My New Roommate_(0)


Time was up. I had to leave my parents’ house. Only problem was, I was essentially broke. I’m a scrawny 19 year old going to college at the local community college. I have a part time job at a grocery store. I have nothing. I read an ad online saying there was a room for rent for $200 a month. The only issue was that it was a studio apartment I had to share. I didn’t have much choice. All of my belongings were in my backpack (yeah… things were bad), so I knocked on the door and prayed there wasn’t a serial killer on the other side.

The door swung open, and a tall chubby girl with the biggest pair of boobs I’d ever seen opened the door. I didn’t even have a second before she snagged me and shoved my face into her breasts. She was wearing a white tanktop and no bra, but her chest was surprisingly firm and perky, despite each breast being as big as a watermelon. I was lifted off the ground. She was surprisingly strong.

“I’m Lucy!” she said. “Are you going to be my new roommate?”

I pulled my head out from between her boobs. She was actually kind of cute, with green eyes and dark brown hair. I didn’t have a choice. “Yeah. Is it still available?”

She squealed with delight and tossed me into the air, then caught me again in her bosom. “Of course it is! You’re such a cutie! So, as the ad stated, you will have to share a bed with me. That’s ok with you right?” She walked me to her bed and plopped down on her knees. The bed was a mattress on the ground, which made sense, because it would probably collapse if it was on a frame.

“This should be fine…” I said. “The bed’s a little small though. I don’t know if we can both fit.”

“I guess we’ll have to snuggle then!” she said, laughing. Every time she laughed, her massive tits bounced up and down. “So, honey, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Umm… no?” I said. Seemed obvious, and, I mean, she was practically having sex with me already. “You don’t have a boyfriend do you?”

“I actually do!” she said. She bounced again. “He’s actually coming over now. Don’t worry, when we want to have play time I’ll take him into the bathroom. I’m a little bit surprised though. You’re even smaller than he is.” She winked at me. “I have a thing for little boys.” I blushed.

The Doorbell rang. She put me down and walked to the door. Her ass was gigantic. If she ever sat down on the bed while I was laying on it, I’d be a pancake. She opened the door, but she blocked everything gaziantep travesti in front of her from view. Her body was so wide; you couldn’t really see past her. She leaned forward and rose back up. Turning towards me, she had lifted a guy about my size into the air and was making out with him. “Does baby boy want some love?” she asked him in a baby voice. He nodded (I don’t think he noticed me). She dunked his head into her massive cleavage. His head disappeared, and his hands fervently explored her large body. “He just loves my boobs,” she said to me. “Honey, this is my new roommate. Umm, what’s your name again?”


“Yeah, Mike, this is Jeremy. Jeremy, say hi.” Jeremy pulled his head out and looked down at me. He seemed a bit confused. Lucy scooped me up with one of her arms, and now, holding both of us up, pushed us into one of her breasts. “Jeremy, Mike is even smaller than you. I’m so lucky I get to hang out with two super cuties.” She squeezed the two of us into her chest tight.

“Where is he going to sleep, Lucy?” Jeremy asked. Fair enough question.

“He will have to sleep with me, when I’m here. I’ll spend more time at your house though. Don’t sound so jealous, honey, you’re the only boy for me!” She let me go when she said that, and I slid down her chest down to her thigh. She was wearing short shorts, and my face ended up resting on her sizable ass when she turned slightly. I was surprisingly comfortable. She made out with Jeremy, and marched him off to the bathroom, leaving me on my knees. She slammed the door shut behind her. I couldn’t believe what I had gotten myself into. This girl was insane.

Almost immediately, I could hear Jeremy screaming. “Mommy, mommy, mommy!” Alternately, Lucy was giggling like a little school girl. Then there was a muffled scream.

“Can’t breathe, baby boy?” More muffles. “Well what if I did this?” I could hear her lips smacking. “You like that don’t you? What a cutie!” Then silence for a minute. Then the door opened and she came out, adjusting her shirt. Her breasts looked ready to explode out. “Jeremy and I are going out tonight. I might not be home until tomorrow. Are you ok to be here alone?”

“Yeah, I should be fine.”

She kissed me on the forehead. “I think we’re going to get along just fine.” Jeremy walked out shortly thereafter, and the two left.

That night, I was woken up from my sleep at around 2am when Lucy barged into the apartment. She and Jeremy were clearly drunk. She sat down on the couch next to the bed. “Shhhh baby. Mike is sleeping,” she whispered. She sat Jeremy on her lap and ripped his pants off. “Now give me some of that cock.” She raised his pelvis up to her mouth and shoved his cock into her mouth. She easily handled his cock and balls, and sucked like I had never seen before. He squirmed for a bit, but couldn’t last long, and appeared to cum into her mouth. “Baby, can I get on top of you and ride you now?”

“Come on, Babe, you know how scared I am. You could kill me. You weigh like three times what I weigh.”

“But I want to get on top of you and fuck your little brains out. Pleeeeaaaase!” she begged. Honestly, if she really wanted to, she could just pin him down. She was being quite generous, I thought. She was already looming over him, stroking his hair, her titanic breasts hovering loosely over his head, barely covered by a stretched white tank top. He shook his head. “Can I hold you in my breasts then?” He nodded, and she cradled him like a baby. She rocked gently, pulling out one of her massive breasts and placing her nipple into his mouth. The nipple had to be the size of a finger, and he sucked it for all it was worth until he appeared to start drifting off to sleep. The alcohol must have started catching up.

She sighed, and placed him gently on the couch, then made her way to the bed and lay next to me. The bed was so small that I rolled into her chest. My hands instinctively raised in defense of my face, and they grabbed breast flesh. I may have accidentally squeezed one of her nipples. “Did I wake you, Honey?” She stroked my hair. I got the strong impression she was still feeling frisky.

“Yeah, but it’s ok,” I said. I couldn’t help but continue to massage her breasts. Lucy was now puffing out her chest. I could tell she loved it.

“Can you get between my legs? It helps me sleep.” She opened her huge thighs, and I slid in between them. I was a little bit nervous that she would try to close them and crush me to death, but she was such a gentle girl that I decided to allow it. “I’m going to squeeze you a bit ok? Don’t worry, you’re safe. I just want to play.” She squeezed gently, burying my face in her chest. “Kiss them,” she whispered. I lightly kissed her breast flesh, which was so expansive it was actually covering my face and upper torso as well. Her thighs grinded on either side of my hips, her smooth, fat skin begging to be rubbed. I didn’t really know what to do. Her boyfriend was right there, though he appeared to be completely comatose at this point. “I love how tiny you are. I could suffocate you right now with my breasts, and there’s nothing you could do about it.” She pushed me further in. It was indeed getting harder to breathe. “I would never hurt you though. Would you trust me if I got on top of you?” She pulled me out for a moment. I stared up at her in awe. Was this really happening? “Please?” She moved in close to my face. Her lips were close to mine. I nodded.

She rolled me on my back and mounted me, her knees on either side. I couldn’t even see her face over her massive melons. She was like a massive tower over me. And then she dropped. Her breasts smashed on my face. I started panicking, and I squirmed as her breasts mashed my face into the mattress. She rubbed her chest back and forth, and my face went with it. “Oh my god I love this!” I heard her say. I tried hugging her, but my arms could rarely reach past her side boob. She was sweating profusely, and my face started to stick her massive breasts. If she wasn’t careful, she would soon suffocate me.

Lucky for me, she sat up a bit. Her huge tits dangled over my face, and I kissed them obsessively on the fabric. “You’re the smallest little boy I’ve ever been with. You like big boobs don’t you?” She was in complete control. “Do you want some milk, Honey?” she asked me, her big boobs rubbing against my chin? I nodded. “Good. Nothing makes me cum faster than having a small boy suck on my tits.” She pulled her tank top down and shoved her massive nipple into my mouth. I sucked on it as hard as I could, and she quietly screamed, and then she stopped. And she collapsed. Right there on top of me. Breasts flooded my vision. One of her boobs was enough to completely trap my face.

I could hear her moaning from above me. I was freaking out now. I pushed and pushed, but she outweighed me by lord knows how much. Air was running low. So this was how it would end. My face trapped beneath a gigantic boob. I guess there were worse ways to go, but still, I at least wanted to…

And, luckily, she got up, or at least rolled over. The sweat of her chest worked as an adhesive on my face, so I went with it. She held me close for a moment. “Don’t tell my boyfriend we did this,” she said. I turned to see Jeremy still fast asleep. She turned off the light and cuddled with him the rest of the night. I passed out almost instantly.

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