Miami Bound


My name is John. Jenny (my wife) and I had taken several holidays in different U.S. cities enjoying each enormously but his year we decided that a road trip would be more interesting. I’d hired the car from the UK and we decided to drive the loop down the gulf coast of Florida and back up the Atlantic coast.

Jenny and I have been married for 20 years and stayed faithful to each other (well as far as I knew), but this turned out to be the trip where, well shall I say, we strayed a little.

We had a few days doing the whole Orlando thing then headed over past Tampa and spent a couple of relaxing days near Naples.

As we’d got older our sex life was not as wild or should I say interesting as it used to be. It tended to be weekends and fairly much the same each time. Jenny had put on a bit of weight, not that I was complaining, I had too and to be perfectly honest I loved the big tits she’d grown and the extra weight? Well it made for a real comfy fuck. There were times however I stared at the skinny young girls and wondered what it would be like to have one of those below you.

One nice thing about holidays were the time you spent together tended to pep things up a bit so in the first few days Jenny and I had fucked quite a few times and she was definitely ‘in the mood’.

We left Naples and picked up that long straight road running across to Miami. This was going to be the boring bit of the trip so I set the cruise control and Jenny was soon dozing beside me. An hour into the journey the gaslight came on so I pulled into the next stop and jumped out to fill the car. As I was standing there a voice behind me said ‘xcuse me sir we were wondering if you could give us a ride’. I turned to be faced with a girl and boy probably in their late teens or early twenties. ‘We’re hitching over to Miami and wondered whether you could take us part way’ said the boy. I’m not normally one to pick up hitchhikers but they seemed like pleasant kids so I didn’t give my immediate usual no. ‘Let me talk to my wife’, I said and moved around to her door. ‘There’s a couple of youngsters here looking for a lift’, I said, ‘they look alright, do you fancy some company for a while?’ Jenny turned and looked at them through the back window ‘yeah’, she said, ‘they look OK, go ahead’. ‘Your in’ I said to the couple, ‘dump your stuff in the boot and climb in’. I went to pay which gave me a few minutes to study them while they loaded their rucksacks in to the car. He was taller than me and certainly a lot fitter, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with a band name I’d never heard of. She was about the same height as Jenny but as skinny as a rake. As she reached up to pull down the boot lid her t-shirt pulled tight against her and I realised two things, one she had almost no breasts at all and two, she was bra less.

I climbed back in the car and pulled out onto that long road. We started to chat and soon discovered his name was Robert, he was twenty and on his way back to college in Miami. She was called Amy, was nineteen and was Robert’s girlfriend; she was hoping to find work in Miami to be with him. We chatted on very easily for ages about life in the UK, life in the states, hobbies, music etc then gradually the conversation waned. I wasn’t concerned there is only so much you can talk about to two total strangers. But what happened next took me by surprise. I glanced into the rear view mirror and Amy looked as if she was asleep, her eyes were closed but then I noticed the slight smile on her face. I strained my neck a little higher so I could see lower in the mirror and realised that Robert had his hand up her t-shirt and was definitely giving her tiny breast a good grope.

I looked over at my wife and using plenty of rolled eyes and raised eyebrows managed to indicate that something was going on in the back. Amy’s voice floated forward ‘sorry you nevşehir escort guys, we were getting a little carried away’ to my surprise I found myself replying ‘that’s OK you carry on’. ‘Jenny’ asked Robert ‘would you like to watch’ Jenny turned in her seat to look at the two in the back, ‘we don’t mind’. Jenny smiled and replied ‘yes I would enjoy seeing someone else getting off, might give me a few ideas to try on John’. ‘Hey’ I said ‘make sure you describe what’s going on I can’t watch’

As I tried to keep my eyes on the road, Jenny kept up a commentary. ‘Ok he’s back fondling her tits. Amy is rubbing the front of his jeans, looks as if he’s getting a real hard on. Robert’s lifting her t-shirt; oh she’s got tiny little tits. Now he’s sucking them’. Amy was starting to moan in the back and I could feel my cock getting stiff, concentration was getting harder. Jenny continued the commentary ‘He’s lifting up her skirt and his hand is going inside her panties’, Jenny was starting to squirm in her seat, she was obviously getting excited too. ‘Now Amy is undoing his trousers and wow he has a nice cock’. I had had about as much as I could stand, spying a rest area ahead I made a fast pull off the road, the place was deserted but I headed for an area slightly shaded from the road by some shrubs and trees.

I pulled Jenny to me and kissing her hard on the lips I took a handful of her left breast in my hand. Jenny responded by placing her hand on the front of my trousers and giving my stiff cock a good squeeze. Then Amy set the tone for the rest of the day, ‘hey you guys why don’t we all get out and make it side by side in the sun’. I looked into Jenny’s eyes for consent but was pleased to find pure lust staring back. ‘You bet’ she said.

Robert and Amy had a couple of blankets and we threw those down on the ground. There was a moment of silence and confusion with none of us knowing how to start but again Amy came to the rescue, ‘come on Jenny’ she said, ‘lets show them what we got’ and with that she pulled her T-shirt over her head giving me my first view of her small but pert tits. Jenny followed her lead pulling off her blouse and releasing her huge breasts from the lacy bra. ‘Wow’ said Robert as her stared openly at her, ‘they are damn fine tits’, Jenny glowed with pleasure. Robert and I quickly pulled off t-shirts, jeans and boxers and stood proudly facing our partners with stiff cocks pointing upward. Amy unzipped her skirt and slid off her panties, she really was thin and had a beautifully shaved pussy, it was my turn to stare openly and wantonly at her. Jenny peeled off her own trousers and panties and turned to give Robert a deliberate view of her very hairy pussy, he showed approval by running his tongue over his lips at her and sure sign he wouldn’t be adverse to applying his tongue to her clit.

‘Come on lets fuck’ I said. Jenny immediately dropped to the blanket and spread her legs. I could see her pussy was wet from the show she’d seen in the car. I ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh and then began to lash her hard clit. Her hand grabbed the back of my neck and she pulled me in hard against her. I ran my tongue down from her clit to her vagina, poking it in as deep as I could then going back to her clit, I knew this was one way to drive her wild but today judging by the amount of juice it wasn’t taking long. I came up for air and glanced at Amy and Robert, she had her mouth around his thick cock and was sucking hard, I looked at Jenny and it was obvious she was watching the blowjob as well. ‘Give me one?’ I asked. Jenny pushed me onto my back and started sucking me with more passion and enthusiasm than I could remember for a while. I could fell her tongue racing over and around the head of my shaft whilst her hand took up a steady wank. Reaching down I took hold of one of Jenny’s ample breasts and lifting it to my mouth took as much in as I could. I heard Robert beside me say ‘you are a lucky man I’d love to suck tits like that’.

Amy rolled over on to her back and pulled Robert on top of her ‘fuck me’ she asked. Jenny and I both stopped to watch Robert’s thick cock slid into her tight little pussy. She groaned as it entered her and she pushed hard back against him as he thrust the full length inside her. Jenny whispered in my ear ‘lets give these kids a show’; she rolled over onto her hands and knees and in a clear voice commanded ‘stick your stiff cock in me from behind’. Jenny wasn’t a great one for being taken from behind and I wasn’t about to miss this opportunity. I felt her pussy lips part and rub down my cock as I pushed into her she was still soaking from my tonguing. I reached forward and took her breasts in my hands I used them to pull myself hard in to Jenny’s pussy. She groaned every time I did, ‘harder’ she cried. Jenny was obviously getting off on having sex in public beside two others doing the same. Robert and Amy were going at it with a frenzy, she’d wrapped her legs around his arse and I was amazed her tiny frame could take such a pounding. All this was just way too exciting and none of us was going to last long, Robert and Amy came together thrusting and crying in pleasure, his cock in and out of her delicate pussy at great speed. Jenny was groaning under me and I knew she was about there. I allowed myself to concentrate on my own orgasm feeling it welling up deep inside me, shooting down my cock and the spurting deep inside Jenny. The collective thrusts and groans continued for several moments as we came down from our personal highs.

We lay side by side for several minutes catching our breath under the hot sun. I sat up and starred down at Jenny, she had cum trickling down her thigh, my own cock was still glistening from the cum and pussy juice mix that coated it. I felt incredibly liberated and free and the experience far from satisfying me left me wanting another fuck. I wondered how Jenny would take to being had twice in quick succession. Robert sat up and looked down at Jenny too. ‘You have an awesome wife’ he said ‘I hope I’m still fucking like that when I get to your age’. Jenny glowed with pleasure and revelling in his attention opened her legs wider to give him a good view of her pussy, I was surprised at how open she obviously felt. Robert continued ‘you have fantastic tits and a hot looking pussy man if you were free I’d fuck you hard’. ‘What about Amy’ I said, ‘She’s so slim and attractive she must be dynamite to have sex with’. ‘We should swap’ said Robert. Just like that, honest as anything he’d just suggested I hand over Jenny to him whilst I got Amy, like that was going to happen. I looked over at Amy running my eyes along her slender legs past her finely shaven pussy, that flat stomach, tiny breasts to her pretty face and was shocked to see a look of pure lust coming back at me, ‘I’d love to fuck you’ she said. My cock jumped at the thought but Jenny wasn’t going to agree to this. I turned to look at her and saw she was looking straight at Roberts semi stiff cock ‘I reckon I can take that’, she said ‘in fact I want to take that’.

With that the deal had been done, Robert and I exchanged places on the ground. Amy wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard on the lips. I opened my mouth and felt her do the same and our tongues entwined. My hands started to explore her body. She may have had tiny breasts but her nipples were rock hard. I ran my hand over her flat stomach and between her legs, it was so different to feel no hair and my index finger easily found the button that was her clit and I began a circling motion on it. She was still soaking from Roberts’s attentions and the thought of adding my own cum to his gave me a tremendous excitement. Amy moaned into my mouth as my attention to her clit began to have an affect. I broke the kiss and running my tongue over her chin and throat cut first left then right to suck hard on her tiny tits. Her body felt so slight beneath me I was worried I’d squash the breath out of her but she was wriggling in pleasure as her excitement mounted.

I stole a look over at Jenny. I must admit to a moment of jealousy, they’d switched to a 69 position and whilst she was stuffing as much of his cock in her mouth as she could take, he had pulled her pussylips wide open and was completely eating her out. Hell what’s good for the goose…I twisted round on Amy and got my first look at her naked vagina. It was like a little pink rose and had that wonderful aroma of hot sex and cum. I eased back the folds surrounding her clit and went to work on it. I felt her mouth encircle my cock and her tongue wash backward and forward over it’s head. As much as I wanted to cum in Amy’s mouth there was no way I was going to let go, no, I wanted this load in one place only.

Jenny was now panting ‘Enough Robert’ she said, ‘I want you in me’ ‘how?’ he asked, ‘get on your back’ she commanded. His thick cock stood straight up in the air. Jenny straddled his legs and then grabbing his cock in her fist gave him a long hard stroke before guiding it into her wet pussy with a long groan. She began to rise and fall on his cock then added a slight backward and forward motion, I knew she was trying to get his cock to hit her g-spot.

I wanted some of the same and coming up the right way to face Amy asked ‘Can I take you from on top?’ ‘Sure’ she said. She spread her legs wide, positioning myself between them she took hold of my shaft and guided it into the entrance to her pussy. I slid forward gently into her feeling the tightness of her vagina surrounding and holding my cock. Her legs wrapped around my arse trapping me deeply inside her. Amy whispered in my ear ‘Go on’ she said ‘make you wife jealous, fuck me hard and I’ll make some noise for you’. I drew my cock back and pushed it hard into her. I could feel every inch of her pussy along my shaft. It felt so good to have someone so tiny below you, it was if I had all of her. Amy started moaning and calling my name in pleasure and asking me to ‘fuck me harder fill me with your hot spunk’.

I don’t know whether Jenny was listening because she was putting up some good noise herself as she worked up towards orgasm Robert’s hands mashing her big tits.

Amy and I took the pace up and I thrashed into her faster and faster, I dropped my head to her shoulder so I could concentrate on giving us the best time possible, I wanted this girl to remember the fuck she had with me. I hoped she wasn’t far off orgasm because I knew I wasn’t. A few more thrusts and I knew it was on its way. I don’t know whether it was the excitement of having Amy or just the second cum in quick succession but the feeling as I let my load go deep inside her were exquisite. ‘Oh my God’ Amy cried, ‘I felt you cum’ and with that her own orgasm ripped through her. I pumped in hard trying to release every drop into her before coming to a stop. I lay on top of her for a moment longer enjoying the experience of my shaft still throbbing inside her before regretfully withdrawing.

In my excitement I hadn’t heard Jenny’s orgasm but she has now laying naked beside Robert grasping for breath.

Gradually we cleared up and made our way in exhausted silence to Miami. We dropped Robert and Amy off on the outskirts exchanging addresses and promising to keep in touch. I doubted we’d ever see them again but one thing I was sure off neither Jenny or I would forget this day.

Well done if you got this far. I’d love to have feedback on this story. Did it work for you, was it too long, could you believe the characters and was the sex right. Please let me know, happy for that to be anonymous but it would be helpful to know if you’re male or female so I can understand what works best for men and women. JK

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