Mail Boy

Big Tits

I had just graduated from high school and my nineteenth birthday was a little over a month away. I was getting ready to go to college, and I had no job and no money. I had been fired a day after graduation, mostly because the coffee shop I had worked at only liked to hire people in high school. I had been job searching for almost two months, with no luck, besides an occasional babysitting job here and there. I had just started a babysitting job in a classy part of town, watching a little nine year old girl. Her parents were both lawyers, and were always in need of someone to watch her when they were gone at court all day. The pay was good, and the house and neighborhood were absolutely beautiful. I had otele gelen escort been babysitting there for a little over two weeks. I had seen their mail boy several times when I was out in the yard playing with Jenny. He was very good looking. He had to be around twenty years old, and with his curly brown hair, darkly tanned skin, and beautiful baby blue eyes, he was everything that turned me on and got my slightly wet, just by looking at him. I was out in the yard playing with Jenny when he walked by to drop off their mail, his cute little uniform shorts and white t-shirt making him look all the more gorgeous. I waved casually, and pulled balgat escort my halter top down more, revealing more of my ample breasts. He waved back and walked into the yard to personally hand me the mail. Seduction technique working beautifully, I thought to myself, putting a smile on my bright pink lip glossy lips as he walked up to me. Jenny ran into the house to get water, so I turned my full attention onto the wonderful looking mail boy in front of me. I put on my hottest and most sexy looking face. He held out the mail and I reached out to grab it, lightly trailing my fingers across his palm as I did. I thought I felt a little shiver elvankent escort run through his body. “Thank you,” I said, flashing a perfectly white teeth smile. He smiled back, “Do you live here?” Curiosity getting the better I suppose. “No, I babysit for the Jenkins,” I said, tucking my hair behind my ear, showing off more of my breasts. I watched his eyes trail down from face to my breasts, trying not to make it obvious. “Ah, summer job, I see,” He said as he trailed his eyes along my body, resting longer on my breasts and in between my legs. I shifted some, and dropped one of the envelopes. I bent over to pick it up, showcasing some of my butt cheek. I heard a little gasp escape out of mail boy’s mouth.”So, what is your name?” he asked.”Tabitha. Yours?””David, nice to meet you Tabitha.” I smiled. I knew this was the end of his route so I asked him if he wanted to come inside for a drink. He eagerly accepted and followed me inside. I could feel his eyes on my butt as my hip swayed walking up the porch steps and down the hall to the kitchen.

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