Movie night in!


Movie night in! – Chapter 1

My day began the same as any other day but I knew tonight was probably going to be a little boring. My parents had been invited to a party which I wasn’t allowed to go to, well that’s another story in itself. Our neighbours had also been invited to the party which left me the great opportunity to ask their 16 year old daughter, Jen, around. That opportunity was soon destroyed when I texted Jen to ask if she wanted to come round and watch a movie and she replied no, I’m sorry but I have to babysit Louise, her 13 year old little sister.

I couldn’t believe it, I had been waiting for a moment like this one for ages and I had fancied her for as long as I could remember, I think I had my first wank over her in the summer when I was Like 11 or 12 and she was wearing that hot bikini.

I was in a miserable mood for the rest of the day, I lazed about not doing much, nobody noticed, my parents were a little over excited about the party. At about 4pm my parents popped out to buy my mother a new outfit as you do. I decided to seize this moment and go upstairs to jack one out over my picture of Jen. I supposed that if I weren’t going to get any tonight then I should shoot my load now.

I went into the bath room with her picture and placed it on the sink where there was a large mirror on the wall; I could see my whole body in it. I slowly became erect and unbuttoned my jeans before reaching in for my thick 7 inch cock. I pulled back my foreskin to reveal my head which was becoming very red, I spit on it a little to lube up and began to jerk it off.

Just then there was a knock at the door. “FUCK” I shouted in my head. I quickly pushed my hard cock into my jeans, struggling to zip them up. I placed the picture of Jen in my little safe and ran downstairs to answer the door. My cock had softened a bit but you could still se the outline of my head on my thigh.

I opened the door and there stood Jen, in all her beautiful gaziantep travesti glory. I was a little flustered, she looked at me and then glimpsed down where I think she probably noticed the outline of my erection. “If you are still up for that movie night my mum and dad said it would be okay as long as I can bring Lou and we don’t give her alcohol” Jen had just made my day, I asked her why the big deal over the alcohol. Apparently Louise was a naughty little teen and spent her weekend drinking and getting up to god knows what. I found that quite intriguing and actually a little hot. “Do you want to come around about 7pm” I asked Jen. She smiled, nodded and then walked out of the garden. I watched her ass all the way to the gate.

Movie night in! – Chapter 2

It was 7pm, my parents and her parents had left for the party and we were all alone, well apart from Louise. We let Lou choose the film while Jen and I made popcorn; we didn’t speak much just kept smiling at each other. She chucked a piece of popcorn at me, probably to lighten the moment, I chucked one back and we giggled before heading to the sofa to watch the movie. We sat on the sofa and Lou plonked herself in the middle, Jen had her arm around her little sister but shortly I began to feel her playing with my hair with her fingers. Lou had no idea because she was engrossed into the film. Jen was only playing with my hair but it was really turning me on, I looked down and there it was again the outline of my erection becoming bigger and bigger. “Do you fancy her” Lou asked as she looked at me. I jumped “who, where, what you mean” I said. She just smile and moved her eyes down to my crotch. I blushed a little before Jen stood up, “Lou, do you mind if me and Gary go upstairs for a little while” Jen asked, “I don’t mind Lou replied, I know why” she giggled.

Jen headed up the stairs, I walked behind her watching her ass as she went. I had the same bedroom as she did in her house so she knew exactly where to go. We sat on the end of the bed, she moved in and we kissed softly. She pulled back, “How long have you wanted to do this for” she asked “a while” I replied. She didn’t waste much time she took her hands placed them on my waist and lifted my t-shirt over my head. I didn’t have much of a six pack but I was quite toned. She kissed my chest and nipples. I placed my hand on her leg slowly moving up waiting to fell the warmth of her pussy. This was it, I was going to get laid.

Movie night in! – Chapter 3

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was Lou, “mum and dad would kill you if they knew about this” She said “Don’t tell them please Lou” Jen pleaded. “I won’t” Lou replied “as long as I can join in”. I was amazed both these girls wanted to fuck me, seeing the outline of my erection obviously turned Lou on. “you want to fuck your own sister” I said to Lou, “I will if you will” she said looking at Jen. Jen smiled, nodded and said “well you will have to watch for a bit first Lou, I was here first” I couldn’t believe what was happening I thought I was going to shoot my load right there in my pants. Both girls stripped down to their underwear, I was amazed that they were both wearing thongs. Jen pushed me on the bed, climbed on top of me and started unbuttoning my jeans. She whipped my jeans off and my cock sprung up like a jack in the box. Both girls giggled. Jen went down on my cock, she rolled her tongue across my foreskin pushing through to my head. She pulled back my foreskin to reveal my throbbing red bell end. I watch her lips kiss it and in the corner of my eye could see Lou playing with her pussy and licking her fingers.

Jen grabbed my balls and slowly started playing with them while pushing her lips down my shaft until my bell end was halfway down her throat. I moaned loudly as she forced it down and she gagged a little. Jen came up from my cock and I see her saliva dripping down my cock. “Can I suck him off now” Lou asked from the corner. “Yer sure” I said quickly. Lou came over and wrapped her little hand around my thick shaft, my bell end swollen red, my load getting ready. As Lou rubbed my shaft up and down fast Jen moved behind her sister and began to rub her already wet pussy, Lou let out a groan as I grabbed her head and pushed her down on my cock. Her mouth was smaller so I couldn’t get my full cock in her mouth but it still felt amazing, she moved her lips up and down my shaft, rolling her tongue across my bell end as she got to the top.

This was so wrong, fucking two sisters one of which only 13, but it felt so good and I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of how naughty this was. Lou moved off my cock “I think I am going to cum soon” I said trying to hold my juice back. “Already, will you be able to go again” Lou asked. For you two I can go as many times as you want. Lou and Jen came together and hovered over my cock, they each placed a hand on my wet cock and began jerking me off. “Kiss” I said, and so they did, they moved in and engaged tongues, this was so sexy. I felt my balls become tight and the juice start to move up my shaft. “Here I go girls” they both hovered their open mouths above my cock still jerking me off as my load shot from my head all over Jens face and neck, Lou moved in closer to get some and I aimed my next load onto her where it shot in her mouth and her face. Jen grabbed my cock and went down on it again licking all of my cum off my bell end and shaft. Her next move thrilled me and made me want to cum all over again. She embraced Lou again, and they interlinked tongues once more and exchanged my cum in their mouths. I watched in amazement, I grabbed my cock and started jerking it off again to get it to its full erection where I would use it to enter both girls.

Chapter 4 – COMING SOON!!!

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