My Twins and My Man Ch. 03


I sat in my car outside of the pharmacy and waited for Kacie as she picked up a few odds and ends that she needed. I heard a buzz and noticed that her phone was sitting on the seat beside me. Thinking nothing of it, I reached over and picked it up as it buzzed for a second time alerting the arrival of a text message.

I could see the message on the screen and it read, Kalie: do u really wanna do it or not?

That could mean almost anything but I was intrigued. I put in the four digit code that all three of us used on to safeguard our phones: 4747. It wasn’t a very good code given that it also served as our house number.

I scrolled up to the previous message which was Kacie saying that she thought it would be fun. Further up, the contents of the texts blew my mind! Kacie was thinking of joining her sister on the next adventure that was apparently in the works.

As it turned out, Kalie had been talking to a guy she met after posting one of her ads who had a desire to have a threesome with sisters. He thought the idea of being with twin sisters was even better.

I hit the close button on the phone and placed it back on the seat moments before she made her way back to the car.

I was overcome by emotion. I was repulsed by my own excitement. I was embarrased by my desire to know more. I was uncomfortable in my own skin but I managed to act normal once we got going. She didn’t look at her phone as we drove home and before we new it we were in the driveway.


Brent and I went out to dinner that night and we sat toward the back corner of the pub. I couldn’t wait to tell him what I had discovered but I was about to embark on something even more bizarre.

Before I said a word Brent stopped me in my tracks. Apparently he had brought me out on purpose because there was something he wanted to tell me. In fact, Brent already knew that Kalie and Kacie had talked about hooking up with Eric together. Not only that, but Brent had actually been the one to suggest that Kalie talk to her sister about doing it. I was shocked. Outraged!

When I thought I couldn’t handle one more word he dropped an even bigger bomb on me. He confirmed that emek escort Kacie had agreed to meet up with Kalie and Eric and that Eric would be coming to our house later that night. It was already nearly eight o’clock! Once again, I felt helpless. There was nothing I could do to stop this speeding train. There was no way for me to interfere with these plans. The wheels were already in motion.

As I sat there and sipped a glass of wine I couldn’t seem to calm the butterflies that were fluttering about in my stomach. I couldn’t stop whatever demon that lived inside me. I was wet with anticipation and equally freaked out.

Check Please

Brent paid the waiter and we sat for just a few more minutes while our dinner was charged to our account. We looked at each other but only he was smiling. I was frightened.

The car ride was very quiet. The radio was silent as we drove through the suburbs that had played such a big role in my girls’ lives. We passed their old High School and I couldn’t help but remember taking the girls there for the very first time.

We turned the corner and he parked beside my car. There were no cars on the street. There were no neighbors walking their dogs or sitting on rocking chairs waiting for time to roll by. It was barren.

As we walked inside I noticed that the living room had been cleaned up as if we were expecting company but the girls were not in sight. We sat down on the love seat, still in an awkward silence, as the clock ticked on. The first to arrive was Kalie. She was chipper as always and immediately asked if we were staying. I said nothing.

Kacie came in next and asked Kalie when he would arrive. She said that she expected him any minute. I wanted to run to my bedroom and bury my head in a pile of pillows but my legs were frozen in place. Brent reached over and took my hand. I sat back in a more relaxed position and I closed my eyes. Kacie had not as much as acknowledge us.


Eric didn’t bother to wait to come in to our home this time. It seemed as though he opened the door as he knocked and strode right in to our living quarters. Kalie jumped up and greeted him with a hug and a eryaman escort kiss on the lips. Behind her, Kacie walked toward him as well but with much less enthusiasm. Kacie gave him a hug as well and Brent kissed me on my cheek.

I was surprised when Brent stood and walked to the couch across the way. Kalie giggled when she noticed my puzzled expression.

The girls took spots on either side of Brent while Eric reached for my hand. He helped me to my feet and sat in my position. Before sitting, he opened his belt, unfastened his button, slid down his jeans and looked at me and smiled. He told me to suck his dick.

I looked over my shoulder and Kalie had already removed Brent’s rigid cock from his pants. She was slowly stroking it while Kacie sat looking hesitant. Brent told me to suck Eric’s dick and I began.

Having no idea what was going on just over my shoulder, I took Eric’s dick in my mouth. It was thicker then Brent’s and just as long. I cupped his balls while I licked the shaft and moaned. I could feel the moisture between my legs. I was turned on.

Eric put his hand on my head and attempted to thrust himself deeper into my mouth. I gagged but I didn’t resist. I liked it when I was treated a little rough. Moving faster now, I began to take it as deep as I could while stroking with one hand. My tongue flew circles around the tip of his dick as it was about to escape my mouth but I didn’t let that happen. As deep as possible I continued to suck this hard foreign dick.

Behind me Kalie stroked Brent’s cock while Kacie began to suck on it. Sisters giving each other a hand. I could hear Brent moaning while I sucked and I was secretly yearning to turn around. I couldn’t resist any longer and turned my head over my shoulder. Kalie had her top off and Brent was sucking her perfect tities. Kacie, also topless, continued to give him head.

I barely had a glimpse before Eric guided me up, sliped down my pants and pulled me on to his lap. His dick poked around before easing it’s way inside of me. Once it was there I was thrilled. I put my hands on his shoulders and had my face side by side with his. I hopped up and down riding him etimesgut escort while my girls switched places on the other side.

Kalie hollered across the room for Eric to let her know when he was ready to cum and he simply grunted. Several minutes passed before he nudged me back and onto my feet. I turned around and glanced at my girls. They were face to face, dueling tongues, as the sucked on my man’s rock hard dick.

I stood on the coach with a foot on either side of Eric and he guided me down. I rode him in reverse while I watched Kalie push Kacie away and climb on top of Brent. Within seconds he was inside of her and we were being pounded rhythmically while Kacie kissed Brent’s neck.

I felt Eric push me forward and he called for the girls. They approached and I retreated to my man and sat next to him. I took his wet cock in my hand and rubbed as we watched the girls suck my pussy juice off of Eric.

He came in Kacie’s mouth while Kalie looked on. She wasn’t more than four inches away when the cum erupted. Kacie held his cock in her mouth as he shot and then for just a few seconds longer. I heard a pop as she let it finally slide out of her mouth and watched as Kalie moved in for a kiss.

My girls kissed each other passionately on the lips. Their tongues passed the salty liquid back and fourth as Eric watched. Brent was as hard as I can remember in my hand. I took his cock back into my mouth, tasted my daughter on his shaft and he was signaling the girls. Kalie put her hand on my head and Kacie brought her head close to mine.

His cum gushed in my mouth as I moaned. I had Erics finger inside of me as he came. Playing with my clit while my man came in my mouth was a most unusual turn on. Kacie opened her mouth which was below my face and I let the cum drip. Some missed her mouth and she wiped it from her eye.

Carrying my man’s cum she again kissed her sister passing the sacred liquid back and fourth. Eric was hard again and inside me as they kissed. I felt him blast a load in my cunt as Brent and I locked eyes.

Eric walked back across the room and put his clothing back on. The girls, with their heads resting on either side of Brent’s lap gazed into each other’s eyes. I knelt in disbelief.

The door closed and he was gone. I took Brent by the hand and led him to our bedroom. I was naked and crawled under the covers. He nestled up beside me, holding me, and he told me he loved me.

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