Nancy Goes Fishing


John, Adam, and Rich have been friends for more than 20 years. John married at 20 and his wife passed away 10 years ago, now at 44 his daughter is 19. His friend Rich 43 is married too, and he can’t stand her. Adam is 4, the only one of them not married, says he’s been waiting for his bride to grown up. John doesn’t think he’ll ever get married.

John was sitting at the table watching his daughter Nancy,

dancing with his two best friends. He’s been having some hot and heavy thoughts about her. Watching them was making him hard. “You know you should be out there dancing John.” Krystal, Rich’s wife said. ” I just don’t want to Kry.” he told her. He didn’t care what any one would think. He was going to see if Nancy has any interest in him.

For the next few weeks John put his plan in motion. Last week he started watching porn movies, while she was home. And last weekend he had gotten some books, leaving them around the house. He decided to get caught, accidentally coming out of the shower, or jerking off laying on his bed. Last night he had come down stairs, to find Nancy watching a porn he’d never saw before. She must have heard him. “Hello daddy, Hope you don’t mind, I thought I watch one that a friend had given me last year.” Nancy said. “No problem, Honey I love these movies.” he told her.

She hoped that he would understand what she wanted by watching this movie. She had noticed him these last weeks, her hopes grew each time he had let her see him. She knew he wanted to fuck her, and she wanted that too, but she wanted to have all three of them. So yesterday she went looking for that porn tape, but what she found was something wonderful. The three guys were best friends and the girl was one of the daughters.

John was getting into the movie, and was getting very hard. “What do you think of the movie daddy?” Nancy asked. “Yes.” he grunted. ” I do to, its about three friends fucking one of the guys daughter.” she said not hearing him. He couldn’t take anymore, so he told her he was going up to bed. When he got up stairs he stroked his cock till he cum all over his chest. He’d been trying to sleep for over an hour, when he felt her climb in bed with him.

He laid real still, waiting for her to make the first move. He felt her hands touch his leg, moving up his thigh, down and over to his inner thigh. His cock stiffen, and her hands cupped his balls. Rolling them around her hand, he felt her other hands hold his cock. He kept quiet, wanting to know how far she would go. When he felt her mouth close over his cockhead he grab the sheets in his fist. “MMMMMM…” he moaned. When he breathing settled a little, he reach over and turned on the lamp.

“I was wondering when you’d wake up daddy.” she told him.

“Thought I was dreaming, till you had put my cock in your mouth baby,” he told her. She put him back in her mouth again, and move him deep down her throat. She took her mouth off him, and climbed on top, and laid her pussy lips on the under side of his cock. With her hands on his chest, she slide back and forth on his cock length. “OH MY GOD NANCY, I’M GOING TO CUM!!” he cried out.

“I love you daddy, but I also would like to have you, Rich, and Adam at the same time.” she told him, getting up and walked out.

John sat up, watching her walked away. “What did she mean by that?” he asked himself. Then he remembered the tape they watched earlier. Did she want to have sex with the three of them. He couldn’t sleep, so he had gotten up and went out to his study. John would call his friends over and tell them what had happen. With that settled, he thought back to Nancy sucking his cock. He was hard and was jerking off, thinking about what had happen.

John called Rich and Adam to come over after Nancy had left to go shopping. “What’s going on John, my wife is madder than a wet hen?” Rich stated. “I’m glad I’m not married.” Adam said.

“Well I have something to tell you guys, and I’m not sure what you will think.” John eryaman escort said. He waited a minute, then went into what had happen last night with Nancy. “So I was wondering what you thought about it?” John asked. “Do you want us to up front with you?” Adam asked.

“Yes!” John said. “I know I’ve fantasize about more than once, since she turned 15, when I first noticed she wasn’t a little girl anymore. And now she’s gotten even bigger, I’ve wanted to slide my cock between her huge tits.” Adam told John. “Well if we’re being honest. Kry isn’t interested in fucking me anymore. I think she’s having an affair with her boss. But lately I’ve been jerking off, every sense I saw her jump in the pool and her top fell off, Everything from sucking my cock to fucking her ass.” Rich said.

“Thank you, now we have to figure out where and when we can do this. I don’t want it to be just one night. You guys have any ideas?” John asked. “Well what about the upcoming week, we are up at the cabin to fish? Instead of fishing we can be fucking.” Rich said. “Yes, maybe you can send Nancy up to clean, and stock the cabin the night before, and have her stay the night, we come up the next morning as we always do.” Adam said. John nodded his head. The plans were made, and he would tell her later. “Is the game still on for tonight?” Rich asked. John told them yes and Adam and Rich left.

Nancy grab some of the bags and went inside, “Daddy I’m home and I need some help.” she called out. John came around the corner and told her he’d get the rest. Nancy took off her coat and went about taking care of all the stuff. After bring in the last of the stuff, he lock the back door and pulled the shade down and walked over to her. Pulling her into his arms, he move his ams around her body to cup and squeeze her tits. Kissing her neck, whispering things he’d like to do in her ear. He move his hands down her body, pulling her dress up and pushing her panties down. He moved his fingers in and out of her pussy, then he turned her around and kneeled down in front of her. She watched his tongue stick out and slip inside her pussy lips, using his mouth, tongue, and fingers he suck, and fucked her till she climax in his mouth.

John stood up seeing that her eyes were still closed, he caress her face. ” I’ve talked to Adam and Rich, they both tell me that they have wanted you for a long time it seems. They’ll be here tonight for our weekly game.” John whispered, kissed her and left the room. It took her awhile to get herself back together, she finish putting away the stuff and went up to her room. Hours later John walk into her bedroom. “Nancy would you like to play with us tonight? The reason I’m asking is that, we can play strip porker and the winner can either get sucked, or have their cocks rubbed by your pussy, like you did mind.” he said. “Daddy I want to have those hard cocks inside me.” she told him. “I know, and it will happen when we go up to the cabin next week.” he said. ” Okay I’ll play tonight.” she told him.

The guys were already down stairs playing when she walked down. “Hey guys can I come and play?” she asked with a wicked grin. They looked up, saw that Nancy was dress in a sheer black number. “Yes, come sit down.” they said. Nancy wins the first hand, and she has Adam eat her pussy. Rich wins the second, she sucks him. The next three hands the guys won. She had to take’s off her grown and put the robe back on, then she had to suck her daddy’s cock.

“This better be the last hand guys I’m going to have to go home soon.” Rich said. “Okay I have a bet, if I win you three have eat me. If any one of you guys win I’ll rubbed my pussy over your cock one at a time. Is it a deal?” she asked. “Deal” they said. She lost, she started with Rich. She laid her pussy lips open on his cock and sliding back and forth till he exploded. She did it with each one of them. “Daddy please let me feel them inside me please.” she begged him. “Okay baby go upstairs, lay down on your etimesgut escort bed and we’ll be in one at a time and you will not know who’s who.” John told her. “I bet, I will know!” she said.

She went up and closed all the curtains, and shades turning off the light she laid down and waited. “MMMM.” she moaned when she felt him on top of her. He didn’t say anything just put his cock in and held himself there. “Oh Adam, feel so good.” she whispered, pulling his head down for her to kiss him deeply. He couldn’t stop himself he exploded inside her. Rich and John each took their turn and she guess, and made each one cum. Just like she did with Adam. She fell asleep. When John came back into his bedroom.

“That wicked girl guessed who I was and I didn’t even move inside her and I exploded.” John said with a grin. They all told him the same thing. {phone rings} “Hello, yes he is Kry, just a minute.” John said.

“Yes Krystal, Well you could have told me sooner, no I believe you knew for a while. Well hope you have a good time in his bed.” said Rich, hanging up the phone.

“What was that about Rich?” John asked. “It seems that Krystal’s going out of town, wont be back till after we get back from our fishing trip.” Rich said. “Hey man don’t worry about it, we have Nancy, she’ll take care of us.” Adam said. “Hey John, is there any reason why we have to wait till next week before we go?” Rich asked. John told him that if Adam could get the days off, they could leave tomorrow. Adam said he would call in the morning, then he would call John and let him know.

Nancy woke up and went down to eat breakfast. John walked in when the phone rings. “Hello, That’s great Adam okay see you then.” John hung up the phone “Nancy there has been a change in plans, we leaving this afternoon for the cabin. I want you to pack and go up there open the cabin up and we’ll be up around 5-6 in the evening.” John told her. She jump up and kissed him hard using her tongue, she move her hand down and rubbed his cock. “Please hurry! I’m very horny.” she said and ran out of the room. She grab her bag and went to the closet, she pulled out her black sheer night grown, and the red one to. some clothes. She had two bags pack when she pulled out of the driveway.

John just finish loading the truck when Adam pulled in. Rich was right behind him. They all got into the truck and were on the road by 12. “Man I can’t wait to feel my cock up her ass.” Rich said. “Ya, I want have suck me.” John said. “Good I want to feel my cock moving inside her tight pussy.” Adam said. They drove for hours before they pulled off for a quick lunch. ” John lets stop in the next town, we need to get something for Nancy, each of us get her something special.” Adam said. “He’s right, I think I’ll get her something sexy, What size is she?” Rich asked. “Her measurements are 38 DD, 30, 38. Dose that help? Oh I’ll get her flowers.” John told them. In the town, the three of them went they separate and each met back at the truck at 15 till 5.

Nancy waited on the porch for them, looking at her watch she noted that it was 5:30 so she went in and fix supper. She heard them pull in at 6. She went outside to greet them. “It’s about time you got here boys. Supper’s just about done, come in.” she told them. Rich and Adam went to take a piss, and John went up to Nancy. ” We each got you something that’s why we’re late.” he said handing the flowers to her.

She thank him and handed him his food and sent him out to eat, Rich gave her a sheer white teddy, she sent him out with his food. She stood looking out the window at the view. She didn’t hear Adam come in, until he put his arms around her. ” Nancy how did you know it was me last night.” he asked. Taking a big deep breath. ” MMMMM, it’s your smell, I’ve been in love with you for a long time Adam. You could put me in a dark room full of men, and I can pick you out just smelling each man till I found you.” she told him. Adam got down on one knee, etlik escort took her hand. “Nancy will you marry me?” Adam asked her.

Nancy looked like she was in shock when John walked back in the room. “Nancy what’s wrong?” John asked concern. “Oh Adam, yes, OH YES.” she said grabbing him and hugging him too. Adam slip the ring on her finger. “Oh daddy I’m getting married, Oh Adam what about….” was all she could say. “All three of us will still be together, that wont change at all. I love you, but I wont take them away from you. Besides should you ever get pregnant, know one will say anything to you. The baby will be mine.” Adam told her. “He’s right baby, One of us could have gotten you pregnant last night. With all three of us living in the same house and you not out dating, there would be saying bad things about you. I was wondering how long it was going to take him to ask you to marry him.” John told her.

Nancy went in and changed into her red sheer robe and grown. She walk out into the room. “Well boys I’ve been waiting a long time.” she said. Adam stood up and undress, standing before her with his cock hard and ready. She watch then undress.

Adam was the younger of the three. And he has the largest cock, John and Rich’s are close, but still just as big. Adam pull her to him on the couch, he opens her robe, he cups her tits, squeezing them. He lowers his mouth, sucks in her nipple and grown. Nancy’s head rolls back and her tits are push out, her hands move down his chest, down to hold his cock. Stroking him she feels something at her mouth, opening her eyes she finds a cock there. With her other hands she hold the cock and closes her mouth on it. Adam’s hand joins hers on his cock and he pulls her grown up and pulls her to his cock, easing in he uses both hands and grabs her ass cheeks, pulling her to him in one quick pull. He’s buried deep inside of her. Pulling her with him as he lays back. Rich follow, keeping his cock in her mouth. John walks up and kisses, and licking her ass. He pushes his cock head into her ass. John pulls her ass cheeks wide and in one push he is buried deep.


“OH GOD HERE I CUM BABY. AAAGGGGHHHHH” Adam grunts. John pulls out and move to the side and Rich get behind her and eases his cock up her ass, he slowly moves in and out. John sats back and watches his daughter getting fucked by his best friends.

Adam picks her up and carry’s her to bed, never once taking his cock out of her. They all fell asleep and the next morning she woke up, and found she was by her self. She stetched out, she felt paper. Opening it, she found a note from the guys saying they had gone fishing so she could rest. “Hey sleepily head, mmmm, I’m so glad your awake.” Adam said. ” Where’s the others at?” she asked. “They’re still down fishing, come on I’m going to give you a bath.” he told her.

He was massaging soap her body, she pressed against him to kiss his lips. She like the sensations. It was giving her an idea. ” Oh Adam, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of us get all slippery, rubbing, sliding against each other while we’re fucking?” she question him. “I don’t know right now, because all I want to do is get my cock inside your.” he whispered. He pushed her up against the wall, and thrust his cock up her pussy, getting in as deep as he could. Pulling her legs up he pounded her into the wall as he fuck her hard.

“OH BABY I’M SORRY, BUT I HAVE TO, OH GOD, I HOPE I’M NOT HURTING YOU, OH GOD, I’M GONG TO CUM, OOOOOOO, HERE, I, CUM!!” he screamed. He slammed his cock hard and her orgasm slammed into her, and drain everything in her. He pulled her under the shower, rinsing them off.

They went home at the end of the week. Adam and Nancy got married and she had a baby boy that was indeed Adam’s son. Rick left his and moved in with John, Adam and Nancy.

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