Mom-Son Bath , part two


It was time for a bath. Little Carl was only 6 and was eager to get into the tub for his daily bath. The water was all soapy and bubbly, just the way he liked it. He swiftly peeled off his clothes like little kids do and eagerly climbed in. The warm soapy water felt good all over his body, tingly even.
Amber was a thirty-something mom with a hot little body. She always did like giving Carl his baths, she enjoyed seeing her cute boy wet and naked and the little boner episodes were just adorable. She wondered this time…does he like moms soft touch and wandering caress? All over?
Amber kneeled down by the tub and rubbed her hands with soap. Little Carl squirmed his way over to where she was. She lathered her hands. “All the washcloths are dirty so mommy will have to use her hands, k sweety ?”. “Ok” he replied softly.
As Ambers hands gently rubbed his shoulders she started to get this delicious feeling between her thighs. Her mind raced with impure thoughts and a naughty curiosity. He did seem to enjoy it after all. Why not go further? The guilt just made her more excited and her pulse and temperature rose as she contemplated where her hands may be going. Should i?
Stop thinking about it and go with the feelings.
Amber caressed his chest and let her hands slowly wander to his penis. She placed her thumb and forefinger at the base of his limp dick and began to stroke it gently, ever so gentle. Her breath was short and she felt her pussy getting wet – he liked it, oh my god, how exciting. His little dick began to swell in her hand. It became rock hard and Amber could no longer resist the temptation. She looked into her sons eyes and asked “do you like that ?”
“Yes”. His smile said it all, peering into her eyes. She smiled back and told him how cute he was. His tiny, hard dick was way too adorable, all wet and sexy, whew, too much!
She then washed her hands in the tub and cupped her hands into some water, letting it clean off his erect little boy penis. Amber couldn’t stop herself- she bent over and softly kissed the head of his penis. Her tongue wandered around the tip and down his shaft to his balls. She could feel his penis throb on her tongue, god it was heaven!
Amber licked his dick with a skill and tenderness only a mother could give. Her eager mouth now fully engulfed his dick and balls, letting her tongue swirl around for a few minutes, savoring every delicious moment. She sucked and licked her cute little boys privates until he clasped her hair with both hands and stood on his tippy-toes. “mommy, mommy, please go more”.
Amber’s pussy throbbed in this frenzied bliss, heart pounding, face red, dizzy with glee. Her little boy was about to have his first orgasm inside his moms mouth! Carl tightened up more intensely and let out a cute little-boy moan. Amber’s pussy immediately drenched her panties. It was too good to be true. She eased back her head and held her boy close in her arms, a nice warm mommy hug. She didn’t care her clothes were getting wet, it just made it that much more special. She held him for minutes until she heard “I love you mommy”.
Amber back up a little and looked in her boys eyes, arms on his shoulders. “I love you too”.
She knew she did the right thing………..
Amber finished washing him and guided him from the tub. She dried him off and carried levent escort him into bed. She flicked off the lights and went to be next to him. As she tucked him in, she spoke with him. “That was a special mom-son bath ok? It cant be done like that again”. Carl nestled up to his mom and replied “but I want it to be like that more. I like to tingle. Please.?”
Amber took a deep breath and layed in bed next to him. “Ok Carl. If you dont tell anyone”. “i wont mom , I promise.” She curled up with him breathing the smell of his fresh body still naked and soft from the bath. “Maybe you can wash mommy too next time, I would like that”. He did not reply with words, he replied with a look of affection and snuggled up to her , hugging her. She felt his skin , his touch, his boyness. Nothing could be greater. Mom-son love the way it should be.
Amber slowly got up and took off all her clothes, throwing them to the side in the pitch dark. She got back in bed and curled up next to him again, under the sheets, naked body against naked body. Amber moved her face closer to his and kissed him on the cheek. Her left hand stroking his hair, her right hand moving across his stomach. Oh my , not again. Amber was feeling it again. The wicked sensation, the rise in pulse, the curious imagination that leads to impure actions. She was helpless.
Amber licked his lips and gently inserted her tongue into his mouth. He kissed a little back, starting to get it, starting to like it, kissing sexy mommy. The french kiss sent her over the edge. She let her hand wander to his penis , this time already hard. How thrilling- she had him going again already! Her mind was made up – My boy is sexy, his dick is sexy and I am going to sex him again. Mmmm, one more time for mommy. I don’t ever want this to end………
At least 3 weeks had passed. Amber was relieved that he didn’t tell anyone and yet still secretly aroused by the fact he enjoyed it so much. But alas, she told herself that would never happen again. Ever.
The 3 weeks time gave her a clarity of mind and she wanted everything to still be ok with him. She decided to talk with him during a drive back home, returning from a mall shopping trip. The car was set to cruise at a even pace on the highway when Amber first spoke. She asked him if he remembered the bath. She explained what happened in terms of emotions and sexual release but he didn’t quite get it. “Ok Carl, I’ll tell you what. When we get home we will go on the internet and I can show you with pictures. You’ll be 7 in two weeks and you need to know these things soon anyways”. He seemed very responsive to that idea.
Back home Amber sat down and fired up the web. Little Carl climbed on her lap without hesitation, he seemed to be looking forward to it. She went to XNXX and showed him pictures and movies explaining each one. It took but 8 minutes before she felt his penis rise in his pants. “Carl, please read the stories too. It will help you understand what happened between us”. She had complete control taksim escort of herself the whole time and was proud of herself. She told Carl to read some stories for educational purposes and she would be back soon.
Amber went to the living room knowing she had handled everything right. He seemed to like learning that way and of course he was going to be turned on by it, but thats how curious boys are. Ever since the divorce, she wondered how to talk about it, so why not let the web help teach. Amber was a good mom, she loved her boy. She waited for 20 minutes or so and went in to check on him.
There he was, clicking back on the pictures rubbing his little stiff cock. God it was soooo cute! She spied for a bit and didn’t make a noise. It was just the cutest thing she’d ever seen and actually quite erotic too. He mind raced. Her pulse quickened again as she surged back into helpless mode. God he looks good naked. Ooooh yes Carl, keep playing. I love little boys. I cant help it. I’m sick of fighting it. I realize it , I accept it and I want to embrace and enjoy it. Shame replaced her pride, but staring at him rubbing himself was too much too handle and the shame faded into a heart-pounding high.
She walked over to him. He looked up surprised and embarrassed. She knelt beside him and kissed him on the cheek. “it’s ok Carl” She said, stroking his hair. “it’s all good honey, let it flow. it’s ok to feel sexy at any age. Why don’t you show mommy what pictures you liked best?”
The redness in his face began to disappear as his mom held his naked body close. After a prolonged hug, he clicked on some pictures of a woman posing in various naked poses on a bed. Amber froze in surprise at what she saw: “Oh my, that woman looks like mommy! I like it sweety….Carl, come off the chair”. She caressed his hair and kissed him softly on the lips licking the surface of them in delight. Yes, god yes, the feeling was back. Amber ran her tongue down his body, feeling him tremble is nervous excitement (even that was cute!)
Her mouth found its way to his hard, throbbing dick. She kissed the tip. There was something special about that. She did it again. God I love this. She gave his penis tip a nice long french kiss, then let her tongue rest on top. She paused to savor the moment. Tongue on top, saliva dripping down his penis, she could feel the throbbing, the pulsating blood rush into his little-boy dick and she loved feeling every little pulse. More, more, more.
Lost in the dizzy excitement of no return, she held his hand and guided him to the bed.
“Now stand there sweety, k? Watch mommy. It’s ok if you want to touch yourself, I like it too.” She kneed on the bed and removed her clothes staring deep into his eyes all the while. His face was red again and she knew he was very excited. There he was – dick hard and pulsating, hand on cock, staring at sexy mommy. It was just adorable how he fumbled with his penis, not knowing quite how to stroke it.
Amber posed for him on all fours’ swaying her perfect ass back and forth. She swirled around and grabbed her ankles exposing her bald pussy to him. “See? its nice isnt it?” she said” with a big smile. He nodded, at a loss for words. She crawled over to the edge of the bed and pushed her tits into his face. She felt his soft breath fatih escort grow more rapid, his breathing becoming harder and faster. She felt her pussy go from moist to soaking wet. One hand went down to her clit and the other was laid flat against his chest. She slowly massaged his chest with her tits in his face, savoring every delicious moment. It was wicked, yet it was pure. For both of them, it was also heaven.
Amber moved her hand down to his dick lightly touching the area. She gently caressed his dick and balls with that special touch only a mother could give. She rested her chin on his head and let her breasts envelope his face. Carl’s instincts took his mom by surprise: Carl reached up and cupped his moms breasts and began sucking on her nipples. Upon feeling his warm wet tongue, her pussy started to orgasm. She let loose with her feelings and moaned louder and louder until she came all over her finger in a body-quaking climax.
Amber flopped backwards on the bed in an all-body release, arms landing over her head. She came hard but couldn’t have it end. She was too far in to stop and her biological instincts were to go further. Amber spread her legs for Carl and told him to climb on the bed and lick him mommy’s sweet pussy like they do in the movies he just saw. Little Carl climbed on the bed and slid his face across moms legs up to her wet, swollen pussy.
“Lick it honey, please, please lick mommy’s clit, remember where that is?”. Carl moved his mouth eagerly to his moms pulsating pussy and licked her clit with an ease that just seemed natural. Amber began to sweat and moan, gushing with excitement. There is nothing like having your little son lick your pussy, its so taboo and naughty and erotic and feels oh-so-good. Carl swirled his tongue around for several minutes, him mom loving and cherishing every second of it. As Amber’s pulse and sweat hastened a dirty little idea sent her to a new high: “Carl honey, slide a finger into mommy’s ass”. He did so with great enthusiasm, massaging her asshole with one finger and her pussy with another finger. His pace was gentle and loving , yet highly sexual. She squirmed and softly moaned. Amber felt her temperature rise to an unreal high, her mind lost in pleasure, her body lost to her boy. Carl then placed a finger in her soaking, tender pussy, never missing a beat with his other finger in her ass. It was way too much for Amber: She felt some tears come and let them flow, heart pounding at a frenzied rhythm. She arched her back and screamed with delight, yelling her boys name over and over until she came all over his face. It was the greatest moment a woman could experience. Her whole body exploded in an intense volcanic orgasm.
He backed up, a little shy and unsure what to do next. He sat and looked at his mom, eyes wide, looking for approval. Amber opened her eyes and noticed his quest. Oh my god, he is so cute, sitting there all naked with my pussy juice all over his face! She leaned over and licked his lips, moaning and purring , still feeling the rush. her tongue swirled into his mouth and the taste of her pussy was shared and savored by both. Her hands went back to caressing his chest during the passionate kiss. He sure was a great kisser for a little boy, mommy taught him well.
She lay next to him on the bed and the naked bodies meshed it a natural way. His soft sweat-soaked skin melted into her body as two became one. She spoke a little here and there, caressing his hair, kissing his cheeks, holding and hugging him until he went to sleep in her arms. All was well…..

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