More Than I Bargained For


I sit in this damned flat with nobody but the kid for company. My parents won’t see me, and none of my old friends call. I want to tell someone my story, so I’ll tell it to you.

It began when a couple of guys I know suggested we might have a lot of laughs if we had a threesome. I had never had a threesome, and thinking it might be fun, I agreed.

One of the guys had his own place, so we made a date and time.

I was living at home with my parents then, so on the evening we had arranged I told them I was off to a friends birthday party. Mum and dad were as usual sitting watching some stupid sitcom on TV, and mum said, “Right love, ” and dad just grunted. Neither of them took their eyes off the screen.

It was about a ten-minute walk to the guy’s house, and when I got there the place looked like there was no one at home. No lights on and not a sound. I rang the bell and waited. No one came to the door and I couldn’t hear anything. I rang again, then again, and finally a light came on in the porch and the door opened.

One of the guys stood there, and he said, “Come in.” I walked in, and then got my first disappointment.

I thought we might have a few drinks and nibbles before we got down to the sex, but instead I was taken straight into the bedroom where there was a big double bed with a black silk cover.

There were no signs of food or drink, but I thought that maybe we’d have a bit of kissing and loving before we got down to fucking. It didn’t happen like that. One of the guys said, “Well get your gear off, then,” and they both proceeded to strip.

Once they were undressed, I could see they both had big erections and I still hoped for a bit of foreplay. No chance. I was told to get on to the bed. I certainly couldn’t complain about the bed. It was one of the most comfortable I had ever been on, with sufficient firmness to make for a good fuck.

One of the guys got straight on top of me and shoved himself into me. It was okay because I was good and wet before I arrived just thinking about what was going to happen, so it didn’t hurt.

He pounded in and out of me and soon shot his load. He got off me and the other guy came gaziantep escortlar into me. It was much the same as before only it took even less time for him to spurt into me.

I was angry and frustrated at this treatment. Neither of them had spoken to me except to give orders and they hadn’t done anything nice and loving to me. Never the less, I still hoped the situation might improve. There might now be some food and drink, and then we could have a bit of loving. Seeing they were finished, at least for the time being, I started to get off the bed. One of the guys shoved me back and said, “Stay there.”

I thought, “These two really are randy if they can come into me again so quickly,” then I saw one of them leave the room. He came back a few seconds later, then to my horror other guys came in. I don’t know how many of them there were, maybe eight or ten, but they seemed to fill the room.

Then the guy whose house it was said, “Now you’re going to be nice to these guys, aren’t you?”

I was not so stupid not to know what they intended to do to me, but I played dumb. “What do you mean,” I asked, trying to look innocent.

“Do I have to spell it out for you?” the guy asked, and they all laughed. “These guys are all going to fuck you.”

I was terrified and started screaming out that I couldn’t take so many. They just went on laughing.

“You behave or they’ll take you twice,” he sneered, “Any trouble and we’ll tie you down and gag you. So make up your mind which way you want it babe.”

“God knows what they might do to me if they tie me down,” I thought. So, I quieted down.

“That’s better,” the guy said. “Now you just let these boys have a bit of fun with you.”

It was then that I got some of the loving I had thought I’d be getting with the first two. Suddenly I was being kissed and licked all over. My nipples were being sucked and fingers explored my vagina and anus. It was all happening at once, and I couldn’t tell who was doing what to me.

After some minutes of this activity, they were all worked up. There were erect cocks everywhere. I don’t know how they had worked out who went first, and it was hard to tell which one was which.

There are only two guys I can clearly recall out of the mob. One was the second guy to come into me. The reason I recall him is that he screamed and howled when he shot into me. The others just grunted. The other one I remember for reasons I shall relate shortly, was the last one.

I don’t know how many guys came into me, but very quickly, the bed under me was getting soaked with their sperm, which kept rolling out of me. In addition, I have to confess that I was worked up myself. I had never been fucked so thoroughly before, and my own juices were pouring out of me, joining theirs on the bed.

This bewildering succession of guys fucking me seemed to go on forever, but finally they got to the last guy. He seemed to come from the back of the mob, as if he had been holding back. The others were laughing and pushing him forward, and he was the only one, apart from the first two guys, whose name I learned.

They were saying to him, “Go on, Arthur, get it into her.” “Give it to her, Arthur,” and things like that.

Then I saw him clearly, and I screamed out. He was a nice looking boy, but when I saw his cock, I nearly froze with fright. It was massive. I had fucked with plenty of guys before, but I had never seen anything like Arthur’s sexual organ. Not only was it long, it was also enormously thick.

I began to cry out and plead, “Please, don’t let him put that in me. I can’t. It’ll kill me.” The original guy leaned over me, “Remember what I told you, any fuss and you get tied down and gagged. Now just spread your legs as wide as you can and it might not hurt too much.”

I went silent, spread my legs, and Arthur came over me. I felt the huge head of his cock press against my entrance. He pushed, and nothing happened. He tried again and still he couldn’t get in. Then he put his hands under my shoulders and gave a tremendous heave. I screamed as he broke through, and then he was thrusting to the full depth of my vagina and trying to press even further. He broke through.

To that point, I had experienced fear and pain, but suddenly I began to change. Quite why this change took place I’m not sure, but I recall telling myself this was a new sexual experience, and one I might never have again. I found myself surrendering to him, then crying out, “Oh, yes, yes. Give it all to me. Fuck me to death, but don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.” He didn’t stop, at least, not until we had both finished.

As he fountained a massive dose of sperm into me, I had the mightiest orgasm I had ever had. I howled and wept. I tore at his back with my nails. I begged and pleaded for more.

Then it was over. The mob started to leave the room, but Arthur stayed for a moment, looking down at me thoughtfully. Then he turned and followed the others.

The guy who owned the house remained. He said. “Get dressed and make it snappy, or you’ll go out as you are.”

I dressed hurriedly and he pushed me to the front door and opened it. “Clear off, slut, he snarled. And keep your mouth shut or something nasty could happen to you.”

I staggered out into the night, bruised and scratched, still dribbling sperm out of my vagina.

When I got home, my parents were still slumped in front of the TV. If they heard me, come in they gave no sign, so absorbed were they in the mindless rubbish they were watching.

I went to the bathroom, stripped and examined my injuries, then took a shower. Exhausted as I was, I still had a restless night, reliving my experience over and over again.

Three weeks later I got the first indication of pregnancy. One of them had left a baby inside me. Later the doctor confirmed my condition.

There were horrendous rows at home that ended with me getting out. Community Welfare found a small flat for me, where I now live. Once the baby came, I could not work, so I received a single parent allowance.

Now I live in this place on my own except for the baby. None of those guys who enjoyed me have been to see me. Once or twice, I’ve spotted one of them in the street, but as soon as they see me, they go the other way, the bastards. Was I that poor a fuck?

I really need a guy. I haven’t had one since that night, and that’s nearly sixteen months ago.

I’ll have to stop writing now because the telephone is ringing and it doesn’t do that very often, except to let me know I owe someone some money. Oh God, I wish it was Arthur on the other end.

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