My horified wife


My wife and I took a holiday without the children, we came to the decision to go to and island away from crowds.

The flight was long and boring but we did enjoy the business class attention , felt very special and spoilt.

On arrival it was 45c sticky and very humid , just wanted to get to the hotel, found our guide and then realized we had another two hours in a limo to the resort, our driver was black dressed in white shirt and shorts very fit and his muscles bulged from his arms.

Kim asked if she could change into something lighter before getting in the car , Cliff smiled and said take your time and cheekily suggested less is better around here.

She snarled at him and walked of , Cliff asked if he had upset her , no she is always like that , I said no sense of humour , we are her to relax but the travel has been hours and I think she has the shits.

Kim surfaced looking very mad wearing a summer dress that clung to her body exposing her very well developed tits and round ass , cliff smiled at me and said , fuck she looks fucking mad and with that she got in the car a slammed the door closed.

All was very quite as we took of and she sat staring out of the window not saying a word , I eventually broke the silence asking her what was the problem , she turned and told me she was sticky and hot and sick of travelling , with that Cliff turned the air conditioning on high and slowly cold air came through to the back.

Half an hour into the trip she relaxed and started to chat and asked questions , Cliff escort maslak was very helpful with answering most and with that she relaxed even moor to point of adjusting her dress to feel the cold air.

By the time we arrived at the resort she had relaxed totally and was her self again , Cliff gave me his card and said he would be available at any time we needed him , as he took all the cases into the resort , shook my hand and kissed Kim’s hand as he left.

The room was fantastic ,close to the beach and away from the main building it was like a hut on a desert island.

We showered and took a walk along the beach it was late afternoon and the sun was disappearing not a sole around so we hugged each other and got romantic , my dick hardened and she rubbed it , lets make love on the beach I said , not on your like she snapped lets go back to the hut and there you can fuck me.

Fucking Kim was always a pleasure and that night was no exception , as we lay she mentioned Cliff and that he was such a nice man and wasn’t he fit , she remarked , I lightly said wouldn’t you love to feel them , she squirmed and said no no no but I felt she was not telling the truth.

The next day we set of for the beach, set out towels down and lay around , people were doing so much around us and there were several young black men hovering around the white women who were staying at the resort., I decided to go fetch some drinks from the pool bar behind us.
being gone for only minutes Kim was surrounded by a couple of older black men beyoğlu escort who soon left as I returned.

Kim was quite calm and spoke about the two men , they wondered if she would like a massage and gave her a mobile number , I looked around and they were just behind us , I can organise one if you want, she said she would love one , I walked over and asked one if they could give her one tomorrow , he smiled and then asked if we were swingers , no but I would love if you could persuade her to go black if you know what I mean , we will give it a go , I asked them to take there time as she loves the gentle touch.

The next day as we sat on the beach the black guy came to give Kim her massage , I had bought down a sun bed , I layed down the towel and she lay face down ,he started to oil her back and shoulders and then he started to rub , her bikini strap was in the way ,but to my surprise she undid the strap to reveal her naked back , this gave him access to her whole back and to the top of her ass, his black hands on her white body was so good to watch , gently gliding over her body was sending her a little turned on.

Next he started to apply oil to her legs and again gently up and down eventually moving to her inside thigh then slowly touching her crouch , that’s when I noticed she was not objecting to his touch so he went under her pants to massage her ass cheeks ,I leant on my side to watch his movements , I smiled when he ran afinger inside her ass crack , with a wink I knew he was almost there , I then suggested they escort nişantaşı move inside the hut so he could do her front .

Kim looked at me with that puzzled look , but I knew she was ready for the next stage , they went inside and I watched him rub her shoulders and he removed his shorts and removed her bikini bottoms and held her tight , her nipples were so hard and long ,she had arched her back into his groin he started to pinch her nipples and then I saw his huge thick cock resting between her ass cheeks.

She was now moaning and wanting some attention, he led her to the bed bent her forward , then told her to get on all fours as he ate her out , with that his mate came in sat at the head of the bed and told her to suck his cock, she was now in heaven.

They took turns eating her out as she sucked each cock , one was bigger than the other I noticed the smaller one one fucked he first , I surpose getting her ready for the bigger one, no that was not the reason , they had one moor guy involved and yes , it was Cliff , he came in and wow what a cock he had , it was approx. 10inches and as thick as my arm.

He sat on the lounge with his legs wide open and ordered Kim to come sit on his cock , she climbed on facing him , they kissed with tongues going everywhere , she then lowered herself on this monster , she grimaced but kept going down on the thing until it was deep in her , the others were massaging her cunt so to accommodate Cliffs huge cock .

As she sat there he looked over and smiled , now I will teach the bitch some manners , with that he fucked her , she just kept saying don’t stop fuck me fuck me , he did all night and for the next week , she was now his white slut and had to do anything he asked.

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