Me , My Guy


So it’s late afternoon, and I’m coming home from work… I’m not wearing the icky knee length skirts that you find too conservative, but instead I’m wearing my black mini skirt with the little triangle cut out from on top of one of the thighs and this tight light blue, v-neck tank top which shows off my cleavage quite nicely. So I come in the door, and you get up from the couch and come over to me… before I can say anything, you’ve grabbed my face in your hands and begin to kiss me deeply. Of course I eagerly respond and our tongues become intertwined as the kiss becomes more and more passionate. You keep one of your hands on my face and run the other one up through my hair.

When you’ve run the length of it, you tug on it ever so slightly, causing my head to tilt back. Immediately you attack my neck and jaw line with your mouth sucking and kissing and running your tongue over me. Your other hand begins to move over my breasts as you knead them and play with my nipples through the fabric of my shirt. Your hand eventually leaves my breasts and you encircle my waist pulling me close and parting my lips with your tongue once again. You reach down and pull my shirt off, only pausing in the kiss to pull it over my head.

You see I’m wearing my black bra, as you begin to run your hands all over my torso. You reach around to my back, pull me close to you and kiss me deeply yet again as you unzip adapazarı escort my skirt and let it fall to the floor. You pull back and look at me standing in front of you only in my black bra and thong my face slightly flushed and my chest heaving heavily in the excitement of the moment and in anticipation of what is yet to come. Telling me how sexy I look and how bad you want me, you take me by the hand and lead me to lie down on our queen-sized bed. You stand to one side of the bed, and undress. I sit, anxiously waiting for you to finish… growing more and more excited as I see your chest and thighs and penis gradually appear from beneath your clothes.

You look soooo good and you make me want you so bad… I reach out to you as you settle yourself on the bed, but your grab my wrists and hold them against the pillows. You kiss me again, but this time, not so deeply and as you withdraw, your tongue teases my lips and makes me ache for more. You run your tongue lightly over my neck, and down towards my cleavage. You lift me up from the pillows and undo my bra as you continue to outline my breasts with your tongue. As you slide my bra straps off my arms I reach towards you, trying to pull your lips towards mine. You allow me to, but only briefly as you bring your hand up to gather my wrists on the pillows again.

My breasts are now at you mercy. beylikdüzü escort You run your tongue all about them, deliberately avoiding my nipples and causing me to arch my back in suggestion. Finally you begin to flick them lightly with your tongue, granting me brief views of the pleasure that is possible. Then suddenly you take one in your mouth, reaching over with your other hand to fondle the other breast. You tease the one in your mouth, sucking on it, pulling at it, gently using your teeth, as I cry out with pleasure! As you see me become so aroused, you grow harder too, and I can feel you against my thigh.

You release my wrists and violently pull off my thong, anxious to see my trimmed vagina that lies beneath. With my hands free I reach up and push you back onto the bed, climbing on top of you, not letting you resist. Gently I guide your hard penis into me. I’m still dry so it’s difficult and I can feel every inch of you as I lower myself down. I place my hands on your chest and you place yours on mine. I start out slow trying to make myself wetter so I can really fuck you well.

You play with me in the same rhythm that I begin to fuck you with, and as my speed increases, so does yours. I lift myself off you and begin to come down harder with every motion of my hips. I lean back as I start to truly fuck you, playing with my clit as gebze escort you continue to touch me. I get wetter and wetter and you begin to easily glide in and out of me. I lean forward again squeezing your chest as I ride you to orgasm. You feel me cum on you and become even wetter than before. I collapse on top of you, breathing hard, and oh so sweaty.

You move the hair off my neck and as you rub my scalp and nibble at my neck begin to whisper suggestive things in my ears as you gently thrust your self into me. After a moment’s rest I begin to gently push back and you roll over on top of me. You reach down and grab my legs, putting them on your shoulders… mmm… you always hit a good spot when you do that!… You waste no time and begin to fuck me madly… I cry out, my eyes wide and grip your arms trying to thrust in unison, but I can’t, it’s too good. It overwhelms me. You eventually slow down and begin those long hard thrusts that I like so much… pulling all the way out till I ache for it and plunging right back in… you make me scream with each thrust, and I end up against the headboard from all your force.

You pull me back down and begin to rapidly fuck me till I cum again… you stay in me as the waves of my orgasm subside, then begin anew, ramming into me again and again, fucking me soo hard and soo good. I cry out in ecstasy as I begin to fondle my breasts. This turns you on even more and you increase your speed and strength, causing you to cum almost immediately. You lay on top of me, your head between my breasts and your hand in my hair as you begin to soften inside me. I squeeze you… teasing you, trying to arouse you again, but we both are too exhausted and just lie on our bed totally satisfied.

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