Naughty Boy!


My name is Kenneth Thompson, though everyone who knows me calls me Kenny. I live with my mother and stepfather in Newark, New Jersey, and attend a local college not ten minutes away so that I can still live at home.

When I hit puberty and learned what sex was really all about, I quickly developed a huge crush on my very own Mom. It was wrong, I knew it was, but I could not help the way I felt about my mother, Erica Thompson. She was the most attractive woman I had ever seen in my entire life – with a kind heart and a quirky sense of humour, she was forever smiling and cracking jokes around me, never letting the hardships of life get to her or weigh down her bubbling, vivacious spirit.

Mom had only been 15 when I was born, much to the embarrassment and disgust of her own parents, who promptly disowned her and her new offspring and cast us both out into the streets.

We survived, though I was young then and didn’t really remember much about the life that we lived before Mom met my stepfather, Roger Thompson. She never really talked about our life together before Dad, and by the pained look on her face whenever I managed to broach the subject, she desperately wanted to forget that part of her life and just move on…

Dad was a fantastic guy, one of those all-round top fellows who loved to laugh and have a good time. He had lots of friends, because people simply found themselves gravitating towards him all the time.

Roger had that type of instinctive ability to hook people with whatever he was saying, that was he literally made a killing as a business mogul. He was a tall man, about 6’7″, with shortish steel-grey hair cut back in a sharp, severe style and deep, china-blue eyes which seemed to radiate power and control.

He was a cold, calculating businessman who made millions for himself and his investment company in his youth and throughout his 30s and 40s, but now that he had just turned 51, he was planning on really winding back at the office and enjoying the good things in life again…

Mom was a complete and utter knockout, still a totally gorgeous woman at the matured age of 36-years-old, with the appearance and physique that women a decade younger would be envious of. She was quite tall for a woman, at about 5’11” in height. With long, billowing chestnut-brown hair done up in a thick braid on top of her head, large, shining china-blue eyes, full, luscious crimson-red lips and a stunningly beautiful oval face which seemed to be crafted by the very hand of God, so sensuous and pristine in its perfection, Erica never failed to turn heads wherever she went and no matter what she was doing, saying or wearing.

Her firm, voluptuous body only served to add to this fact. Mom had gigantic breasts, and I do mean GIGANTIC! One day, I checked the size of the bras that she wore, and wasn’t all that surprised when I discovered that they were 36F-cups! They were massive mammaries, that was for sure, and one day when I caught her slipping out of her clothes one day, I saw them in the naked flesh in all their splendid glory!

She had the biggest, fattest dark-pink nipples I had ever seen in my entire life! I could hardly believe how thick and rigid they looked, poking straight out in the very centre of each large, round globe of tit-flesh.

But Erica was not only gifted with some choice norks – oh no, she had one of the most exquisite hour-glass figures I had ever seen any woman possess, with big curvy thighs, a large, meaty rump, and a couple of nice, long sleek legs that just seemed to go on and on for days! She was, to put it bluntly, the full package

I could tell that Mom was happy about her husband coming back home a lot more regularly than before, and they seemed to be having ‘relations’ a good deal more frequently and really getting into the mood of things. I couldn’t help but grasp a firm handhold of my cock and beat my meat furiously as I listened to the sounds of my parents screwing like jack-rabbits through the thin wall which separated my bedroom from the master-bedroom, as my Mom was a real screamer when she came, and she had a hell of a lot of orgasms when they fucked.

Although I definitely wasn’t a virgin (I was quite an attractive, confident young man who had always been a hit with the ladies), I knew that being with Erica would be so much different than the other girls I had loved, and so much more sweet and meaningful because of our connection and our bond.

My 9″ dick got painfully stiff every time I even imagined what it would be like to bend my Mom over a couch or shove her up against a wall and just ravage her with my long, aching tool. I came dozens and dozens of times dreaming of having my cock sucked down my mother’s throat as the horny, mature cum-slut played with her dripping wet pussy.

I couldn’t help but feel trapped and short of breath whenever I was in the same room with Mom, as if she could tell just by looking at me that I harboured such deep, inexcusable desires for her. Sometimes, I saw her glancing at me from time to time, and there was a look of such infinite sadness and longing in her eyes that seemed to mirror keçiören escort the very emotions I felt towards her deep inside.

A part of me began to consider that maybe she felt the very same that I did, but the larger, more rational part strongly disagreed, saying that the idea was just crazy and that I would regret it later if I made any stupid moves on my own Mom… it was far better to just keep it a fantasy and then no possible harm could ever eventuate.


Things were to change forever between my mother Erica and I on the night of my 21st birthday… or rather, in the early hours of the morning after! My Dad Roger was out of town for the entire week, on some big business trip that he couldn’t reschedule despite Mom’s urgings – she had wanted him to be there for my celebrations, and be the father figure that I needed.

I tried to put on a brave face and just shrug off the fact that he wasn’t there for my big day, but to be honest, it cut me deeply, much more so than I could have ever anticipated or expected. Mom saw through the façade, though, because she knew me better than most… before I went out clubbing with my friends late on my birthday night, she pulled me to one side and wrapped her arms around me tightly, holding me against her and pressing her face in against the nook of my chest.

She’d been drinking quite heavily all afternoon and into the evening, as too had I, and we were both pretty unsteady on our feet. Somehow, we managed to stay locked together without tumbling over onto the floor.

“You know that I love you very much, don’t you? And so does your father, though sometimes he doesn’t have his priorities in order,” Erica said with a broad smile, her words coming out a little slurry because of the booze she’d drunk through the celebrations. “We would do anything for you, Kenny, because you are our son, our young man. I’m so very proud of you, my boy!”

I smiled and squeezed her tight, knowing that her words of comfort were spoken from the heart and said with true sincerity. She was a loving mother and a caring wife, one of the most honest and compassionate women I had ever come across… I wished that I could find a woman like her to grow old with in companionship. Roger Thompson was a very lucky man indeed, or at least he was in my eyes.

“Thanks, Mom,” I replied. “I love you both very much. I know that Dad would have wanted to be here, too, but he can’t help it if he cannot get away from work…”

I had always felt slighted by my stepfather’s seemingly single-minded obsession with his work, at the expense of his family life. Though he had promised on many occasions, both to Erica and I, that he would be winding back on his hours and spending more time with us, Roger seemed to be working just as hard and just as often as usual. But that was the way he was, and if Roger Thompson was to ever change, then he wouldn’t be the same man that we knew and loved… he would be different, and whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, I wasn’t quite sure.

I was ready to go out with my mates and simply cut loose, getting myself plastered and hopefully laid with a gorgeous, spunky sex kitten… and I liked my chances, considering that I already had a few stiff drinks in me and was feeling nice and buzzed.

With my Mom’s firm, pliable body pressing right up against mine, my body began to react to the pressure in the most natural way, despite the fact that my mind knew that getting aroused in such a predicament would only lead to serious trouble. Soon enough though, my rapidly hardening cock was pressing right in against my mother’s pussy-mound.

I could feel my rigid dick grinding in hard against Erica’s groin, and for the briefest of moments I thought I heard a tortured moan escape from my mother’s lips, but then she let me go and I was right back out of there like a bat out of hell! My rock-hard prick was sticking straight out now at full attention, a real embarrassment for me as it was tenting right out of the front of my pants for all to see. I was ashamed from my obvious arousal, and was even more ashamed of the fact that my very own Mom knew that I was turned-on because of her.

When I looked up after a longest while into my mother Erica’s eyes, I saw nothing but love and understanding in her eyes. There was something else in her expression, something deeply troubling, but she was able to conceal her inner emotions from me quite effectively… once I had raised my head to her, Mom leaned in quickly and gave me a fleetingly brief kiss on the lips.

It was one of the most sensuous moments in my life, although it was only just as kiss… but it was so much hotter than any normal kiss because it was from my very own mother, the woman I had been lusting after for so many years. She drove her tongue into my mouth and then it darted back out again as quick as a flash, leaving me stunned and gasping for breath as I stood there merely a foot away from the most gorgeous woman I had ever known.

At that very moment, Mom was the most desirable she had ever been to me, and it took all of my effort and kızılay escort willpower not to just grab her and force her into some brutally gratifying incest right there and then. She was truly a real cock-tease, but at least I knew there was a pretty good chance that she had taboo feelings for me as well!

“Now you go and have fun with your friends, okay? And stay safe!” Erica said to me as I stepped past her and went to join my friends out by the door. Just before I was out of her reach, she swung in and gave me a pretty firm slap on the ass, which made me cry out and jump with surprise. Mom let out a deep, throaty laugh and gave me a mischievous smile when I glared back at her over my shoulder in mock rage. “Don’t go completely off your face, okay? I don’t want you drinking yourself into an alcoholic stupor or anything!”


The nightclub was in Brooklyn, and it was totally thumping at that hour (I think we got there at around 1am, but I couldn’t be sure, I was pretty well gone by the time I arrived!). Sexy babes in barely there halter tops and super skimpy mini-skirts were everywhere, and people were bumping and grinding their bodies up against complete strangers to the smooth techno-beats of one of the hot young DJs of the dance-underground.

I was up on the dance floor with the others for quite awhile in the beginning, but soon enough the whiskey and cola drinks I’d already drunk back before coming out hit me hard and I had to go sit down in one of the booths. There weren’t that many booths left, thanks to the crowds, but me and my best friend Bob O’Malley, who I’d known since grade school, found one at the back and dropped down with a couple of deep sighs.

We were both pretty damn buzzed and quite inhibitive, so if there was a hot lady striding past we made catcalls, and if there was a sexy fox giving either one of us a look-over, then the one that she was looking at gave her something real interesting to look at… namely, his big fat cock!

One shortish, pink-haired bombshell was giving me the predatory look, and she had that look in her eyes that said she liked what she saw. I glanced across at Bobby, and then turned my attentions straight on back to the sexy broad. With a contemptuous leer, I stood up and tugged my pants down, giving her a full view of my raging hard-on thrust out in all its majestic glory.

The punk-babe’s eyes seemed to bulge in her head in surprise and shock at what I had done, and at how big my cock actually was, then she quickly backed off and spun around to worm her way back into the crowd again.

We thought it was the funniest thing in the word, though at the time all we were really achieving was scaring off all the women who were paying the two of us at least a little bit of attention. Bobby and I didn’t really give two shits about that, though… we were fucking drunk, as drunk as Russians!

“Tisk, tisk, tisk… whatever would your mother say if she heard about what you just did to that poor young lady?” a soft, feminine voice cooed into my ear as I leaned back to skull down the last of my vodka and tonic. I spun around in my seat, to find none other than my extremely beautiful Aunt Yvette sitting in the booth right behind me! She was with another woman that I didn’t recognise, and they were both dressed up to the nines in a couple of real sleek, sexy outfits I could hardly believe they would’ve dared ware outside their homes!

“Holy shit! Aunt Yvette, I don’t believe it!” I exclaimed, leaping to my feet and racing around to meet my gorgeous young relative. She got up as well, and we embraced in a tight, loving hug just in front of her booth.

“Oh, this is perfect! I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there tonight for your birthday party, but I was working, and Isabella and I just decided to go out clubbing on the spur of the moment…” Yvette said to me, giving me a light peck on the lips (no tongue like her sister, my Mom, but I wasn’t complaining all that much as I could feel her large, firm breasts pressing into my chest). She was only 32-years-old, four years younger than my mother, but they looked exceedingly different. There were only a few similarities between the siblings, but for the most part they each had their own unique style.

Aunt Yvette was around 5’6″, with long straight honey-blonde hair, a smooth round face that seemed to radiate beauty and elegance, and bright, shining blue-grey eyes, different yet similar to the same shade of colour that her older sister Erica had. She had big boobies, just like her sister, but I would have hazarded a guess and said they were a DD-cup, not quite in league with Mom’s F-cup monsters.

With a nice, big round bubble-butt ass Yvette was displaying to perfection in a pair of ultra-short khaki hip-hugger pants, and long, sleek, suntanned legs that seemed to go on forever, she was nothing short of amazing to me, who had always found my gorgeous Aunt an incredible rich fuel to fan the fires of my incest fantasies.

The friend Aunty Yvette was with, who I assumed had to be Isabella, was around 5’3″ tall, by my estimation, and probably about as old as Yvette, sincan escort around 32 or 33 years of age. She had shortish, trimmed pixie-styled jet-black hair, with deep hazel eyes, and reminded me of one of those punk-rock groupies I’d seen around the place a bit by the way she dressed and the way she looked. She had a lot of facial shrapnel and seemed to be the type of chick that probably had a lot of tattoos, and maybe even a nipple piercing or a clit-stud.

She seemed to carry herself as though she were a wild, inhibitive sex-goddess, and the ideal type of woman to really quench the fires of my lust I felt burning inside.

With a gorgeous, well-built body and with massive D-cup breasts that I yearned to knead and caress with the upmost intensity, Isabella had the goods, and liked to flaunt herself with that air of flaky superiority that I found irresistibly sexy in women. I could hardly bring myself to look her way for fear of bitter reprisals, let alone bring myself to say so much as a word of greeting.

Smiling broadly and pulling me with her over to her side of the booth, Aunt Yvette literally shoved me head-first into their private booth and then slid in behind me so that I couldn’t get out without going through her first, effectively blocking my only means of escape… not that I minded that much, anyway!

Bobby gave me a thumbs-up from where he sat, then got up out of the booth across from me and went to join the rest of my pals on the dance-floor again, leaving me to my Aunt and her friend, Isabella…

“Come on, let’s have another round to drink!” Yvette exclaimed, giving me a lingering squeeze on my left thigh under the table as she raised a hand to wave over one of the scantily clad waitresses to put in our orders. I couldn’t help but think of my very own Aunt’s hand resting lightly on my left thigh as I sat there listening to the two ladies put in their drink orders… when it was my turn, I didn’t react for a few long moments, until Aunt Yvette nudged me lightly in the ribs.

“Umph, yeah, sorry bout that… I’ll have a scotch and soda, I think, thanks!” I croaked out at last, trying not to react to Aunt Yvette as she playfully ran her hand up and down the length of my leg, working her way teasingly closer and closer to my straining cock, which was at that moment threatening to burst right on out of my ultra-constrictive pants! I could hardly breathe; the need to cum was so imperative. I felt as though I was about to loose consciousness.

“Well, how has your birthday celebrations been so far, my darling?” Aunt Yvette asked me once the sexy little waitress had cruised off to get us our drinks.

I smiled at my lovely relative, then glanced over at Isabella and gave her a lecherous grin. “Well, I’d say it was just getting interesting…” I replied, having a feeling that this entire situation was becoming quite a bit more than I would have ever expected. “I’m with two of the sexiest ladies I have ever seen in my whole life, the club is pumping, and the night is still young! What more can a guy ask for, huh?”

Yvette gave me a haughty smile, then leaned forward towards me, her right hand finally snaking up to cup my bulging dick through the front of my pants. “How about this then, big boy? Would this put the icing on the cake?” she asked in a soft, sensuous voice as she gave me a deep, tonguing kiss on the lips, forcing her tongue right into my mouth and down my throat as far as she could get it!

I was stunned by my Aunt’s actions, but soon enough I found myself kissing her back with equalled passion as my natural instincts overcame rationality and I got into the moment. My right hand reached up to cup one of Aunty Yvette’s firm, outthrust honkers and I immediately began to tweak and flick the nipple through the front of her ultra-thin, extremely revealing silk blouse. With my left hand, I began to squeeze and fondle each of my horny Aunt’s big ass-cheeks in turn, enjoying the feel and texture of her butt in my hand, savouring the feeling while I had this God-sent opportunity.

“Oh Jesus Christ, Kenny, your dick is so big and hard! Am I doing that to you, baby? Is this ugly old dame making you all thick and swollen?” my Aunt asked me as she continued to rub my cock through the front of my pants, her face barely inches away from mine, her hot breath on my pouting lips. I could still taste her mouth on my tongue, and yearned with every fibre of my being for her to kiss me again… she was grasping and moaning softly from the way I was playing with her nipples, twisting and pulling on the budding teats til she was begging and pleading for more.

I glanced over at her friend, Isabella, who I still hadn’t even said a word to yet. I didn’t know her that well at all, and already she was getting a real show, watching me and my very own Aunt making out in such a uninhibited way right before her eyes! But she didn’t seem to mind about any of that in the least – in fact, she actually had her blouse already unbuttoned and pulled open, and was playing with her huge breasts with one hand while she diddled her pussy with the other! I could see it all from where I was sitting, and so could Aunt Yvette… when she saw that I was staring at her friend as Isabella finger-fucked her shaved smoo with rigorous intensity, Yvette stopped squirming about in my embrace for just a moment and wormed her body out of my grasp.

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