My changing fortunes – 02


One day Daniela took me shopping for clothes but not for her but me.
We drove to Chadstone shopping centre, which was about an hour’s drive and purchased some clothing.
In one store in particular, we found a tiny cotton stretch black skirt that hugged my ass perfectly, a soft gray tight tee that would look amazing with my fake bra boobs; I purchased recently from Sexyland.
I briefly noticed a tall guy, in his forties staring at us; from a distance.
Daniela didn’t see him, so I didn’t mention it; anyway he disappeared the next time I looked around for him.
When we finished shopping, we had a coffee at Hudson’s; then drove home.
Daniela went to see a friend, so I ran a bath and shaved my body of hair; which I was regularly doing.
Relaxing in the bath for about half an hour, all I could think of was trying on my new clothes.
I jumped out of the bath and dried myself; I put on make-up as I waited for my long locks to dry.
Rubbing my hand up and down my freshly shaved smooth body, I looked at myself in the mirror; dam I look passable I thought to myself.
I then put on my fake boob bra and knickers, before trying on my new clothes.
They fit perfectly as I glanced at myself in the mirror.
Fixated on how sexy I looked dressed up in drag, I was turning myself on; making silly faces at myself in the wall bathroom mirror.
It was then I noticed a figure staring at me in the mirror, I quickly turned around.
The same guy I saw at the shopping centre was standing there; how did he get inside?
Before I could react or do anything, he charged in and forced me against the mirror; while covering my mouth.
He was too strong for me to struggle or put up a fight against.
Bringing a ball gag out of his jacket, he made me put it on.
I was whimpering as he forced me down onto my knees.
“Very nice, I like my new fuck toy’s outfit, you just bought today.” He said, standing there smirking.
“I also bought stuff today and all for you.” He snickered.
I try to stand up, but he throws me to the ground and I slam against the bathtub with a thud.
While I lay there winded, he bounds my wrists behind my back with leather handcuffs.
“If you yell out, I will bust you up.” He says, as he removes the gag from my mouth.
He grabs me by my bicep, and leads me to my bedroom and pushes me to the ground and onto my knees.
While just kneeling there stunned, he undoes his pants and his cock springs out; only inches from my head.
I could clearly see it is much larger than mine and thicker.
“Open your mouth.” He says and slaps his cock on my nose.
I am stunned.
“Open up bitch or I’ll break you,” He says, showing me a clinched fist.
I opened up as wide as I could and a wait his large cock.
He first placed its head in my mouth; I could taste the precum on my tongue.
This is my first cock other than gaziantep swinger my failed attempt with Daniela’s that I have had in my mouth.
I quickly woke from my thoughts when he rammed his cock right down my throat, gagging me.
He held it there deep, I couldn’t breathe; but I couldn’t move either.
My eyes bulged as I was slowly choking.
“That’s it bitch, take it deep.” He then pulls out before back deep inside he went.
I struggled for air, drool oozed from my lips; and his balls sometimes slapped against my chin.
It felt like an eternity but was probably 5 minutes, before his cock erupted inside my mouth and shoot load after load of cum down my throat.
I almost throw up, as I coughed for air; when he removed his cock from my mouth.
On my knees at his mercy, hoping this ordeal was over; but I knew it wasn’t.
He grabs me by the arm again and forces me face down on top of my bed.
I struggle but he is too strong and with his weight on top of me; he holds me down.
“Relax; fag or it will be…” He says, before he brutally belts my ass with a bare hand.
Then again, and again, I scream into the doona.
“If you’re a nice girl, I will make it less painful.” He said, as he reached under my skirt to find my cock; hard and dripping with precum as he removed my panties.
He started rubbing my cock, and laughing.
“I think you’re enjoying this, aren’t you” he said, jerking my cock slowly.
I was in parts I was, but I didn’t want him to know.
“No, please stop.” I said, but he kept jerking me off.
I couldn’t help but moan.
He then stopped jerking me off, to position his hardening cock into my ass crack.
“Stop your bitching, Daniela said you were a fag but I never knew how much of a fag you were. You’re really enjoyed this, wait until I tell her.” He said.
Did Daniela set me up, but why?
“Daniela thought you wouldn’t like it, I just proved her wrong, didn’t I?” He said.
“Is your fag pussy broken in yet?” He asked.
“Never been fucked, yet.” I said.
“That’s my girl, I will make you a woman today; you want that don’t you?” He asked.
“Yes, broke my ass in.” I knew not to fight him.
“I proved Daniela wrong again, she said you wouldn’t be compliant” he smirked and then slid a pillow under my hips, making my ass stick up in the air a little bit more.
I start whimpering, as he lubed up and fingered my asshole.
I began moaning as I liked my ass being fingered.
He flipped my skirt up onto my lower back and climbed on the bed behind me.
He now eased then forces his cock inside my ass, I bite the doona as the pain is great at first.
“Relax, and all will be well.” He says.
I nod, as I feel my ass stretching and snatching around his thick large cock.
Inch by inch, until it slides all the way in; we both grunt as this action happens.
I relaxed like he said and he was right, the pain numbed.
He slaps my ass a few times before slowly thrusting in and out; forcing my face into my mattress more.
I feel pain at first, then tingling and it felt good.
I was moaning, I couldn’t help myself.
Each thrust made me start to rock in tandem with him, it felt great.
“You like that, don’t you my bitch?” he said.
“…Yes, yes I love it.” I say hesitantly and moan.
He reaches under and starts stroking my hard dripping cock.
Then he picks his pace up, and grunts with each thrust.
He continues to stroking my cock with one hand while fucking my ass deep and hard.
We both moan, but my moans sounded like squeals of delight.
With his hand around my hard wet cock, jerking me off, and his cock deep in my ass; I was made to take it like a little bitch and enjoy it.
“Oh god, I’m cumming bitch, cum with me.” He orders.
“Oh god.” I scream out as I spew cum on my mattress.
He just keeps fucking me, I feel awesome; and he grunts load before filling my asshole with his own cum.
He then collapses on top of me, with his cock still in my ass.
Getting off me, he slaps my bare ass hard and hikes my panties so far up my ass that they are in my ass crack.
Then he flips my skirt down to cover my ass, and takes a photo of me that way.
“I’ll be in touch, my little fuck toy bitch, next time wear something sexy again and don’t hesitate when tell you to do something.” He says and leaves me still tied up, with my ass up in the air.
Daniela frees me, sometime later.
We first argued then made up.
I find out his name and that he is like a gang member or a pimp of some sort.
Max or Mad Max, is a very violent person none the least.
The next night I was still feeling the effects of my encounter with Max at work.
I was sore, but it was more muscle soreness than anything, I told my work mates I went to the gym.
After work I bought a bottle of Jack Daniels and headed home to our apartment.
Daniela was waiting for me and kissed passionately for ages in the doorway.
She ran a bath for me and undressed me, while the water ran.
I undressed her and we kissed, as we bathed each other.
As we exited the bath, I couldn’t help noticing her erect 7” inch cock, we dried ourselves.
We started playing and caressing each other.
I sucked on her tits and stroked her cock, while she kissed and caressed my neck while stroking my cock.
She let out small moans, before she forced my head down to her cock.
I was so horny and remembering yesterday’s cocksucking with Max, I took her cock’s head in my mouth and then slid it deep down my throat as best I could.
I heard her moan as she caresses my hair.
This went on for about 3 minutes I think, before she stopped me and we went to our bed and lay on top of it.
Then we both sucked each other’s cocks in a 69 position on the bed.
I was sucking like I did with Max, but not being force like with Max.
Daniela on the other hand, would lick my shaved balls and then suck my cock, in tandem.
Eventually she started licking my asshole, this made me almost cum.
I now was getting adventurous and start suck her shaft but not her cock, before swallowing again.
I could feel I was about to cum, and I did onto Daniela’s chest as she lay next to me.
She then cleaned my cock up in her mouth, before returning to rimming my asshole.
I slowly sucked her cock while she rimmed my asshole, although I sucked her cock; I felt spent for the time being.
Daniela stood up and went to one of her cabinets and gathered out some lube, smeared it on 2 fingers and umm; straight inside my pucker hole.
She fingered my asshole so good, I was getting a new hard on.
After yesterday having a big cock in my ass, I needed something inside today; I just didn’t know it until now.
I let out small moans, it felt like heaven.
She kept drilling my pucker hole that, I was so turned on; I felt like I might cum again soon.
“Hmmm, not yet my toy.” Daniela cheekily said, and turned me over onto my stomach and on top of a pillow.
This raised my ass up and spread it slightly apart.
She then got behind me and slowly inched her hard saliva coated cock inside my asshole.
I moaned as it slid inside, small pain but I now knew of the gain.
Daniela bottomed out deep in my asshole, balls deep; and held it there.
It felt so good.
After a minute or so, my ass wasn’t fighting the intrusion; and allowed her to slowly grind in and out of me.
I forgot that my cock was rock hard before she started, until I felt it between my belly and the quilt.
Daniela was slowly fucking me and the pain was just a memory now.
“Honey, let loose and fuck me; I can feel tingle all the way up to my throat.” I said to Daniela.
I smirked to myself as I felt her balls slap my balls, time and time again; while picking her pace up.
Her grunting matched my moans, as she was fucking hard now.
“Here it comes.” She said, as she was on the verge of cumming in me.
“Yeah, yeah, cum in me.” I replied.
I felt her cock swell and suddenly she thrust deep inside my ass, and let out a load groan.
Then she lay on top of me and kissed my shoulder, with her cock still buried inside my ass pussy.
She left it there until it went soft.
Daniela rolled off my back, I could feel trickles of cum leave my ass as she did so.
I rolled off my pillow and then noticed I had cum also over our quilt, leaving a sticky mess.
She just played with my messy limp cock with a hand, slowly bringing it back to life.
“Your ass is so tight and so sweet to fuck, I want your ass every day, do you want ago at me now?” Daniela said.
“When I’m ready, and yes my ass can be yours anytime; helped me unwind from a shit day at work.” I said, and kissed her.

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