Magical Sex Shop


I made my way into the sex shop off of the small alley still unsure how I’d even found the place and even more unsure why I’d decided to come inside. It was a fairly typical toy shop with the lights not overly bright, but clear enough not to seem too seedy of a place. I was taken back by how large of a place it was though. It’s almost like when you stop at a random gas station expecting a 7 Eleven and finding yourself at a Buc-ees. This has to be one of the largest sex shops around.

I looked around for a bit at all of the different dildos. They were separated by types. There were flesh colored that resembled each walk of man. The skin tones reflected Europeans, Africans, Asians, Birth American Indians, Middle Eastern, ect. I was actually pretty impressed that it looked like this shop fairly represented the entire world and didn’t discriminate at all.

I turned down another row and there were dildos for all types of animals. Dog, horse, elephant, donkey, all sorts of felines, ect. Again it looked like they catered to every fetish equally. Another isle was filled with pocket pussies and forms showing the ass and pussy of different ethnicities. Another isle, was animal pussies. Then strapons of different peoples from around the world, then animal strapons. Then people and animal pussies that strapped on.

“Holy fuck,” I thought to myself. This place is extensive.

“You seem a bit overwhelmed love.” The counter lady had walked up on me without me even realizing it.

“Yeah, I guess so. There’s just a lot to take in here.”

“Well, to help a bit do you mind if I explain some of our products and exactly how they work?” I nodded taking in the sight of the lady. She’s in her 40s and she’s kept her body finely tuned. Her bright green eyes show some smile lines, but they are minimal and only serve to show that she’s not still 20. She has the thin lined cat eye makeup down to a science.

Her light brown hair falls down past her shoulders framing her strong jaw line and high cheek bones. Her thick lips are painted a dark red and are very inviting. She’s wearing a low cut thin black t-shirt that is stretched tightly over her D cups and v’s downward just enough to show the amount of cleavage being hidden underneath. The shirt also hugs her tight thin waist and leaves just a fraction of times stomach peaking out before the tight black pants cover her again.

The pants look almost painted on and I can’t help but notice how firm her ass is in them. To lock in the confident sexy look of the lady she’s standing in a pair of 3 in heels black boots so that she’s just below eye level with me.

“So you’ve seen the variety that we have, but our products are more than just your average sex toys. They bring people to experience the pleasure of the object that they have chosen.”

I must have looked a bit lost because she continued, “For instance, the dildos will react just like those that they were molded from. Certain types of men produce more cum than others. Certain women are tighter or wetter than others.”

“Wait, so you’re telling me that the dildos will cum and the pocket escort gungoren pussies get wet on their own.” The droll tone to my voice conveyed the lack of enthusiasm at this marketing ploy. Really, they had enough interesting items, they didn’t need to lie and say that it was more than what it was. Damn, I hated lying. I almost wanted to leave now just because of that.

“No, don’t be silly. Does every woman that you have sex with get extremely wet all on her own? You have to do your part, and then they’ll respond accordingly. If you give a PP the right amount of D in the way she likes it, they yes, she’ll get very wet and cum for you. You give it a half hearted attempt, then just like most women she’ll be left hanging out to dry, but she won’t fake an orgasm for you like some women.”

“Umm hmm,” I couldn’t buy this bit of BS regardless of how hard she tried to sell it.

“Ok, it’s obvious that you’re skeptical. Most that come in are to begin with so I’ve set aside a couple of items that are for demo. Follow me and I’ll show you.” She turns and starts walking through the endless rows of isles. Aside from the sight of her sexy ass I take in some of what’s around in the store. Cat suits, dog costumes, bras that are simply silicone tits like a cross dresser would wear, latex clothing, dominimatrix outfits, a horse mask, wigs, contacts, hooves of all animals, boots, heels, and so much more. Damn, this place really does have everything.

Finally, I step into a large room behind a black curtain. Inside are a few dildos and pocket pussies set up on tables. “So I’ve got to ask, are you straight, bi, gay, or something in between?”

“I have a girl,” I say.

“Ok, then come over here for the easiest demonstration for you and then I’ll explain the rest of how our products work.” The lady walks over to a mold of a pussy and ass. It’s half of the stomach, the pussy and ass, and a set of legs that just end a few inches from the hips. “Feel it,” the lady instructs.

I reach out and feel the mold expecting a soft silicone, but if I had my eyes closed then it would have been exactly like the warm flesh of a woman. The stomach was firm with a strong muscle layer beneath the skin. The tissue was warm. There was even the slightest hint of a happy trail.

“So, since you’re skeptical flip her over and see that she’s just a mold.” I did so and there was no obvious gimmick going on. No wires, or battery cover to be seen so I turned it back over into its back. “Ok, now I’m going to demonstrate how our pocket pussies work.”

She reached over and grabbed a bottle of lube and began coating the mold’s lips. She inserted her middle finger a time or two and then began circling the clit. The mold almost seemed to bring the clit to her fingers just like any woman would.

“She’s a very lovable model, that’s why I made her a demo.” The lady smiled up at me. “Start fingering her, Mark. It’s the best way to see what I mean.”

Hesitantly I began running two fingers between the warm lips stroking inward. It was so odd, it really was trying to get my fingers inside of its pussy. bağcılar escort I pressed inward and was amazed. I was inside of a wet, slick, warm pussy. Flexing my fingers under the hip bone I could feel the g spot. I rubbed it rhythmically and the pussy was fucking my fingers.

The lady increased her speed on the clit and soon with both sets of fingers working it the pussy clamped down on my fingers as it had an orgasm. Holy shit. I could feel the release as the pussy was flooded with its own cum.

“Now, do you want to hear the rest of what our products can do?” the lady said with a knowingly smile? I nodded in a daze. “Any pocket pussy will fuck a dick the same as a woman would. Any dildo will be as hard as it’s user makes it. Both with cum if they get used properly.”

I glanced at some of the dildos in the room. All sorts and sizes. “The strapons, both dildo and PPs alike, are where it can get really interesting. The strapon dildos are either solid for use by someone without a dick, or hollow for someone with a dick to slide inside of. Both will cum just like the wearer. The wearer will feel everything that the dildo does.”

She could tell that I was rolling over the words trying to process and letting them sink in. “What I’m saying is that if I put one on, I could feel every sensation of the dick. It would basically become my dick. If I fucked you in the ass with it and you were a good enough lay, then I’d cum inside your ass.

If you wore one then your dick would go into the hollow space and the dildo would basically become your dick. You could instantly have a 10 inch black cock, or a donkey’s dick and if you got off while fucking me, then I’d be filled with however big of a load and whatever kind of a load for what you were wearing.”

My 7 inch cock was starting to get hard thinking of all the possibilities. I could wear a huge 15 inch dick and wreck some pussy for sure.

“The wearable PPs are equally interesting. You see, we offer everything for female and male usage here. The pocket pussies are no different. There are some that have a dildo like end where it is inserted into the wearers pussy and when the wearer is fucked, they receive all of the same feelings that the PP does. If the female isn’t a squirter, but the PP is, then the woman will squirt if the guy fucking her is doing it right. If the wearer isn’t right, but the PP is then she’ll be tight while wearing it.

Then we have the hole version of the PP strap on. It inserts over the wearer’s dick the same as if he were going to fuck a pocket pussy, but this one allows for penatration from another. It allows a guy to experience what it’s like to get fucked like a woman.”

My mind was blown by all of this to the point where I was just in disbelief again. “Just a bit more explaining, and then I’ll let you make a decision. You saw the different animal’s genitalia right?” I nodded. “A donkey and a horse both release a stream of cum instead of spurts like humans. A dog knots inside after ejaculation filling the female and locking them in together and assuring that they continue having sex even longer escort beşiktaş all the while pushing the baby batter deeper inside the female. And felines leave a slight pheromone warning to other males of the species and allowing the female to become aroused by the scent of a male that has already bred her if the offspring was successful or if the sex was good.”

I wasn’t sure what to make of this still, and I felt like my mouth was gaping open. “So, are you shopping for yourself or your girl?” she asked.

“Umm, I have no idea now.” I was stuttering and babbling, but I really didn’t know. I was still trying to process everything that she’d just told me. I could wear and feel a new dick, or put on a pussy and get fucked. I could get a dick for my girl to fuck with, or a new pussy to get fucked in. It was a lot to take in all at once.

“Would she be interested in any of the more intricate products that I’ve described?”

I could only shrug my shoulders. I’d failed to have the “Hey baby if we get the chance to change my junk into a random animal’s, what should it be” conversation. What a loser.

“Hmm, I tell you what, I’ll give you a free sample to try out and you can decide if it’s something that you want to explore further.” She pulled a gold foil packet out of her pocket. “This is a condom that will work the same as one of the hollow strap on dildos. It’s a mystery package though, so I can’t say what you’ll get, it could be a larger or smaller cock, it could be an animal’s cock, or even something that I don’t even know about yet. But it will work to satisfy your skeptical nature and prove to you that our products are legit. Then you can come back clear headed and pick out what you’d actually be interested in.”

My cock flexed of its own accord. If this were true, then I’d be able to experience any number of things. But then again if it were true, why hadn’t I heard of this. It was to great of a secret to keep after all.

“Only a *********** few ever find this place and nobody who speaks it’s secrets are ever allowed to find it again. It’s easiest to think of this shop as a being unto itself. It’s very private and would not like the entire world knowing about it.” Ok, it was freaky that she could follow along with my thoughts.

“No I can’t read minds. I’ve just had this same exact conversation with so many people. Nobody can really be expected to believe everything right off. I mean it sounds crazy.” She giggled knowingly.

“Take the condom, use it, if it’s something you’d like to explore further, then come back. If not, then no hard feelings. It is a condom though, so the sensations will be slightly dulled as will any condom and it is only to be used once as any condom is.”

“Ok,” I murmured as I took the foil package and made my way to the door filled half with doubt and half with hope.

I headed home quickly to try out the condom. What kind of a dick would I be using tonight during sex?


Again, I want to do this as a choose your own adventure. If you like the story, leave a positive rating and a comment about what you want to have happen next. As soon as I get the chance I’ll write a chapter describing your choice.

This first chapter is largely non-sexual. After this I will include lots of sex.

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