My Best Friend’s Girl Pt. 01


Aileen’s eyes seemed to dance with excitement as they scanned my face. She was a young, beautiful Chinese girl raised in America. Her dark eyes always captivated me. She had finished high school a year ago and after a year off to work and save money she was ready to start university. I had offered her a tour of the campus since I’d already been there for over four years (career student at the time).

I had long suspected she had a crush on me but I was never sure. Now as she pranced around me all excited it was hard to deny. Her long straight black hair framing her round face and that wonderful sweet smile made my insides flutter a bit. The warm weather meant both of us were wearing shorts and hers showed off her toned legs and white, flawless skin perfectly. I needed to get those thoughts out of my head. Aileen was my best friend’s girlfriend. John and Aileen had been off and on for the first couple months and now he was on a one-week work trip.

We were done with the tour and looking for lunch. Being students, I offered her a chance to save some money – I’d make her lunch at my place. My roommate wasn’t due to return for the fall semester for a few days so we’d have the place to ourselves. It wasn’t anything fancy but her eyes seemed to absorb my every movement as I walked around the kitchen, chopping up vegetables, boiling noodles, and made a quick Chinese style noodle dish.

Our conversation was sprinkled with laughter and lots of flirting; mostly from her. But I didn’t mind. In fact I probably encouraged it. I gave her a quick tour of my small apartment. When we reached my bedroom she changed subjects.

“Last week when John took us to watch that movie, Basic Instinct, weren’t you shocked at the amount of sex and nudity in it?” she asked. (Yes, this happened a while ago.)

“A bit, but it did play an important part in the story telling and the overall mystery.” I replied, warily, knowing full well that John and I knew perfectly well what was in the movie.

“Did you find that sexy at all?” Aileen’s face started blushing slightly upon saying those words. Her light complexion made it hard to cover up.

“Well, it was hard not to with such beautiful actresses on the screen”. I hoped that was a safe enough answer.

“What would you do if you had me handcuffed to the top of the bed?” She looked mischievously at me and stretched her hands out towards me, clasped, wrists together. Her hands were inches away from my chest. My heart went into overdrive. I stared at her beautiful hands, pretended to wrap them with a rope, winked and said, “You’re crazy! John travesti porno would kill me!”

Aileen’s hands got closer and softly pressed up against my chest and she quietly said “John’s not here… but you are…”.

Her face was so close. My mind began to protest. John was a loyal guy. So was I. But as the electricity from her hands spread on my chest I leaned in to kiss her soft supple lips. I had imagined what this would have felt like for so many months.

Our kisses became more urgent, her hands still up against my chest, my hands stroking her back… I backed off first, looked at her and reached back to grab my bathrobe. I pulled the sash from it and asked her to give her hands to me. I softly tied them together with the terry cloth sash and led her to my bed.

I was a bit nervous but managed to sound confident when I said, “Lie down. You’ll find out what I’d do to you if you want it.”

She lay down. Her face looked happy but her eyes were filled with a bit of fear mixed with desire. I tied her hands up and at top of my bed. It was loose. If she’d really wanted to it would have been easy for her to escape. But she lay before me, my willing partner in crime and passion.

I moved my head down and resumed kissing her. She started probing with her tongue which was a new sensation for me. I didn’t have much experience with girls. John was the handsome one in our group of friends, always getting female attention. And here his beautiful young girlfriend was, on my bed, kissing me back with passion.

“Are you sure you want more? We can always stop”, I said, hoping to give her a chance to back out. Deep down, I knew I didn’t want to stop. Her answer was to continue kissing me. Emboldened, my hand started caressing her outstretched arms. She started squirming, being ticklish. We stopped kissing as she squealed.

Her squeals stopped as my hands reached her neck and shoulders, slowly descending to just above her breasts… Damn it. I should have taken her top off first before tying her up…

I felt her breasts above her bra, her eyes locked onto mine, her mouth slightly agape. I went lower, caressing her stomach over her t-shirt before quickly going underneath and feeling that beautiful smooth skin on her belly. My finger tips continued their slow methodical caressing.

“You are so beautiful”. I meant it too. She closed her eyes and whispered, “Don’t stop, keep going.”

I went down to her shorts and felt both legs with my hands, her toned thighs and calves getting most of my attention. I was reveling in alt yazılı porno her smooth skin. As I ventured up I dared to poke a finger into her shorts, so close to her crotch. Her eyes remained closed, her mouth opening wider. I felt a bit further in, feeling the beginnings of her panties. I could feel the heat and some dampness. As my right hand rubbed outside of her shorts above her pussy, my left hand began slowly lifting her shirt so that I could see her belly.

Her flat stomach with hints of abs showing through made my cock ache. I leaned over and started kissing her belly. I stopped for a moment, hearing her breathing coming more rapidly.

I repositioned myself and lifted her shirt up higher with both hands, exposing her up past her bra. Her breasts were held in place by that lacy white bra. I reached behind her back, trying to loosen her bra.

She laughed… “You haven’t done this much have you?”

Now it was my turn to blush. “Shall I stop?”

She smiled and responded with a slight whisper, “no”.

She arched her back, allowing me to unhook her bra. I pushed it up along with her t-shirt up to her shoulders I was able to look at her beautiful breasts for the first time. Not too big, her light complexion, making her brown nipples stand out in contrast. As soon as I began kissing her breasts and licking her nipples they seemed to almost swell in my hands. I went back up and resumed kissing her lips, my hands continuing to caress her breasts, fingers lightly stroking her areola. My right hand ventured down, past her belly, and unbuckled her shorts before diving beneath them underneath her panties.

She stopped kissing me and gasped. My fingers had reached beyond the patch of hair. I was beginning to feel the wetness coming from her slit. I slid my middle finger between her pussy lips, sliding up and down. My lips went back to her breasts, kissing, licking and sucking… her nipples were delicious.

I momentarily stopped to pull her shorts and panties off of her in one motion. My hand was getting squished in there. I resumed but my kisses started trailing down towards her belly. As I began licking her belly button I slowly inserted my finger into her pussy. My tongue in her belly button, mimicking the motions I made with my finger.

“Faster…” she moaned… Her breath was becoming more ragged, her back arched again, causing her breasts to thrust outward. I went back up and started licking and sucking on her nipples as my finger began pumping in and out of her pussy. I left my thumb on the top of her üvey baba porno pussy, feeling the slight button like mound as my middle finger went in an out, getting wetter.

She began to thrash about, her hands becoming dislodged from the sash. She reached down and grabbed my shoulders, pulling my face up to meet hers in an intense kiss. Her body shuddered as my finger continued its probing. Her fingers started scratching my back and soon my shirt was off. I pulled my pants off, my cock at full attention. She reached over and quickly started pulling on it, with the same tempo as my finger in her pussy.

“Quick! Put it in me!” she gasped.

I did as asked, pumping into her like mad… my own arousal almost too much to control.

Her body began moving beneath me, trying to match my thrusting… I could feel her pussy clenching and squeezing my cock with each thrust. Almost too soon I felt my cock about to explode. I tried pulling out but her hands grabbed hold of my ass and pulled me in as tight as she could. I unleashed my cum into her, my body spasming. Wave after wave of cum just seemed to be spurting from my cock into her pulsing pussy. I strained, trying to put my cock in deeper as I felt more spurts of cum shooting out from my cock.

As I lay on top of her and our motions stopped, it seemed like a light fog of pure pleasure was beginning to lift from our bodies. My penis still hard, and still inside of her, our eyes met. She smiled, and gave me a peck on the lips.

I slowly withdrew my cock, a small stream of cum following it, soiling my sheets. She quickly pulled me beside her as we hugged on my bed, whispering to each other.

“I can’t believe we did that!” I said, staring at her flushed face.

“You made me feel amazing… thank you,” said Aileen as her impish smile returned.

“Please don’t tell John… He’ll kill me”, I implored.

“Same goes likewise. Our little secret.” Aileen replied and with that her hand rose, her fingers in the “pinky swear” position. We giggled and I continued caressing her body, glistening with sweat.

“I have a secret to tell you.” she whispered. Aileen was always full of secrets… “I’m not going to this university. I got accepted to Eastern College. I move next week.”

I was in shock. That was so far away. I couldn’t form any real sentences…

She continued, “This is my good bye present to you… I’ve had such a crush on you for so long… I’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to be your lover. And now that I know… I don’t think I can let go.”

She reached down and gave my now semi-rigid cock a playful squeeze.

My phone rang, breaking up the mood. We glanced at the clock and Aileen cursed.

“My shift starts in half an hour!” She ran to the bathroom to wash up and I quickly got dressed.

No words adequately describe my feelings that day other than “wow.”

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