Missy-Sue Ch. 05


“Have a good night, Missy-Sue!”

“Thanks, Bill.”

Missy-Sue Reynolds walked out of the front door of Gibson’s Supermarket. She had gotten a job there as a cashier a few months ago. Even though her new husband Jimmy made enough money for them to live comfortably, she was a working girl at heart who was not content to sit at home as the wife of an attorney.

She was trying to ignore the people staring at her as she left. Before she had been hired, the store’s profits were verging towards the red. Now, people were clamoring to shop at the store with the friendly country girl with the big rack. Her chest had brought tons of customers that had doubled the monthly revenue of the little grocery store. She was sure that he’d have job security for a while.

She got into her 2005 Ford F-150 and turned on her favorite country station. Jimmy had offered her any luxury vehicle she wanted when he had moved her from Georgia, but she couldn’t say no to a simple pickup truck. Once she was home, she went upstairs to her bedroom, shed all of her clothing, and surveyed herself in the mirror.

She was a tall Rubenesque woman with enormous breasts. Even though it was comfortably warm in the bathroom, her dark brown nipples became stiff with arousal and her large areolae erupted with bumps. Her thick thighs and large backside were rife with femininity. Between her legs was an unruly bramble of black hair. She lifted her arms and beheld the copious amounts of hair underneath them as well.

This was the body that had caused her to be married to a rich city boy from Philadelphia. Almost a year ago, she had met Jimmy Reynolds while he was on vacation, and he’d fallen in love with her and her big, hairy body. The two of them had gotten married four months ago. The two had engaged in repeated bouts of sex. Missy-Sue loved the way that Jimmy worshipped her body.

It wasn’t until they’d gotten married that Missy-Sue allowed Jimmy to cum inside of her. She’d gotten a prescription for birth control. Still, measures had to be taken. She procured a digital pregnancy test from the bathroom closet and removed it from its packaging. Just as she was about to use it, she noticed her husband enter the bathroom.

“Hey, honey,” Jimmy said, admiring his nude wife.

“Hey, sweetie,” she said. “I was just gonna take this test before I jump in the shower. Wanna join me?”


Missy-Sue smiled as her husband started undressing. She sat on the toilet and positioned the pregnancy test between her legs. Once Jimmy was nude he stood in front of her, staring as the urine coursed out of her hairy pussy.

“If it hadn’t been for our little romp last night,” Jimmy said. “I’d be rock hard right now.”

“Was it that good?” Missy-Sue giggled.

“It’s always that good. How was work?”

“Good,” she said as she stood up and strolled over to turn on the shower. “We have any of them boneless chicken breasts left for dinner?”

“Yeah. Right now I feel like I’m boneless,” Jimmy said as he grabbed his flaccid cock. He then walked over to his wife and gave one of her mammaries a squeeze. “And you have the breasts.”

“That was the dumbest pick-up line I’ve heard all day,” Missy-Sue hooted. She glanced down at the beeping pregnancy test that she held in her hand. “Oh! Not pregnant!”

She quickly discarded the test and got into the shower, with her husband following her inside. The two of them lovingly washed each other under the cascade of warm water. Missy-Sue smiled as her husband’s hands lingered on her shaggy crotch, hairy armpits and large breasts. She reciprocated by using her hands to pleasure his still-tired cock, which feebly twitched in response to her attentions. Jimmy then got behind her, reached forward, and began squeezing her nipples, causing milk to spray out.

Missy-Sue bit her lip as it curled up into a smile; it felt so good to have a man around to help her express her milk. Her first marriage had resulted in only one pregnancy that the child did not survive. However, it left her with constantly lactating breasts. Her first husband hated it, but Jimmy was absolutely addicted to them. In bed, he repeatedly called her his Love Cow, a name she adored.

Once they were done with their shower, they changed into some comfortable clothes and went downstairs for a dinner of chicken, scalloped potatoes, and green beans. Before he’d gotten married, Jimmy’s meals mostly consisted of takeout food; now, Missy-Sue was around to give him delicious home-cooked meals. If it weren’t for his active lifestyle and the vigorous marital sex, he’d have gained lots of weight.

“Oh, baby!” Jimmy crowed as he cradled his stomach. “You sure know how to make a man happy!”

“Thanks, hun,” Missy-Sue beamed.

She rose from her seat and took the dishes from the table. While Jimmy was still savoring the meal, she was preparing herself mentally for what was coming next. The amazing sex last night, the sensual shower, and hearty dinner were all part of a calculated method to get hd abla him to be more open to a request she was about to make.

“So, Dave from work is taking his family up to Bald Eagle State Park on Sunday, and he invited a bunch of us to tag along,” Jimmy said as he got up from his seat. “You feel like going?”

“I’ll think about it,” Missy-Sue replied.

“Cool. You want to put a movie on?”

“Actually, there’s something I wanted to ask you.”

Jimmy tried to keep his face impassive as he read the tension in her body. It didn’t help that Missy-Sue had to take a deep breath before she spoke.

“My cousin Amber called me a few days ago,” she began. “She’s in bad shape. She’s seven months pregnant, and her baby daddy done left her for another woman. Without him, she’s barely able to keep up on her bills…Do you think it’d be okay if she came to stay with us?”

“Well…we do have more than enough room,” Jimmy mused to himself. He was right; the couple was living in a spacious four bedroom, three bathroom home.

“It would be only for a short while!” Missy-Sue assured. “Until she gets back on her feet! I promise she won’t be a bother.”

“Sure, she can stay,” Jimmy said.

“Oh, thank you, Jimmy!” Missy-Sue said before trotting over to him and giving him a hug and kiss. “You are so good to me!”

Jimmy wrapped his arms around his wife, basking in the glow of her appreciation for his charity. Still, in the back of his mind, he was hoping that Cousin Amber wouldn’t be some freeloader that intended to sucker him and his wife into taking care of her baby. He said nothing while Missy-Sue skipped out of the kitchen to give her cousin a call.

The next day, Missy-Sue bought Cousin Amber a plane ticket online. Four days after that, they both drove together to the airport to pick her up. Jimmy stood impatiently in the terminal, fidgeting with boredom while his wife looked anxiously around for her cousin. After a few minutes, a squeal from Missy-Sue told Jimmy that she had been spotted. Missy-Sue ran towards a young woman while Jimmy followed close behind.

Cousin Amber was shorter than both him and Missy-Sue by a few inches. She had flowing, blonde hair, and a very beautiful face with green eyes. Jimmy wasn’t surprised by her protruding belly, but found himself taken aback by her ample bust. Though she was obviously nowhere near Missy-Sue’s 40N bust, her bosom was very noticeable through her t-shirt.

Jimmy watched with a smile as Missy-Sue embraced her cousin. Some of his apprehension was fading away at the sight of these two beautiful women hugging and laughing. They chattered like geese for what seemed forever before they parted.

“And this is my hubby, Jimmy!” Missy-Sue said to her cousin.

“Oh, he’s so handsome! Hello!” Amber beamed as she walked towards Jimmy with outstretched arms.

Jimmy gave Amber a hug, catching a whiff of whatever fruit-scented product she’d used on her hair. Inwardly, he had to fight the urge to get an erection when he felt Amber’s baby belly and tits being mashed against him. Once the hug was finished, he’d never been so relieved to not be touching a beautiful young woman.

The couple drove their new arrival home; Amber’s eyes went huge as they pulled into the driveway. Jimmy grabbed her bags as Missy-Sue led her to her prepared bedroom. They had decided to give her the downstairs guest room so that she wouldn’t have to strain herself going upstairs in her condition.

To Jimmy’s surprise, Amber was extremely helpful around the house. Thanks to her, he and Missy-Sue barely did any cooking or cleaning when they came home from work. Like his wife, Amber was also a very good cook. He remembered coming home one night to a piping-hot dinner of pork chops and scalloped potatoes. When he volunteered to wash the dishes afterwards, she threatened to beat him over the head with the scrub brush.

Still, it was very difficult for Jimmy not to check out Amber. Since it was summer, she dressed in nothing but skimpy shirts and shorts in order to keep cool. Plus, since she was pregnant, she was prone to exhaustion and sore feet, so the recliner in the den was always hers. Jimmy had to keep himself from staring when he walked into the room to find her splayed out on the armchair with her feet in the air, legs spread, and bloated stomach and breasts rising and falling with each breath she took. The only thing that kept him from thinking impure thoughts was his taller, bustier, not pregnant wife.

A few weeks into their new living arrangement, everything seemed to be going well. Missy-Sue helped Amber through her pregnancy by taking her to the doctor and massaging her sore feet. Missy-Sue also took her to Lamaze class every week and helped her keep track of her prenatal medications. Also, Jimmy learned that his wife had even helped several women through some home births. Unfortunately, all of this meant that she was too busy and tired to make love to her husband.

Needless to say, this was making things hentai porno very difficult for Jimmy. He had gone from having amazing sex several times a week to not having it at all. Missy-Sue always made it to bed hours after he did, completely uninterested in fooling around. One day, while the two of them were in bed, Jimmy rolled on top of her, yanked up her shirt and tried to suck on one of her breasts. To his shock, he received hostility, annoyance, and an unresponsive mammary.

“Baby, no!” Missy-Sue yelped. “Get off me! Not tonight!”

“Aw, come on!” Jimmy pleaded. “I’ve got blue balls!”

Missy-Sue sighed as they both sat up in the bed. “I’m sorry, honey. I know I haven’t been givin’ you proper attention since Amber’s been here. I really appreciate you bein’ so patient with her.”

“She’s a really sweet person,” Jimmy said. “But I really miss my wife.”

“I know. We’ll find some time for ourselves, I promise.”

“Speaking of which, does Amber have a plan for what she’s going to do after she has this baby? I don’t want to seem insensitive, but the only babies I really wanted to have here were the ones that WE made.”

“Oh, baby,” Missy-Sue shrugged. “I’m really not sure. She wasn’t doin’ much before she got pregnant; she was waitin’ tables in restaurants. Not sure that she can do that with a baby.”

Jimmy wanted to propose buying her an apartment, a cheap car, and a live-in nanny, but he didn’t have the heart to say it…yet. Instead, he just said, “We’ll play it by ear then.”

“Thanks, Jimmy. You’re a godsend.”

In the end, all Jimmy had was patience. It was patience that kept him from considering from having an affair with any of the hot interns at work. And it was patience that kept him from trying to get with Amber.

One day, Jimmy was having lunch with his friend Arthur. The two of them had gone to law school together, and while Jimmy had found a career in corporate law, Arthur was a thriving divorce lawyer. Needless to say, he was very surprised to hear that his old friend Jimmy had gotten married.

“She must be great in the sack,” Arthur chortled as she spooned some jambalaya into his mouth.

“You have no idea,” Jimmy said.

“I can’t wait to meet her.”

“Yeah, you’ve got to come over for dinner sometime so we can catch up.”

“Sure, as soon as I get some free time on my hands. I’ve got to wrap up this huge case. I’m trying to convince my idiot client to dump his fiancée.”

“Really? Why?”

“He wasn’t sure that she was being honest with him, so I convinced him to let me install a wireless surveillance system in her room. The same day I installed it, I found her snorting a mountain of cocaine. He still wants to marry her, though.”

“Wireless webcams?”

“Oh, yeah. They’ve been a great help to my practice. They’re small, cheap, and easy to set up.”

Try as he might to fight it, he went out and bought a wireless surveillance system and took it home. He waited for a time during the next day that the house was sure to be empty so that he could install the tiny cameras in Amber’s bedroom and bathroom. Since he didn’t want to cheat on his wife with her, he’d have to settle for some voyeurism in lieu of rent.

He could hardly wait to get home from work the next day. He’d set the cameras to record all day today. His plan was to make some face time with his wife and Amber, and then watch the camera feeds of Amber’s bedroom and bathroom in the comfort of his study.

After the three of them had dinner, Amber and Missy-Sue went into the den to watch some cheesy Hallmark movies, which was all the excuse Jimmy needed to go upstairs to his study. He locked the door and turned on his laptop. He fast forwarded to the part when Amber woke up.

A big grin erupted on his face as he watched his wife’s cousin shed all of her clothes as she walked into the bathroom. She looked even better than she did in his wet dreams. Those large, fat breasts rested beautifully atop her baby belly. Her nipples were light brown and were jutting out from areoles of the same color. Between her legs, a nest of light brown hair crowned her womanhood.

Jimmy gazed longingly at Amber’s naked body as she stepped into the shower, watching her immerse herself under the cascade of falling water. The pregnant woman hummed to herself as she lathered soap all over her skin. His dick throbbed as he watched her hands cleanse both the hair on her head and the hair on her pussy.

He paused the feed, left the room and hastily retrieved some lotion from his bedroom; he was thankful that Missy-Sue and Amber were still downstairs. He returned to the study and locked the door behind him. He resumed the recording of the feeds from Amber’s room, anxious to see more.

There were a few instances where she went to the bathroom, but, other than that, it was getting boring. Suddenly, while he was fast forwarding through the footage, he saw a pair of people entering the room. After going back a few frames, he resumed kızıl porno the video at normal speed. A pair of giggling women entered the room. One of the women was Amber, and the other woman was his wife.

“What are you doing home so early?” Amber asked.

“It was a slow day at the store,” Missy-Sue said.

“Well that’s good,” Amber said as she and Missy-Sue started to undress each other. “I was getting pretty lonely.”

“Mmmm, c’mon,” Missy-Sue breathed as Amber pulled her close and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. “I’m already leakin’ through my bra and my tits are fixin’ to burst.”

With rapt attention, Jimmy watched his naked wife squirm and moan as Amber feasted on the milky bounty contained within her enormous teats. Jimmy felt a pang of longing and envy as he watched Amber grab each of Missy-Sue’s breasts and squeeze the milk out so hard that it pelted her in the face. The pleasurable feelings of lactation made Missy-Sue send her hands through her scalp, which also caused her to raise her arms and expose the large tufts of hair in her armpits.

After a few minutes, Amber ushered her cousin to the bed. Missy-Sue eagerly got on her back and spread her legs wide, allowing Jimmy to see the lush bramble of black pubes on her crotch. Amber climbed in after her, putting her mouth to one of her cousin’s nipples and one of her hands between her cousin’s legs. Jimmy desperately yanked his pants down, allowing his rigid cock to spring free. He squirted a glob of lotion into his hand, gripped his rod, and began to stroke himself while he watched his wife and her cousin copulate on the bed.

Within the video, Missy-Sue and Amber kissed, fondled, and suckled each other. It seemed that despite being pregnant, Amber was only able to make a small amount of milk compared to her cousin. After Missy-Sue had drained Amber’s bosom, she eagerly buried her face in her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah!” Amber moaned. “I missed our special cousin time! Ahhhhhhhh!” It seemed that Amber and Jimmy both climaxed at the same time. As Amber panted on the screen of the laptop, Jimmy panted in the seat of his office chair, his hands drenched with semen and lotion. After taking a few minutes to come back down from the high of his ejaculation, he used a nearby box of tissues to clean his mess, and then he departed the room.

He went to bed alone, his wife still downstairs with her cousin. He didn’t know if he should be angry at them, jubilant at his good fortune, or sad. He was sexually staved, and, meanwhile, there was hot, lesbian incest going on behind his back. All in all, it was a simple choice between love and lust. He mulled through all the scenarios through his head until he was able to fall asleep.

It wasn’t until Friday that he’d finally made up his mind. At the dinner table, while the three of them were eating and talking about how their day went, Jimmy fought a smile as he said, “So, how long are you two going to keep having your special cousin time? I’ve been feeling a bit left out lately.”

It was amusing to see the reactions: Amber dropped her fork in shock, and Missy-Sue almost choked on her food. Jimmy grinned like a father who had caught his children misbehaving. There was no denying it now.

“Jimmy, I’m sorry!” Amber said. “I…I tried…I couldn’t help myself. It’s not my fault!”

“Baby,” Missy-Sue said, bolting to her feet. “I can explain…”

“Ladies, relax!” Jimmy urged, putting his hands up. “I’m not mad. Like I said, I’ve just been feeling a bit left out.”

“Jimmy,” Missy-Sue said. “After Ennis, my first husband, passed away, I was a wreck. Amber came over to help me deal with thangs after the funeral. The last thing on my mind was trying to find another man, but I still had…needs.”

“What gave us away?” Amber said.

Jimmy decided to lie about installing hidden cameras in Amber’s room, so he said, “I came home early one day while you guys were having your…cousin time. It sounded beautiful, to be honest.”

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am,” Missy-Sue told him.

“We both are,” Amber said.

“Water under the bridge,” Jimmy said with a smile, rising from his chair. He walked over to Missy-Sue and took her by the hand. “Now can we please go upstairs and fuck? I’m going to explode!”

Missy-Sue sighed and smiled. “Oh, my poor husband. Come on, let mama take care of you.”

Jimmy was ecstatic as his wife led him away from their unfinished meal and towards the stairs.

“Aww, no fair, you two!” Amber said. “I gotta stay down here and listen to you two knock boots?”

“Amber, c’mon,” Missy-Sue said. “Don’t be greedy.”

“Yer the one being greedy. Share your hubby with me.”

Jimmy didn’t even get a chance to protest, or at least pretend to protest, as Missy-Sue led him away from the stairs. The two followed Amber back to her bedroom, where Jimmy watched them start to disrobe. His heart leapt and began pounding; this was so much better in person.

When the two women were naked, they embraced each other and locked eyes with Jimmy. Smiling, they rubbed their bodies together seductively, their breasts and thighs mashing against each other. Jimmy looked downwards to see Amber’s golden-brown bush grating against Missy-Sue’s forest of jet black pubic hair.

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