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I have fond memories of summer barbecues at the home of Ron and Jill Harrington. My parents, Alice and Bill Barker, were friends of the Harringtons. There were always many guests at the barbecues. Ron loved giving parties and being the center of attention. I spent most of my time in the swimming pool with couple of kids of my age.

Ron Harrington is Jill’s hard-driving husband of 25 years. He was an avid hunter. He was from a wealthy family, and was the President and CEO of RJH Associates. Jill was about 12 years younger than Ron, blonde with hair pulled back, and deep blue eyes; she married him after Ron’s first wife died during child birth and raised his daughter: Sally.

I was about 12 when I noticed that Jill had a great body as she swam in the pool. Jill smiled when she saw me staring at her big bosom and sexy curves. I also noticed Ron was flirting with couple of young blondes from his office. Later, I overheard Mom telling Jill to watch those young women and Jill responding it was lot of smoke but there was no fire.

Jill was blessed with good genes and was also careful with her diet and regularly exercised. She was an avid tennis player with a group of mostly middle-aged woman-friends who got together to play at a nearby college field house; in between playing tennis, the women also checked on each other and exchanged gossip.

My Mom played tennis with Jill regularly. I played tennis for my high school team and, despite Mom’s encouragement, only occasionally afterwards. Even though Mom was a few years older than Jill, she had a close relationship with her. Their friendship was strengthened when Jill was very helpful to Mom when my Dad was hurt in a car accident.


Because of summer camps and being busy hanging out with my friends, I stopped going to the Harrington home, but Mom often talked about them. Sally Harrington, Ron’s daughter, grew up to be a pretty woman and had good job. Sally, who was about eight years older than me, got married the summer I was 18 years old to a young man from a wealthy family.

My Mom and Jill recruited me to help during the wedding reception at the Harrington home to do whatever needed to be done. It was a beautiful June day. Most of the 100 or so wedding guests remained under a large tent next to the pool or walked in the flower garden. A band played various music numbers; guests danced on the wide concrete apron surrounding the pool. There was an open bar and buffet dinner. I served in many minor roles to make sure the guests were taken care of.

About two hours in to the reception, after the toasts and obligatory dances by the parents of the bride and groom, I helped an older man to the bathroom adjacent to the game and exercise rooms. As I waited for the man to come out of the bathroom, I heard giggling and whispers coming from the exercise room; being curious, I opened the door slightly and peeked inside the dark room; I saw Ron Harrington lying flat on his back on the carpeted floor and a young blonde woman was sucking his cock.

Quietly, I closed the door and returned to lead the guest back to the reception. I saw Jill talking animatedly with my Mom, and then my Mom came to me and said:

“Jill’s upset. She can’t find Ron.”

“Don’t let her go inside the house now; I’ll explain to you later,” I said and walked to Jill and smiling asked her:

“Jill, may I dance with you.”

Smiling, Jill said, “Of course, Danny,” and, as I led her, added:

“The music is fast; I’m not sure what I should do.”

“I said, just sway to the music, like the others.”

Jill looked very elegant as she swayed slowly to the music. She looked beautiful in a low-cut long blue dress with slits to her knees, diamond necklace, diamond stud ear rings, gold bangles, and blue shoes. She also looked sad.

When the band started playing a slow number, we swayed after I pulled Jill close to me; I could smell her perfume on her neck and sexy cleavage. Without looking in to my face, Jill pushed her bosom in to me; my cock became rigid and I did my best not to let her touch it.

Jill said, “Danny, you have become a handsome young man.”

“Thank you. You’re a beautiful lady, as always,” I replied.

Jill smiled, blushed, and said, “Thank you,” and, looking in to my eyes, said:

“After one more dance, I’ve to go find Ron,” and again pressed her bosom in to my lower chest. I was sure she felt my hard on rubbing against her belly.

Later, I saw Ron talking to the blonde at the bar as if nothing happened; my Mom thanked me for being a helpful guest.


A week after Sally’s wedding, Ron went on a two-week trip to open a real-estate office in another city. I was working at a nursery. After my Mom and Jill played tennis one day, she told me that I should mow Jill’s lawn and, in return, I could swim in her pool and have lunch with her.

On Sunday morning by the time I finished mowing Jill’s lawn, I was perspiring profusely. After I put away the lawn mower, Jill Uzun porno offered me ice water and tea, and told me to take a shower before changing in to my swimsuit.

I was in the pool swimming leisurely, when Jill came with dark glasses and dressed in a two-piece swim suit. She brought a bottle of sun screen, and two robes and towels. She sat in a chair and was reading the Sunday paper. I swam towards her and said:

“The water feels good; come in to the swimming pool.”

“I am trying to warm up in the sun before getting in to the water; I don’t want to get too much sun.”

I said, “You can swim after putting on sun screen.”

Jill smiled, “You need sun screen too.”

I got out of the pool, dried myself, and sat in the chair next to Jill. She put the paper aside, got up, put some lotion on her hand, and started applying it on the top of my shoulders, neck, and ears. Her small hands were strong and I relaxed as she rubbed the lotion; Jill poured some more lotion and rubbed it on my chest, and whispered:

“Nice, strong.”

If Jill saw my cock had become erect, she did not say any thing. She spread her towel on the concrete, laid down on her tummy, and cooed:

“Danny, put some lotion on my back.”

I knelt next to Jill and was rubbing sun screen on her back, when she cooed:

“Massage my right shoulder; it’s a little sore.”

Later, after I rubbed the lotion on her legs, I inched my way to her muscular thighs. After a while, Jill got up and dove in to the pool. I was watching her voluptuous body with the clinging wet swim suit. Jill stopped and threw water on me; giggling, she said:

“Get in the pool,” and threw more water on me.

Quickly I dove in the pool next to her and threw water on her. Squealing, Jill swam away from me, but I swam after her and caught her by her waist at the shallow end of the pool.

Jill squealed, turned to face me, and found herself in my strong arms with my hands on her buttocks and my face close to her cleavage. As if in slow motion, I saw Jill put her arms around my neck and softly French kiss me. I kissed her back passionately. After several kisses, Jill pushed my hands away gently, and said:

“I fixed chicken sandwiches for us,” and went inside her home.

I got out of the pool and, after drying, put on the robe Jill gave me. Jill placed our lunch plates on the patio table under an umbrella. She was dressed in white shorts, a tank top, a thin jacket, and sandals; her blonde hair was still wet, but she had on bright red lipstick, a thin gold necklace, and ear rings.

I said, “You look lovely, as always.”

Jill blushed and cooed, “Thanks. You’re kind.”

After I ate half my sandwich, I saw Jill was looking away from me towards the garden. A stream of tears was flowing from her sun glasses covered eyes. I got up and held her shoulders; Jill covered my hands, and said:

“I don’t know what you see in me that Ron does not,” and after a short pause added:

“May be counseling will help save my marriage. I don’t want to give up on him. Not yet.”

Realizing that Jill still loves Ron, I decided to not interfere in her life even though I cared for her.”


I attended a Community College and later took an intensive course on computer networks. I am working for an Internet service and office network company. Earlier, I worked with the network support group of the State University; one aspect of my job was to help faculty and staff of the university with network connections.

I met Mary, a slim, very bright, articulate woman, and fell in love with her. Mary was about five years older than me and provided considerable emotional support to me. She married me in a small ceremony and I recall Jill looking happy. Mary was a lecturer in the Department of English at the Community College and taught freshmen. Sadly, she was in a traffic accident while driving home from a meeting in Boston; after being in coma for about a month, she died at the young age of 30.

It has been about three years since Mary died. With the help of my parents and my in-laws, I have been taking care of my four-year old son, Adam. Often, I worked long hours on a job and was away from home for three to four days. Mom was worried about my social life. Couple of times, she asked if I would be interested in going out with someone she knew. One of them was older than me and I was impressed that Mom didn’t think dating an older woman was an issue. Because Dad was bald, it was hard to tell that he was ten years younger than Mom. I had gone out with young women couple of times, but I did not meet anyone I really liked. Once or twice a week, I jacked off in to tissues thinking of fucking Jill.


With Mom helping me take care of Adam, I spent more time visiting with her. I knew she and Jill still played tennis several times a week. On a fall day, I asked her:

“How’s Ron doing?”

“I guess fine in business. I think he’s still running around on Jill. Öğrenci porno He keeps going on out-of-town business trips for couple of weeks at a time; I think he has a mistress. I told Jill to confront him,” she said.

I said, “May be she’s not sure what to do.”

After a pause, Mom added: “Jill has improved her tennis game; she practices by hitting a ball against the wall in her backyard. She looks very fit. You should stop by and say hello to her.”

I mumbled wistfully, “Sure. Ron will be thrilled to see me at his home.”

Shortly afterwards, Ron went on a deer hunting trip in late fall and suffered a stroke; his friends took him to General Hospital. Although Ron survived, he became paralyzed from the neck down. After he was in the intensive care unit of the General Hospital for three weeks, Ron was transferred to a nursing home. Fortunately, he had good medical insurance.


About six months after Ron was paralyzed, Mom and Dad left on a week-long vacation to Florida; my in laws were taking care of Adam. Before leaving, Mom told me to help Jill: mow her lawn, figure out Ron’s computer files, and play tennis with her for an hour so in a doubles league match on Saturday morning.

After working long hours during the week, I came home early on Friday afternoon. I called Jill and arranged to mow her lawn. It was a nice spring day. I dressed in shorts, a tee shirt, sneakers, and a baseball cap. Jill was working on a flower bed; she was dressed in a short-sleeve pink blouse, shorts, a floppy hat, and old sneakers. After waving to her, I began to mow the lawn.

Later, as I put the lawn mower away, Jill called to offer ice tea. After hugging each other, we talked about various topics, drank iced tea, and ate chocolate chip cookies. I noted Jill was still in good shape: about 5’3″ and 125 lb; she had an easy smile and a hearty laugh. She looked tired from the strain of taking care of Ron; still she was glad to see me. When I offered to help her remove debris from the pool, Jill gladly accepted. After we chatted like old friends, I said:

“I need to get some dinner, may be a sandwich and a beer. I did not perspire much and can go like this. Would you join me?”

Jill smiled and said, “Sure, I’ll join you after freshening up.”

At a sports bar, Jill and I ordered sandwiches; she had a glass of wine and I had a beer. As we ate, Jill said:

“I’m still figuring out my family’s finances. I obtained power of attorney on all bank accounts but I do not know how to log on and work with some of Ron’s accounts. So far I’ve been using cash reserves; I’m afraid of depleting them.”

I said, “I can help you any time you want.”

“Let’s work tomorrow morning. I’ll relax tonight,” said Jill and ordered a second glass of wine.

After a pause, Jill asked:

After a pause, Jill asked:

“Are you ok? How’s Adam doing?”

I replied, “I’m doing well. It has been a while since Mary passed on. I’m glad to have Adam to take care of.”

Jill said, “I loved taking care of Sally,” and put her hand on my hairy arm and rubbed it.

As Jill continued rubbing my forearm, she said:

“Thank you for bringing me here; I see so many happy people. I only saw stuffy people when I went out with Ron.”

Later, after I parked my car in her drive way, Jill said:

“You’re welcome to watch TV with me.”

I said, “Sure. Thanks,” and followed Jill inside her home.

Jill brought two glasses of wine and turned down the lights in the living room. We were watching a movie on a pay channel sitting side by side on a sofa, when Jill said softly:

“Danny, it’s nice to share an evening with you. I’ve been lonesome.”

I said, “It’s great to be with you,” and, when I hugged Jill, she snuggled up to me.

With Jill’s boobs pressing in to my side, I could not focus on the movie. I rubbed Jill’s upper arm and shoulders, and kissed her blonde hair and neck; Jill turned her face towards me and we French kissed. We sat hugging each other until the movie was over when Jill slid to sit in my lap; she held my head in her hands and French kissed me passionately. After her kiss ended, we both giggled, and I initiated a French kiss.

Slowly, while watching Jill’s face, I undid her blouse buttons, slid it to expose her shoulders, and kissed them. Jill moaned with pleasure when I kissed her lovely neck and ran my face on it inhaling her perfume and skin fragrance. Jill helped me remove her blouse to expose her large boobs covered by a lacy pink bra.

Covering her bosom with her arms, shyly Jill whispered:

“They are sagging. I’m an old woman.”

I said, “You’re beautiful and kind. You’re not old at all. I admire you.”

Jill smiled, touched my face, and cooed, “I know you admire me. Your eyes bulge every time you see me in a swim suit or evening wear.”

I whispered, “I’ll never forget the thrill I felt when we kissed in the pool.”

“I was thrilled you were turned on by my body,” cooed Jill shyly.

When I kissed Jill’s cleavage, she tilted her head back and cooed:

“Ohhh. Dannny. It’s so nice.”

I pleaded, “Please, I want to kiss them.”

Blushing and smiling, Jill just unhooked her bra clasp, when the phone rang. Holding her bra in place with her right forearm, Jill got off of me, picked up the cordless phone, listened for a moment, and mouthed to me:

“It’s Sally.”

Smiling, Jill quickly walked to her den and I followed her. When Jill picked up a pen and wrote a message, her bra cups came off her boobs, and the bra fell on the desk. Jill put down the pen, sat in an upholstered chair, and tried to cover her large dangling boobs with her right forearm.

As Jill continued to talk to Sally, I knelt in front of her, and gently pulled her forearm away. Her boobs were shiny, large, with large dark pink nipples, and drooped sexily resting on to her rib cage.

Jill blushed when I mouthed the words, “They are awesome.”

Leaning forward, I began suckling her right nipple. Jill’s eyes opened wide with surprise and pleasure but she did not push me away. After a while, Jill switched the phone to her right ear, steered my head to her left boob, and said in the phone:

“I’m still here honey; just switched the phone to my right ear,” and signaled me to be quiet. I suckled her left boob and fondled her right boob and pinched her nipple.

Later, Jill turned off the phone and said happily:

“Jill’s pregnant. I’ll be a grandmother. She and Ken waited five years for this news,” and touching my face cooed:

“You are fondling saggy, old, breasts of a granny to be.”

I whispered, “They are beautiful,” and resumed suckling her left boob.

After a while, Jill looked at the clock and, as she nudged me to get up, said,

“I should tell Ron the good news. I have to talk to the nurse first and ask her to help Ron talk on the phone.”

As Jill was about to call Ron, I said:

“I had a long week. I am tired. I will be here early tomorrow to look at the computer files. Thank you for a great evening.”

Jill hugged me passionately, pressed her bare boobs in to my chest, and said:

“Good night Danny. See you in the morning. Don’t forget to bring your tennis racket tomorrow.”

Lying in bed, I wondered if Jill would let me be her lover; I was tired and fell asleep soon afterwards.


Saturday morning, I put on jeans, a sport shirt, and tennis shoes; I carried my tennis racket, shorts, and a sports shirt in a gym bag. Jill was dressed in jeans, a red short-sleeve blouse, and sneakers. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was combed back. Her gray-green eyes sparkled behind wire rim glasses resting on her long thin nose. After hugging and kissing me on my cheek, she offered coffee or coke, but I said I was fine.

After turning on Ron’s computer, I asked Jill, “What do you want to find out?”

Jill smiled and said, “I guess everything, especially about our finances. I never used this computer. I don’t know how long Ron will be in the nursing home; I have to take care of several bills.”

With Jill sitting next to me, I opened a file marked: ‘Bank Accounts,’ and said:

“Looks like the files are well-organized by each month; just double click on each to see what it has.”

Jill smiled and raised her arms in joy when she was able to open the most recent file by herself. As she scanned the entries, she mumbled:

“I wonder who’s ‘Kris,’ and what for the $2,000,” and added:

“I wonder if there are similar entries in earlier months. Can you see what’s in this folder: ‘Letrs’?”

The folder contained about 20 files. I opened the first file in ‘Letrs’ using a word processing program; it was a love letter sent by Ron to a woman named, Kristin. After glancing at the contents, Jill quietly got up and walked away. I followed her, stood next to her in front of the kitchen sink, and said:

“I’m really sorry.”

Jill, who was crying, hugged me and said:

“Just hold me,” and added:

“Alice warned me many times about Ron having affairs with young women. But I trusted him blindly; I ignored clues: new ties and bottles of cologne.”

I rubbed Jill’s back and neck; when she pressed her large boobs in to my chest, my cock became rigid and erect. I was thrilled when Jill pushed her thigh in to it but did not withdraw it.

Later, Jill pulled away and, as she made two cups of coffee, said:

“I took care of Ron and loved him as best as I could. We tried counseling. I thought I was a good wife.”

“You’re a good wife,” I said, as we drank coffee.

Jill said, “I should have known he had a mistress when he started complaining of being tired. Alice told me many times to dump him,” and added in a whisper:

“We rarely made love in two years. I bought sexy lingerie and adult videos; nothing worked. I blamed myself for being an old woman. I had a tummy tuck in hopes of pleasing him.”

Boldly, I whispered, “You can dress sexily for me. I’ll watch adult videos with you. I admire you.”

Blushing and while touching my face, she said: “I know you do. I thought of you many lonely nights as Ron slept snoring next to me.”

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