My first encounter_(0)


Every  few years in the summer holidays my family and I go to a holiday house with three other families. All of the families have children my age and we all get along well with each other. This is the first trip for about four years so I can’t really remember The other guys too well. I remember that there was John, Ryan and Charlie, but none of their parents names. 

Our car finally pulled in and I got reacquainted with some of my old friends. They all looked more physically developed than last time and I knew that I had definitely come a long way in the last four years. We all got talking and it came up in conversation that none of us had ever had a girlfriend before and that we all wondered what they looked like downstairs. Charlie said that he had seen naked girls on the internet but he hadn’t seen up close what they have instead of our dicks.

 It was a hot day so we decided to go for a swim in the pool. I noticed that some of the other guys had snail trails starting to develop and I wondered when I would start to get one. We mucked around in the pool for a few hours until our parents forced us to get out and take a shower. We all went inside to the large downstairs bathroom and took our pants off without thinking and got straight in gaziantep travesti the shower. This was the first time I had really seen another guy naked as my dad doesn’t live with us. I saw Ryan’s dick and it looked a lot different to all the rest of ours. we all started talking about our dicks and how Ryan’s was different. He said that he was circumcised and that it means you have your foreskin cut off. We stood there for a while comparing our cocks and Charlie had the biggest. After that we got our pjs on and went to bed.

Our room was upstairs far away from anyone else’s and we sat there for a while talking about our cocks again. I could tell that I wasn’t the only one curious about this sort of thing and soon John suggested that we compare them again. By this time we were all hard and were getting pretty horny. We all took out our cocks and Ryan told us that if we pulled back our foreskin they would look the same as his. None of us had ever done this before and I was the first to try it. Everyone watched as I grabbed my foreskin and slowly revealed my slippery pink head. The others were amazed and all did the same. It was very sensitive to touch behind the skin but it felt really good. I began sliding my foreskin up and down, wetting it with spit to stop it getting too dry and everyone else copied. Charlie said that he wanted to compare Ryan’s cock with a cock with foreskin so me and Ryan went up to him and he First put mine and then Ryan’s into his mouth. It felt so warm and gave me an incredibly good sensation. Charlie said that mine was softer and slipperier than Ryan’s so we all joined in and tested everyone’s cocks. John found that it felt the best when you lick the red vein on the underside of the foreskin so we all started licking each other’s cocks in different ways, trying to find what felt the best. I liked it when Charlie pulled my foreskin forward and then stuck his tongue inside and locked around my head. We were all getting into it and Charlie said that it was starting to feel better and better until he shot his load into Ryan’s mouth. We were all so interested and kept sucking until we all came in each other’s mouths. 

All of us wanted to keep going and Ryan suggested that we should see what it is like if we put it in each other’s ass holes. So i spread my legs and laid on my back while Ryan slowly forced his cock into my tight ass hole. It hurt a bit at first but then I got used to it and it felt good. I said I wanted a try and asked John if he wanted to. He said yes so I forced my cock into his hole as my foreskin pulled back as it entered. It felt warm and I could feel his muscles contracting around my cock. I kept pumping it in and out until I felt the sensation again and I blew another load. 

We kept experimenting all night long until the next morning then we had to leave. We were all so disappointed and we couldn’t wait till our next summer holiday. 
. . . . . .

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