My Adventures with Bob , Donna Ch. 01


My Adventures with Bob & Donna Married Bisexual Sluts: Part 1


Bob and I have been best buds since high school. We graduated twenty-two years ago from St. Peter’s and both us played on the football team. We both got married after high school, were best men at each other’s weddings, and we drowned our sorrows in beer when we both got divorced.

Bob and his second wife, Donna, got married in the Bahamas about 8 years ago. It was a small wedding and I was glad to have been invited because it was a truly happy time. The shocker is that Donna is 14 years older than Bob, but they have been happily married since they tied the knot. They are always posting pictures on Facebook of their trips to the Caribbean, to Jamaica and Europe. I guess Donna must come from money, because Bob is an HR manager at the same mid-size company he joined after high school and I know, from what he told me in the past, that it doesn’t pay the best but the benefits are amazing, including 8 weeks of vacation after 10 years.

So, Bob and I are sitting in his man cave in the garage watching a baseball game. Usually Donna is around, wearing her tight yoga pants and showing off her gaziantep escortlar deep cleavage (man, the woman has incredible tits). But Bob told me she wasn’t feeling well, so we won’t be having her incredible guacamole and margaritas. Fair enough, but too bad. The last time I came over, we smoked a joint with her and she was flirting with me so hard, I went home and jerked off thinking about sucking on her massive jugs.

“Another beer?” Bob asks me.

“You bet” I head to the fridge but there’s no beer.

“Oh, there’s plenty in the kitchen fridge. Bring a few out.” he says.

I know the house like it’s my own, so I enter the house, the mudroom and head to the kitchen. As I get closer to the kitchen, I hear really loud squeals and screams. “Holy fuck” I think to myself, “It sounds like a fucking gangbang”. As I enter the kitchen, the sound of loud, messy sex gets more intense. I tip toe slowly forward and look over the breakfast bar into the family room. On the flat screen tv hanging above the lit gas fireplace is a gangbang porn video playing. Except, it’s not a chick and a bunch of guys, it’s one guy taking on a room of men. Men of all kinds, naked, and hard. And there, on the couch, legs spread wide, hands on exposed tits, is Donna.

“Oh baby, take all that fucking nasty cock, you slut” she shouts to the male whore on the video.

Donna was lifting her tits up and pulling and squeezing on her long nipples. I saw her take her right hand off her left boob, she licked it, then she shoved it down toward her cunt. She squealed. She then slid down further on the couch, the couch I had passed out on many nights, and spread her legs wider. She released her other tit and reached to her left. I saw a huge white vibrator rise into the air, and then she brought it down to her pussy. All the while she was watching a big macho man on screen take cock after cock in his asshole.

“Fuck…fuck…Cock…I need Cock in my cunt and in my ass and in my mouth” she moaned. My dick was so fucking hard, it hurt. I couldn’t help rubbing it through my jeans.

The sight of Donna’s big jugs bouncing as she screamed these obscenities and pleasured her snatch made me want to cream my pants. Then all of a sudden, she screamed loudly. She screamed for about twenty seconds, gibberish coming out of her mouth and I could tell she was about to cum. Blood rushed to my head and the room felt like it was 150 degrees.

My cock was fucking huge and throbbing like never before. I had to get out of there. I turned to go and almost ran into the mudroom door. When I got to the garage, Bob had his back to me. He was sitting on the couch, legs spread, rubbing his crotch through his denim shorts. He was watching an amateur porn movie. On the tv, the porn that was playing showed a big titted blonde woman lying on a bed. She was moaning in heat as two men sucked on her wide, round nipples and a third man was sucking on her clit and fingering her trimmed cunt. The camera panned the room and there were men surrounding her in a circle, all of them naked, all of them jacking their cocks. One man stepped forward quickly and the camera zoomed in on the woman’s face. The man blew his load on her face, neck and tits, which the other men started licking up. Jesus Christ…The woman in the movie, fuck, was Donna!

“Oh baby, take all that fucking Cock. You’re gonna be filled with sperm babe,” Bob was saying as he pulled his cock out fully from his denim shorts. My cock started leaking in jeans, I rubbed at my knob panting like a fucking dog in heat…and then I fucking bolted out of there.

End of Part 1

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