Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 01



Stacy and I were hanging out at her backyard pool, preparing ourselves for the little party she was having that evening. By preparing I mean we lay by the side of the pool, soaking up the sun, having a few drinks, talking about anything and everything. We have been best friends since 2nd grade, when my family moved next door. Since then we’ve done pretty much everything together. We went through school together, made the cheerleading team together, learned to drive together, got our first jobs at the local burger joint together, got our belly buttons pierced at the same time, we even lost our virginity together. Well not exactly, but within a few weeks of each other during our senior year in high school. Now we were going to the same college, and we were on our summer break between our sophomore and junior years.

Stacy’s parent hand gone away for the weekend, leaving the house to Stacy and her baby brother Matt. Matt wasn’t exactly a baby, as he had recently graduated from high school. Matt was a good looking boy, fairly well built. He had a nice tan, thanks to spending a lot of time this summer hanging out at his pool. Stacy decided to have a small party that evening while her parents were away, just inviting a few friends over for pool party.

As we lay by the pool we talked about everything: school, our future plans, our current boyfriends. I have a decent thing going with my boyfriend, Billy, but sometimes he seems more interested in cars than me, especially lately. Stacy and her boyfriend Randy had a hot relationship going. Sex whenever, wherever they could. She was telling me about her latest adventure from the night before. Her parents had already left for the weekend, and her brother wasn’t due home till late. They started watching a movie, and before long they were getting it on. She described in great detail how Randy ate her out on the living room couch. After she had a couple of orgasms she laid down on the floor and he started fucking her. And then her brother walked in. He stopped and starred for a couple of seconds, trying to comprehend what he saw, then went to his room. The whole time Stacy is telling me this she is laughing, cause Randy never missed a beat. He just kept on fucking her even thought her brother was watching. She thought that was funny, but the whole story was making me wet and horny.

At this point she rolled over on her belly, reached behind her and undid her bikini straps.

“Melissa could you rub some lotion on my back?” she asked.

As I reached for the lotion her brother Matt and his friend came out of the house, into the pool area. Another thing we had talked about was Matt. It seems he has a thing for me, always asking Stacy when I’ll be over again, always sneaking stares at my C cup breast or my butt whenever he could. I hadn’t notice this until Stacy pointed it out a couple of years ago. Since then I’ve been a bit of a tease to him. Leaving an extra button undone on my blouse, then bending over to show off my cleavage, giving him a peak of my panties when I wore short skirts. Just a couple of weeks ago I was wearing a rather sheer blouse with a bra of course. Stacy said it would drive her brother nuts if I wore it braless. This is not something I normally do but it was just Matt, so in her room I removed my bra. My nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric, and I got a little turned on thinking about what I was about to do to the poor boy. I went back downstairs and immediately Matt noticed. He couldn’t take his eyes off my chest. I sat down on the chair opposite him and acted like normal. After about 20 minutes he excused himself and went to his room. Stacy and I just started laughing, knowing he was upstairs jacking off.

Anyway just as she asked for me to rub lotion on her back Matt and his friend Jeff came out. Both boys are cute, although I think Matt is the cuter one.

“Hey guys why don’t you come over here and rub some lotion on our backs.” I said.

They came over and kneeled down beside us. I rolled over on my belly, reached behind and undid my bikini straps.

Jeff rubbed lotion on Stacy while Matt worked on me. I folded my arms under my head and relaxed, enjoying Matt’s work. He started on my shoulders and was working his way down. Since I had my arms up and under my head, the sides of my tits were fully exposed to him. I figured I’d have some fun with him, tease him a bit more.

“Matt, get my sides too, I don’t want to burn there either.”

He massaged the lotion into my sides, although completely avoiding getting anywhere near my tits.

“Come on Matt, a little higher up on my sides.”

He stopped for a second, and then proceeded to rub lotion all the way up my sides, including the side of my tits. I moaned “Yeah that’s good.” It did feel good, and I was enjoying his hands on my nearly naked body. He finished applying lotion to the rest of my back, then got up and was about to walk away.

“Matt, don’t forget my legs.”

I looked over, gaziantep escortlar Stacy looked like she was enjoying the treatment she was getting from Jeff. Matt kneeled down beside me again, and started applying lotion to my right leg. He started down by my foot and worked his way up. Good thing I had shaved my legs only a couple of hours earlier.

“All the way up Matt, don’t miss a spot” I instructed. He surprised me by going all the way and actually touching my bikini bottom. He was playing along very nicely to my game. Then he went to my left leg. This time he needed no further encouragement to go all the way up, right to my bikini bottom. But I wasn’t done with him.

“Matt you forgot the inside of the legs, could you get those too please?”

Stacy smirked at me. She knew I was teasing her brother big time. I spread my legs slightly to allow Matt better access. He rubbed the inside of my left leg, and he went all the way up. His finger very lightly brushed against my bikini-covered crotch. I didn’t react, so when he did the right leg he brushed against my crotch again, but this time with a little more force. And he brushed against my crotch again, this time leaving his finger there for a second or two.

Then he pulled his hand away and got up. As he was walking away I propped myself up on my elbows.


I twisted around, lifting my one elbow off the ground, exposing one whole tit to him.

“That was great. Thanks.”

His jaw almost hit the ground when he saw my tit. My nipple was erect, as I was turned on by his handy work. I lay back down, looked over at Stacy. Both boys jumped in the pool and we started laughing.

“I can’t believe you. Practically letting my brother feel you up. What a dirty little slut your are.”

“What do you mean practically? He did feel me up.” I smiled at Stacy and we both laughed again.

After a while we put our tops back on and joined the boys for a swim. We hung out by the pool for a couple of hours, enjoying a few more drinks, talking about everything and anything. Although our conversations always tend to drift towards sex., the boys wouldn’t say anything about their sex lives, which led us to believe they were both virgins. They asked us about our sex lives, when did we lose our virginity, how many guys we’ve been with and so on. It was an interesting talk. Matt told the story how he walked in on Stacy and Randy. All this sex talk was making me horny.

It was getting to be time for the party so I got up and put on a pair of shorts to cover my bottom. A few people arrived. When Randy got here he gave Stacy a big kiss, while slipping his hand down her bikini bottom.

“Not now you horny devil.” She said, and pulled away from him. He turned towards me, kissed me on my cheek while grabbing my butt.

“How ya doing sexing?” he asked.

“You better save that for later when Stacy gets you alone.” I replied.

More people had arrived, including my boyfriend Billy. He said a quick Hi to me then he was off with a couple of his friend to talk about cars. Meanwhile Randy and Stacy found a comfortable corner of the couch and were making out pretty good. He was massaging her tit through her bikini, and apparently didn’t care who saw. I was still turned on by the events earlier in the day, the sun and now the alcohol too. I decided to pay Billy a visit, to see if he could be dragged away from his friends for some fun with me. Billy was sitting at the picnic table in the back yard with several of his friends. I sat down and snuggled up close to him. They were talking baseball, which was a change from the usual car talk. I lay my head on his shoulder, yet he didn’t really respond except to wrap an arm around my waist. So I kissed him a couple of times on the neck and cheek. Still couldn’t break him away from the conversation with his friends. I nibbled lightly on his ear, still nothing. My techniques didn’t appear to be having an effect on Billy, but they were working me up. I was so horny I really want him right then. I slid my hand under the table and onto his thigh. Slowly I worked it up the inside of his thigh, till I reach his crotch. Then I rubbed his cock and I thought it began to stir.

“Hey Melissa would you mind getting me another beer, honey?” Billy asked. Finally he recognized I was there, but only as a waitress. So I got up, went back into the house to get him his drink. Matt and Jeff were in the kitchen talking.

“Matt, a couple more for me and Billy.”

Matt grabbed a couple of beers, handed them to me.

“So where is your sister?” I asked.

“Last I saw she was getting molested by Randy in the living room.” Matt replied.

Jeff laughed. “I’m not sure who was molesting who. She was doing a pretty good job herself molesting him.”

“It must run in the family then, since you were molesting me earlier today.” I said looking directly at Matt.

“I wouldn’t call it molesting since I was so eagerly invited.”

“What?” Jeff asked, obviously he missed the action between Matt and I earlier that day.

“Yeah she wanted me to touch her boobs, and feel her right up in-between her legs, then she flashed me.”


“There was no flashing.” I said. “If you saw anything it was quite by mistake.”

“That’s not how I saw it.”

“When’s my turn?” Jeff asked.

“In your dreams.” I replied. “I gotta get this beer back to Billy. So long boys.” And I headed back out to the picnic table.

I handed Billy his beer. “Here you go sweetie.” “Thanks.” He replied. I stood behind him, rubbing his shoulders. Billy and his friends were still talking baseball. Luke, one of Billy’s best friends was sitting directly across the table. I caught him staring at my breasts. He looked up at me, and smiled. I gave him a dirty look. Luke is one friend I could do without. Rude, loud and obnoxious comes to mind when thinking of ways to describe him. But I tolerate Luke only cause he and Billy are so close.

I lean down, kiss Billy’s ear and whisper “I’m so horny, I want you right now.”

He turned toward me and whispered back, “Not know, later, ok?”

I stood up straight again, continued rubbing his shoulders. Horny and now pissed, I noticed Luke was still looking at me. This time he was barely shaking his head, like he knew Billy just turned me down.

“I’m going in the house.” I announced, turned and walked away. When I entered into the kitchen Matt was still there, leaning up against the counter.

“Where’s Jeff?”

“He’s peeing I think.”

Reaching out I grab his hand. “Let’s go.” I said while dragging him towards the living room.

“Where to?”

“Upstairs now.” I lead him through the living room, past the couch where Randy and Stacy were molesting each other, then up the stairs. Once I got to the top of the stairs by habit I went directly into Stacy’s room, pulling Matt with me.

“Shut the door would ya Matt.”

He shut the door then turned around, facing me as I stood in the center of the room. Without saying a word I reached behind me and untied my bikini top. Looking directly into his eyes I pulled the top off. Matt’s eyes went wide. My nipples were hard with excitement.

“Do you like?” Matt didn’t reply.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

I slipped my thumbs into my bikini bottoms and pushed them all the way down. Stepping out of them I stood back up, exposing my neatly trimmed pussy. Matt’s eyes were glued to my pussy. The tell tale bulge in his swim trunks told me he was enjoying the show. I stepped towards him, he stepped back.

“Relax” I said, stepping right up to him. Taking both of his hands, I placed them on my tits. He tried to pull them away but I held them tight.

“Relax.” I said again. “I’m here for you to enjoy. Touch me.”

I started moving his hands in a circular motion on my tits. Matt took the hint and started rubbing my tits himself. Keeping my left hand on his, I reached down with my right hand and found my clit. I rubbed it while Matt massaged my tits.

I pulled him over to the bed, I sat down on the edge. Matt was stood between my legs, with a “I can’t believe this is happening” look on his face. I pulled his swim trunks down, his erect cock popping free. Grabbing it with my right hand I gave it a few stokes.

“Alright Matt, time to fuck me.”

I slid back on the bed, leaning back on my elbows, bringing my knees up so my feet were flat on the bed. Staring into Matt’s eyes, I spread my knees wide, offering myself to him.

“Come on Matt, fuck me now.”

Matt stood there, not moving. Reaching up, I grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled him onto the bed, and onto me. His cock rested on my belly, above my pussy. Reaching down I grabbed his cock and tried to guide it in, but he was too high up.

“Matt, move down a little.”

He moved as directed, then I rubbed his cock on my clit, then up and down my slit a few times. Matt moaned. I positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy, but Matt didn’t move. I pulled on his cock, trying to get him to push it in, but he still didn’t move. Moving my hips up I managed to get just the tip in.

“Come on Matt, you have to push. Help me out here.”

I looked up at Matt, he was staring straight ahead, at the wall. I wrapped my legs around him, and pulled him towards me. Slowly he entered me.

“Thats it Matt, now fuck me good.”

He pushed in slowly, until he was all the way in. Then he pulled out, then slowly back in. This went on a few times, then he picked up speed.

“Yeah that’s it, fuck me Matt, fuck me.”

Before long Matt was pounding away at me like a pro. He was moaning, I was moaning.

“Hey Matt you up here?”

Matt froze. It was Jeff, apparently wondering what happened to Matt.

“Come on Matt, keep fucking me.” I whispered in his ear. But he jumped up and off of me. He went and stood on the backside of the door. He brought his finger to his lips, asking me to be quiet.

“Hey Jeff come in here.” I yelled. Then I sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide, leaning back on my hands. The door opened slowly.

“Melissa? Stacy? Where’s Matt?” Jeff poked his head around the door.

“Melissa…what the fuck!”

“What do you say Jeff, Why don’t you help out a horny girl.”

Then Jeff saw Matt behind the door, naked from the waist down, his cock now partially limp.

“Matt whats going on here?” Jeff asked.

“Matt was fucking me before you interrupted. Maybe you can have a piece of me once I finish with Matt.”

I walked over to Matt, grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the bed.

“Mind shutting the door Jeff?” Jeff shut the door, watching intently the scene unfold before him. I pushed Matt so he was sitting on the bed. Dropping to my knees between his legs, I grabbed his cock with my right hand, cupping his balls with my left. Stroking his cock I could feel it beginning to grow. Leaning forward I sucked the tip of his cock into my mouth. I could taste my juices on his cock as I run my tongue all around it. Bobbing up and down, his cock returned to its fully erect state.

“Alright lets finish you off.” Standing up I pushed him back on the bed. Climbing up on the bed I straddle him. Grabbing his cock I guide towards my hole. I slide down on his cock, this time he pushed up to meet me.

Turing towards Jeff, who is still staring at us, I said “Get ready, take off all your clothes, when he’s done its your turn.” I wink at him.

I started humping Matt, supporting myself with my hands on his shoulders. Matt reached up and started rubbing my nipples, pinching them softly between his fingers.

I heard the door open and thought “Now what the fuck.” There was Stacy, her mouth opened wide with disbelief of what she saw. This time Matt couldn’t escape, since I had him pretty well pinned down.

“Hi Stacy, just having a little fun with your brother. Whats up?” I said almost like this was nothing usual.

“ah, nothing. I’ll talk to you later.” Stacy then backed out slowly, shutting the door behind her.

By this time Jeff was completely naked, holding his erect cock in his hand. I turned back to Matt.

“Alright Matt lets get this show on the road.” I started bopping up and down on his cock. He pushed back, his cock deep inside me. After only a few minutes of this Matt sped up, thrusting a little deeper, a little harder. Matt let out a grunt, and I could feel his cock exploding in me. After several more deep thrusts he stopped.

“Wow, that was great.” He said.

“Well thanks.” I got off him. “Now if you don’t mind I think Jeff wants his turn.” I gave him a little push, and he rolled off the bed. I moved to the middle of the bed, lay down on my back, spread my legs.

“Ok Jeff, step right up.”

Jeff almost ran over, climbed on the bed, got between my legs, and in one thrust was in. He wasted no time, just started slamming away, pounding as hard as he could, as deep as he could. Reaching behind him I grabbed his butt with both hands, pulling him in deeper. I spread my leg as wide as I could, I wanted his cock deep. He pounded into me, I could feel his balls slamming into my ass. Jeff started thrusting harder and faster and then exploded deep inside of me. Several more thrusts and he was done. He rolled off me, laying next to me on the bed.

Jumping up, I grabbed my bikini, then swung it over my shoulder like one would do with a towel. I walked to the door, grabbed the handle, stopped, and turned back to the boys.

“Thanks for the good time boys.” I said, giving them a wink. “See you down at the pool.” Then I walked out into the hall. Thankfully no one was in the hall since I was totally naked, as I made my way to the bathroom. There I cleaned up a bit, and put on my bikini.

I figured I’d go for a swim, and needed a towel. So I headed for the basement where the laundry is. The door to Stacy’s room was opened so I looked in. The boys were gone, there were no signs of what just happened there except her bed was a little messed up. I went down stairs, no one was in the living room. I then proceeded to the basement, then over to the laundry. There were several piles of folder laundry on the table next to the dryer. I saw some towels towards the back of the table so I leaned over to get them.

Suddenly I felt someone come up behind me. I jumped when they placed their hands on my hips.

“Just relax Melissa.” It was Luke. “I saw what went on between you and Billy, or should I say what didn’t go on.” His body pressed into mine, I could feel his cock press in-between my butt cheeks. I didn’t move.

“I know you want some cock and I’m just the man for you.” It was true, I was still excited despite having just fucked the two boys 5 minutes ago. I hadn’t cum, it was just a couple of quickies. Besides Billy was being a jerk to me, and what a better way to get him back than to fuck one of his friends. Luke slowly moved his hands up from my hips up to the sides of my tits. Then he slowly moved his hands so he was cupping both of my tits. I leaned back into Luke.

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