Mystery Lover


I talked to some guy on craigslist. We made an arrangement that I would get a hotel room, put a blindfold on. I would leave the door open and get on my knees in the middle of the room. He said he would be there at exactly 10:30 pm.

I was nervous as hell. Who knows who this guy is that will hopefully be fucking my face soon? Who knows what he looks like? He could look like a gremlin for all I know. Yet, I was more excited and thrilled then I ever have been in my life. I was on my knees and couldn’t see anything. I made sure not to see anything, so that my sense of touch and taste were higher. I thought to myself “I wonder if he will even show up?”

Just as I questioned his arrival, I heard the door creek open, shut, and lock. “He’s here! This is actually gonna happen!” I thought more excited and nervous than I have ever been in my life. I could feel his presence as he walked up to me while I was on my knees. My dick had became instantly hard in my pants. It pushed against them, throbbing with my racing heart. I heard him unbuckle his belt. *clink clink* I opened my mouth quickly, waiting for him to fill it. His pants dropped, and I could immediately smell his wonderful manly scent of his balls. My mouth was watering more then when I’m at a restaurant waiting for a $20 stake. I stuck my tongue out, as to make it as a desperate offering for his cock. I suddenly felt his smooth cock rub against my tongue. I could taste his soft, smooth man gaziantep suriyeli escort meat. He continued rubbing his cock on my tongue and and around my mouth. He slapped it on my tongue and mouth, as I moaned like a slut.

I was so hard that I was bursting out my pants. I unbuttoned my pants, and pushed them down, taking my underwear with them. My cock had shot out like a rocket, rock hard. My hands then moved back, holding my ass cheeks as he pushed his head into my mouth. My tongue massaged the bottom of his head as my lips wrap around his hot, now hard cock. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock into my wet mouth. As it hit the back of my throat, I tried to relax my throat muscles to allow him to fully penetrate my warm throat. He pulled it back slightly, and begun to hump my mouth. I moan like his little cum slut. I reached up and grabbed his balls. They were slightly hairy, but that didn’t bother me one bit. I cupped and played with his balls as he continued to fuck my face gently and slowly. I could feel every inch of his throbbing shaft move through my mouth and over my tongue. My mouth was watering like crazy, and my spit was dripped down to his balls. I grabbed his cock and pulled it out my mouth. I held it up and stroked it as I moved my mouth down to pleasure his balls. All I could think of was their delicious cum which would soon fill my mouth. I licked and kissed them with more passion then I’ve ever had for anything. He moaned while I engulf his nuts with my soft, warm mouth. I sucked them in, one by one. I licked them completely over, over and over again. Making sure to give every last inch of his sack attention before my tongue found it’s way up and down the bottom side of his cock. His hands ran through my hair and he moaned with pleasure as I licked and kissed the underside of his penis.

I then put him back in my mouth. I had put only the head in and licked it all around. I could feel his cock as it twitched in my mouth with every lick. I started to bob my head on his cock while I stroked him with both hands. I was desperately trying to milk his cum out of his delicious ball. He kept moaning loader and louder as I sucked him faster and faster. He put force on the back of my head, pushing his cock deeper into my now stretched throat. I reached down with my hands and grabbed my cock. It was rock hard, throbbing, and on the verge of exploding.

He continued to pump my mouth with more and more force every time. My moaning got loader the harder and faster he went, knowing soon I would taste his delicious seed. He grabbed my head with both hands and pushed his whole cock deep into my throat. I was barely able to push my tongue out to lick his balls as he held my head there. He let go and I pulled back. I took a few deep breaths and shoved his dripping wet cock into my mouth. I sucked and stroked him, my hand twisted on his lower shaft as my mouth ran up and down on his upper shaft and head. He moaned loader and louder, as did I. He pulled his cock out and stroked it. I opened my mouth waiting for him to dump his load in it. My heart racing, so excited to taste his seed and give him the orgasm I had been working so hard to give him. He shoved his cock back into my mouth, and stroked it. I sucked as hard as I could, trying to suck all of his cum deep from his balls.

He let out a load grunt and his cock exploded in my mouth. It pulsed shot after shot of what seemed like an endless load of cum. I moaned like his little cum slut as he filled my mouth. His thick load filled my mouth to the point that I couldn’t hold it anymore. It dripped out the sides of my mouth, and around his pulsing cock. After his cock stopped twitching, he pulled it out my mouth. I leave my mouth open to show him my mouthful of his delicious cum and use my finger to pull the cum the dripped out into my mouth. I closed my mouth and swallowed it in one big gulp. I grabbed his softening cock and sucked of the remaining cum on it and the last bit out of it. I licked and kissed him from his balls to his head until he was completely soft.

He pulled back and I could hear him pull up his pants. I stayed on my knees and stroked my cock until I heard him leave the room. I laid back and stoked my cock until I came all over my stomach. It was almost as big of a load as his.

I laid there I a state of bliss and slept on that ground, with the cum still on my stomach until the morning. This will happen again soon 🙂

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