My Gamer Boyfriend

Bbc Whore

Having a gamer as my boyfriend is amazing. We often have sexual interactions while playing games online with our friends. You particularly like it when I give you head while you are in the voice chat with the group of guys you game with. I think they know what’s going on but you seem to think they are clueless. Either way it’s added a bit more spice to game night.

Tonight is game night with the guys. I love to watch you play your favorite games. Seeing you be so proud when you have a good game. But there is also the other side. The games that get you frustrated. The games that make you growl.

I know tonight your friends are wanting to play the frustrating games. I know what that means for me. I know what that means for me. So I prepare for what I know is going to happen. While you start playing I change into something a little more revealing. A tank top that shows off my big boobies, and the lacy panties that I know you love so much. And then masaj porno I wait…

I sit in the chair next to you. Scrolling through my phone. I smile when you lean over and kiss my shoulder before the next round starts.

As the game begins I turn to watch you. The look of focus on your face, the way your eyes are so intense as you try not to let the game get to you. It doesn’t take long for the first growl. Frustration as the game fails to work the way you feel it should.

The game ends and you grab my ponytail pulling my head toward you for a rough kiss. “I want you on your knees for me NOW!” You growl into my mouth as you end the kiss. “You’re going to make me forget how much I hate this fucking game.”

I smile and stand up letting you see my outfit, before I get on my knees under your desk. Looking up at you with a smile as I place my hands on your thighs. “Is this how you want me?”

You look down at öğretmen porno me with a sadistic smile, a perfect view of my cleavage. “You are such a good little slut for me baby. I’m going to ruin you once I’m done playing. Now be a good girl and suck my cock. Can you be quiet while you please me? You don’t want my friends to know what you are doing, do you?”

I nod and reach out to free your cock from your boxers. You are already hard at the thought of what we are about to do. “Good girl, now show me what that whore mouth of yours can do.” You turn your focus back to the game as I begin slowly stroking your cock.

I take my tongue and swirl it around the head before running my tongue down the length of your shaft. Coating your cock with my saliva as I feel your cock grow even harder. Tracing the vein on your cock back to the tip. I slowly take your cock into my mouth. You moan softly as I take your whole cock deep oral porno down my throat. I hold myself there, my nose touching your mound, my warm breath flowing across your skin.

As I begin to lose my breath I begin bobbing up and down on your cock. My saliva increasing as my pace quickens. I love the taste of your skin, the feel of you inside my throat. I feel my juices begin to flow, getting so much pleasure from pleasing you.

As I suck your cock I hear your tone of voice change when you speak to your friends. Your breathing rate increases and every once in a while you growl with pleasure. The frustration of the game being transformed to pleasure. As you near your climax the current round ends.

You tell your friends that you’ll be right back. You reach out and grab my head, controlling my movement as you start to fuck my mouth. It doesn’t take you long before I feel you twitch and shoot your cum down my throat. Swallowing all of it, and then cleaning your cock with my tongue, I look up at you with pleading eyes.

“Such a good girl for me.” You growl. “You will definitely get a reward later.” You pull me into your lap and give me a gentle kiss. “Only a few more games and then I’ll take care of my special angel.”

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