Neighbourhood Watch Ch. 07


Standing at a department store music counter waiting to be served is not exactly high on my list as possible pick up points, but it happened. The sales girl was a bit dithery and I was getting a little aggravated at her incompetence. While she was out the back searching for the CD’s I wanted to purchase a lady arrived at the counter to do likewise. I glanced her way and she at me, we smiled at each other and then turned our respective attentions back to the sales attendants. The girl trying to help me realised that she had forgotten one of the disks and promptly disappeared again.

“I don’t believe this!” I whispered to myself semi audibly.

“I know exactly what you mean.” the woman beside me responded. “Once upon a time, this stores reputation for quality service would see that lass dismissed or removed from the counter.”

We were interrupted by the return of both sales people. I handed my store credit card over and waited for the paper work to be generated. This allowed me a brief moment to have a closer look at the charming lady beside me. She was busy giving her name and phone number to the guy who was serving her because the disk she was after was on backorder. I quickly noted her name: Cathy Waugh. The thought briefly crossed my mind, “Is she related to the cricketing family?” I studied her form closely admiring her overall well groomed presence, despite her casual dress, and making a guess that she was probably in her later forties, early fifties. She was wearing a pair designer jeans that hugged her curvy hips without appearing to be overly tight. The snug fitting yellow boat necked top that she wore hugged the curves of her prominent 36D breasts perfectly. The swell of her breasts was very sexy to the eye and the feminine plunge of her neckline gave a hint of her well-tanned chest and cleavage. I could also see the outline of her thick nipples clearly through the fabric. The flattened appearance of the abs on her tummy rippled each time she moved. Her hair was a light smoky blonde and in my estimation she looked somewhat like a mature aged Lady Diana, really sexy and a well-proportioned body. Her legs seemed well toned and tanned feet extending out from the bottom of those killer jeans were nothing less than a work of art. The blood red polish on the nails of those sexy sandaled feet matched the polish on her long fingernails.

“It is so pleasing to see the price of CD’s has dropped.” I heard her say to the sales assistant. He responded in the affirmative and then pointed out the 10% discount offer they had for buying 2 or more CD’s.

“I guess I should get both of them then.” She added, smiling. Her teeth were pearl white and perfectly straight. “So that means I will get 10% off the one on order if I buy another as well?” she asked.

“Definitely.” Exclaimed the guy.

“It is a very good offer.” I added. “I was able to get a discounted price on nearly all the CD’s I got for my children for Christmas.”

“That is a good way to buy.” She said flashing a warm smile at me. I had finished my shopping at that counter but delayed slightly my departure, hoping to coincide with Cathy’s. I had no preconceived idea of what I hoped to happen but just the opportunity to gaze upon her lovely physique a little long was worth it. She noticed my hesitation and fixed her deep blue eyes to mine.

“It was nice to chat.” She said reaching for the bag of CD’s. “I must be going, more birthday shopping to do I am afraid.”

“Um… I, well, um…. Would you like to join me for a coffee before you tackle the hordes?”

“I do not know you, however, I am feeling somewhat parched. Why not.” She replied much to my relief.

We went off into a remote corner of the mall and chatted over coffee and cake for over an hour. The immediate rapport we discovered between us was quite astounding and the talk crossed many wide and varied topics. Finally we both realised time was quickly getting by. I gave her my business card and she jotted her name and number on a napkin. I gave her a kiss each on each cheek, continental style, and we went our separate ways.

About an hour later my mobile rang. It was Cathy. She had left her parcel of CD’s at the café and asked if I could retrieve them for her as she had gone to another mall. I told 1080 porno her I would be delighted and would call her back to let her know how I faired. As soon as I had them in my possession I called her.

“Hi Cathy, its Ray speaking.”

“Oh, hi Ray. How are you? Oh, did you have any luck?” she sounded anxious.

“I am extremely well and yes, all present and accounted for.” I said in a light cheerful voice.

“Phew, that is a relief.” She sounded genuinely relieved. “I need them before the weekend as they are part of a birthday present. Could I come around to your place later and pick them up?”

“Cathy, how about I come to you? I have some things to do over that way tomorrow and it would not be any trouble what so ever for me to drop past in the morning?”

“Would you? Could you, I mean? That would be splendid. Oh, you are such a darling for that. I do not know how to thank you.” She sounded so happy I had to smile to myself.

“Cathy, it is fine. I will be there about 10am if that suits you?”

“Wonderful. Oh thank you. I will see you tomorrow.” I rang off with a million thoughts racing though my mind. I could think of a number of ways she could say thank you but I decided to push them all aside. She was a married, middle-aged woman who probably did not have a wayward bone in her body. Although, after my recent experiences with Michelle, my wicked lover next door, I would certainly answer if opportunity knocked.

I arrived at her door right on 10.00am. My eyes nearly popped when she opened the door. She was wearing a pair of really short and low cut jean shorts that are so popular today and I must admit she worn them equally as well as most teenagers if not far better, the slight of her was nearly devastating. As I followed her into her home I could see the “T” at the top of the back of her pink thong. It was sticking up probably a couple of inches above the top of her shorts. They were really tight and the sight was really sexy considering she has an incredible body anyway. The tight shortie tank top that she wore, together with the spaghetti straps, hugged the outline of her well-rounded breasts and once again I could see the outline of her thick nipples clearly. The sexy well toned and tanned legs extending out from the bottom of those shorts were nothing less than stunning. From the sinew like muscles of her strong thighs to the well-defined calves, she was a sight to behold. I sat transfixed as she bustled about the kitchen preparing the tea she had offered. Finally she sat and Cathy burst out with another thank you for the CD return.

My pants started to be pushed upward and outward by the restlessness of my member trapped inside. Apart from Michelle I had never thought I would think of and be so close too, another woman in this way but when you are faced with such a goddess you do what you have to get into her pants. I decided on the direct approach. I pushed my chair back and walked up to her. I took gentle hold of the back of her head with one hand and grabbed one of her breasts with the other hand as I pulled her in and kissed her hard. Pushing me back she yelled out, “What the hell did you do that for, Ray?”

“I’m sorry Cathy I didn’t mean to upset you I just had this urge to know…….”

“You had to know what?” she asked firmly.

“I had to know if you felt the same way as I do. I think you are just so attractive, Cathy, and I just could not help myself.”

She composed herself and then said, “Well of course, I am flattered but I have only just met you and….. and I am married after all.”

“That’s not what I meant Cathy. I just had to kiss you and I would like to make love to you. There, I have thrown caution to the wind and simply told you how I really feel.” I felt a rush of embarrassment at being such a fool.

“Oh Ray. That is quite a statement,” she said as she pulled me into a hug. “But I am so much older than you. I am married as you are but…………”

“Do you have a full length mirror?” I asked quietly, cutting her off.

“Yes, “ she said, “It is in the spare bedroom just along the hall.”

I took her by the hand and led her to the room and stood in front of the mirror. Standing behind her I said, “Look at you Cathy, take a real close look 2 k porno at yourself. You are definitely no frumpy 40-year-old. In fact you are a drop dead gorgeous MILF.”

“What is a MILF?”

“Cathy a MILF is a Mother I’d Like To Fuck, excuse the term. But, you are certainly one of them considering how much attention your body gets from admiring men and women. I watched with interest the way both the guy and the girl at the store yesterday looked at your breasts.” I slid my hands up to her breasts and hefted them, “You have a fantastic pair Cathy, people stare at them all of the time. Your nipples look like they are hard constantly.” I gave them a quick pinch. Cathy mewed softly, her arms by her side. She rested her head back slightly into my shoulder and pressed her rump into my iron groin.

My heart and mind were racing like the wind. I knew I had to keep up the momentum or this moment would surely disappear as quickly as it had started. Moving my hands down I cupped her behind. “Your arse is to die for and you have legs most 18-year-olds would kill for. You are a very beautiful, attractive woman in every sense.” My hands were in front of her now as I unsnapped her shorts and started pushing down the zipper. I felt her hands go to my thighs.

“Ray what are we doing here?” she breathed huskily.

“Cathy, we are doing whatever comes naturally.” With that I pushed the shorts down her hot legs.

Cathy turned to me and said, “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“I know Cathy but sometimes for personal growth you need to cross certain boundaries. In this case we need to look past the taboo of adultery and see the true undeniable attraction that lies beneath.” I whispered.

I brought my face to hers again and kissed her. This time she didn’t push me away. In fact her arms went around me and she opened her mouth, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth. I dropped my jeans where we stood. Cathy’s hands found the front to my shirt and opened it. I pushed the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and Cathy let her hands drop to her sides as I pushed her top over her hips and down her legs then tossed it in the pile of our clothes forming on the floor. Cathy took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. Her near naked arse looked amazing in that tiny pink thong. We lay on the bed facing each other, our hands roaming over one another’s bodies.

“Ray, I am very attracted to you as well but I am a bit scared too.” She whispered stroking my cock in one hand as I toyed with her very hard nipples.

“Let’s just throw inhibitions to the wind…” I did get to finish as she interrupted me with a kiss.

“It has nothing to do with social etiquette,” she said. I looked at her a bit puzzled.

“It is this. You are so large”. She looked down at my thick cock protruding from her hand. “I have never had anything that big inside me.”

“Shhhh,” I urged. “I won’t hurt you. Let me show you.”

I eased her onto her back. My cock was going crazy at the sight of her hairless pussy.

“I see you shave.” I breathed, my gaze fixed on her mound.

“I hope you like it?’

“Looks good enough to eat.” I fell between her splayed thighs and reached out, brushing my fingers down her wet slit.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked looking down between her heaving chest at me.

“Something wonderful.” I replied.

I slowly pushed her legs apart and slowly inserted a finger, then two and finally three of my fingers knuckle deep in the folds of her pussy. I looked at her, her beautiful face looking t the ceiling feeling every movement. Then she let her head fall back and sighed a little as I began to rock them back and forth. I was now finger fucking her pussy as it leaked juices over my hand, down through her bum crack onto the bed. I moved between her open thighs and lowered my face to her crotch. The first touch of my tongue on her clit caused her to shudder. I licked her slit from top to bottom, slurping the juices into my mouth and savouring her taste. She arched her hips up into my face and tightly gripped my hands with hers as she quickly headed towards an early orgasm. Within moments she cried out as her climax washed over her.

She lowered her arse back to the bed and lay there, 3 k porno her breathing erratic staring at me almost in shock. I grinned like the cat that’d got the cream, her juices glistening on my lips and chin in the low light and then I moved up her body till my cock was bumping on her inner thigh. She looked like she was a little unsure about my size, but that all changed when I eased the head into her soaking vagina.

She groaned out loud and thrust her hips up to meet me as I slowly slid my length into her feeling my thickness pushing the walls of her ribbed channel aside until I was all the way home. Cathy ground herself against me and then urged me to fuck her faster as I stroked my cock in and out. I began to fuck her harder and she was really getting off on it as I pumped for all I was worth. I could feel the first twinges of my own orgasm approaching all to quickly so I pulled out let the thick purple head smear her collected juices over her tummy.

“See, I knew you could do it.” I groaned.

“Mmmm, you are very big but it felt wonderful. ”

I suckled on her swelling breasts, her hands tanging in my hair as I did so. As I chewed on each large bud her body shook and a groan would emanate from deep inside her throat. Slowly, I rolled on top of her again gently pushing her thighs further apart. She bent her knees and raised them as I aimed my cock with my hips. I lifted my face directly above hers and locked on her eyes and reinserted it slowly in her pussy. This time it went in much easier! I pushed it all the way in and held it there so she could get use to it.

She sighed again and said: “Oh Ray this feels so good! You were so right! Your cock is wonderful! Fuck me Ray! Fuck me good and hard!”

This sudden unbridled outburst surprised me but I was in no position to object to her request. My cock began to slide in and out of her slippery pussy now fucking her with all the strength and passion in my body! I wanted to make this beautiful woman cum over and over again! She arched her arse up into me with every downward pump I gave her. She was fucking me back with as much force as I could muster.

She had her hands around my neck and sighed over and over again: “Fuck me Ray. Fuck me! Oh yes!! Fuck me plleeeeeaassseeee! Fuck me! Fuck me Fuck!! Fuck me!! FUCK—–ME! Oh here I go! Oh yesssssssssssssssss!! OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! OHHHH Ray!! Mmmmmmmm! Nnnuugghhhhhhhhhh, shittttttttttttttttt! OH, OH, OH, GOD……YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She began to buck and thrust her body against my cock climaxing! I pounded away into her pussy as she continued to orgasm. Her head was rolling from side to side, eyes closed and mouth open as she tried to speak but couldn’t. No words were coming out of her mouth now as she went crazy fucking her groin up into me!

“Yes! I am cummmiinngggg! YES!!!!” she screamed, her body vibrating with the shock waves.

I rammed into her body now with all the desire I had left in me. I pumped and pumped as I lifted her legs high up over her head. I leaned back and stared down at her lower body as my cock glided back and forth watching the lips of her swollen vagina suck me back in each time I almost slipped out. Fucking her as hard as I could now, I felt my scrotum tighten! I slammed into Cathy now as her feet wrapped around my head and I held her legs up in the air as I fucked her pussy like a machine. The cum came roaring out of my cock and flew deep into Cathy’s body! Again and again Cathy’s body flew up into me fucking my cock as hard as I was fuck her pussy! I began firing burst after burst of scalding hot semen deep into her, which sent her over the edge too, crying out in ecstasy. We rolled over keeping our bodies locked to each other drawing every last spasm of each others lust and passion from our gyrating bodies.

Finally after a very long time, Cathy collapsed on top of me. We laid there my cock still deep inside her pussy. I could feel our combined fluids dripping from her as they coated my balls.

I held her tight and breathlessly whispered, “How did you like it Cathy?”

She sighed loudly and told me: “I loved it Ray! It was just like you told me it was going to be! Wonderful! It’s the best feeling I have ever had.” I gently kissed her as I held her. I stroked her hair and kissed her cheek and lips. We stayed like that for a long time basking in the afterglow, our legs entwined. We engaged in some quiet intimate pillow talk. Too my surprise she was very interested to here about my exploits with the luscious Michelle.

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