My Story Ch. 06


I had spent the night at O’s place and the very naughty and horny session from the gym had carried on through the night.

I woke from my slumber and realised I was in O’s bed. I let a satisfied smile spread across my lips and snuggled in to the duvet. I could still feel the wetness between my cheeks from last nights passionate and sexy ‘love making’. It gave me a feeling of complete satisfaction and fulfillment. O was pleasuring me in ways I’d never experienced and it just gave me an overwhelming feeling that I put my complete trust in him, and yes, I was definitely falling for him.

I was hoping for a repeat of last night’s antics but O entered the room fully dressed.

“Morning, sleepy head.” He said, as he put a cup off coffee and a water on the night stand. “I have to head to work, have an early client at the gym.”

He leant down and kissed my forehead, told me to make myself at home and promised he’d text later on.

With that he left and I heard the front door slam shut.

I contemplated having a little play but decided against it, I was still pretty worn out from the night before. I got up, showered and left his apartment, hoping it wouldn’t be too long until my next visit.

O text me saying he loved last night and looking forward to next time and he hoped that he’d fulfilled my fantasy. He had, and then some!!

H had got in touch and asked if I fancied meeting up tonight. I contemplated it and was worried that I may not have much energy after how O had laid me out last night and into the early hours of the morning. Jeez, I could still even feel O’s cum leaking from my well fucked asshole. Well you only live once I suppose. I replied to H and she suggested I go to her place as she has the place to herself.

I arrived at H’s place around 8 with a bottle of wine. She opened the door and greeted my in a slinky, silky short black robe, with what looked like some very sexy lacy lingerie underneath, although her robe was tied at the waist. She always dressed for the occasion, I was more than impressed, she looked so hot.

We kissed on the doorstep and she led me into her apartment. Of course she led me straight to her room and she told me that her flat mate was out on a date so we had the whole place to ourselves.

She’d taken the time to set the mood in her bedroom. Candles were lit to give it a more moody, dusky feel. I could see the tv already had an interracial sex scene paused and ready to go. Maybe H was really getting into this black cock porn thing.

H crawled onto the bed and I stripped to my boxers. When I turned around, H was knelt in middle of the bed. She showed off a small brown bottle of poppers in her hand and beckoned me over. I approached the foot of the bed and H tugged at the cord of her silky robe. It fell open and slipped off of one shoulder. She wore sexy black, lacy lingerie under her robe and as the robe fell open, it revealed a huge, shiny, black dildo hanging there between her legs. It was the one we had had so much fun with last time we met, only this time, H had purchased a harness that held that magnificent, black cock against her and let it swing between her legs.

H moved her hips from side to side and it made that huge black phallus swing back and forth between her thighs, almost mesmerizing the way it swung like it was a real cock.

She hit play on the porn and beckoned me onto the bed with her. I climbed onto the bed with as she reached down and gripped the base of her cock.

She looked at me like a predator, “I’m gonna let you suck on my big black cock tonight, and I bet that you’ll be begging me to fuck you before the end of the night.”

She was really getting into this and I liked it. And to think less than 24 hours earlier I was begging for big black cock of another variety.

She lay back and propped herself up with the pillows. Her legs spread and that huge black cock stood up right, pointing towards the ceiling.

I leaned forward and licked the underside of the big head of that cock. H let out a moan which encouraged me to get more into it. I slipped my lips over the tip, feeling it filling my mouth.

She goaded me and egged me on, “That’s it baby, suck on my big black cock. Mmmm, yes, you’re a good little cock sucker.”

I couldn’t disagree, I had turned into a naughty little cock sucker over the last few weeks. And I didn’t have the slightest regret in my mind.

H drizzled some lube over the tip, it was a whiteish looking lube and when poured over that big, black, rubber cock, in the dim light, it looked a little bit spunky and even more delicious. I reached down and rubbed that lube over the tip and down the length. I wrapped both my hands around it and stroked it. I lowered my head and licked the tip, flicking my tongue over what would be the most sensitive parts, looking up at H and just lapping and teasing the very tip and spunky hole.

“That’s it cock sucker, that’s just how I like it. Are you sure this is the first cock you’ve sucked?” She teased. “Get me nice and ready, because I’m gonna take that cherry tonight.”

I moaned onto the cock, loving her dirty talk and how she was getting gaziantep suriyeli escort into it and enjoying the role reversal. H held the base and slapped the round tip against my outstretched tongue, making me chase after it before rubbing it across my face.

H instructed me to lie on my front. She adjusted her position so she was straddling my upper legs, holding me by the waist and I could just feel the tip of that dildo resting against my boxer shorts. She had taken control of this session, and with that huge black cock hung between her legs, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

She made me watch that naughty black cock porn scene as she massaged my ass. Her hands slipped down from my waist and began kneading my glutes through my boxer shorts. She teased her finger tips into the waistband of my underwear and slowly slipped them down my legs. As she re-positioned, I felt that thick, black, shaft slap against my ass cheek. H drizzled a cool lube onto my ass and began rubbing it in. My ass is a major erogenous zone and it turns me on immensely when it is massaged, teased, probed and any other delicious feeling you could think up.

She encouraged me to watch how them wanton sluts in the porn scene pleasured their black cock lovers. In one scene, the male actor, Joss Lescaf, was giving a hot brunette a massage which had started innocently enough but had become more erotic as the minutes ticked by. Joss was massaging the girl’s perfect behind and slowly but surely, getting closer and closer to touching her most intimate parts.

“Look how she opens up for her black lover.” H whispered in her sultry voice. “Look how an innocent massage can change when a powerful, black man takes charge.” She teased me, and with each word, edged the tip of that big black cock closer to my ass.

H worked her thumbs between my ass cheeks and parted them, holding them apart as I heard her let a little spit drip from her tongue to my hole. Direct hit. I felt the wetness on my pucker before her thumbs moved to rub it in. I couldn’t help but let out a moan, that was perhaps more high pitched than previously. She worked my globes, pushing them together before pulling them apart and holding me open, almost as if she was examining me. It made me wonder if she could tell that just 15 hours earlier, I was getting my ass well and truly fucked hard and soooooo fucking deep by O. It made me feel a little self conscious but H must have felt my unease and passed me the poppers to help me relax and lower my inhibitions. I took a deep hit and felt it wash over me, allowing H to continue her naughty exploration of my most sensitive areas.

H used her hands to tease me for what seemed like hours but I did not want it to stop. She would rub my exposed hole, lubing me up and making me all wet. Her fingers probed into me and I could feel her opening me up. Any self-consciousness had disappeared and H was exploring every part of me. I had submitted to her. H had been copying what Joss was doing on screen but that scene had developed now and Joss Lescaf was squeezing his beautiful, thick, black cock into her moist, pink, tight pussy, and it looked devine.

I had expected H to carry on mirroring Joss but she had continued to tease me and by now, I was so worked up that I was moaning out loud, gasping at her touch, bucking back and pushing against her to try and get that black cock inside me. She knew how bad I wanted it but still continued to tease me and make me beg for it. H kept commenting on how I was such an eager little slut for her tonight.

I watched the hot brunette take all of Joss’ cock and I started feeling a little envious. I needed to be filled like that. I bet Joss would’ve given me what I need by now. A hard fucking from that beautiful, black cock. H held my cheeks open and I felt the tip of that cock slide between them, like a hot dog in a bun.

It brushed against my hole. H drove that big cock up between my ass cheeks and would then drag it back down making me feel the full length rubbing against me. She poked the very tip at me and I wondered how much resistance my ass muscles would give against her thrusts. The previous evening’s antics had showed me just how accustomed my ass had become to welcoming the penetration and in particular, taking O’s huge black cock inside me.

It didn’t need much pressure. H pressed on and the head slipped right inside me making me grunt but immediately enjoying that stretching feeling.

“Oh that is a hungry ass.” H exclaimed, sounding almost impressed.

I buried my face into the pillows and allowed her to continue the press. She pushed on slowly, my hole stretching around that big dildo. My ass welcomed it and I found I had missed that feeling of being filled up. I felt it bottom out as her hips pressed hard against my ass cheeks. H kissed me tenderly, nuzzling into the back of my neck as she lay on top of me.

She whispered into me ear, “You like that big cock inside you, don’t you?”

“yeeessssss!!” I whispered, “I love it.”

“You want to be a little slut for my black cock?” She teased, almost whispering it to me, for only me to hear like it was our secret.

I told her, admitting it to her, “I love that black cock. I need it.”

“Fuck, yeah! Tell me, tell me, how you want filling up with huge black cocks.” She demanded, whilst thrusting into me, making me accept the full length.

Things went up a notch with all the dirty talk and we started moving in unison, whispering to each other our deepest desires.

“A hungry ass like this, I bet you need more than one cock to keep you satisfied?” She asked in her naughty, sultry whisper.

I, of course agreed, although I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Her suggestions were enough to sew the seed. She continued to describe in detail how I would take big black cocks in my tight, slutty asshole, and suck on another until he’s ready to pop. Describing how we would share black cocks and take turns sucking and fucking them. Telling me how she wants to fuck hung black men and make me watch, and how when she can not take anymore, they move on to me. Suggesting a ‘black cock tour’, travelling to every county to discover hot black men to seduce and experience everything they have to offer. All of this while she had that black dildo buried up to the balls inside me, fucking me.

In my lustful state, I agreed to everything. I wanted it all. She fucked me harder. The dirtier the suggestions and desires become the harder she would thrust. She knew she was going to make me explode.

“Go on sexy, cum for me. Cum with that black cock buried deep inside you.” She goaded me.

I couldn’t hold back and moaned and groaned into the pillow, I breathed in deep and exhaled and shot rope after rope of cum onto the bed sheets. Again, I had that all too familiar feel, when I need that full up feeling inside me. I didn’t want H to pull out. I wanted this feeling all the time, my tight ass encompassing that full up feeling. Stretched and full up with thick, black cock. I Love it.

H pulled that big cock out of me with a plop, which made me gasp. I desperately wanted filling again. I can’t explain the feeling, I know I am becoming addicted to having my ass fucked, I mean really, really fucked, and of course, it just HAS to be black cock.

We snuggled in and discussed the dirty talk some more. I couldn’t wait to get started.


The next morning I woke and found H had already sneaked off for the early shift. I always ask her to wake me on her way out so that I’m not left in her apartment on my own so to speak. I hadn’t even met her house mate and I didn’t want the first time to be when I’m still a bit groggy from just waking up.

I had a text from H just telling me to make myself at home and that I can stay or leave whenever I want, and not to worry about her housemate, he’s harmless, but she was not sure if he even came home last night after his date. All the usual stuff. Okayyyy.

I was thirsty so I padded down to the kitchen in my underwear, to get a glass of water and planned to just get changed and set off home.

I had a big gulp to quench my thirst whilst I leaned on the kitchen sink. As I lowered the glass from my mouth, I thought I was seeing a mirage. A tall black man walking down the hall towards me in the kitchen. I watched him approach, him too, just in his underwear; tight , rose red boxer shorts clung to his body and that impressive package, which I only just realised I was staring at.

“Hey there.” He spoke confidently, with a deep American twang and extended his palm.

I took his hand in mine and shook it, still a little taken aback.

“Uurr, hi. Umm, you must be H’s housemate, right?” I asked. “Sorry, I didn’t think anyone was home.” I said, feeling a little awkward. H had failed to mention her housemate was a huge, hung black man!!

“Yes I am. I’m Darius. Good morning!” he said.

I felt like he was checking me out whilst he held my hand in his. He sucked on his bottom lip and let out a suggestive low whistle, looking me up and down.

Darius stood at around 6ft. His head was shaved and he had a neat goatie beard. He was broad and had big arms and chest and although I thought he was checking me out, I had already noticed his large package tucked into his tight boxer shorts, probably the first thing my eyes had become naturally drawn to over the past few months. It looked impressive and gave me that funny feeling in my mouth.

“Soooo, H got the early shift, huh?” He asked, but it was also a statement.

“Yeah, she left at like 6am.” I answered. “Soooo how was your date last night? H told me you were meeting someone?” I asked.

“Things just didn’t click, you know? So I blew her off.” He said, in a confident, almost cocky tone, as if it happened a lot.

“Well, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.” I replied.

Darius leaned against the kitchen work top. It felt like he was checking me out as he looked at me with his head tilted to the side. It accentuated his strong shoulder muscles and broad, powerful, thick chest.

He shrugged, “Yeah, I just came home early and caught an episode on netflix.” He smiled like it was no big deal. He was smooth. “It sounded like you and H had a great time.”

I was slightly taken aback, and acted a little coy, ” Um, what do you mean?” I asked.

“You know what I mean.” He said confidently. “It was veryyyy… very vocal.”

Oh my god, what had he heard? I had no idea that anyone else was in the house.

I tried to brush it off, “Oh yeah, sorry about that man, H can get very loud. I hope we didn’t disturb you too much.” I almost asked, trying to hide my embarrassment.

“And not just H.” He said, with a smile, looking me in my eyes. “I heard you.” He stated, nodding at me, almost accusingly.

My mind was spinning. I didn’t know what any of this meant. What had he heard? We were doing some pretty kinky stuff.

“And now you’re here in my kitchen, all half-naked.” He said as he stepped closer to me, his finger just tracing a line around the waistband of my boxer shorts.

I moved his hand away, almost convincingly. “I was just getting a drink of water, I’ll head back to the room and get dressed.” I said, trying to persuade myself.

“No, no, no, noooo, stay, stay.” He was so convincing. His hand slipped down my back and pulled me in close and whispered to me, “I heard you and H talking last night. I heard you sharing your desires…” he said, pulling me in to him.

We were close now and he hugged me in tight and held my face tenderly, kissing me on the lips. I kissed him back and it was a deep, longing kiss, his big, thick lips almost devouring mine. I didn’t know I was this horny until Darius entered the kitchen.

I had a split second of consciousness and pulled away from him.

“We can’t.” I pleaded, but it was not very believable. “I’m dating H, I can’t do this.”

He gripped me tight, “Yes you can, yes you can.” he whispered. “I see how you look at me, I see it.” And he kissed me once more, long and deep.

I tried one more feeble attempt at pulling away and telling him, “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

He grabbed my arm, roughly this time, and spun me back towards him, almost pulling me off my feet. He shuffled me toward the marble kitchen table and forcibly gripped my hips and bent me over it. My chest and face were pressed against the cold marble. His hand was in the centre of my back, holding me down.

It was as if a switch had just been turned in me. His man handling of me had thrust me straight into slut mode. I was almost growling with my face pressed against the cold marble.

“YEESSSSS.” I hissed. “I love it when a strong, black man takes control of me and dominates me like this.” I moaned. “You can do anything you want.” I panted at him.

Darius wasted no time. He held me down and groped my ass. Kneading it and massaging it. It was sending me into over drive. He pulled his hand away and spanked me through my underwear. I gasped and yelped, as his palm struck me, playing up to it, wiggling my ass at him, imploring him. He whipped my boxers down to my ankles and continued his assault on my ass cheeks. I was all his, completely under his spell.

He kicked my feet apart, widening my stance and my feelings of vulnerability skyrocketed. He pressed his bulge against me, making me feel the heat from it against my ass. He lifted me so that I was knelt on the edge of the table, my face still pressed against the cold marble and my ass high up in the air, now at face height for him.

I felt his hot breath on my puckered hole. He wet his finger and just circled the tip around my asshole, making it flinch and tighten up, almost winking at him. He blew on it, making it cold and then pressed his hot tongue against me. I relaxed and enjoyed the bathing he was giving me with his tongue, making me moan his name. He was good at it and I let him know. After he’d ate my ass like it was a warm cherry pie, he spun me around and began slowly lowering the tight, red underwear he was wearing. I had to get a closer look.

I maneuvered so that I was lay on my front on the marble table, my face was now at optimum position, to be at the perfect level for his cock. I watched as he slowly revealed that meaty length to me. It fell out of his underwear and bounced back up of its own weight. It was big, and not even fully hard yet. Darius was completely shaved down there, totally smooth and has a certain shine to it, like it was all lubed up already. I took his smooth balls into my mouth as he rested that thick meat across my face. I let my hand slide up the meaty shaft, squeezing a little more at the round, bulbous head.

Darius rested his hand on my head and gave me some verbal encouragement. Telling me I’m an eager, black cock sucker. He held my head in place before turning around. His smooth ass was now inches from my face, those big, black muscular globes within tongue’s distance. I ran my hand over his lower back and worked down to give those delicious glutes a squeeze. They were rock hard and Darius leaned forward slightly, his ass cheeks slowly parting as he backed up that inch or two and his cheeks enveloped my face. I breathed in his musk and worked my tongue all up and down that delicious ass crack. I held his cheeks apart and delved my tongue into his tight hole. Yes, this is why I’m here, I’ll do anything to please that black cock. I lapped at his sexy ass for a long while, he would push back onto my tongue and I’d poke and prod my wet tongue at his tight, naughty, little asshole. He approved.

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