Maid Made for Master


This one was with a young maid we had working at my maternal uncle’s house. Her name was Sandhya. She had started working at my uncle’s place right from the young age ; where they brought her up as though their own daughter. She was the same age as me, or a couple months younger to me, so we actually grew up together. I used to visit my uncle’s place very frequently because I loved my uncle and aunt very much and I was their pet too. During our school days, when I used to go to a convent and she was sent to one of the Marathi medium municipal schools, I vividly remember she used to wear those cheap quality uniforms. The uniform was of one top and a skirt. The top was made of very thin white material thru which you could see her bra on the days she did not wear her petticoat underneath. And the skirt was of very rough khaki material and poorly stitched, letting it split in no time.

Many times I saw her getting to work in the house, while still in her uniform. Often in such cases, I’d be relaxing in the sofa watching TV while she came in the room to sweep and mop the floor. These were the times I used to get a peek of what’s under her short school skirt. When she sat down, squatting as it is known, to sweep I would get a good glimpse of her panties. She was a smart girl, and knew what I was relishing. In response she also used to make some or the other gestures to assure me that she is also finds me interesting. Silently we did fantasize each other but never could express the desire openly. Perhaps we both waited for the right time to come. She was quite a bindaas girl by nature, yet was never able to express her desire for me, probably because she was complexed that she is a maid working for us. Knowing that she was also interested in me, I took full liberty in adventures like exploring into her personal bags secretly in which there were these small plastic bags containing what I believe to be her old undergarments which she was not using any longer. Because they were old bras and panties I could get the smell of her body from it which made me want her there and then. Some of those bras & panties I used to love shredding the stitches off and then imagining her wearing such torn ones.

Later with all these well developed skills I started doing the same with her undergarments which were currently in use. She did get some hint that someone was reaching to her underwear and screwing them up. But wasn’t too sure who it was because even me she knew as a very decent boy. At the same time she did partly suspect me since I was the only young person in the house, whereas my uncle and aunt was a very sober couple. Now the fire between Sandhya and me was kindled. Sometimes to make her sure that it is me messing with her underwear I would even spill my sperm onto it. This way she did get a clear indication from my side. Now she also started her traits on me. By now we had grown up into our 20s, leading a very close friendly relationship with that mischief in the eyes. Similar to me, she also took full freedom of flirting with me in her own unique ways. In the nights there used to be only her and me watching TV till late hours. She occasionally sat in such an angle to give me a good view of her cleavage behind the few carelessly placed frontal hooks of the nighty. Hers were a remarkable pair of 34″ fresh tits. Since she had to wake up early for all the house work she would start dozing after 12am. In this condition her hand would slowly start creeping towards my toes.

On one such occasion I also extended my foot to her thigh which was warm. It was touching her lightly and she didn’t seem to mind. On the contrary she turned towards the TV with back to me placing her warmer ass fully settled on my feet. I didn’t need more indication to tell me that she was open to anything. Sandhya and I used to sleep in the drawing room where the TV was kept and uncle-aunt in their bedroom with their doors closed, since they trusted that the two of us considered each other as brother and sister. Big mistake by uncle-aunt, but that’s what gave Sandhya and me the freedom. I used to sleep on a sofa in the drawing room and Sandhya like any typical maid slept on a mattress on the floor, almost sticking to my sofa! One night, after we had watched the TV for quite some time, she was fast asleep. I feasted my eyes on her body, unfortunately fully covered by a thin blanket. Yet I could see her boobs sticking up from below the blanket. I gently removed the blanket off her breast, to see her juicy pair still under the nighty. She had the same pleasant smile as my bhabhi, which makes me feel that women who are horny are usually only pretending to be asleep.

Maybe they’re always awake waiting for a hot occasion to occur. I slowly placed my left hand onto one of her tits. But in that dark light I could hardly tell where the nipple was. So with my fingers being more sensitive I tried to feel my way through. I could even feel the stitches on her bra as her nighty was of very thin material. Another of those cheap road side kinds. Her choice of clothes was always in bright and spicy colours, red, green, orange, black, gaudy pink, etc. and mostly tight and undersize for herself. Treading my fingers along the stitches of the bra I reached her nipple which was harder than I expected, like a pin sticking up. Slowly moved my hand onto the other tit. Now I was quite confident with navigating around on her body organs. With the help of my other hand also, I very carefully undid the only two existing hooks of her nighty, to give me a better view of her white, ordinary, half worn off, old bra. I did feel she was fully aware of what is going on and that she’s willing for it too.

Only that she insisted on keeping her eyes closed, pretending the whole thing is a secret for me. No problem for me, I carried on confidently slipping my hand under her bra, getting the first feel of her tits. Soft, squeezable, and hot as cakes, these apples of hers seemed to be sweating with all the action taking place. I stopped all my movements to judge her status, and felt her breathing pace increasing gradually, so much that in the next few minutes she was almost panting. I still waited for her to open her eyes so that the rest of the act could be cooperative. The usually bindaas girl now seemed to be shy. Pulling my hand out of her bra I proceeded towards her navel area over the nighty as well as the chaddar which I had not yet removed from her body. Purposely I pinched her navel lightly to see if that woke her up. Not yet.

Then I reached for her prized portion, the pussy. I kept pressing the pussy with my fingers softly at first and gradually increasing the pressure. This she could definitely not resist and started moving her hands and legs wildly, still pretending asleep. Shit! I thought to myself. Why does she keep pretending so much when she also wants it as much as me? Then I stopped being so careful, and decided to carry on the rest of the act with full command. First of all I removed the chaddar in one stroke. Her nighty and petticoat had risen till a little above the knees. She didn’t mind my removing the chaddar, but knowing that the next target will be her petticoat, she slowly turned to the other side with her back to me. Without hesitation I quickly flung the petticoat straight upto her ass where I felt her brand new panties. I kept full track of all her clothes including undergarments and knew when she wore what. These were her new pink panties if I’m not mistaken. I had no more patience to gently pull her whole nighty off over her head. So I tiptoed to the bathroom, grabbed one my uncle’s razor blades and returned to mercilessly rip the whole nighty off without bothering about the consequences.

Just when I finished ripping the full nighty from her back side, she suddenly sat up glaring at me with her wide open beady eyes. I also looked her straight in the eye with no guilt. We kept gazing at each other for quite some time during which I know she was trying to think of how to blame me. Finally she had to succumb to her own inner burning desire and smiled at me. She took both my hands and suggested that I remove the rest of the nighty which was still covering her frontal body. I pulled her nighty fully off with a jerk, almost bruising her shoulders. This told her that I was tired of her drama. So then she herself stood up and placed herself in my lap. Now she was only in her petticoat and bra. I could really feel the heat of her body spreading over mine. Once again she held my hands suggesting me to open the strings of her petticoat, as an indication of her apology. Accepting her apology I returned to my graceful techniques and she too was happy.

Now I could look forward to more pleasant mutual love instead of me having to rape her, which I would have anyway if she hadn’t agreed. Because I knew what a horny bitch she was. I could feel her entire body bathed in sweat at a boiling point. Off with her petticoat, I could’ve dragged of her panties same time. But, no, I wanted to see her in the panties first, my fantasy image of her. I made her stand up again to get her sexiest view in her rotten old bra and the brand new pink panty. I was right about her wearing the new panty tonight. I made her turn her back to me and I also stood up. Getting a good feel of her old but gold bra, unhooked it and then tied her hands with it. She giggled at this. Once again I reached for the blade with which was going to rip her panty this time. She pleaded me not to rip these as they were brand new and that she could not afford to buy another one so soon with her meagre wages.

I assured her that I’d buy her a few imported pairs of undergarments the very next day. Obliged, she didn’t stop me any further. Even the ripping of the panties I didn’t want to finish immediately. I rubbed the edge of the razor blade over each single stitch of the panty. This move she found too irresistible and adored my skills in all this. Now I started running the blade vertically all over the panty except its elastic which ran along her waist. Later ran the blade horizontally in many lines. At the end of this process her panty started falling in bits and pieces. She moaned in thorough desperation. Finding it impossible to pretend anymore she turned around and hugged me very tightly almost squeezing my body, as this whole experience was also her life long fantasy. Then we fucked to no limits. Such incidents carried on frequently for a number of years until we both got married. We still meet once in a while to revive our childhood fantasies.

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