Morning Surprise


As she lay there sleeping, the sun was breaking through the blinds, she had flitting dreams of someone trying to kiss her, just something flitting and passing, but almost real. She opens her eyes to find her boyfriend is kissing her. She moans quietly and returns the kisses, having their tongues dance.

She had only worn her sexy, lacy black nightgown to bed and him- only boxers; easy strip for them both. He slipped his hands under the hem of her nightgown and slipped it off over her head, leaving her completely naked; her smooth, pale skin against the dark, satin sheets. Then he slid down his own boxers and pulled her close, feeling her skin against his. Then the fun really started.

She could feel his hands roaming all over. Slowly fondling and squeezing her breasts, trailing his fingers slowly and teasingly down her side, towards her thighs. She gasps as she feels his fingers, inching there way down between her thighs. It’s all too much for her to take, when he starts fingering her, gentle and slow at first, let her take in porno indir his fingers, and just enjoying the feel of inside her just for a moment.

She moans and begs for more, begs for him to start pumping her with those fingers, those long, deliciously enjoyable fingers. He teases her first, holding his finger still. He flicked them a little, to tease her. Then he starts to move in and out of her, slowly at first, torturingly slow, making her just want more. She begged for more, wanting faster. And he gave her it, moving his fingers quicker and quicker, leaving her moaning and begging for just even more, just more to bring her to orgasm. She’s so close, right on the brink, she asks for more, to bring her there. He starts to finger her even faster, putting three fingers inside her, pumping with all his might, till she screams in ecstasy and cums all over his hand. But he’s still not done there and he can tell by the look in her eyes, neither is she.

He lowers himself on top of her, kissing her, tongues rokettube dancing and inserts his penis inside her. She gasps as she feels him enter. And smiles, knowing the pleasure and love they are now sharing. He moved himself, in and out, slowly, enjoying the feel inside her. They knew the closeness they shared. He starts to move a little more quickly, hearing her moaning in pleasure, whispering how much she loves him. And than he stops, just stops, holding her, breathing a moment. He wanted this to last and he had something a little more dirty (or fun) in mind for her. And she knows, just from that gleam in his eye.

He turns her over, so she’s on her hands and knees, grabs hold of her breasts, one in each hand, and starts to fuck her from behind, bringing more moans and screams of pleasure. She can feel him deep inside her, so deep it hurts which just makes it all the better. He goes slowly at first, allowing her to adjust to him being inside her from a different position. When he can tell she is adjusted seks filmi he starts to go faster and faster, pulling himself out just far enough that just the head of his penis is inside, then slams the full length of his huge cock into her. He brings himself right to the brink of his orgasm.

He flips her over, pushes her onto the bed, straddles her face and starts to pump himself in and out of her mouth. He starts moaning of his own orgasm, while she moans at the feeling of him inside her mouth. He loves her mouth; it’s prefect shape for his penis. He loves pushing himself deep into her throat, holding himself there and pulling slow back out. She enjoys this too- the taste and feel of him are sometimes too much for her to bear. Finally, he cums, letting out long, huge spurts into her mouth and down her throat. She laps and swallows every drop, savoring the taste of him. She holds him in her mouth a little longer, feeling him shrinking in size. She enjoyed knowing she made him feel so good. As his orgasm finally ebbs away, he collapses next to her, takes her in his arms, and they lay there, enjoying the feel of being close to each other. She rested her head on his chest, listened to his heartbeat, smiled contently. She loved mornings like this.

Not your average breakfast in bed, but it’ll do.

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