My Life is You Ch. 11


It was half past midnight. Dillon knew because he had checked the time using his talking watch. The house was quiet and he was sure Nurse Sterning was asleep. She always retired to her room promptly at 10:00 p.m.

He carefully made his way down the hall and into the kitchen. Without thinking about it, he had brought his cane along and now he had to work to make sure it didn’t bump against anything. He almost gave himself away, however, when he tripped over a chair. It seemed that Nurse Sterning had been rearranging the furniture and hadn’t bothered to tell him there was now a table and chair in the hallway. Holding his breath, he listened. Had Nurse Sterning heard the scrape of the chair over the tile of the hall? He breathed a sigh of relief when she didn’t come running. Then he moved on. Entering the kitchen, he silently lay the cane upon the counter and opened the first drawer.

His questing fingers met with silverware. Knives, forks, and spoons were neatly placed in a plastic holder. Shutting it, he moved to the drawer below. This one appeared to contain towels. Dillon tried to remember how many drawers there were in the kitchen. Suddenly, it seemed like there were a hundred of them even though he knew that wasn’t right.

The third drawer held odds and ends, but not the kind he wanted. He muffled a cry as he pierced his finger on a meat thermometer. Sucking his finger, he closed the drawer. The lowest drawer was deep and Nurse Sterning had placed onions and potatoes in it. They rolled against each other as he eased the drawer shut again.

Slowly Dillon made his way around the counter. It took him quite a while since he didn’t want the drawers to make any sound as he opened and shut them. He constantly worried that the contents would shift and clang together as the drawers were in motion. Ascertaining what the contents were wasn’t much easier, either. He had to be very careful about where he placed his fingers.

Dillon was just about to give up hope when he came to the last drawer. It was the one next to the back door. However, he didn’t believe that what he was looking for would be in there since nothing was in the same spot anymore. Why would Nurse Sterning leave this drawer intact?

Dillon cringed as the heavy drawer groaned and rattled as he pulled it out. That was a good sign, however. Those keys were heavy, along with the other things he had kept in his junk drawer, like a hammer and screwdrivers. Not daring to open it all the way, he pulled it out just far enough for his hand and lower arm to slide in. His fingers met the handle of the hammer! Dillon’s heart beat rapidly as he ran his fingers up the handle to the head.

There it was! Right above the hammer was the bag of keys. Dillon withdrew his hand to the handle of the hammer again and carefully pulled the hammer from the drawer. Then using his other hand, he reached back into the drawer and grasped the bag of keys.

Pulling them toward him in the drawer was an excruciatingly slow process. If anything were going to give off a lot of noise, a bag of keys would do it. Finally though they sat at the front of the drawer. Dillon picked them up and then placed the hammer back in the drawer, which he eased shut.

Taking his time, Dillon moved out of the kitchen and down the hall. He almost ran into the table and chair again, but he remembered them at the last minute. It was only when he reached the first stairstep that he remembered his cane. He couldn’t leave it there. It was a definite giveaway.

Backtracking, Dillon retrieved his cane. Now the problem became making sure the cane didn’t hit anything and keeping the bag of keys silent while finding his way without tripping over anything. The damn table and chair were the only real obstacles, however. Without them it would have been a straight shot down the hall.

The journey up the steps was a tense one. They rarely creaked, but from time to time, as the house settled, they would speak out. One did groan as he placed his weight upon it and Dillon froze again. Nurse Sterning was down in the study and he hadn’t checked to see if her door were completely closed. Had she heard that?

The sound of the study door opening scared him. Dillon heard her walk to the downstairs bathroom and shut the door. He crouched down on the stairs so that he would be as small as possible, hoping to blend with the shadows. He couldn’t remember what color he was wearing and unfortunately had no way to check.

Only when Nurse Sterning was back in her room a heart-pounding five minutes later did Dillon dare to escort bayan gaziantep breathe freely again. He wasn’t sure why, all of a sudden, he didn’t trust her, but something no longer seemed right.

He hadn’t analyzed his feelings. He was only going with instinct on this. But his instincts told him she was hiding something. Yet, there was no reason for her to do so. Unless she was doing something illegal, he didn’t care what she was doing. He was too busy trying to figure out what he was doing with his life to worry about what she was doing with hers.

Reaching the top of the stairs, he traveled the few steps down the hall to the guestroom. He carefully placed his cane upon the floor, glad he had re-carpeted the hall not long ago. The carpet was thick and high, muffling the sound of the cane hitting it. With trembling hands he carefully opened the bag. The keys clinked quietly together, but he didn’t think they were loud enough to rouse Nurse Sterning again.

The first key fit into the lock, but would not turn. The second wouldn’t even go in. The third fit, turned slightly, but not all the way. The fourth also fit but did not turn. It was the fifth key that worked. It wasn’t a perfect fit. But it turned farther than the others and with a bit of finessing Dillon got it to unlock the door.


Seth listened to the door rattle. What was going on? Was Nurse Sterning standing out there and enjoying the chance to torment him? He’d rather she just came in. If he was going to die tonight, he didn’t want it to be after long hours of torture. Scratch that, the waiting had already been long hours of torture.

The lock finally clicked and the door eased open just a fraction. There was the sound of some clinking and then the door opened completely. The moon shining through the part in the windows showed a muscular figure who turned and silently closed the door behind him. It was Dillon!

Seth could have sobbed with relief. He watched as Dillon moved to the dresser and set a bag of some kind down. Then Dillon began to open and close drawers, searching for something. Seth was sure that Dillon did not know he was there.

Sucking as large a breath in through his nose as he could, Seth began to thrash on the bed with all his might. His ties didn’t allow him much leeway, but he used whatever he had. He also cried out against the gag, creating muffled sounds.

Dillon jerked aright. “Who’s there?” he asked softly. “Is someone there?”

Seth worked harder, his body straining against his bonds. Still clutching his cane, Dillon moved toward the bed. Only when Dillon’s fingers slid over the comforter and onto his leg did Seth stop moving.

Dillon’s hand slowly traveled up his body. In any other situation, Seth would be moaning with delight. Dillon’s touch still sent sparks through him, even now.

Dillon’s hand jerked back slightly as it brushed against his crotch. Seth could almost be amused if this weren’t his only chance of rescue. Dillon’s hand continued its upward journey, over his stomach, which had been flat before but was closer to hollow now, and up the center of his chest.

When Dillon’s hand reached his face, Dillon discovered the duct tape. Seth felt Dillon’s fingers move along it to the edge. Dillon was much gentler in its removal than Nurse Sterning had ever been. He peeled it carefully away from Seth’s skin. It still stung; there was no way to avoid that given how raw the skin underneath was.

Seth worked his mouth once the gag was removed. His jaw was incredibly sore and his mouth dry.

“Who are you?” Dillon asked.

Seth swallowed several times, trying to bring saliva to his mouth before answering. “It’s me Dillon, it’s Seth,” his voice was hoarse from disuse.

“Seth,” Dillon breathed. “Seth, what’s going on?”

“I’ll tell you all about it later,” Seth replied. “Please, just untie me now. We have to get out of here before Nurse Sterning comes.”

Dillon hesitated for a moment. Seth was sure he was weighing his need to know what was going on in his own home against Seth’s urgency. Luckily, Seth’s fervor won out and Dillon ran his hands up Seth’s right arm to the tie there.

Muttering at how tight it was, Dillon lay the cane upon the bed between them. Seth watched Dillon work at the knot with both hands. All of Seth’s struggles had actually tightened the knots and Dillon had to work hard to get them undone.

When Seth’s right hand was free, Dillon moved to Seth’s right foot. Seth half sat up the best he could and went to work on the bindings surrounding his left hand. Sweat was beading on his brow. It was amazing how a physically fit body could be so reduced in four days’ time.

Seth would spend the rest of his days thanking the Lord that he chose that moment to glance at Dillon. If he hadn’t, he never would have seen Nurse Sterning enter the room, intent upon filling a syringe with something.

“Dillon, watch out!” Seth cried. Dillon jerked up and back, before swinging around. He had to know that Nurse Sterning was there even if he couldn’t see her. There was no other reason for Seth to react that way.

Grabbing his cane, he turned and swung out. His passes didn’t come close to Nurse Sterning, who had barely entered the room, but they did keep her at bay.

Seth struggled to untie his left wrist, his fingers fumbling in his haste. Finally it was free and he sat up completely. Dillon had untied Seth’s right foot and begun to work on the bindings of the left. With trembling fingers, Seth completed Dillon’s work.

Dillon was still wildly swinging his cane. Nurse Sterning was trying to calm him down. It was obvious to Seth that she didn’t want to hurt Dillon. “Shhhh, baby, it’s alright. Mommy’s here and you just need to put that down so that Mommy can make everything right.”

Instead of calming Dillon, Nurse Sterning’s words seemed to make Dillon more agitated. His swings of the cane became wilder and more violent, where before they had just been a means to keep Nurse Sterning away.

Seth rose, supporting himself by holding onto the footboard of the bed. He hissed in pain as blood rushed back into his limbs. The pins and needles sensation that accompanied a limb “falling asleep” was magnified a hundred times. “Dillon, we need to get out of here and call the police,” Seth gritted out between clenched teeth.

“No!” Nurse Sterning yelled. “No one’s taking my boy away from me ever again! Dylan, baby, just let Mommy take care of things,” her voice became pleading for a moment. Then she turned and rushed toward Seth, the syringe extended in front of her.

Just before she could reach Seth, one of Dillon’s swings connected. He was screaming, “What are you talking about? You’re not my mother! My mother is a self-righteous bitch that turned her back on me long ago!” The last word was punctuated by the sound of the cane striking flesh. It caught her across her left arm and her chest.

Nurse Sterning cried out in pain, reeling slightly from the blow, but not pausing in her desire to reach Seth. She leaped at him, the syringe scraping over his skin but not puncturing it. “Let me just take care of him and then we can sit down and talk. I’ll help you, I’ll help you to remember me,” she panted out as she struggled with Seth.

Seth fought to push her back. Normally he would have been much stronger than her, but he had been greatly weakened by his time in captivity. The syringe waved wildly in her hand as she tried to insert it into him. He locked both his arms around her right wrist, pushing the syringe away from him. Then he twisted, throwing her off balance.

Nurse Sterning cried out again as her feet slipped out from under her. As she went down, Seth tore himself from her grasp. He moved to Dillon and took the cane, standing over Nurse Sterning. “Drop the syringe,” he ordered her in a harsh voice.

Nurse Sterning sobbed, but dropped the syringe. Seth carefully kicked it away from her, keeping his eyes on her the whole time. “Please Dylan, please baby,” she pleaded. “Don’t be mad at Mommy. I just wanted us to be together again.”

“Dillon, go call the police,” Seth said quietly. Dillon turned and felt along the wall until he came to the door and headed out into the hall.

“He’s not your son, you know,” Seth said softly. “He remembers his mother, he said so himself.”

“No! I don’t know what they’ve done to him, but he is my son! He has to be! I can’t have lost my baby,” she collapsed in on herself, wailing. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and Seth could almost feel sorry for her. If his body wasn’t aching with all she had put him through and the syringe weren’t lying there on the floor, a reminder of what she had planned, he might have wanted to comfort her.

They stayed there for a long time, Seth silently keeping guard over her weeping form. The only time he moved was to turn on the light so that he could better see her. Dillon finally returned, an angry look on his face. “She disconnected all the phones other than the one in the kitchen!” he spat out. “I called 9-1-1 and they’re sending a car out. She better hope they keep her far from me,”

Not long after that they heard the wail of a siren. Dillon went downstairs to unlock the front door. Seth hadn’t moved from where he stood over Nurse Sterning.

A guard probably wasn’t needed anymore. She had taken one look at the hatred on Dillon’s face and gone quiet. Now, she just sat and quietly cried, murmuring to herself, “My baby, my baby,” as she rocked back and forth.

When the police officers arrived, there was a babble of voices. Both Dillon and Seth were trying to explain at once. Finally, the female officer put her fingers to her lips and let out a shrill whistle. “One at a time,” she commanded. “Mr. Marshall, you go first since this is your house.”

“I found Seth tied up in here,” Dillon said. “When I tried to free him Nurse Sterning attacked us.”

“I take it this woman is Nurse Sterning,” the officer said, looking down at Nurse Sterning crouched on the floor. “How did she come to be here?”

“She was my private nurse,” Dillon said. “I was in a bad car accident and I needed someone to help me, so she was hired.”

“Do you have any idea what she has against you Mr. Evans?”

“It’s not that she has something against me,” Seth said from where he sat on the bed. As soon as the cops had entered the room he had sagged down onto it, his rush of adrenaline dying out. “Somehow she convinced herself that Dillon is her son. From what I can tell, her real son died in a car accident similar to Dillon’s eight years ago. When I arrived to take him out to dinner she was threatened and wanted to get rid of me. I don’t know why she didn’t do it immediately, but I’ve been here since Sunday.” Then he thought of something. He had no idea how long that was! “What day is it?”

“It’s Thursday, or, actually, Friday morning,” the male officer supplied. While they had been talking he had called for paramedics and sealed the syringe in an evidence bag.

“You’ve been here since Sunday,” Dillon squeaked. “I’m so sorry, Seth, I had no idea.”

“It’s not your fault, Dillon,” Seth soothed him. “You had no way of knowing what she was up to.”

Dillon moved over to the bed and sat next to Seth. He didn’t seem to notice that Seth wasn’t very fresh at the moment. “Were you really going to take me out to dinner? Even after how awful I was to you?”

“You weren’t awful, you were upset,” Seth looked down at his lap. “I should have told you that I knew and that I didn’t mind.”

“So we can be friends again?” Dillon asked, tentatively reaching out to touch Seth’s hand.

“I’m hoping we can be that and more,” Seth said, raising his hand to Dillon’s cheek. “I’m not your therapist now, but I am still in love with you.”

A look of surprise came over Dillon’s face. Seth smiled and drew Dillon into his arms, holding him tight. Dillon pulled back, confused. “But, Seth! You’re not . . . I mean, you don’t . . .”

Seth smiled tenderly at Dillon. “Oh, yes, I most certainly am, and I definitely do, especially when around you!” Then he drew Dillon forward again and leaned down, eager to feel Dillon’s lips against his own.

The moment was interrupted by the arrival of the paramedics. One team went to work on Nurse Sterning while another insisted on checking out Seth. He protested that he was fine, but they were adamant that he go to the emergency room and have a doctor check him over.

Dillon asked to go with Seth in the ambulance but was denied since he wasn’t family. Seth told him to call Jeremy and see if he could bum a ride.

“I can’t call Jeremy,” Dillon said. “I make him too uncomfortable.”

Seth cupped his hands around Dillon’s face and leaned forward to kiss him lightly. The kiss was no more than a brushing together of their lips, but it was enough to make Seth’s toes curl. “No, baby, that’s not it all. Think. Nurse Sterning disconnected all the phones. You never heard the phone ring because she didn’t want you to have any contact with the outside world. She wanted you to think you only had her. But I know better. I saw Jeremy at Achin’ Saturday night and he misses you.”

Then Seth leaned in for another kiss. This one was as gentle as the last but it said so much more. It told of his love, his longing to share himself and his life with Dillon. Dillon’s lips were warm against his own and Seth longed to linger in the kiss. His thumbs stroked the sides of Dillon’s face as he drew away, their breath mingling.

When they pulled apart Dillon promised to call Jeremy right away. Seth let himself be led out of the house. If he had to go to the hospital, he wanted it over and done with as soon as possible. He was eager to begin the next chapter of his life.

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