock, lightly kissing his shaft bottom ridge on my way to his balls. I ran my tongue down the divide between his balls and moved to take his right ball into my mouth. Jim’s bush was natural, his balls were hairy. I smelled his musky pubes as I lightly sucked on his balls. I switched between the two, then moved mouth back up the shaft. I engulfed the cock head when I reached it and slide the shaft back into my mouth. I then began sliding his cock in and out, building up speed, gradually tightening my lips around his shaft. Jim’s breathing began to change.

“Oh my, that’s good.” He groaned. “I’m not going to last much longer like this.”

I kept good pressure on his cock shaft. It felt good to have a cock in my mouth again. I had taken a break from my sneaking around to play with men during the divorce. It had actually gone well, as separations go, she was glad to move on, especially after I came out to her. It turned out it was something she had suspected for a long time. I was going to make use my time to enjoy myself, Jim’s cock was a good starting point.

I moved a hand to bottom of Jim’s shaft and stepped up my pace. Jim’s breathing grew more ragged, with some deeper moans.

“Oh, damn, I’m close.” Jim groaned.

I sped it up just a bit, but maintained my suction. I gripped the base of his cock shaft a little tighter, my lips locked on his shaft.

“Oh, yes. Oh damn yes.” Jim said. I felt his cock swell as his cum shot on to my tongue, I kept my mouth and hand moving as Jim thrust his cock into my mouth groaning. His cum was musky and thick. I kept sucking until his spurts stopped. Jim sighed. I sucked more as I milked my hand up his cock, his last cum leaking into my mouth. His groans changed to a happy sigh.

Jim grew limp and I let his cock slide from my mouth. I looked at him, his head was arched back into the pillow. I moved up and slide next to his side, his arm slide down my back and pushed me close to him.

Jim moved his head and kissed me. “I guess you swallowed it all?”

“Well all but the last small drops.”

“Thank you. That was quite good.” Jim said. “That mouth was wasted on pussy.”

We both laughed. Jim pulled me close. “So are you comfortable with being gay?”

“It took some time.” I said.

“Well, to me you seem quite ok with it.” Jim said. “That was a very sensual and delightful blow job. Besides that straight guys do not swallow sperm.”

“You’re right.” I said with a laugh.

“Have you explored sex with men much?”

“Well, I have tried a few things.”

“Are you someone who can enjoy sex with a lot guys?”

“I think so.” I said. “I can enjoy sex in a relationship as well as for recreation.”

Jim smiled. “Well, I have a proposition for you. I know a number of horny men, who need a man to help with dealing with their hard cocks.”

I thought for a moment. “That sounds like fun.”

Jim hugged me close. I moved my arm over his chest.

“So what took you so long to figure out how much you liked cock and men?” Jim asked. “I figured out I was gay quite young.”

“I guess I was scared of it, not having any idea of what it meant to be gay, just knowing I was different. It took having the marriage drift apart for me to face things. Now I’ve come to terms with it and am starting to enjoy myself.”

“Well, you’ve picked up some good kissing and cock sucking skills.” Jim said with a happy tone.

“So what do you mean about some horny guys?” I asked.

“Well, I know of a number of men. Some closeted gay married guys, like you used to be and some just horny gay guys who enjoy some variety. I usually meet them alone here or at their places. Most are in their 30’s to 50’s.”

“Sounds interesting.” I said.

“It is great.” JIm said. “Most just enjoy one on one. A couple are into group stuff. You ever tried that?”

“No.” I said.

Jim grinned at me. “I felt that twinge in your cock, Scott.” He reached down and fondled my cock. “In fact it’s quite hard. I’ll bet you have some fantasies that we can take care of.”

I groaned a little as he played with my cock.

“Hey, I just realized that you haven’t gotten off yet.” Jim said.

“I’m doing fine.” I said. “You have no idea how good it feels to snuggle with you.”

“Well, I need to take care of you. What would you like?” Jim said. “Besides I feel I’m ready for more action.” He took my hand and moved to his cock. I wrapped my hand around his re-hardening cock.

I smiled at him. “How about you fuck me and if I don’t get off from that, jack me off while your cock is in my ass.”

Jim moved his mouth to mine and kissed me. I opened my mouth as we played with our tongues. Jim shifted and I again felt his hard cock press into my body.

“I’m thinking that you just might be one of the horny gay guys.”

“Well, yes.” Jim said with a smile. “I am quite horny.” And moved my hand up and down on his hard cock along with his. “And I love fucking a man in the ass.”

“Ummm nice. Let’s make use of your lube.”

“That sounds fun. How long has it been since you’ve had a cock there?”

“A couple of months.” I said.

“That’s far too long.” Jim said. “Fortunately you’ve sucked me off so I should be able to give you a nice ride.” Jim kissed me again, I opened my mouth and made it long wet one.

“Ummm.” Jim sighed. “I don’t know if I’ve met someone I’ve clicked this well with sexually in a long time. Now roll over, I’ve work to do.”

I rolled over on my belly. I spread my legs as I felt Jim move them apart. He placed a hand on each cheek and spread them, exposing my hole. I then felt the hair from his beard on my cheeks as his tongue moved for my hole. I moaned as he licked around and moved to open my hole with his tongue. I moaned deeper as his wet lips and tongue pleasured my ass. Jim moaned as he licked. Jim was rimming me as man knew what an ass man liked.

Jim pulled back and I felt him slide his hands up and down my ass crack. He lightly pressed his fingers on my hole with each pass. I heard him reach for the lube and heard him open the top. I felt the cool lube on my hole, followed by a finger tip. Jim ran the tip around the hole and then he pressed the tip in. I felt his finger slowly slide in. Jim pulled it back out and slide it back in with more lube. My hole was getting slicker. I then felt a second finger on my hole and then both were in.

“Nice hole, Scott.” Jim said. “You open up nicely.” Jim slid both fingers in past the second knuckle.

“Ohh yeah. That feels good.” I said. I squeezed my ass around his fingers.

Jim laughed. “You seem to be ready.”

I raised my ass up on my knees. Jim kept his fingers in my hole as I rose up on hands and knees. I heard him open the lube again and squirt it on his cock. I glanced back, I could see Jim sliding his slick hand up and down his hard cock.

Jim pulled his fingers out of my ass. I watched as he moved between my legs. Jim looked me in the eyes.

“Are you ready?” Jim asked. I felt his cock head touch my ass hole.

“Fuck me, please, Jim.” I said. “Slide that hard cock into me.”

“Yes, sir.” Jim grinned.

I felt the pressure of his cock head on my. I relaxed my muscles and felt my hole open up as the head pressed in. I groaned at the pleasure of my hole opening up to his cock. Jim slowly eased his cock in. He took shallow thrusts as he worked his cock in.

Jim moaned. “I knew I was going to love your ass.”

Soon I felt his pubic hairs on my ass cheeks and his balls against my hole. I leaned back into him.

“I love a hard cock in my ass all the way to the balls.” I said.

Jim gripped an ass cheek in each hand. He slowly pulled his cock back, leaving just the head in. I pushed my ass back on his cock, to re-impale myself on it and tell Jim to start fucking.

Jim squeezed my ass cheeks pulled back and thrust in hard to the balls. I pushed back and worked to meet his thrusts. Jim gave me deep full thrusts, taking his cock deep and making sure his balls hit me in the in stroke.

“Yes!” I said. “Damn I needed this!”

“Oh for sure.” Jim said. “I’m going to enjoy my time in your ass!”

Jim pumped my ass with a steady pace. I would gently squeeze him on the out strokes.

“Keep that up and I’ll come a lot sooner.” Jim said.

After a few minutes of this, Jim suggested a change in positions. He pulled out and I flipped over on to my back. Jim slipped a pillow under my ass and I raised my legs up. Jim quickly moved back into place and slid his cock back in.

“How’s this?” He said.

“Umm it’s nice to see your face.” I said.

Jim smiled and concentrated on his strokes. He varied his speed and strokes, bringing out delightful groans from me. I watched him and soon could see he was getting closer to orgasm.

“Go ahead and let things come.” I told him. “Just don’t pull out until I tell you.”

Jim nodded. I watched him enjoy the feelings as things started building in his balls. Soon his breath changed and he shifted his thrusts. As his breathing built to a crescendo, he took on last deep thrust and groaned loudly as his balls emptied their content in my ass. Jim grunted a couple of times. He took a deep breath and looked at me.

“Here let me do that.” Jim reached down and wrapped a hand around my cock. He began gently stroking me slowly. I groaned. Jim smiled and slowly sped up his strokes.

“You’re doing great.” I said.

Jim sped his strokes. It didn’t take long with Jim’s cock still slightly stiff in my ass for me to cum. I felt the orgasm building, getting to the release point. I groaned quite loudly as my cock spasmed. Jim grinned as he felt my ass clamp down on his cock in my ass and as he watched my cock spurt cum over his hand and up my chest.

“Excellent.” Jim said. He slipped his cock out of my ass and lay down next to me as I caught my breath. He snuggled up close. I felt his hand tracing up my chest. Jim shifted his head and he licked my chest just above my nipples.

“Your cum shot up that far.” He said. “I really enjoyed your ass.”

“Well I was nicely fucked.” I said. I gave him a kiss. “Thanks for that. Now I’m a mess.”

“A sexy mess.”

Jim and I snuggled for a while. After a while we got up and peed, got some water and talked some more. We remained touching each other during that time, each of us lightly fondling the other, kissing and touching and talking. Jim and I talked about some of our fun sexual encounters. It didn’t take long before we both had raging hard ons again. As we kissed, we talked about how to take care of them and agreed on a nice long 69. We got back on the bed. It was tricky but we both managed to enjoy being sucked while taking care of the other man’s cock. We managed to come at just about the same time, Jim starting and then setting me off.

We spent the rest of the day together playing, with me headed home after another two orgasms with an invite to return next Saturday. It was the start of a new sex life for me.

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